terrible res but how cool is this picture

Caesar Zeppeli headband tutorial

Alright, so I wasn’t able to make a video tutorial because a. my webcam is terrible and b. I forgot I completely forget how to talk or act whenever I’m on camera, but here’s a picture tutorial for the ribbon wrapping method I used for my Joseph Joestar cosplay belt and Caesar Zeppeli-inspired headband, as requested by @saltycherryboy

The original tutorial I used is by Manualidades la Hormiga on YouTube. They have a ton of videos for super cool decorations and things made out of ribbon, along with some other things, and while they are entirely in Spanish a lot of them are fairly straightforward even without audio, so if you’re into craft stuff or just want to look at pretty things I’d definitely recommend taking a look at their channel! 

Anyway, here’s my tutorial for the Caesar headband pattern. Apologies for the blurry photos.

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