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rosebleue  asked:

So I want to paint a devotional triptych to Loki and Sygin because I love painting. Problem is I am not a very good painter. How do I know if it's good enough for them? How do I know if I'm doing enough of an effort? Sorry if this sounds weird, my "godphone" has terrible reception most of the days.

There are two opposing schools of thought here. Some people believe the gods only want and deserve the very best. Others believe that it’s the thought that counts, and every effort is appreciated regardless of the quality of the results. As with all matters related to incorporeal beings whose existence can’t be empirically proven, there’s no way of truly knowing for sure one way or the other.

Personally, because Loki is such a parental figure in the lore, with a bunch of kids of his own and a pattern of helping others, I’m inclined to believe that he’s capable of appreciating any and all art made for him and proudly displaying it on his metaphorical fridge. But if you’re not convinced, there’s always divination.

If you do go ahead with the project and are comfortable posting the results online, be sure to send us a link. Best of luck!

- Mod E

A theory of the Yogscast variety (Includes Tekkit, Volts, Yoglabs and Shadow of Israphel)

So “YogLabs” has been confirmed to have a link with “The Shadow of Israphel.” Theories have arisen from the minds of many Yognau(gh)ts. So I thought that I might as well put in my own as well. Right now it is 1:50 AM. So it is definitely late enough to put all my ideas into a few unintelligible paragraphs.

We have been given info that “YogLabs” is definitely a Pre-History to the “Shadow if Israphel” series. This sparks my first theory. “Tekkit”, and “Volts” are also in the Pre-History of SoI. I’m going to make my theories into a timeline. Lets see how this goes. 

[Warning: Long read ahead! But it’s worth it]

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