terrible sherlock art


My @madmaxsecretsanta Gift for @bassfanimation​!

Sherlock Crossover AU! :D Which works surprisingly well…

I was tempted to do Max as Molly here cuz we’re both Sherlollians, but I felt John fit Max here a teensy bit better if only for his military background, supposed leg problems and short sidekick height fashion sense. It also made for a quicker read. And of course, Sherlock!Furiosa, who would be hella in a belstaff coat. The bromance is strong with these two.

More food for thought:

- Miss Giddy as Mrs. Hudson! (Or Keeper of the Seeds if only cuz I find it hilarious for her to go around saying “not your house keeper!”)

- Valkyrie as Irene Adler

- The Ace as Inspector Lestrade

- Nux as Bill Wiggins

- Slit as Anderson (lol what a loser)

- Toast as Sally Donovan (I think their feisty personalities match)

- Angharad as Mycroft Holmes

- Joe as either Moriarty or Magnussun

- Maybe even Jessie Rockatansky as Mary Watson?

- Cheedo might be cute as Molly…

ALTHOUGH I think it could also be easily Max Hooper. In terms of personality I do feel that Max relates to Molly on a slightly socially awkward and stutter not-good-with-words way but would do anything for Furiosa and would totally keep a personal blog of his Dog. AND because deep DEEP down we are Sherlolly Trash–


I couldn’t resist.


For @thursdayplaid’s Wee doctor.
In my mind, I think bbJohn in his small body is even a worse liar than the adult John. So whenever Sherlock steals evidence from the Yard, John would try to pull up a poker face but ends up looking like a tomato.

Donovan: Isn’t it obvious? Just look at the kid’s face!
John: …. /gets even redder/


I watched an interview some time ago where Benedict says that the show is so successful probably because the makeup department spends an hour and a half every morning on his curls, and I thought, eh, why not

my handwriting is terrible im sorry about that