terrible shark movie

Watched in 2017 #38

Dam Sharks (2016), dir. James Kondelik and Jon Kondelik ★½

Screen: TV (with @renoc-baers and @stevenuniversehourly)


The Terrible Shark Movies genre gets six new additions in the next week, all premiering on SyFy:

  • Atomic Shark (July 24 at 9p/8c; July 27 at 7p/6c; July 31 at 12p/11c)
  • Dam Sharks! (July 25 at 9p/8c; July 31 at 10a/9c)
  • Ice Sharks (July 26 at 9p/8c; July 29 at 3p/2c; July 31 at 3a/2c) 
  • Planet of the Sharks (July 27 at 9p/8c; July 31 at 1a/12c) 
  • Ozark Sharks (July 28 at 9p/8c; July 31 at 8a/7c) 
  • Sharknado: The 4th Awakens (July 31 at 8p/7c)

I’ve always wondered how exactly Netflix goes about placing ‘suggestions’ in categories because I swear some of the things don’t add up at all. A ‘top picks’ list has majority of the Star Trek series, a show about secrets of Great British castles, a few sitcoms from the 90s and then all of the sudden – Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs. I was honestly on board with absolutely everything until that showed up. It seems to be relatively reminiscent of Sharknado and those terrible Mega Shark movies. What kind of guy does this computer algorithm think I am? I demand a recount.