terrible movies with not terrible actors

Do you ever wonder...

If all those times Harry was just. The Worlds Worst Liar… if he was doing it on purpose? Like, I’m a great liar. I am. I lied all the time as a kid. About stupid shit, but like, I got a lot of practice. So when I was older and my mom would ask me something directly that I didn’t want to tell her, I’d give her a different answer but I’d act like I was telling a lie really terribly so she’d think she caught me out, but really she still didn’t know the truth.

Instead of telling her my friend lost her virginity, when she was trying to guess and she asked “is someone having sex?” I gave her a casual no. Then when she asked if someone was smoking pot, I was like “eh, nnnnnooo….” and she was like “Ah ha! Someone’s smoking pot!”

Harry is about to be in a movie where everyone has gone on and on all summer about what a great actor he actually is and how talented he is. But for the last five years he couldn’t ACT straight? He couldn’t ACT like he wasn’t in love with his best friend? He couldn’t ACT like the womanizing douche bag they wanted him to be?

Of course he could. He didn’t want to. He played the parts he was supposed to. He told the lies he was fed. He just did it really terribly. He wanted to get caught. He didn’t want to lie, so he did it as terribly as possible.

When asked about Wellington or The Bears, he couldn’t say “Oh! Louis kissed me in a bar and we got in trouble so we weren’t allowed to come see the LOTR set the next day.” And he couldn’t say “Louis and I are suuuper gay together and suuuper married but we’re not allowed to tell anyone so we dress up gay bears to tell everyone sneakily.” So instead he just… UMMM…..

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Born July 20, 1975, singer and actor Jason Raize provided the voice for Denahi in Brother Bear (Nov 1, 2003), as well as having portrayed Adult Simba in the original Broadway Cast for Lion King. Only three months following Brother Bear’s release, on February 3, 2004, Jason passed away, cause of death said to be suicide. Why this rising star would take his own life is uncertain; some say drugs/alcohol abuse, some say that as well as issues regarding “his sexual orientation”. Regardless, Jason is and will continue to be sorely missed.

R.I.P. Jason Raize. We will always look for you in the stars and lights, and strive to follow the Wolf of Wisdom.

imagine cybertronians watching Age of Ultron and how the Ultron-bots are getting ripping apart in various creative ways, I’m sure they’d be horrified :O

…wait, or are they more like us and horror movies, where we watch humans get torn apart? some bots like watching that stuff, others can’t stomach it, some don’t care?

and then, does Cybertron have those awful shitty horror movies? with terrible acting, obviously-fake oils and transfuilds everywhere, the same tropes and horror movie cliches used over and over?

Horror Movies Are Racists - Sam Wilson x Reader *Valentines Day Request*

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(Requested by @fearthedietcoke) Hey! Could you do an Imagine with Sam Wilson? A Valentine’s one where you’re both not doing anything for V Day, and so you both just hang out and watch horror movies and cuddle. Maybe sneak a little cheeky Clint in there?
Warnings: Sam and yourself being bestest buddies & swearing – its Sam and Clint, what do you expect?
Admins Note: You didn’t state if you wanted them together at the end, so I have decided to just make them best friends, if you want a second part where Sam confesses or something then just say. But for now, its two best friends chilling watching crappy horrors - Rosalee

“Hey, (Y/N)” you turned and see Sam walking and smiled “what you doing here on this grand day?” he asked and you chuckled at him. 

“Just got back from a mission, didn’t get enough time to make plans, not that I would have” you chuckled with him “Why are you here Samuel?” you asked as he walked with you to the main room, he laughed loudly at the use of the name, he preferred Sam and you knew that.

“I never do anything on this day,” he tells you and you laugh “although I am going to watch some crappy horrors, wanna chill out with me?” he asked and you nodded.

“Yes, any chance to watch a horror movie is a chance I am always going to take” he chuckled and nodded, saying he was going to collect the movies and would meet you back at the main room in five minutes, you nodded and went to get popcorn. 

You both sat on the sofa, popcorn between you both and the first movie in, it was ‘Night of The Living Dead’, you couldn’t remember the last time you had watched the movie and you were excited to see the terrible acting presented. 

“This movie is so bad” Sam whined as you chuckled, repeating a line with equally shoddy acting as the actor had done “I get it’s like 1968 or whatever but c’mon, Vincent Price was amazing and he was like what? 50′S & 60′s horror icon?” you nodded, appreciating the fact Sam knew his actors, especially horror actors. 

“Do you know what movies are fucked up?” you asked “that have terrible acting but would still make you cringe without the terrible acting?” he nodded for the answer “Human Centipede” Sam physically shuddered at that.

“I didn’t make fifteen minutes into the sequel,” he tells you “those movies are fucked up, Tom Sixx, that homie needs to stop! Just, he needs to stop” you chuckled and nodded in agreement with him.  

You were now watching some Zombie movie, probably 28 weeks later but you had forgotten, they all had the same plot and stereotypical characters;
“Oh Steve would die first, for sure,trying,” you tell Sam who nodded “just, he would try to save a dog from a zombie horde” he laughed loudly with you at that.

“I hear no lie” he says once catching his breath “I would want Clint on my team, that dude has a sharp eye and he’s basically Daryl Dixon already, someone buy him a leather waist coat with no top and cargo pants” you snorted with laughter at that, agreeing completely “Bruce, always. In any given situation that involves some apocalypse I want Bruce for his brains and his green friend” you shrugged.

“I’m unsure, Hulk and can be unpredictable what if he attacks you instead of the Zombies?” you asked and Sam shrugged “Natasha. she’d be good at survival, plus that women can drive ANYTHING!” he nodded “I think Tony also, I feel like he has some Zombie hide-out, like he probably owns his own island that is flourishing with organic foods! Also its got great power sources, since it’s his own tech” Sam nodded fast “he is set so… I want him with me. Always.” he chuckled. 

“Guys, you are missing another member” you both turn as Clint walks in “Scott? He would be able to get into anywhere, grab supplies and whatever, go unnoticed by zombies” he grinned and you both grinned.

“This is why we call you Daryl Dixon” Sam tells him, Clint joined you both on the sofa and watched the movies with you, both men telling you what they would do in those situations; murder, zombies and killer clowns.

“See, Sam the black guy don’t always die first”, Clint tells him smugly, Sam rolls his eyes at his friend.

“It’s not that, it’s the premise Barton” Sam states “movies set up characters, stereotypical characters alongside the main ones; so the blonde bimbo, the essential black guy that says random ass shit and the nerd, two of them die and one survives alongside the main characters” he tells you 

“NORMALLY its the black guy, who spends the ENTIRE movie complaining about the white folk, okay? He dies along with the nerd, sometimes the blonde although they keep her around for… hotness” you both nod at Sam for a few seconds “my point is, the black guys or girls, usually die and it may not be first but I tell you… they die!” you chuckled lightly.

“Are you calling horror movies racists?” Clint asked laughing, Sam holds his hands up in defence as you lean forward in laughter, the movie Scream becoming forgotten as they join you in laughing. 

“Hey. I’m not throwing that word around but if the shoe fits” you all chuckle at that and go back to watching the movie “its Valentines Day and we are watching horror movies, how not cliche of us” he mutters.

“Well, till they make a good romantic horror… it’s these for now” Clint states and you nod in agreement, the day having taken a turn for the better, since you are sat between two of your bestest friends. 

“Next up, SAW. Those movies are messed up” Sam announces holding up the first, second and third, making Clint groan. 

(Hope you enjoyed, GIF has nothing to do with this request, I just find it hilarious tbh.BTW this is an actual conversation I had with my friend Manny, like word-for-word! Remember you can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee p.s: will edit this later, currently in the middle of writing something else) 



an American animated television series based on the comic strip Garfield by Jim Davis. The show was produced by Film Roman, in association with United Media in Season 1, United Media/Mendelson in Season 2 and 3, United Media/Lee Mendelson Productions in Season 4–6, Lee Mendelson Productions in Season 7, andPaws, Inc., and ran on CBS Saturday mornings from September 17, 1988 to December 10, 1994, with reruns airing until October 7, 1995. Seven seasons of the series were produced.

In addition to the cartoons featuring Garfield, the series also included cartoons featuring the characters from U.S. Acres, a comic strip Davis was drawing concurrently with Garfield when Garfield and Friends premiered on television.


Where are my 90′s kids at because you could not have grown up at the time without being pleasantly surprised by the total hilarity of Garfield & Friends. It’s so unreasonably entertaining given what it is and by that I mean Garfield is a very hit-or-miss property as far as entertainment goes. The comic strips tend to vary in quality and none of the television specials ever stuck out as anything special.

Then there was the Garfield movie and its straight to dvd sequel… both of which were freaking terrible in how boring and unfunny they were. Then there was the trio of straight-to-dvd CGI animated movies, Garfield Gets RealGarfield’s Fun Fest, and Garfield’s Pet Force, all of which are stupifyingly boring and angers me to no end. These movies anger me because they feature none other than Frank Welker as the voice of Garfield who does a decently reasonable facsimile of Lorenzo Music’s characterization of the character… and somehow turns out the dullest, most dead sounding performance of his life. Frank Welker is one of the greatest voice actors of our time and he couldn’t save these terrible movies.

He also couldn’t save the absolutely dreadful, aggravatingly grating, unbelievably boring The Garfield Show which premiered in 2008… and is still going.


Huff– lemme get back to something that makes me happy. I can imagine the production meeting for this show going something like, “We’re making a cartoon out of Garfield– let’s actually make it cartoony!” And that’s pretty much exactly what they did; every episode is full of madcap antics, zany situations, and even some funny observations from none other than Garfield himself.

It’s one of the most unrestrained and off-beat depictions of Garfield to ever exist and frankly it’s a lot better off for it. Garfield isn’t something like Peanuts where it does best being grounded in reality, for it to be interesting it really needs to embrace its cartooniness and here it does.

The secondary segment of the show, U.S. Acres or Orson’s Farm as it was called overseas was also pretty entertaining. It featured a group of animals with varying personalities living together on a farm and just generally getting up to shenanigans together.

That’s basically the show; it was both a blessing and a curse. It’s the best Garfield THING to ever exist but it simultaneously made all other Garfield shows and movies terrible by comparison.


  • The seventh season (1994–1995) was the last one because CBS wanted to cut the budget (and in fact, CBS’s Saturday morning cartoon lineup would be mostly replaced by CBS News Saturday Morning two years later, which eventually evolved into the Saturday edition of The Early Show). The production company nixed this proposal, so they mutually agreed to cease production, even though Garfield and Friends had still been doing very well in the ratings. 
  • Garfield and Friends has been syndicated on television around the world, beginning in the late 1980s and remaining on air in present day.
  • In the United States, the series appeared in syndication from 1992 to 1995, on TBS, TNT, and Cartoon Network from 1995 to 1997, and Nickelodeon from 1997 to 2000. In 2001, it appeared on Fox Family Channel. Toon Disney aired it from 2003 to 2006 and Boomerang carried it from 2006 to 2007.


Maybe I’m looking at this cartoon through rose tinted glasses but I really did love the heck out of it, and I hope you did to, that’s why it’s being featured as a Remembered Classic.

Valentines day messages- 5sos preference

This pref is about messages the boys leave on your messaging machine on Valentines Day, I hope your valentines day isnt too miserable:) Enjoy!

Michael: “Hey Loserrrrrrr,It’s your best friend michael.” He slurs. “Do remember me? We had plans tonighttt. We were going to party until the sunrise but you were out with that jock guy T.J. How can you even stand him? He is such an asshole."He growls."but you love him..so I’ll be nice. Well you two are probably making out in his car somewhere I am at home waiting for you to come over but you are sooo late. Incase you don’t remember what we were going to do. We had that drinking game that we invented before you and T.J. became a thing. It was for when someone complains about being single we take a shot. I have had 10 shots so far. Is this complaining?Should I take a shot? Anyway your voicemail was the first time I have heard your voice in weeks. You must really must like this guy… ” Michael whispers. “I’m just some guy sitting in his parents basement,drunk leaving a voicemail on the phone of the girl he loves on valentines day. Yeah,I love you (Y/N)  Um I should go my pizza’s heree. Talk to you later loserrrrr”

Luke: “Hey babe sorry if I woke you up while I was leaving this morning.Long night? I’m going to pick up your Valentine’s Day surprise. I know you said no big surprises but I couldn’t resist. Plus there is a benefit for the both of us. I get to spend the rest of my life with you and you get a pretty ring. Damn it. Well the surprise is ruined now. I was expecting Michael or something to ruin it not myself… Uhm at least he doesn’t know about the puppy and romantic dinner part . Fuck, I did it again! Well you might as well start getting ready I guess..  Happy Valentine’s day babe. I’ll talk to you when we get home meaning the puppy and I .There’s heart shaped pancakes on the counter. I loooove you.”

Calum: “Um hi (Y/N), I hope everything is going okay.” Your ex Calum sighs.  ”You are probably asking why is this asshole calling?  but please before you hang up…hear me out. Today luke was watching that terrible romance movie that we went and saw for our first date,a year ago. It was like suddenly I was back there in that cheap theater,eating stale popcorn,giggling at how bad that douchebag’s actor acting was.but despite how terrible it was we kept going to it every weekend because that is all we could find to do in that little town.   I don’t know why its suddenly hitting me now,but I want that feeling we had those nights back. I want the uncomfortable seats and the fear of getting lice back. I want to hear your giggles in my ear and the warmth from your whispers against my cheeks back.” There was a long pause.  ”I guess I want you back. Um Happy Valentines Day (Y/N). Call me back when you get a chance. Talk to you soon

Ashton: “Hi sweetheart. It’s Ash. You are probably sleeping right now. I just wanted to call and say happy valentines day before I go on stage. It’s still unbelievable that I have the privilege to call such a stunning woman my wife and the future mother of my children. Six years ago I only dreamed to meet such an incredible girl like you and here I am leaving a voicemail for my dream girl. You have been such a huge support to my career and so accepting of everything extra that comes with it including fan hate and the long distance relationship even being pregnant with twins at 8 months you still want me on tour,living my dream. But truly darling my dream is being home with you and our little family,happy. I am so lucky to have someone that the boys love ,my family loves, and most of the fans love you” he chuckles. “But most importantly I love you. I’ll text you after the show. Goodnight (Y/N)”




As we all know, the guardian loves Peter Capaldi so it seemed especially apt when he was cast as Alan Rusbridger – who has just stepped down as its editor after an incredible twenty years – in The Fifth Estate.   

Unfortunately, the film can pretty much be summed up as when a terrible script happens to excellent actors and really doesn’t do credit to well, anyone or anything, but still, it’s the thought that counts, right? 

(And actually the real truth is I don’t even care how bad the film is because Peter’s hair is fantastic and as far as I’m concerned that makes up for any number of dire cinematic sins.)

“can we all agree to not watch this movie when it comes out as a form of protest?” is one of the top comments on the ghostbusters trailer and it literally has over a thousand likes and i….. i feel like throwing up. like this actually makes me so terribly sad because Men hate women and don’t want us to have anything. and it makes me feel terrible for the actors who had such an amazing time on set and are probably so excited for this movie to come out (cough kate mckinnon cough) and i’m just!!! so!!! angry!!! like yea this may not be the biggest problem in the world but an all female cast of a movie that i’m excited to see that has talented women that i love is being bashed by 575k+ men (thats the number of the dislikes) just makes me ……. sigh i can’t even explain it

holy shit you can’t get mad at an actor for something problematic they did in a role that is not the actors fault they are portraying a character. if a poor casting choice is made, it makes no sense to chew out the actor for that it is the fault of the casting director. if an actor uses slurs or does blackface in a role that is the fault of the writer, not the actor, and the vast majority of the time characters like that are supposed to be horrible and that is the point

SHOWBIZ: As Pierce Brosnan says that either Idris Elba or Colin Salmon would make a good James Bond, Glyn Jones responds by announcing plans to lie down, hammer his fists into the ground and scream “NO NO NO HE IS WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE” until he passes out.

“It’s the only way they’ll learn.” said Glyn, a professional whiny pissbaby and avid James Bond fan, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment. “If that doesn’t work, my next plan is to hold my breath until I pass out, and keep doing that until those out-of-touch movie executives make the sensible decision and cast a white man to play James Bond. Because as the credits clearly point out in all those movies, he’s white.”

“Not that I’m racist.” he added.

Murder House was, by far, the best season of American Horror Story so far.

Asylum was interesting, but there were too many subplots that went nowhere and left too many unanswered questions. The acting, for the most part, was superb, though.

Coven was just terrible. Terrible writing. Uninteresting characters, aside from LaLaurie, Madison, and Misty. But even they lost their depth bu the end of the season. Also, where is the horror? It’s called American Horror Story for a reason.

Murder House had an interesting storyline, interesting subplots, and interesting characters. Great acting all around. It left no important questions unanswered. I honestly can’t think of anything negative about the season at all.

There are many ways a movie can be terrible, completely independent of the way a Star Wars movie can be terrible, and we should probably get those out of the way first. Movies can have nonsensical plots, or tedious pacing, or thinly drawn characters, or wooden actors, or any of a few dozen pedestrian flaws like that.

I will grant that there’s reason to be optimistic on this front. The director, J.J. Abrams, has made many movies that don’t suck, most notably the pretty successful reboot of the Star Trek franchise. All of the original cast (aside from Alec Guinness, who did not wish to participate) will be back, playing the characters we know and love, and sure, some were a little wooden before, but it was a woodenness we came to accept.

But it’s worth pointing out that pretty good directors and pretty good actors can still make bad movies. It happens a few hundred times a year, in fact. That might be the saddest possible outcome of all this: that the new Star Wars isn’t great, nor horrible in an interesting way. It could just be mediocre.

5 Reasons Not To Get Too Excited About The Force Awakens

DAY 2614

Jalsa, Mumbai                June 11,  2015              Thu  11:37 pm

Wedding bells rang hard and fast immersed in the warmth of celebration for 2 of our dear Ef’s ..

Madhumita Gupta     and    Anil Kumar Sharma

Our wishes with you and our warmest for this auspicious day .. LOVE !!

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Snuggling into your minds and hearts with the wealth of compassion you show to me .. it is irreplaceable and without a measure, immeasurable !!

It pours outside .. the rains have arrived .. in spurts of flowing waters .. the official monsoon is still some days away, they say. A cyclone over the Arabian Sea draws away the winds that thrust the rains towards our coast and region .. really ..? how could that possibly be … but who argues with the MD .. the met depart., .. does one .. there have been times when they are exact to the second and at times miles away from it … nature rules .. beyond the confines of technology and prediction .. !!

I stare at the mess that once looked like my desk and lament the wastage of time in trying to fix it .. it does not work .. modern human has preoccupation as its greatest and biggest distraction .. the length and breadth of information that one comes across within a minute minute is just so overpowering and intense, it leaves little room for the mind to function on any matter independently and for any concentration .. I marvel at those that speed their talk and mind  .. I marvel at the veracity they express .. I marvel at the brevity of their communication .. and marvel at the sense they make within limited time .. they are geniuses .. they come and generate from another world another galaxy .. pygmied by their attributes, we desperately attempt to keep up in their time and space … FORGET IT .. ! they have moved ahead by the time you take to decipher ..the next generation will be astounding .. their capacity, their minds, their abilities shall propel them to another sphere .. I shall happily not be around then .. for being in those circumstances would possible damage my systems in the sheer effort it would require to keep abreast .. its bad enough already … !!

So we launch a Worldoo.com tonight at a well managed and attentive, compassionate and learned media as an event .. the site that we hope shall be of value to kids form 5 - 9 years of age .. that shall be tempted to educate themselves while they play, be exposed to civic and social and moral environs and insure their parents and Mother’s that they need not worry about them when they connect to the world of internet, for they are on Worldoo.com .. secure, safe, educative, intelligent, playful, and in the custody of minds that shall pay constant moderation to attest that nothing untoward is being practiced ..

An anecdote came upon me through a message from Ef :

“ Every actor has to make terrible films from time to time, but the trick is never to be terrible in them.” ~ Sir Christopher Lee

Ironic that it should come just at the time when news comes in of his passing at age 93 ! Christopher Lee, a giant of an artist … one that immortalised the Count Dracula in those horror movies .. a gentle giant in reality .. simple considerate and caring ..

Some years ago I was invited to be on the Jury for the Miss World Contest, in South Africa, soon after the year after our own Miss World debacle in ABCL. Sir Christopher Lee was on the panel of judges with us, and I remember the wonderful time spent with him during the contest. He was great company .. played a few rounds of golf with him during the off moments, a proficient golfer with a handsome handicap … a few years later I got a note from him that he was on his way to India to film .. a chapter in the history of pre independent India .. he was playing Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan .. I was travelling and could not respond to him .. sad that I missed his company and the opportunity to host him here in Mumbai .. and today he has left this world .. prayers and peace in condolence !!

Hurt and negativity have a bad habit of sitting on ones shoulder and never getting off .. a leach in its form, stuck to the body sucking the blood till it can no more, and filled with its volume, drops away .. there are remedies for it .. salt sprinkled over shall dispose it in seconds .. a stiff pull and tug at its body and it leaves a gaping hole on the skin, small but ugly … we know .. we are from Sherwood up in the Kumaon Hills of Nainital, the Summer Retreat of the British Rulers during the heat of summer in Uttar Pradesh .. we encountered these dark black worm like creatures everyday .. stealthily they would creep up on us through our trousers on to the calves, unnoticed, and without any warning .. its only when you changed at night for bed that you discovered them … but by then it was too late .. they had dined and wined on red blood corpuscles .. sloppy and drunk in obese dimensions ..

That and the stinging nettle .. often referred to in most of Shakespeare’s tragic dramas .. they were in the multitudes at every step of our hill side, sharp and itchy beyond bear .. one that we encountered a million times in our stay at boarding .. BUT .. equally by its side the curative leaf that when rubbed along the region of bite, would magically remove any pain  ..

Good and the bad by the side of its side .. side of the side in nature, in the pastures of green .. inconsequential, yet there by its presence .. immediate and easily procured for treatment ..

Wish some of that nature would present itself in the nature of humankind .. good by the evil .. a remedy of cure in immediate procurement  .. no .. no it does not .. life burns us with the sting of the nettle and does not possess us with the relief of that curing leaf .. distances us from the pain that we suffer .. at times bringing the good at not so immediate an instance .. at times never .. never ever .. 

Who is it that decides on this ? Who demarcates these ? Where do they come from and through which design ?

Hehahahaha .. we spend a lifetime, some many lifetimes, to find an answer and never do …

BUT .. fear not the evil .. fear the good that comes from evil .. for that, burnt in the fire, soaked in its flames, has tested the heat of resentment and the ugliness of its bearing .. melted and approved, it has been christened by the fire of its testing .. now clear and clean and wise .. 

Life puts us in the fire to be cleansed .. !!

Good night and love for all .. may the fire of discontentment never ever be in your proximity …NEVER !!

Amitabh Bachchan

212pawprints-deactivated2015110  asked:

Favorite movies, Tv Shows? StanFord, do you play any video games?

Stanley: Hmm… well, I’ll watch pretty much everything. ‘Cept Mabel’s ‘Dream Boy High movies. I get a sick feelin’ in my gut whenever I have to endure that sad excuse for a program. ‘Course, I don’t tell my niece that. I wouldn’t want her to feel like her grunkle doesn’t wanna spend time with her just because she has terrible taste in TV.

Dipper’s movies, on the other hand… reminds me of all that Star Trek nonsense Ford made me watch with ‘im when we were kids. I don’t know what it is that attracts nerds to terrible acting and sci-fi crud that doesn’t make any sense, but it draws ‘em in like moths drawn to a light. In fact, Ford and Dips were watchin’ somethin’ together the other night with that Luke kid in it. I think it was called.. War Stars?

Stanford: *clears throat* It’s called “Star Wars”, ‘Ley. And the actor you’re referring to is Mark-

Stanley: Mark Hambone. Sure, whatever. Anyways, absolutely terrible movie! I don’t even know why it got so popular-

Stanford: The special effects were revolutionary for their time-

Stanley: The story was cliche, Hambone sucked, that little robot was annoyin’; always beepin’ this and boopin’ that. I tell ya what, if I’d been that gold guy followin’ that stupid thing around, I woulda bashed its face in and left it behind. And don’t get me started on that weird chick-

Stanford: Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan-

Stanley: I mean, what the hell did they put on her head? The only good character in that movie is that hairy big guy who makes the loud noises. Anyways, Ford, what’re your favorites?

Stanford: You just insulted all of them.

And yes, I’ve played a few video games. The graphics are so realistic. Makes me almost believe that we ourselves could be living in a hyper realistic simulation and perhaps exist in another universe altogether.

Dipper has had me try quite a few, but the one I liked the most was one called ‘Fallout’. Gave me some bad flashbacks to my time on the other side of the portal, though, so I had to stop. Usually I only get them during my nightmares…