terrible iphone photos


Sketch Dump—Nov. 14 :)

I usually get really sidetracked while taking notes at school soooo here’s a buncha random things from my notebook and some doodles from today. Mostly more BH6 cuteness, a healthy dose of Tony Stark, and some fabulous Fantastic Four. Plus there’s a Nat and Steve amid the plethora of Tonys somewhere~ And! Playing off my friend dchanberry​’s AU where Hiro takes up an internship at Stark Industries and everything is happy and science. :)

Gotta say, I think Johnny Storm is the best part of this photo set… XD


Twenty One Pilots | Paradiso | Amsterdam | 10/11/14

My favourite show I’ve been to of theirs so far, it was absolutely amazing, and we even got to meet Tyler afterwards - he was so lovely! |-/

(Truly terrible iPhone photo but…) Medieval alien art!

I don’t remember the title except it had 420:69 in it. Acrylic and gold leaf on prepared board.

Exciting cat lady news! We assembled a cat tree and Pepper is really loving it! I thought I should get the cats one, especially since we’re going to have a guest cat around for a while (his name is Shamrock and a friend is looking for a home for him in the meantime). After watching hours of Cats from Hell, I decided to make the living room a bit more cat-friendly. :)

I did a big reorganization of a bunch of crafts yesterday, and wanted to share this quick and terrible snap I did of another work in progress. This is a detail from a small table mat that I’m making as a gift. It’s a pattern from Gay Easton’s book, Ukrainian Whitework (the pattern is Andrej). This is my first attempt at a full whitework/drawn thread project, and while it involved a few stop and starts, I found the overall technique to be very easy, and the process a lot of fun.

The colors aren’t very good in the pic, but it’s done in a soft mint green and cream (DMC perle 8 and perle 12) on cream-colored Belfast linen.

I’m currently finishing up the border (the orange you see is basting guide threads that will be cut out of the final project) and then will hem the whole thing. When that happens, I hope to post a full (and better) pic with my real camera.

It’s been a while since I talked about crafts on here, but I managed to finish something today that I wanted to show you all. It’s a bead woven sprite from my very favorite game, Final Fantasy Tactics.

This chemist is hand woven using square stitch, with size 11 Delica beads.

My first attempt didn’t do quite so well… I picked the wrong colors and opacity, and wove it going the opposite direction, so it ended up looking too long and stretched out. Here’s a side-by-side for comparison.

The first one is much better, right? Even if I’m not 100% on the way the blue gradient turned out, I still think it’s an improvement. My next one is likely going to be one of the squire characters.

Hope you liked them!

ETA: here’s a pic that is a little bigger so you can see the beads.