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Caught red-hooded - Jason Todd x Reader

Given the fact that the second anonymous asked me four times to “write more Jason Todd”, I kinda felt obligated to do so…But not really because Jason is my favorite Robin and I love writing about him. Slightly NSFW and warning for language as well. Here we go ! Hope you’ll like it :

PS : I’m not even sorry about the terrible pun in the tittle. 

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Oh this was awkward. So uncomfortable. You thought that the time Damian, Jason’s youngest brother, walked in on you and your boyfriend making out was already the most embarrassing thing ever…But you were wrong. 

Getting caught making-out by Bruce Wayne, Jay’s father, was even worst. 

You slowly slipped the hand you had up Jason’s shirt out, and he gets off of you a bit awkwardly to sit on the side of his bed. You join him there, sitting next to him and…you both just sat there, in front of goddamn Bruce Wayne, not saying a word. He breaks the uncomfortable silence that installed itself : 

-Hum…I was…I came for…Hum…Sorry, I should’ve knocked louder. I’m uh…I’m gonna go now. 

And on that note, he leaves Jason’s bedroom, closing the door gradually and gently. You turn to your boyfriend, and with a sigh, burry your face in his neck. His arms go around your waist, and you snuggle closer to him. 

-Well, that was awkward…

-No shit Jay. 

-I’m sorry, I should’ve lock my bedroom. Should’ve learn my lesson from the time Damian walked in…but like, what’s their problems with knocking on the door uh ? They never do it…

-He did, he just didn’t wait for an answer before coming in…

-Same thing really. I’m sorry again. 

-Oh it’s quite alright, I always dreamt of being caught making out with you by your father. It was definitely a good moment. 

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If Team Avatar + a few others had Tumblr blogs
  • Aang: Makes enthusiastic and encouraging text posts all the time, replies to posts from his fans, posts and reblogs stuff about airbending culture, reblogs everything his friends post.
  • Katara: Lots of feminism, reblogs aesthetic pictures of the ocean.
  • Sokka: Memes, terrible puns, and food porn. Constantly makes his own posts with terrible puns or jokes and they usually only get 3 notes.
  • Toph: Empty blog with default theme, title is "Toph" and the only post says "I'm blind."
  • Suki: Aesthetic blog, reblogs every text post Sokka makes and adds a supportive comment.
  • Zuko: Blog title is "Welcome to my Twisted Mind", mostly has read more vents and complaining.
  • Azula: Posts selfies of herself every day and blocks any of her followers who don't reblog them. Always reblogs Zuko's vent posts tagged "do not reblog" and teases him.
  • Iroh: Doesn't have a Tumblr, instead has a Facebook and mostly makes encouraging messages that he tags Zuko in.

Looking for more awesome blogs to follow

If we share a fandom or common interest and you think I should follow your blog, would you reblog this post with a quick introduction and description of what you post on your blog so I can follow you? (No NSFW blogs, please.)

I’ll start.

I’m Dave. I mostly blog about Magic: the Gathering, nerd parenting, terrible puns, and occasionally I pretend to be wise or insightful.

I’m a Mormon, a huge nerd, and I believe that people don’t need to validate our emotions because they are inherently valid simply because we feel them.

I also think I’m hilarious, and so far the only people who disagree with me have all been wrong, so I keep trying to be funny and witty on here too.


  • Is Disney still looking for actors for Aladdin? I might not be Jasmine, but I'd make a good carpet considering everyone walks all over me.
  • It's such a big deal though: Gemini; Cancer; Leo; Virgo; Sagittarius; Pisces
  • It's such a big dildo: Aries; Taurus; Libra; Scorpio; Capricorn; Aquarius

Anonymous asked: Hi Megan! Would you be able to write a Tyrion x fem stark/snow reader (who is the twin ‘bastard’ sister of Jon). She has quite a sharp, smartass personality due to the resentment from catelyn & others who look down on her but has a great relationship with Ned & her siblings. When she meets Tyrion due to the arrival of the king, they click straight away after they throw a few joking comments to each other and she feels like someone else besides Jon understands what it’s like to be labelled.

I do not own Tyrion, Jon, or any of the Starks. They belong to George R.R. Martin.

Warnings: Westerosi stereotypes…I think anyway.

Pairings: Tyrion Lannister x fem!Snow reader; mentions of Jon and the Starks.

Originally posted by limbosoulx

Throughout your life, you’d been labeled, the most common being “bastard daughter.” The people of Winterfell looked down on you and your twin brother, Jon because you weren’t legitimate child of Lord Eddard Stark. While they never said anything in front of your father, the villagers would always gossip behind your back or make disparaging comments when they thought you couldn’t hear them. It was even worse at home. At least among the people, you knew what they were thinking and you could easily retort with some sarcastic remark. You couldn’t do that at home. Not with Catelyn.

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Turkey: I bet you I can!! *thinks for a moment* Did you know… that the first donuts were made… IN GREECE! AYYYYYYY!!! *flies out of the room*

  • lawful villainkin: regrets at least some of what they did, enjoys the hero from their source somewhat now that they have a different perspective on things, always looks forward to new material related to their source
  • neutral villainkin: wouldn't do anything super illegal now but also doesn't regret what they did in their previous life, dresses as much like they used to as they can, watches urban legend documentaries every now and then
  • chaotic villainkin: runs a surreal/horror/gore aesthetic blog, makes really terrible puns relating to their theme/crimes, has thought at least once about how they'd pull off a crime with whatever's readily available to them

New York, more like Newt York amirite?

anonymous asked:

what kind of tumblr blog would all the nohr characters have

All the Nohr characters? Well, here I go! 

  • Xander - He made a tumblr when it went mainstream for like 2 weeks in like 2011 and never used it again. He thinks it was to follow some sports team and like a band, but he doesn’t even remember his URL. 
  • Camilla - Pastel aesthetic blog. Mostly pretty pastel hair colors. 
  • Leo - Studyblr. He’s a nerd, and he’s got really pretty books, so he might as well get some minor fame for what he does. 
  • Elise - You know how people make shrines for their favorite characters? Well, she has a blog for her favorite characters (probably Madoka Kaname). 
  • Laslow - A blog filled with puns and terrible pick up lines. He tries desperately to keep it a secret, but Selena found it one day… 
  • Peri - Horror movies blog. Any and all gifs of varying levels of gore are on her blog and that’s basically her aesthetic. 
  • Selena - Feminist blog. Elle Woods and Emma Watson are plastered all over her theme and she writes lengthy reviews of movies that have a female character in a positive role. 
  • Beruka - She has a false tumblr in case someone asks her to stalk someone online before assassinating them. She has queued the most random crap on there, don’t even ask. 
  • Odin - His blog is just filled with cool gifs from video games where characters are executing their signature moves. He makes up various names for each move and writes them in the tags. 
  • Niles - Porn blog. 
  • Effie - Fitblr. She has so many pictures of her bench pressing Elise on there or that stereotypical post-workout mirror selfie, but in her case, she actually went to the gym to work out instead of just taking pictures. 
  • Arthur - He tried to set up a tumblr but his email was already in use for some reason and he couldn’t make another email and basically his awful luck just prevents him from having a tumblr (but I guess it’s good luck if you see what tumblr does to you…) 
  • Nyx - Punk aesthetic blog. Combat boots, chokers, fingerless gloves, snake bites, it’s all on there. 
  • Charlotte - Boho chic-type blog. Beach pictures, cute swimsuits, various hairstyles, how to destroy males, pretty pinterest nails, etc. 
  • Benny - Science side of tumblr blog. Someone has to be the blogging adult here. Though he just ends up reblogging shitty science puns. (What do you call a fish made of 2 sodium atoms? Tu-Na fish)
  • Keaton - He just reblogs all of the memes he sees. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has an organized system to keep track of any and all memes on this site. 
  • Flora - Cat blog. She is a crazy cat lady. All cat gifs and videos. 
  • Gunter - What is a tumbler? 
  • Siegbert - Patriotic social justice blogging. 
  • Forrest - Fashion blog. This is his favorite time of the year, what with New York Fashion Week in full swing and the weeks following it are just him crying over beautiful outfits while he’s curled under his duvet wondering why he wasn’t there. 
  • Ignis - Fandom blog for Star Wars or something. Hates Doctor Who. 
  • Velour - Has her Instagram linked up with her tumblr so all of her photography and nothing else is on there. 
  • Percy - Marvel fandom blog. Idk who his favorite character is, maybe it’s that one dude that Percy looks just like… 
  • Ophelia - Quotes and phrases. She particularly loves Shakespeare, idk why. 
  • Soleil - See Laslow. Replace Selena with Ophelia. 
  • Nina - Yaoi/BL blog. Mostly DRAMAtical Murder. 

[clutches heart] Mercy can now giggle at Pharah’s terrible puns~