terrible scanner

the quality is terrible because my scanner crapped out on me, but I thought you’d enjoy this Harley doodle I did

((Omg cute!! I love the floofy pig tails. Thanks for sharing!!!))


the image quality died along with my scanner, but here he is! my boy, my lance, my sweet little lion man.

I always think of Simms as being one of those people who gets away with a little more than most because he’s unfairly good looking, even though he’s totally unaware of this and the only effort he puts into his appearance is “did I shave and is my hair neat”. (For reference, this is post-Prentiss paranoid Simms hair; normally it would never be so wild.) His interpersonal skills are terrible because he never really needed them to get people to do things for him. And oh yes, the worm scars! He may have some more trouble getting people to do things for him now.

(Forgive my terrible scanner y’all)


An old drawing of Regulus, Violate, Connor and Ariadne by (purestrongpoem/danceofthebloodypetals)

I apologize for the terrible scans. My scanner broke so I had to use the school’s scanner and for some reason, my drawings have dirty spots on it when it shouldn’t. Sorry about that. And ahh why can’t my drawing of Regulus be like my doodles, oh well. T.T

First time I colored hands the way I did here. I’ve never tried to incorporate the subtle glow of skin nor have I ever tried to incorporate blood vessels. XD. I hope it doesn’t look too strange. In case anyone’s curious, I colored this traditionally with colored pencils and scanned the picture (it took forever to scan correctly lol orz).

Colored version of this.


PHOTOS TAKEN BY MY FATHER: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint (1954-1965), somewhere in Athens or Piraeus, Greece, late 1980s or early 1990s.

Growing up in the ‘80s, I remember regularly seeing one in my native Piraeus - it may well be this particular example photographed by my father, probably in the late '80s or early '90s (I’ll soon start posting some of my father’s “car-spotting” photos). Sorry for the terrible scans, my scanner is seriously heading for an out-the-window jump.

Well, last year, on Christmas, instead of some red Santa photo, I decided to post two photos of red Alfas: a Giulietta Spider and a 2600 Touring Spider… so… this year I thought - let’s make it a tradition.

Merry Christmas, everybody! - A.


Right, so… My scanner. It’s terrible. But my writing. It’s also terrible. So I hope you can at least see the left hand notes alright, and I know it’s kind of hard to tell, but the entire right hand is played one octave higher. Anyways, I decided to make some sheet music for the Elegy that Saeki plays because I like it and it’s short. The left hand also killed me I had a lot of fun! (I regret not writing this in 8/8, but I guess there’s no big difference. I also realize that I could have probably fit it all on one page if I had tried hard enough…)

Also, here’s my demonstration of how it sounds. Feel free to use these Sheet Music for your own purposes, and make the appropriate change if necessary! If you also play it, I’d love to hear it!

Please do not re-upload, though!