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psychonauts 2 (release date july 2097) leaked dialogue

sasha nein smoking 4 cigarettes at once and wearing a minion helmet to show that time has passed: ah. young razputin. i am glad you could join me again, in my very fun brain lab. it seems the brain tumbler has crashed due to the terrible quality assurance of this game. would you like to try a bit of authentic echte salzburger mozartkugeln while you wait for me to reboot it

uncanny hd razputin: sorry, some what 

sasha: *clears throat* i said, would you like to try any authentic echte salzburger mozartkugel-

milla floating slightly offscreen and you can’t really see her because the camera controls are still absolutely fucked: he doesn’t need any of your mozart balls, darling


inktober days 26-30…. sorry for the very big quality drop lmao

A theory of the Yogscast variety (Includes Tekkit, Volts, Yoglabs and Shadow of Israphel)

So “YogLabs” has been confirmed to have a link with “The Shadow of Israphel.” Theories have arisen from the minds of many Yognau(gh)ts. So I thought that I might as well put in my own as well. Right now it is 1:50 AM. So it is definitely late enough to put all my ideas into a few unintelligible paragraphs.

We have been given info that “YogLabs” is definitely a Pre-History to the “Shadow if Israphel” series. This sparks my first theory. “Tekkit”, and “Volts” are also in the Pre-History of SoI. I’m going to make my theories into a timeline. Lets see how this goes. 

[Warning: Long read ahead! But it’s worth it]

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