terrible last words

(we’re exploring a ruin; we just entered a dark corridor and there’s a skeleton coming at us)

me: oh, it’s alive?

DM: yeah, you can talk to it and all

me: can i seduce it?

DM: you can try?

me: cool, i roll to seduce the skeleton. (gets a nat20)

DM: shit. okay. what do you say?

me: uh. wait. “looks like the skeleton is out of the closet”

DM: (laughing) right. okay. it’s immediatelly attracted to you.

me: nice.

DM: (skeleton voice) “lets bone, baby”

me: i regret this.

(skeleton died a turn later after i sent it to scout out a dangerous room, my character was sad but also very relieved)

A few more thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (yeah, I have a lot of them): while I totally get the rush of “galaxy’s best dad!/Yondu did nothing wrong in his life!” posts and fanart (I do! honestly! Michael Rooker did an amazing job) that’s just… not the story I think the movie is telling, or the story I really want it to be telling. James Gunn is at it too, what with him basically saying “Well, Peter wasn’t a great son either!” in that Q&A he did…

…Yondu was an absolutely abusive parent, yeah? He loved Peter a lot in his own equally-abused way, but he was. Peter even says it, when Yondu demands a prize for basic decency in the first movie “Normal people don’t even think about eating anybody else, let alone that person having to be grateful for it!” He doesn’t know Yondu was never planning to seriously hurt him, he just knows that he pretty much grew up under the constant threat of violence (no matter how ordinary that apparently seems to be for Ravagers.) There were presumably some nice moments every now and again, since Peter does have a clear, maybe rather begrudging affection for him, but yeah, the point: at the beginning of the Guardians films Yondu’s not even deserving of a World’s Okayest Dad mug, let alone a World’s Greatest Dad one.

But that’s why his storyline in GOTG2 is so satisfying, and hits all the tropes I love in a redemption arc, because it’s entirely about Yondu realising just how utterly, utterly he fucked up (with both Peter and the other kids he unwittingly delivered to their deaths) and setting out to try and make up for it, even if that means dying basically unmourned (as Stakar told him) and unloved. When he’s with the others on Ego’s planet, it’s obvious from his words to Rocket that he doesn’t intend to leave it at all, but rather stay and try to regain some remnants of his honour by helping to kill the thing that killed his adopted son’s siblings.

And I love the “[Ego] may have been your father but he wasn’t your daddy” line, I think everyone does, but those would have been terribly disappointing and selfish last words. I don’t think Yondu was talking about himself, it’s just a simple affirmation to make Peter feel better, what matters is the apology he makes afterwards. “I’m sorry I didn’t do none of it right, I was lucky you were my boy.” Not a plea for forgiveness, just a flat-out statement really: Peter deserved better than him. All he can do is die to keep Peter alive and hold his face when he cries and hope that that’s enough.

…..And that’s just, such a much more interesting story than “he was secretly good all along.”

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Would you guys be wiling to do one that doesn't have Steve in it but is all about Steve? I'm thinking of Fury's initial meeting w/ Sharon asking her to protect Steve. Then, subsequent meetings where she reports relevant happenings. But since there are no relevant happenings (until TWS), Sharon's reports consist mainly of Steve's general comings and goings, his lame attempts to hit on her, and the embarrassing stuff he does when he's alone.

“Did you think I didn’t know?”  Fury raised an eyebrow.

“I think my recruiter didn’t look into it.  I expected you would know, sir.”  Sharon stood at parade rest, only allowing the slightest twich of her lips towards a smile.  

Fury hummed.  “It’s why you’re here.  And not why you’re here.”

“Sir?”  She liked Suduko, crosswords and thousand-piece puzzles.  Fury was more like one of the Fates speaking in riddles than anything else.  

“I chose you for this assignment because Former Director Carter wouldn’t trust anyone else with this detail.  I also chose you for this assignment because regardless of whose blood you’ve got, you’re the only one I trust with this assignment.”

Sharon let out a slow, steady breath, feeling the tension bleed out of her shoulders.  “Thank you, sir.”


Fury was mulling over a stack of paperwork, steam curling from his World’s Best Boss mug that sat at his left elbow. (She was pretty sure it was a gift from Natasha).  

“Your monthly report, sir.”

Fury looked up, and sat back.  “Go on.”

“Exercise commences at 0400 hours each day, and ends at 0600. Grocery shopping every other day, a—“

“—Single or multiple trips?”

“Supersoldiers only need single trips, sir.”

Fury smirked and sipped his coffee.

“Between 1400 and 1600 hours each Sunday he cleans and sings.  He orders take out once each week, only on Saturdays for his weekly movie marathon.  He’s reached the 80s, if I’m not mistaken.  There were a lot of lightsaber noises and don’t-you-forget-about-me’s coming from his apartment last week.  And the joke about his midday coffee run being ‘A mission from God’.”

“Anything unusual or concerning to report?”

“The number of times he’s watched Indiana Jones is concerning.”


“He was reckless in the field before, sir.  I worry what new ideas he’s been picking up.”

Fury smiled, all teeth.  “This is exactly why I chose you for this assignment, agent.”

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Your villain x hero stuff is destroying me tho I'm just gonna rip out my heart and hand it to you, goddamn. Feed my addiction please: a villain (with somewhat an obsession for the hero) has the hero at their mercy. Sorry for the request and thank you for your writing and just have a good day!

I am so weak, like damn. Your addiction cannot be worse than mine, no need to be sorry, I live for interesting hero x villain dynamics. Okay. Last villain x hero thing I’m going to indulge myself with for at least ten prompts. Maybe some fluff next. 

1) The villain looked down at the hero, held tilting as they watched the hero struggle.
“You’re getting predictable, you know. That saving people thing of yours. It’s going to get you killed.”
“You say that like you’re not planning to kill me.”
“Sweet thing, why would I kill you? You might just be the best weapon I’ve ever seen.”
“I’m not a weapon.”
“All you know how to do is fight me, doesn’t that make you a weapon?”

2) The hero flinched as gentle fingers dabbed at their bruises, stitched wounds, cleaned away the blood alongside a chiding click of the tongue.
“Why are you doing this?” they rasped. “What are you going to do to me?”
“I dislike debts. Consider mine to you paid.”

3) “You’re obsessed with me,” the hero said.
“Me? You’re the one who’s spent the year actively plotting to defeat me and stalking my every movement. You’re lucky I feel the same way or I think that would be considered harassment.”

4) “You think you’re so good.” The villain’s expression turned as cold as liquid nitrogen, all playfulness whether mocking or genuine vanished without a trace. “But you do not hesitate to use my feelings for you against me. Perhaps you imagine that going out of your way to toy with me doesn’t count as cruelty? Why is that?”
The hero’s breath caught in their throat.

5) “I’m going to ruin you.” The villain confessed it softly, like the most intimate of secrets. “Maybe then I’ll stop loving you. Kinder for us both that way.”

6) “I like this, you at my mercy. It’s just like old times.”

7) “You think me a monster, perhaps you’re right.” The villain studied the hero almost clinically as they gasped desperately for air. “But at least I am what I am. You would tear yourself into a hundred pieces if that would make them love you, but don’t you see?” In an instant, they’d stepped close, cradling the hero’s jaw. “You’re never going to be enough for them. They want an angel who will save them all and you are only human.”

8) “Why don’t you just get it over with?”
“You don’t rush art, and you are worth more than a sloppy death.”
The hero didn’t quite know how to respond to that - it seemed sincere.

9) “All this,” the hero managed. “For power? Is it really worth it?”
“Don’t be such cliché – those are terrible last words. Honestly, I expected better of you. If you had power you wouldn’t be on your knees before me now.”

10) “Oh, please tell me you’re going to monologue and give me time to escape?”
“It’s like you want me to kill you.”

I can’t believe i just wrote 2k words holy shit. hope you like it @freckledbastard !! i’m the sabolu anon hullo õvõ

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heart rise above

///// CHAPTER 1

summary: It wasn’t an experiment with freedom borne of some Americana fantasy; rather, a road trip of purely logistical intentions. The plan was simple. Drive from Boston to Chicago for his sister’s college graduation. That’s it.

Or, he drives a Ford Pickup Named Desire.


fandom: riverdale

ship: betty x jughead

words: 4.5k

chapters: 1/?

[read on ao3]

I took my love, I took it down
I climbed a mountain and I turned around





He will later regret saying anything. And he will want to blame Archie, desperately. Will want to throw him out of his moving car—if the car was capable of moving at all.

But really, he will blame himself. He was the one who wanted to stop. He was the one who listened to Archie in the first place.




It starts innocuously enough; he and Archie are in his living room, frantically pressing away at their video game controllers, his large floor fan blowing cool air straight onto their flushed faces. It’s still May, but the heat came early to Boston this year, and with a vengeance.

However, Jughead is too broke to touch his A/C—or, too uncomfortable with the fact that he is no longer too broke to justify the frugality that makes his life more difficult than it has to be—so he convinces himself the fan is satisfactory.

(He will also later blame the fan. And the heat. It made him delirious. Susceptible to terrible ideas.)

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Through time and space (part 5)

part one, part two, part three, part four

You really hate wondering off when traveling with the Doctor but sometimes you need to wonder off to keep Rose out of trouble. Now it’s not everyday you get saved by a person in World War Two that knows what the hell a cell phone is.

“Hello.” Rose says to the man that just saved the two of you.

“Hello.” He replies as you sit down for a moment massaging your temples. Unsurprisingly Rose faints, the man who saved the two of you picks her up and sets her on his bunk. “Tractor beams will do that to you.” He says as he sits down next to you. “Captain Jack Harkness.”

“Y/N Winchester. Nice to meet you Jack.” You reply, as you turn your phone back on. “How do you know what this is? I mean they won’t be invented anytime soon.” Jack just smiles and shows you some ‘identification’ only it doesn’t say what Jack tells you it says. “Is this psychic paper?”

“How do you know that?” Jack asks shocked, that’s when Rose comes around.

“You okay Rose?” You ask standing up slowly, Rose nods in response. Jack introduces himself to your friend, using the same flirtatious tone he used with you. “I have never met anyone as flirty as my older brother before now.” You comment. Jack doesn’t seem to even acknowledge what you just said.

“You’re time agents aren’t you?” Jack replies putting away the paper.

“We’re not agents just time travelers.” You answer, right when Rose accidentally elbows you in the stitches causing you to yelp.

“What was that?” Rose asks looking a little alarmed.

“You just nailed me with your elbow.” You answer holding up your shirt a bit showing off the stitches and the red mark that is now on your side. “Right in the stitches!”
Jack does something weird and these firefly things circle around you and Rose basically healing your injuries. “What are those?”

“Nano genes.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
When reunited with the Doctor people that has gasmasks for faces start saying “Mummy… Are you my mummy?” in an eery tone of voice.

“Doctor?” You ask with wide eyes. You can tell that the gears in his head are turning trying to think of something.

“Go to your room!” The Doctor shouts causing everyone to freeze. “Go to your room. I mean it. I’m very, very angry with you. I am very, very cross. Go to your room!” Many of the gasmask people hang their heads before heading back to their hospital beds.

“That actually worked.” You state in shock.

“I’m really glad that worked. Those would have been terrible last words.” The Doctor answers flashing you a small grin. You playfully roll your eyes.

The four of you run up the stairs to find a locked door. “Do you have a blaster?” The Doctor asks Jack.

“Sure!” Jack answers.

Jack points his ‘blaster’ at the ‘child’ only to realise he’s holding a banana. “Go now! Don’t drop the banana!” The Doctor says blasting a hole in the wall. Jack asks what in the world the Doctor is meaning. “Good source of potassium!”

Jack teleports everyone to his ship, Rose and the Doctor don’t take notice until Jack speaks up. “This is why I choose not to dance in front of people.” You say crossing your arms. “It just gets awkward.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
After everything is mostly back to normal the Doctor returns the favor of saving Jack’s life. You, Jack, Rose and the Doctor all slow dance for awhile, up until your phone rings ruining the moment. You roll your eyes and walk over to where you put your phone and answer it.

“Hello?” You ask. The person on the other line is Sam… he calls you a 'Brit’ for some odd reason. You roll your eyes. “Well if it isn’t one of my annoying older brothers.” You retort as you turn your phone on speakerphone, so you can use your hands. A few giggles can be heard from the other line as well as behind you.

“I don’t know if I should be offended or not.” Sam says in response. “Anyways I was wondering if you wanted to stop by my place- that’s if you’re traveling with the Doctor.”

“I’ll ask, why?”

“I’m guessing you forgot what day it is… how one forgets their own birthday I will never know.”

“Hey, in my defense this week has been super busy.” You point out. “First there was that case I had to help Sherlock with then afterwards the Doctor and Rose came to get me, had to save the human population in World War Two. Only upside to that one is that I made a new friend.”

“The case with Sherlock, was that the one with the psychopath that was strapping people to bombs?”

“Yes.” Sam is quiet for a minute before changing the subject.

“You might want to hurry and get here, if you want any cake batter.” He says, you arch an eyebrow.

“Who’s making the cake?”

“Jess and I.”

“No, mainly me.” You hear Jess reply. “Your brother was mainly trying to eat the batter.” You snort with laughter.

“That’s my brother alright.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
When the Tardis lands you head up the stairs and knock on Sam’s door. Your friends are quick to catch up before anyone answers the door. Sam is the one who answers and a big ol’ goofy grin forms on his face. “There’s the birthday girl.” He says as he hugs you- he also manages to pick you up, causing you to squeak. “What was that?” He asks setting you down.

“I wasn’t expecting you to pick me up. Anyways, Sam meet Rose, the Doctor and this is Jack.”

“Nice to meet you two in person.” Sam says. You elbow Jack in the ribs before he can even flirt with Sam or Jess.

“Ow, what was that for Y/N?” Jack asks throwing you a look.

“Because I know you well enough that you wanted to flirt with one of them.” You reply. “You’re lucky I didn’t shoot you Jack.”

“You would shoot me with my own gun?” Jack asks trying not to sound flattered without a lot of luck. The way how your flannel moves shows Rose that you have your gun safely stowed in your waistband of your jeans.

“I think she would shoot you with hers…” Rose comments. “And she’s a fairly decent shot.”

“Why thank you Rose.” You reply with a grin.

“Do I even want to know?” Sam asks you. You shake your head. Your brother rolls his eyes.

Everyone is laughing and joking, up until the early hours of the morning. No one was expecting Dean and Katie to show up. Sam is glad to see Katie, Dean not so much. “I thought you weren’t going to make it.” Sam says.

“And miss seeing Y/N?” Katie replies. “I don’t think so.”

“You guys are so weird.” You say standing up and walking over to your siblings, fully aware Jack is behind you.

“You know Y/N, when you said you have siblings I didn’t expect them to be drop dead gorgeous.” Jack says with a grin. Dean’s expression is priceless, Katie on the other hand flirts right back at him. “Ooh I like this one.” Jack says to you, you arch an eyebrow.

“You like everyone, idiot.”

“Fair enough.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
“There’s not enough room for everyone in the impala, I’ll go in the TARDIS and meet you guys there.” You state.

“Y/N…” Dean says trying to convince you otherwise.

“Not going to happen.” Your accent slips out, causing Sam to snort with laughter causing you to throw a glare at him. “Another reason, Sam starts laughing every single time my accent shows up- it’s infuriating.” Eventually Dean gives in. Before you go into the TARDIS, Dean gives you the location of where you’re going. “Sam or Katie want to come with me?” You ask; the Doctor, Rose and Jack are already inside the big blue box.

“How are we all going to fit inside that thing?” Katie asks.

“Come with me and find out.” You pull out the puppy dog eyes.

“Maybe on the way back.” Your sister tells you.

“Y/N, are you coming?” Rose ask poking out her head.

“I was getting the coordinates. I’ll be right over.” You reply.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
It takes your siblings an extra day to get to Jericho California. “Took you guys long enough.” You say leaning against the TARDIS when your family pulls up and parks next to the police box. “We’ve been here for almost a whole day. Also we’re dealing with a woman in white, and Dad is already gone… only lead I have on him is his motel room.”

“How’d you find that out so fast?” Dean asks. You hand Dean the psychic paper, Jack gave you since he had a spare. Dean doesn’t look impressed.“My brother is an idiot?” You flip over the paper to look at it. You laugh.

“Finicky thing, psychic paper.” You state. “I shouldn’t let my mind wander when using it.”
“Psychic paper?” Katie asks as your friends exit the TARDIS.

“It shows people what I want them to see, saves a good deal of explaining.” You answer.

“Well that’s if it decides to work with you.” Jack jokes. You manage to smile.

“Like just now and when we first met.” You notice that the Doctor isn’t outside yet. “Where’s the Doctor?”

“You know he doesn’t do families.” Rose comments.

“Yet he deals with us… go figure.” You pull out a paper that you printed from the library, it’s an old newspaper article. You hand it to Dean. “This woman is named Constance, committed suicide when she 'found’ her kids dead in the bathtub.”

“Wait hold up do your friends know about this stuff?” Dean asks. “The supernatural?”

“They’ve seen enough crazy things that I didn’t have to tell them.” You answer pulling out your phone that just started to vibrate. You have Mycroft calling you at the moment. “Why the hell am I getting a call from the British government?” You mutter before answering. You talk to the eldest Holmes for a few minutes. “I’m not even close to Baker street at the moment Mycroft, so how am I supposed to know what Sherlock is doing? I’m not his babysitter… have you tried John, he might have a better idea about what your brother is doing then I would… one would think that you would know how to find your own brother considering you’re the freaking government and you can track John and I in a heartbeat!” You roll your eyes. “Yeah, yeah, yeah that’s what you always say. Goodbye Mycroft.” With that you hang up and shove your phone back into your pocket.

“What was that about?” Sam asks arching an eyebrow, just as Dean’s car starts up by itself. As soon as you hear the roar of the engine you pull Jack and Rose out of the way. Dean takes a swim in the river on accident.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
“Are you going to explain that call?” Dean asks once he manages to get himself out of jail, with your dad’s journal under his arm.

“Which one the call to the police or the call from Mycroft?” You ask in response. “If you’re referring to the one to the police, that was Sam and Katie’s doing.”

“I was meaning the second one.” Dean says tussling your hair, you smack his hand away.

“Mycroft is Sherlock, my flatmate’s older brother. He is literally the British government- he claims he only is a minor branch of the government which is total bullshit. He is in charge of the British CIA, FBI, secret service, etc.” You explain. “And apparently he managed to lose his little brother… hence the reason I said I am not Sherlock’s babysitter.”

“Sherlock’s the one that shot the wall right?” Sam asks. You nod.

“If he shot a wall, who says he won’t shoot you?!” Dean demands going into protective mode. You roll your eyes, you already got this lecture from Sam and Katie.

“I would rather be in funkytown then be strapped to a goddamned bomb Dean…” You trail off. Katie pulls you into a side hug knowing that experience scared the living daylights out of you, that is why you were so eager to leave with the Doctor- and come back to the states (besides to celebrate your birthday).

“Like that would actually happen.” Jack jokes. You suddenly find the ground rather interesting. Jack sees your reaction, and his eyes widen. “You weren’t kidding were you?” You shake your head.

“I am going to kill a son of a bitch!” Dean exclaims. “No one does that to my sister.”

“Dean, Sherlock is already handling it.”

“Still, no one does that to you… not on my watch.” There’s no use in arguing with him. Once he sets his mind to something you can’t really change it. “That bastard is so dead it won’t even be funny!” You don’t say anything in response… mainly because Sherlock sent you: come to Baker street if convenient, if inconvenient come anyways could be dangerous -SH.

“For Christ’s sake Sherlock… I’m halfway across the world.” You complain as you send: currently have my hands full- doubt I’ll make it, text John.

“What are you rambling about?” Rose asks sounding puzzled.

“Sherlock texted me: come to Baker street if convenient, if inconvenient come anyways could be dangerous.” You reply. “With him it’s always dangerous.”

“Are you going to go?” Sam asks sounding a little sad.

“Only on one condition. You idiots are coming with me.” You answer with a smirk.

→ ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← →






Doctor Who —  Ninth Doctor Quotes {Sentence Starters}

  • “You’ve seen how dangerous it is — do you want to go home?”
  • “Everything has its time and everything dies.”
  • “Only a killer would know that. Is that right?”
  • “I’m really glad that worked. Those would have been terrible last words.”
  • “Why can’t you leave me alone? What did I ever do to you?”
  • “It won’t be quiet, it won’t be safe, and it won’t be calm. But I’ll tell you what it will be: the trip of a lifetime!”
  • “Can it be that I have the world entirely wrong?”
  • “I’m the only survivor. I’m left traveling on my own, ‘cause there’s no one else.”
  • “I bet you don’t even remember my name!”
  • “It’s all gone. Everything you were, everything you stood for.”
  • “You think it’ll last forever: people and cars and concrete. But it won’t. One day it’s all gone.”
  • “Nice to meet you, ____.  Run for your life!”
  • “Don’t tell anyone about this, 'cause if you do, you’ll get them killed.” 
  • “You think you know your own name? How stupid are you?”
  • “I mean it. I’m very, very angry with you. I’m very, very cross!”
  • “And with that sentence, you just lost the right to even talk to me. Now, back off!”
  • “Your wish is my command. But be careful what you wish for.”
  • “I give you, in return, air from my lungs.”
  • “And I might well die in the process. But don’t worry about me, no.”
  • “Yeah, I came first in jiggery pokery, what about you?”
  • “Excuse me, do you mind not farting while I’m saving the world?”
  • “I trusted you! I pitied you!”
  • “Poor little thing. But there’s no one else coming 'cause there’s no one else left.”

i’m starting to catch up on arrow (y’all i am technically a season and a quarter behind) and i just watched laurel die. 

honestly, how terrible that her last words were about how oliver was the love of her life even though he wasn’t hers. like… oliver treated her like crap for so long and then she treated him like crap in return. and that’s gonna be what your last words are about? ????? ? ??

Doctor Who - Series 1 RP starters [ Part 2 ]
  • "Die all you want."
  • "Since that information is keeping me alive, I'm hardly going to tell you, am I?"
  • "Let me out of these manacles and I'll show you how much fun I am."
  • "At last she's clever!"
  • "Look at me, I'm stupid!"
  • "Being human doesn't pay very well."
  • "How can you walk through the world and not leave a single footprint?"
  • "You're gonna get a smack, you are!"
  • "We're not a couple! Why does everyone think we're a couple?"
  • "You don't scare me! I know how sad you are. You'll be back in a minute."
  • "Are you my mummy?"
  • "So... when you say 'your companion', how disappointed should I be?"
  • "Off you go, then. Do what you got to do. Save the world."
  • "I'm dying, I should think. I just haven't been able to find the time."
  • "Oh, that's a little harsh. I like to think of myself as a criminal."
  • "Do your ears have special powers too?"
  • "You'll find your feet at the end of your legs. You may care to move them."
  • "First day I met him, he blew my job up. That's practically how he communicates."
  • "I'm making an effort not to be insulted."
  • "I'm really glad that worked. Those would have been terrible last words."
  • "Doesn't the universe implode or something if you dance?"
  • "I like bananas. Bananas are good."
  • "What do you mean who the hell am I? Who the hell are you?"
  • "Is that a tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator?"
  • "You're very quick to soak your hands in my blood. Which makes you better than me how, exactly?"
  • "Yeah, and doesn't that scare you to death?"
  • "Do you mind flirting outside?"
  • "And with that sentence, you just lost the right to even talk to me. Now back off!"
  • "Do I look like an 'out of bounds' sort of guy?"
  • "You were fantastic... absolutely fantastic... and d'you know what? So was I."
  • "I'm dead, or about to die any second with no chance of escape."
  • "That's fear. Doesn't it just burn when you face me?"
  • "Wish I'd never met you; I was much better off as a coward."
  • "My vision is impaired! I cannot see!"
  • "You have the guts to do what's right when everyone else just runs away!"
  • "New teeth. That's weird."