terrible privilege

Back in 2004, South Park aired an episode called “Douche and Turd” which astutely pointed out that both presidential candidates are apple-polishing mannequins. Before that, Futurama made a similar observation with candidates Jack Johnson and John Jackson. And before that The Simpsons beat everyone to the punch when these two ran for president.

It’s true! Both candidates are totally identical this election … provided that you’re an upper-middle class heterosexual living on your parents’ dime. For anyone of lower income or LGBTQ or of Muslim descent or worried about reproductive rights or recently immigrated or struggling with health care or a small business owner or worried about police brutality … there is going to be a huge difference in the two candidates come November. Because both candidates have extremely different policies that will influence the country for decades to come.

In the simplest, most incendiary terms: Not voting because you think both candidates are “in the pockets of Wall Street” or “equally terrible” is privileged and childish pigswill actively hurting the political process by justifying ignorance. Try and tell a lower-class family of immigrants running a corner shop in Chicago that you don’t think it matters who wins the election, and watch those people laugh in your shitty little face.

The 6 F**king Stupidest Reasons Why People Don’t Vote

okay but this headcanon because

let’s all just imagine a headcanon where Matt Murdock meets Clint Barton after AoU? Like, Clint is on some roof in Hell’s Kitchen while trying to find out where the ever-loving-freak his tracksuit mafia guys have been slouching off to – and then bam! Daredevil is there, and of course Clint has been briefed on this dude, so the pair teams up and kicks straight up mafia ass before popping into Matt’s apartment for a drink after Clint calls Nat because he is alive and not a total dumbass. But then they become friends? Because Clint doesn’t tread about Matt being blind or that he has this terribly privileged senses. And Matt learns ASL like he learnt Braille so he can talk to Clint – and he gets Nat’s nod of approval when she walks in on them chatting with their hands one day. And Tony still doesn’t get how Matt can see ASL but whatevs, he’s got science to do. And Foggy just goes with it. Stutters and goes red when Matt brings him to the Avengers Tower where he meets Nat and falls hopelessly in love-lust with Darcy Lewis. And he’s shameless enough to hand Tony their “Nelson and Murdock” business card because, dude, we STILL need clients. I need this. I want this. I am going to write this. Because canon-approved disabled superheroes who kick ass and are bffs make me feel all good inside.

starrchild  asked:

hey ari i dont know whats going on rly but ive been seeing a lot about mexico being in a rly bad state rn, just wanted to check to see if ur ok?

ahh yeah :(( mexicos been going downhill since trump won pretty much.. pesos (Mexican money) went down on value, gas prices are rising and basically the countries economy is doing terrible. I’m privileged enough to like not be exposed to negative things bc of this and my family is doing okay! but the country overall is going through a lot and oh boy… but ty very much for keeping us in ur thoughts!💓

In addition, the whole “who has male socialization” thing is a fucking moot point from the exact moment any trans woman goes visible because unless you’re richer than sin (like Caitlyn Jenner who can buy safety) you will get fucked over so solidly, lose so much and be abused so much that even if you did have “ pre transition male socialization” and some leftover resources from “pre transition male privilege” (such terrible discourse ugh) none of it would survive contact with the (cis)enemy for very long.

You’d be beaten into submission so fast that it would all be fucking gone pretty much immediately. 

So you can fuck yourself if you’re bringing up “male socialization” to any trans women. If you know you’re talking to a trans woman, then other people know she is too, and that means she’s already been abused so much that she barely has a shred of dignity and self worth left, much less any sort of “male socialization” lmao.

The aggressive in your face trans women are trans women who’ve fought to reach that point against all the abuse, much like all other types of women have had to lmao.