terrible quality ok im so sorry

anonymous asked:

ok i have a bread question, i don't make bread but every so often the loaf i buy (just from a local company it's not like some giant factory bread or something lol) is like.. pilling?? the way clothes do?? my guess is that it wasn't finished baking but the slicey machine (idk how bread is sliced im sorry my bread knowledge is terrible) sliced it and so the dough caught on the blade and the result was pilling? but those taste different too, and they're stiffer and drier.. r they ok 2 eat ?

Sounds like shitty bread hon! I’m having a hard time figuring out what you mean but if you mean pilling like sheets can sometimes, honestly they might just have poor quality control and get crumbs on the fresh dough often? But tough and dry bread sounds awful. I’d go store bought before I got a really poor fresh loaf honestly. Can you tell me what kind of loaf it is? Maybe it is some odd specialty loaf meant to be very dry.