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Deciding to try my hand at freehand sketching during some downtime at work today and came up with these doodles of season 2 Fitzsimmons. My tablet is broken so Jemma’s hair looks like crap (no pressure sensitivity), and that’s why I haven’t done any art at all lately, but I wanted to slap some color on it, so here it is. I really need to get back into the habit of doing freehand drawings and building that skill up. I’m kind of okay with these, and I want to get better. Anyway, enjoy!

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Hey there👋🏻 I wanted to ask you about your opinion of the theory that Hide is actually from the sunlit garden, I find it kind of reasonable but I'd like to hear your point of view. Great metas you post by the way ;)

Thanks anon! I’ve seen that theory and I think it’s pretty cool, but I don’t really adhere to it for three reasons. 1) I find it hard to believe that the tyrannical Washuus would let one of their Garden children go free into the world and potentially reveal everything they’ve been doing (if Hide is from the Garden, then he definitely escaped rather than being let loose); 2) I don’t think it’s necessary for Hide to be from the Garden to motivate his actions or give him the ability to do them; and, 3) The symbolism doesn’t match up.

I think Hide’s intelligence is more of a device to involve him more deeply in the story than a regular human would normally be able to, and as a crucial agent to Kaneki’s tragedy/recovery, it’s very important that he is involved. Besides, he goes to one of Japan’s top universities - his smarts aren’t all that surprising. His interest in Ghouls in particular comes from finding out that Kaneki is one - they’ve only talked about it twice before; in the park as kids as any kid might (and Kaneki only remembers it because it’s now relevant to him) and after hearing a news report about a Ghoul attack, which is pretty natural. And remaining conscious after the attack from Nishiki could easily just be a testament to Hide’s devotion to Kaneki rather than a sign of unusual skills.

Hide only starts tailing Yamori when he sees him leaving Anteiku. From his attempted phone call, we can see that his primary concern was Kaneki’s well-being. As we know that Hide is well-read about Ghouls, he might have recognised the infamous ‘Jason’ - if not, he still looks massively suspicious. Perhaps he even heard some of the noises of battle outside.

I think Hide was just an intelligent human who got caught up in this whole mess for the sake of his friend.

But this is no longer the case. 

As Scarecrow, Hide is now a Half-Ghoul. Scarecrow freeing Amon and calling him by name confirmed my belief in this theory. Part of his throat is missing from when he allowed Kaneki to feed on him, resulting in his distorted voice and the need to conceal his face, and since he seems to be a failed subject, he has been unable to regenerate. Indeed, there is a scar around his throat area - and doesn’t Scarecrow’s rubbish mask remind you of Hide’s terrible drawing skills?

But now, he has a larger role in the grand schemes of things - and yet, it is a role that is still essentially the same. Both before and after, his mission is to protect Kaneki.

Hide’s role in the school play can only be foreshadowing - mentioning it has no other purpose, and we’ve already seen that Kaneki has become the King he portrayed (a role in which he will prove to be unexpectedly good). This is why I say the symbolism for Hide to be revealed to have been from the Sunlit Garden doesn’t match up - there are no witches in the Garden. Eto, on the other hand, has continuously been associated with witch imagery (observation from linkspooky’s meta). 

This had led to speculation that Hide might have been working for Eto all along, or else, because of his get-up, he is secretly a Clown. But if either of those are true, why does he tail Yamori and Nico? If he’s in cahoots with Eto, he would know where Yamori’s base is already, and if he’s in cahoots with the Clowns, through Nico he would know where Yamori’s base is already.

But then, Kaneki was not always the King. He only became the King in :re, and that is when Hide becomes the Witch’s Servant. I think that Eto, after having heard about the sacrifice Hide made for Kaneki and seeing his efforts to rescue Amon, freed him from Kanou’s labs to act as Kaneki’s remote bodyguard when she or Arima could not be there in person to guarantee his safety. Eto needed to use Aogiri to harass Kaneki so he could grow stronger for the role he must fulfil, but it would all be for nothing if he died - Eto presided over him herself in the Rose Arc, and she trusted that role to Arima in the Rushima Arc, but who saved him in the Auction Arc? It was Scarecrow, who activated the intercom so that Kaneki’s screams could be heard. We also saw him rowing away from Rushima before the landing could take place a little after Eto’s speech - presumably she told him that the King was on the mainland, and he had to get there before shit hits the fan.

It’s possible that Hide might be both from the Garden and Eto’s servant, but I’m not sure how necessary to the plot Hide being from the Garden would actually be, since Kaneki already has a connection to that world through Arima. So, I think that Hide was an intelligent but ordinary human whose steady purpose in the protection of his friend has aligned with those of some very influential people. I believe Kaneki will meet Hide again in this upcoming arc to parallel their meeting at the end of the original Anteiku Raid; only where that meeting heralded Hide’s ‘death’, this one shall herald his life.

Forced into love in a coffee shop

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Pairing: Taekwoon x Reader
Genre: Cracky and kinda fluffy?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Word Count: 969
Summary:  You and your bias, Taekwoon, are OTP… whether you like it or not.
A/N: Requested by @merlionmen, actual goddess 

“Listen, you have to give me your number or else we’re stuck here forever.”

The man looked up from his cafe latte. You swallowed—not only because of his penetrating gaze, but also because of he was too handsome up-close.

“I swear, this wasn’t my plan.” you quickly added. Your eyes wandered to the entrance of the cafe, where your friend had barred the door.

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guess who this is

because i sure can’t tell

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If Pokemon villains were painting students...

Giovanni: The closest Leonardo da Vinci of his time. He’s so good that he chooses not to waste time with the basics and pays someone to attend classes.

Archie: Probably the worst drawer, but he adds so much color to his paintings like DAMN. Mainly draws pictures of the ocean.

Maxie: He would be that student who thinks his work is above everyone else’s, but it’s actually just decent. He’d totally wear a beret, have those big painting palettes, and would definitely hold the painting brush near the wooden end.

Cyrus: Paints with the grayscale, from light gray to black. Colors mean nothing to him.

Ghetsis: He wouldn’t give a damn honestly. He already believes he’s the best at everything, so he’d probably never show up to class. That, or he would hire someone to take his place.

Lysandre: Awesome painter, he always creates these wonderful paintings while finding ways to execute composition and tell a story.

Guzma: Rivals with Archie’s terrible drawing skills, constantly memes on the other bosses rather than working on his paintings.

Michael In The Bathroom

oh boy??? what is this??? more michael mell angst??? when I should be sleeping???


this really sucks but I drew it the other day and I decided to finish drawing it

honestly it’s pretty much just “how much can I fuck up a pic with my terrible tear drawing skills and my terrible background skills?”

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Besides Osomastu what wepons do y'all like to use

K: My favorite weapons are my trusty twin pistols! Efficient, and they’re fairly small, and easy to carry.

C: A machine gun. I can put them together extremely quick and the firepower is pretty efficient.

I: My Thompson. It’s pretty cool.

J: I love to use my fists!! So I have some brass knuckles! I’m super quick to avoid gunshots!!

T: I use a sniper rifle. I don’t like getting all bloody so stealth is my strong suit. I’ve almost never missed a shot~


((They still use a variety of different weapons, these are just their favorites. Also, ignore my terrible gun-drawing and perspective skills.))


You seem to be under the impression that I looked cute after I stole Mom’s stuff and gave myself a makeover. I actually looked terrifying. This is it—this is the worst childhood holo of me that exists in reality. I look like a deranged clown.

Bye, I’m going to go throw myself into a Sarlacc pit and be digested for a thousand years. I’m never showing my face again.