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So earlier I couldn’t think of what to draw and @precious-flower-child suggested tiana!

I was reminded of the post created by @vacker of not having the vackers be white and I had to draw it too.

Also short haired Biana cause dang she looks cute as frick

flower cloak.

jack morrison: uses a tactical visor that gives him perfect accuracy
ana amari: one of the world’s deadliest, most elite snipers, with superior marksmanship and a cybernetic eye
widowmaker: a good enough marksman to defeat ana in a sniper duel
jesse mccree: a deadeye with perfect aim
gabriel reyes: spins around really fast firing shotguns one-handedly and tells you to fuck off


“…whoa, Keiji, I don’t think I’ve seen you this mad since Kuroo teased you about the Valentine’s telegram I sent you!”

anonymous asked:

Klance with b4 please 💖

poor lance saw a space cockroach

i drew My Son™ based on @knacke‘s curly hair lance with glasses post go check that out

By now, I’m convinced that the Supergirl writers had to write the Karamel romance against their will, and they’re making many of the characters on this show make fun of him as a way to rebel against their evil CW overlords.

And no one has given more reasons why she shouldn’t be with Mon-El than Kara herself. In almost every single episode she comes up with a list of things that show how they are not good for each other, but every single time she ends up ignoring her own instincts by the end of the episode.

How do people find this attractive? Mon-El’s jealousy in this episode was terrible, fighting for Kara’s hand as if he has any right to actually make that decision.

“You can’t force love.”

That’s an actual quote from tonight’s episode, and I laughed so hard I started choking. How can they write something like that and then force this relationship between Kara and Mon-El? Mon-El was extremely douchey in this episode, Kara called him out on it more than once, but in the end they still kissed. What the hell?

And exactly how was all of THIS a Sanvers episode? It STILL somehow managed to revolve around Mon-El. There was more chemistry between Winn and that alien than there was between Kara and Mon-El in half a season. How is Mon-El apologizing for being a jerk in almost every single episode considered character development?

I just…I just don’t get it. How many times are they going to make Kara speak her mind and then completely erase everything she said during an ending scene with Mon-El because he smiles at her? How is this at all empowering to women?


I did this painting a few years ago at school, in fact its the first oilpainting I ever did. With this painting I won a competition in our country, and got the possibility to expose a few of my paintings in an art gallery this year.                                                                                                                       The reference photo I found it on we<3it. Oil on canvas; 70x50cm.

Until Death Do Us Part



ok i don’t know why but i thought of this pokemon sun and moon au (i guess??) were all the characters are dogs so this is  what i made 

just encase you can’t read my terrible hand writing:

Main Character- Mutt (there are also different versions depending  on what skin tone people choose)

Hau- Shih Tzu

Kukui- Pharaoh Hound

Lillie- White Afghan Hound

Grunts- Pugs

Plumeria- Light Brown Doberman

Guzma- Samoyed

Gladion-  white Afghan Hound

(I plan on drawing more of the characters, but for now enjoy this)