terrible les mis art

More doodlesketches, this time Joly (and a few others!) ,just getting back into the habit.

My Joly never looks as skinny as he is in my head. :>but he’s a teeny guy! 

“So speaking of badass,” says Grantaire. “Courfeyrac, allow me to fill you in on some recent events regarding one Sir Jehan Prouvaire.”
“Oh?” says Courfeyrac, his standard grin back out in full force.
Jehan covers his face in his hands. “It wasn’t a thing,” he mutters.
“Dude,” says Grantaire. He spreads his arms wide, almost knocking a freshman in the face, but whatever. “Doubt that the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move, but don’t doubt for one flipping second that it was A Thing.
World Ain’t Ready, Chapter 3, again

Obviously left out the poor endangered freshman, but they probably prefer that. 

Courfeyrac is supposed to have freckles?? Or at least he did in eighth grade, when he also resembled a “baby chicken.” I have thus far totally ignored that, but I tried it here and they’re very cute. Damn you, Courfeyrac. Now no one in this picture is freckless.

Les Mis From A Beginning To An End - Cosette