terrible hosts

okay, i don’t hate kids. i think they’re sort of funny. i like that you can talk to them like an adult and they’ll make sounds like they understand. i taught one kid “phosphorescence” and he looked at me and said, “they could just call it glowing if it means something that glows.” the kid undid the entire science community in one sentence.

but i hate kids.

or really, i hate how they’ve always been expected from me.

when i was five i was given “babies.” i hated the hardness of dolls, disposed of them for dramatic stories between stuffed animals. i knew how to wrap, feed, and care for a baby before i could spell my last name. when i was nine i was already “watching the kids”. i was only four years older than my cousins were. i wanted to go out and play. instead i was expected to have responsibility. by the time i was thirteen all of my friends had told me about how many children they were going to have in their twenties. 

my hips were “child-bearing” hips. my brother was a scientist, or a fireman, or a steamroller. i was going to make a good housewife, or mom, or nanny, or mom, or mom, or mom.

and when my body hurt, i was told it wasn’t really my body, not really, it belonged to my future children. i couldn’t cut or snip or tie anything; i was trapped by the potential energy that hung above me. a boulder, threatening. i couldn’t get tattoos, because what would i tell my children? i couldn’t kiss a girl, because what would i tell the children? i couldn’t be risky or wild or anything but a lady, because what about the children?

and when i said “i don’t want children” - not biologically, at least, not when cancer and depression and a whole other host of terrible things lives inside me - do you know what they said? “it’ll change, wait and see” “it’s not bad” “you’ll get used to it” “when you meet the right man” “you don’t want to be lonely”.

i don’t hate kids. i’m great with them. 

but then i’m told again that my life will be forfeit to them - something in me snaps angry. “wait until you have kids” “you should travel before you have children” “you’ll be more happy.” 

i hate kids! i’ve snarled. i don’t mean it at all. but god. please, leave me alone. i don’t want to be a biological mom. 

it’s like we’re born with a uterus and told “this is your whole life. your singular purpose. your job.” 

i want to be my own purpose. not here for the sake of passing genes on.

This property is HOA-Free.

This is a long one, because it involves a growing escalation of actions. TLDR at the bottom. Some terms are translated because I don’t live in an English-speaking country.

We moved houses last year, to the ugliest in the street. The previous owners must have loved Mondriaan, because the front was red/blue/yellow in windowframes and door. One paintjob, many thankful neighbors and several months later, I get an invitation to a voluntary “Collective of inhabitants”, the terms read like an opt-in HOA that you can never leave. A long list of restrictions, and no benefits? No thanks.

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Markiplier Ego Headcanons

● Wilford likes to play pranks, but refuses to pull any of the worse ones on Host. He also hasn’t messed with Google ever since he made him malfunction from a prank gone wrong.(Probably dumps water on Dark just to piss him off or something.)

● Wilford is a good cook, especially when it comes to baking.

● Dark can do calligraphy.

● When not focusing on his primary and secondary objectives, Google likes to annoy the other egos with terrible puns.

● “The Host questions Darkiplier as to what he is reading.” “I’m actually reading one of your books.” “The Host smiles.”

● Wilford and Author were really good friends, and although they’ve grown a bit more distant ever since Author became Host, they will mumble inside jokes to each other and chuckle when the others look at them in confusion.

● Dark is kind of like the big brother type to Host. Helps him out with things, protects him (even if Host says that he can protect himself), etc. They’re so close that Host even allows Dark to help him replace his bandages sometimes.

● Although he doesn’t have to eat, Google likes to eat the eccentric food that Wilford cooks.

● Dark gets overly annoyed with Yandere’s recklessness, yet agrees to help him clean up his mess every once in a while.

● Host likes to challenge himself by telling his stories from memory, and when he can’t remember a part, one of the other egos (usually Dark) picks up said book and reads the parts that Host can’t remember.

(@markired Thought you might enjoy some of these. ❤)

Ya know what? Forget my October goals. The fact that there are 90 days left in 2017 is so satisfying and pleasing to me that I’m going to make a completely different 90 day challenge* for myself to last through the rest of the year.

*for myself, not something I’m inviting people to do with me because I’m TERRIBLE at hosting challenges and I don’t want to commit to something like that, but by all means take advantage of the nice, round, 90 day number and figure out some goals for yourself

RFA guys + Minor Trio play Until Dawn with MC

written with @rainydayswriter

So lucky to have met this girl and to have written this with her!!! I had so much fun writing these hcs that I was literally laughing out loud alone :)) Check out her blog too!!! :D She’s brilliant! Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it! :)


  • This poor boy, how you convinced him to play a horror game is beyond anyone

  • All the lights stay ON whether it’s the middle of the day or not

  • But he really enjoys this game and tries to make the best decisions and tries to save everyone

  • Specially the wolf (makes you Google how to save it)

  • Gushes about the graphics half the time

  • Horrified that there’s even a choice to harm animals

  • Screams his head off when the wendigo first makes its appearance

  • And also screams when the flamethrower guy appears in the mines

  • Practically THROWS the controller at every scare, you’ll have to play through some high-tension spots for him

  • What is he more afraid of: gore or needles? BOTH, apparently ;;;

  • He answers Dr Hill’s tests truthfully so the game is 1000x scarier for him now ;;;

  • Explores the most, probably to stall but also finds most of the clues and totems

  • Unfortunately he gets a little too curious about every single item, and ends up getting Mike’s fingers caught in the bear trap

  • Makes you decide what to do because he can’t watch

  • You decide to just hack off Mike’s fingers

  • Yoosung flees for the bathroom

  • He couldn’t save everyone and he feels really really bad about it; you have to console him when he accidentally kills Chris and Ashley gets upset

  • “Yoosung, you can just replay it later-”

  • “NO, they deserve to be together now!!”

  • Restarts the game and still falls for the same jumpscares

  • What a (lovable) dork

  • After finishing up the game, he will need to watch no less than four romcoms to calm down

  • Throw in plenty of cuddles and praising his bravery and he’ll be so happy


  • Mike is his favorite character: buff hero on a mission to save his girlfriend, befriends a wolf, kicks Wendigo ass? He’s so there

  • All those innuendos at the beginning of the game?? He’s wiggling his brows at you the whole time

  • “A romantic getaway in the mountains sounds nice, huh babe~?”

  • “Yeah Zen nothing like a crazy flamethrower murderer to set the mood.”

  • Definitely gets Jess to take off all her clothes and gets flustered when you tease him about it

  • That part where Matt climbs the fire tower and leaves the axe? You can bet Zen is swearing profusely at the screen

  • High key makes fun of the horror-movie acting

  • Pauses the game to debate almost every decision

  • Sorry Josh, he’s saving Ashley no ifs ands or buts

  • Protects your precious eyes from any gore (almost smacks you in the face with the controller in his hurry)

  • The first Wendigo scares the hell out of him and he lets out the most high-pitched screech

  • I didn’t know you had such a ladylike scream, Hyun~

  • Tries to save everyone because he’s ZEN THE KNIGHT

  • Not a big fan of Emily because she’s such a bully but still saves her because he wouldn’t kill anyone just because they were mean

  • Sucks at quick time events, though, and probably curses the entire time

  • Both of you are yelling when someone’s getting chased, there is arm slapping involved

  • Manages to kill off a few people, including Emily

  • But of course he saves Ashley and Chris, Sam, Mike and Jess


  • Isn’t much of a gamer to begin with, but is willing to play with you for moral support

  • So done with all of these kids already, where are their parents, why are they on an isolated mountain after two girls died due to a prank they played??

  • Almost as jumpy as Yoosung, and tries to play it off but at one point spills her coffee all over the couch

  • “Why do you enjoy this?!”

  • She can’t understand who would willingly put themselves in stressful situations for fun?

  • Surprisingly sarcastic at times, as a defense tactic against the fear

  • If one more person mentions the butterfly effect

  • “Worst fear? Bad Zen fanfiction.” Jumin in a cat suit

  • Criticizes the characters ruthlessly

  • Sam running around in a towel – “How is she still alive and not freezing to death?”

  • Doesn’t want anyone to die, but you swear she smirked when the revenge plot was revealed

  • “This story is so cliche-wait what the hell is that thing?!”

  • MUTE TERROR as the wendigo screams at your character

  • Needs to take frequent breaks to calm her poor heart

  • Clinging to you for dear life

  • Jaehee please I can’t feel my arm

  • How can any of these kids be sane???

  • Sam is her favorite character. Takes a bath for hours and then saves everyone at the end. If you end up killing her, Jaehee will be salty af


  • At first glance you wouldn’t expect him to be the type to play video games, but he owns a Gray Station and a ZetBox so

  • The lodge in the mountains looks nice and he considers investing in a ski resort

  • But comments on Josh’s poor planning skills and says he’s a terrible host ;;;

  • Jumin honey it’s just a game ;;;

  • You’ve seen his attempts at taking pictures. The parts where you’re supposed to keep the controller still? Better snatch that controller from him and set it on the table or you’re DEAD.

  • He’s so focused when he plays, and he manages to keep a straight face through most of the game. Hardly even flinches

  • How

  • Unfortunately, he isn’t too keen on lingering or searching each and every room, so he misses unobvious clues and totems

  • But will definitely replay the game until it says he’s completed it 100%

  • Refuses to read any walkthroughs or accept Seven’s “help”

  • Jumin no you can’t skip work for this

  • Ashley or Josh? That decision was tough since it made him think about you and V

  • He saves Ashley but you can see it bothered him

  • How can a game make me feel such things?

  • This guy may be cold and calculating to other people, but he’s fiercely loyal and protective so he tries to save as many characters as he can and you find yourself more attracted to him

  • When he learns about Josh and the whole revenge thing, he still fights to save Josh because that’s just what friends do and he understands how Josh was going through a tough time because of his sisters

  • Finds himself addicted to these types of games and buys similar games for you two to play


  • LOLOL a game where he can decide the fate of 8 teenagers? LOLOLOL

  • Turns all the lights off for ~atmosphere~ and yells at tense moments to try and scare you

  • Guesses who the Psycho is right away

  • Laughs at all the lame puns and jokes

  • Won’t stop quoting the game for days (“Hello, friends and fans!” “Ugh, unfollow.” “It’s mammoth!” “You know what else is mammoth, MC? Me.” wiggles eyebrows suggestively)

  • Fear: cockroaches

  • Jokingly shoves the controller into your hands at the worst moments

  • Makes THE MOST RANDOM decisions ever: “I wonder what will happen if I FOLLOW JESS’S VOICE?”

  • “Saeyoung you know that isn’t Jess!”

  • “So are you saying I shouldn’t open the trapdoor? The one right here?”

  • Good luck prying him away at any point, he’s not leaving till he’s found all the clues and unlocks as many endings as possible

  • Not above trying to distract you when it’s your turn to play

  • “Saeyoung if you poke me one more time-”

  • Chris gets beheaded by the wendigo


  • He’d just laugh ;;; Seriously this man :)))

  • Sam’s “Don’t move” parts?




  • “MC, it’s just a game, we can always replay it~”

  • Just like you keep replaying my route~

  • Never playing this with him ever again ;;; He’s more stressful than the game ;;;;


  • Never really had much interest in video games, but if you want to play it he’ll be right there beside you

  • He’ll get surprised at jumpscares but wouldn’t make a sound

  • He’ll immediately hold you when you get scared or scream though

  • Makes all the righteous choices and even though Emily’s such a horrible person, still makes it a point to save her

  • Protect this man

  • What do you fear most? Gore. This cutie apparently hates gore and he closes his eyes when Matt dies coz he tried to save Emily

  • That photo with the scarecrow? He felt calm looking at it, probably because he usually went on hiking trips alone for his photography thing

  • This guy is good with the “don’t move” scenes too, since he’s used to staying still when taking photos

  • Sucks at quick time events though ;;; He panics too easily and misses the buttons but thank God you learned about this early on in the game ;;;

  • Same as Jumin, he has a hard time choosing between Ashley and Josh

  • “I would give my life instead, why can’t that be an option?”

  • But he also chooses to save Ashley and also feels bad about it afterwards

  • Ashley or Chris? You already know this man will choose to kill himself than hurt the people he loves

  • And then he finds out that it was all a revenge scheme by Josh and he’s so surprised because how can someone do that to their friends?

  • He’s on the edge of his seat during Emily’s trip down the mines part

  • Super invested in the mystery aspect, ends up talking and theorizing through some cutscenes

  • V there are Wendigos PAY ATTENTION

  • Will make you look for all the clues and totems because he’s so invested in this game and really wants to save everyone

  • And he feels terrible when the flamethrower guy dies even though there was really no way to save him

  • When he finds out what really happens to the twins, oh my God, he’s so done with this game

  • Why would you make Hannah eat her sister??? And how come nobody searched the mines? Surely someone must have known about it?

  • If horny teenagers can find this mine in the middle of a snowstorm HOW COME THE SEARCH PARTIES WEREN’T ABLE TO SAVE THEM???

  • Surprisingly saves everyone except Matt because he was so stubborn about trying to save Emily


  • Let’s face it, this guy would probably kill all the characters

  • You see his face change when he sees the twins in the beginning of the game though, and he totally chooses the option to let go and fall together instead of letting the other twin die alone

  • Hates the other characters because they were mean to the twins

  • Yup, he kills all of them

  • Except Sam, Chris and Josh because they weren’t involved in the prank

  • And also, the wolf

  • Fair enough, you roll with it

  • He decided he would save Chris but when he finds out Chris likes Ashley, chooses to shoot himself

  • Marry him

  • Then he finds out Josh tried to get revenge for his sisters

  • Is now super determined to save him

  • Unlike Saeyoung he’s kind of impatient but he reads through the stuff

  • Still shoots Emily because she was such a bitch

  • Kills Mike as well, because he was seriously a jerk to Hannah but everyone sees him as the hero –not Saeran though, so bye bye Mike

  • Matt finds Jessica and he’s considerate of her and chooses to hide instead, saving both of them

  • It wasn’t really his intention since he wanted to kill everyone, but you kiss his cheek saying how cool he is and he blushes

  • So upset when he finds out Hannah became a wendigo because how could she eat her sister? That’s really really messed up

  • And when he finds Hannah’s diary in the mines? You hug him because he goes silent and stares at the screen blankly

  • Saves Sam as well and he never plays the game again ;A;

  • Next time you’re playing Tekken


  • Ha? What’s this game you want to play?

  • Pretends he’s bored with the game but deep down he’s LOVING it

  • Kills the quicktime events

  • “This is so easy.”

  • Gets so annoyed like wtf is wrong with these kids??? Why are they so horny???

  • He doesn’t always make the right decisions though and ends up killing a few characters

  • Swears a lot

  • Devastated when the wolf dies but he wouldn’t show it

  • So when you gently squeeze his arm and tell him it’s alright, you see him purse his lips

  • He’s crying inside

  • Oh it was all an elaborate prank by Josh?


  • Wendigos are after him? Has no problem staying still and doesn’t miss a shot during Mike’s chapter

  • Hates Dr. Hill’s character because he felt like someone was probing into his brain and he doesn’t like it

  • Chris and Ashley are his OTP so he definitely saves those two

  • He finishes the game and tells you he’s done playing it, but you’ll catch him playing it late into the night when he can’t sleep, trying to get all collectibles and save everyone

I wrote a thing based around some headcanons from @markired and @alcordraws (and one I came up with but shhhh). It’s not my best but eh.


The Host was relaxing in Dr. Iplier’s office, waiting on him to get home from whatever errand he was running. It had become almost routine. Wake up, do whatever, wait on Iplier, spend time with Iplier, repeat. Sometimes, there wouldn’t be a “wake up” step due to no sleep. However, this day was different, except for the fact that he was practically a noodle from the sleep deprivation and his powers were a bit drained.

He was curled up on the couch, some music channel playing at a low volume in the background. As soon as he started getting bored, there was a knock at the door. “Coming.” He grumbled, a little annoyed that he had to get out of the comfortable position. He opened the door and no one was there. The egos that would be at the door were still shuffling down the hallway, and the Host came to realize that he had only predicted the knocking, which annoyed him to no end because of how exhausted he felt. He closed the door and leaned up against it, waiting for the knock that would come thirty seconds later.

The Jim twins were at the door when he reopened it. It took a few moments for their images to flood into the Host’s mind, but when they did, the annoyance melted away. They looked miserable. Their hair was matted and tangled. Newscaster Jim’s glasses were askew on his face. They were both in pajamas, but the worst part was that both of their faces were drenched in tears.

The Host was confused. The twins were usually two of the happiest ones in the household, so it had to be major to make them upset. He didn’t exactly like physical contact from anyone other than Dr. Iplier, but he knew the twins appreciated hugs, so he threw his arms open. The twins accepted it and just collapsed into him. He then guided them to the couch and, after grabbing blankets for them, he sat them down carefully, then sat in between them. He allowed the younger boys to use him as a pillow, which he thought was actually kind of adorable.

“Alright, tell me what’s wrong. If you want to, that is.” The Host said. He decided not to pry into their minds, instead letting them explain by their choice. The boys looked at each other, then nodded. “We heard that you get visions of the future. We get visions of death and catastrophe. That’s what’s happening right now. We figured that you could help.” They said in unison. Suddenly, the Host held them tighter.  “It’ll be okay, boys, don’t worry. You can’t stop the visions, but there is something to help calm you down. We just have to wait for Iplier to get home. He has the key to the cabinet that it’s in.“ The twins nodded.

It took at least five minutes for Iplier to get home. The twins were breathing so heavily and so quickly, the Host thought that they were going to hyperventilate. At times, one of them, or both, would yelp or scream. Not from pain, but from fear. It isn’t easy seeing disaster struck upon the world and not being able to do anything about it. The Host felt terrible for the twins, and every time one of them jumped, yelped, screamed, etc., a pang of guilt would hit him for reasons he did not know. At one point, Weatherman Jim started writhing in his seat, and all the Host could do was whisper to him and tell him that it would be okay. What the Host didn’t know was that Weatherman Jim was in the middle of a forest fire, and it was definitely not okay.

Finally, Dr. Iplier opened the door to his office. "Baby, put the vinyl on.” The Host said urgently. “What?” Iplier questioned, confused. This isn’t how the vision thing usually goes. Iplier usually finds the Host trembling in a corner, so he found it a bit weird that he was asking from the couch. However, when he heard a yelp, he rushed over to the couch and saw the twins holding onto the Host like their lives depended on it. “Vinyl. Right.” Iplier recognized the signs. The sweating, shaking, wide eyes full of fear, the quick breathing. Dr. Iplier and the Host had figured out a way to calm the Host down when he was having a vision, and it was the sound of vinyl crackling. Why it works? They have no idea. Dr. Iplier didn’t even know if it would work with the twins, but it was worth a try.

Dr. Iplier pulled out a stepstool and fished a key out of his pocket. He unlocked one of the higher cabinets which revealed a slightly modernized record player with a blank vinyl already on the platter. After lowering the arm, he turned the volume up to the maximum setting and went back to the couch, carefully sitting down beside Jim2. The crackling of the vinyl resonated in the office, mixed with soft whimpers and yelps from the twins. Despite the images flowing through their heads, they began to calm down. They didn’t know why, but the crackling, warm blankets, the soft narrating from the Host, and Dr. Iplier whispering to them made the two feel a lot better.

When the visions finally stopped, you could almost see the boys calm down. Their muscles relaxed, their breathing slowed, and they released their grips on the Host, apologizing quietly for holding onto him so hard. The Host responded by running his fingers through their hair and telling them that he barely felt it, although he did, and he didn’t dare say that there would be bruises, even though he knew the purple marks would be there the next day. He then grabbed Iplier’s attention by clearing his throat. “Hmm?” The Doctor hummed in reply. The Host gestured to the twins, then to the bedroom with his head, and Iplier nodded in understanding. They picked up the twins slowly and gently, the Host with Jim1 and Iplier with Jim2, and carried them to the bedroom, laying them on the bed and pulling the covers up on top of them. The Host and Iplier started to leave, but the twins sleepily tugged on their coats, silently demanding that they stay. The two climbed into the bed and friend-cuddled (keyword: friend; don’t get any ideas) the twins for the rest of the night.

And, once they all fell asleep, a lowkey jealous Bim Trimmer showed up in the doorway, narrowing his eyes at them all, but decided to leave them alone.


(Had to include Bim there at the end, because he and the twins are starting to become my new otp. BimJim? JimTrimmer?)

Guys My Age Don’t Know How To Touch Me - Part IV

I woke up to another mess in the living room
Broken bottles all around my feet
They came again in the night under crescent moon
Didn’t wake me in my sleep

‘Cause they talk and drink and laugh 'bout things
And fall in love in my backyard
I hide and cower in the corner
Conversation’s getting hard

'Cause nobody seems to ask about me anymore
And nobody seems to care 'bout anything I think
And nobody seems to recognize me in the crowd
In the background screaming, “Everybody, look at me”

- Halsey, Angel On Fire

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anonymous asked:

hey could you recommend your all time favourite destiel fics?

Hey, dear anon!

Oh yes, I would love to :D I mean, there are a lot of fics I read that are clearly exceptional and awesome and amazing and [insert further compliments here], so I’m just going with the ones I’ve read over and over again because I’m addicted to them and I can’t help myself ;D

a turn of the earth by mishcollin

Dean’s your typical half-orphaned, monster-killing 22-year-old until a trenchcoated stranger crashes into his back windshield one September night, claiming he’s an angel that knows him from the future and that he’s on the run …

(I probably recommended this fic about a thousand times before, but I’m never gonna stop because it’s just so freaking epic ;D)


Not Part of the Plan by  Annie D (scaramouche)

Castiel’s spent most of his adult life keeping his head down and staying out of trouble. This is a deliberate choice on his part, because as a cousin of the King, he’d rather stay unimportant and forgotten. This changes abruptly when King Michael decides that he has a better use for Castiel: he is to be wed to a noble member of the neighboring Republic, as part of an agreement between their two nations.

(If you don’t know this series you should immediately change that because it’s seriously amazing! The whole setting, the developing relationship of Dean and Cas – it’s addicting!)


How to Date an Angel in 12 Easy Steps by fourthduckling

It’s not that hard to date an angel. All Dean has to do is fight off hordes of vampires, research gay porn, get sucked into a crappy Narnia, endure Sam’s comments, creep out on Dr. Sexy, get harassed – oh, and that’s right– figure out he’s into Cas. Easy, right?

(Actually one of the first Destiel fics I read and still one of my favorites! I just reread it yesterday. It’s just so funny and so in character :D)


Kiss You When It’s Dangerous by zoemathemata

When his partner Uriel, betrays him, Federal Agent Castiel Novak is saved from becoming a ritual sacrifice by brothers Dean and Sam Winchester …

(That’s seriously my kind of AU <33 FBI!Cas, hunter!Dean – not exactly on the same side of the law and still there is this powerful connection. I love it <33)


Broadway Musical by Griftings

The romantic comedy where Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle are destined to get married, Castiel is given the task of playing matchmaker and fails terribly, the entire Heavenly Host becomes a sitcom audience, God warns against male pregnancy, and Jimmy Novak is incredibly unimpressed with angels in general.

(This is honestly the funniest thing ever :DDD I was seriously laughing tears!! And I’m still doing after the hundredth reread :DD)


Kiss the Baker by Ltleflrt

Jo is pregnant and craving something a little bit unusual …

(It’s just so sweet and fluffy without any kind of unnecessary drama (at least not between Dean and Cas) and I always love to read it when I need something to make me smile <3)


Dean Winchester’s Secret (Angel) Boyfriend by reluctantabandonWinter_of_our_Discontent

Dean Winchester isn’t exactly a team player. So when he starts mentioning a new Hunting partner, Ellen and Jo Harvelle aren’t sure whether they should be worried or relieved. But they’re starting to get the feeling there’s something important Dean’s not telling them about Cas…

(I just love outsider POV and this is so awesomely great!! It’s so much fun to read <33)


Unbound by through_shadows_falling

In a world where Witches and Familiars depend on each other to survive, Dean Winchester remains Unbound, and his magic—and life—is dwindling.

(I’m a huge fan of witch/familiar stories and this one is just freaking epic <3)


Unfamiliar by riseofthefallenone

“We all know that Familiars will be the closest to you. Your bond with a Familiar will transcend family, friends, and even your future husband or wife. A Familiar becomes a part of you, and you a part of them.”

(Did I mention that I like witch/familiar fics? ;p Another really great one!)


A Man May Change by Hekate1308

Sam wishes he didn’t hate the person his brother has become. He really does.

(It’s just a short story compared to the others, but I’m really in love with it! Sam’s POV and how he experiences Dean’s change after his brother goes to college – it’s just a really great fic!)

(Submitted by @ask-theblindhost)

// I was very inspired by your writing and everyone’s headcanons, so I wanted to write something for you and everyone else! :D


“Everything stops.”.

The voice of the Host rang out, loud and clear. Everything else fell silent, no one moved, or did as much as breathe. The sheer feeling of power that came off of the Host send shivers down everyone’s spines, inflicting fear even in the ones that were his friends.
Dark was standing only a feet away from the Host, Dr Iplier laying at his feet. The man didn’t move, and didn’t breathe. There was no heartbeat anymore. And the person who had killed him stood over him, dark eyes locked with the invisible gaze of the Host.

The man no one knew what power he truly held was furious. But his anger wasn’t like Dark’s, he didn’t boil over and exploded. No, the Host’s anger was quiet, it was an iron grip around your limps, around your throat, holding you painfully tight. It was freezing cold and burning hot at the same time, letting you sweat while goosebumps cover your skin. It was the underlying sense of dread, the knowledge that with one simple sentence your life could end, and you couldn’t even scream.

No one had ever seen the Host like this. None of them had ever been controlled like this by him. Not without consent, not without knowing. Not until now, where the Host was seething with ice cold rage.
But Dark had gone too far. Killing the Doctor, just because he was trying to fix the Host. Fix the damage Dark had done to the Host. He had gotten troublesome for Dark, so he needed to go.

“The Host’s authority stands above everyone else’s. Behind him, Wilford was standing, his eyes wide and breath caught in his throat. The words the Host spoke rang in his head, echoing in his mind, even though he was standing mere feet away. He could feel the Host’s power, shaking him to his very core.”
“And then there was Dark. Standing over the dead body of the person the Host cared most about. The sheer power of the Host shocked him, leaving him frozen. The man he thought useless, the man he thought could never defend himself even in the slightest against him, was now standing above him. Their roles had changed, the Host was now the one in control. And Dark was the puppet, strings tightly wound around his very being. And there was nothing he could do to change it.”

“I endured everything you did to me. Every bruise, every hit, every cut. I let you torture me, break me, do whatever you wanted without ever raising a finger against you.”, the Host’s voice quiet, but dangerous. There was a threat in his voice, unspoken but powerful. It almost physically hurt to listen to. Seeing, and hearing the Host like this was downright terrifying. It was worse than even the Author in his rage, because he was loud. He was violent. But the Host was quiet, he was the flame approaching the trail of gasoline, which would erupt into a feet-high fire, engulfing everything in its wake.

“The Doctor did nothing to you. He suspected something was wrong, yes, but he never said anything. He knew nothing of the pure torture I went through. He never even knew about half of the damage you did to me. All he ever saw were bruises and scars. And yet, you decided he was a danger to your plans. Because he was able to take my mind out of self-loathing and self-hate. Because he made me feel cared for.”.
The Host approached Dark, his steps slow and menacing. His aura was biting cold, like needles biting into your skin. But yet Dark didn’t move. He couldn’t. He was at the mercy of the Host’s words, only able to do whatever was said he did.
That feeling of powerlessness that Dark felt was the worst he had ever felt. And it scared him. And that fear was evident. His eyes were wide, his hands shaking.

“Dark could do nothing but stare as the Host approached him. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He thought he had broken the Host long ago. He thought the Host couldn’t do anything, that he was powerless. But he was so utterly, terribly wrong. The Host is by far the most powerful of them all.”, the Host stopped walking, right in front of Dark. The man felt small under the Host’s gaze, the feeling of raw power the blind man emitted making him feel extremely vulnerable. He felt fear clawing at him, the feeling of dread clinging to his very being.

“Dark realized, standing under the gaze of the man he had tried to break for so long, that all his past’s actions would come back to him. The Host would spare him no mercy. And he knew, no matter what he said or did, the Host wouldn’t kill him. Not until Dark felt all he had felt over the past years.”.

Finding Home - Chapter 10 (Sam Drake x Reader)

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The next day Sam woke up feeling like a new person. He couldn’t remember when was the last time that he woke up with a smile on his face. It widened when he remembered carrying you last night to your room. He was finally able to hold you in his arms and it was the best feeling in the world. But his smile quickly vanished when he heard coughing from your room. He still couldn’t believe that you searched for him in the middle of the storm at night. Why did you go after him? Why did you want him to come back?

These were the questions that were swimming around his head when he walked to your door. He raised his hand to knock, and when he heard you answer him with a quiet ‘come in’, he opened the door.

“Good, morning.” - he said as he walked next to your mattress and sat on the side of it next to you.

Your face was a little pale, you had circles under your eyes and your nose was red. He saw a few tissues on the floor around you.

“It could be better…” - you replied in a hoarse voice.

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