terrible care

Came to the realization that Hellbeast #2 literally can’t see the laser pointer. Not he can see it and just doesn’t care - which was the original assumption - but literally is incapable of seeing it. He doesn’t react at all when you turn it on/off, doesn’t track it with his eyes ever, and seems highly confused about what Hellbeast #1 is doing when she chases it. 

I don’t think it’s just a matter of colorblindness, though we’re probably going to check that. He sees other red things. We already knew he had problems with his vision. When he drinks from a normal bowl, he pushes it around the floor or repeatedly dunks a toy in it so he can use the water movement to gauge its depth. He takes a long time to line up his jumps and will never do a high jump if he can manage - he’ll go from half wall to couch arm to couch to coffee table to floor, for instance. 

I’m curious how exactly he sees. We always assumed it was just a depth perception problem, but that wouldn’t explain the laser pointer. 

When you have a lot of intensely bad days in a short period - 

  • turn off the news
  • stay off of Facebook/any other social media with content that might upset you 
  • focus on right now
  • clean up your living space 
  • make sure you’re taking your meds
  • drink water
  • don’t drink alcohol
  • if you need a nap, let yourself nap
  • make yourself at least start your laundry
  • take a long shower/bath and do things that focus on making you feel good and clean (floss, brush your teeth, wash your hair, exfoliate, shave, etc.) 
  • pick up a project you put down a while ago, do some art therapy, exercise, or meditate if that’s your thing

things i understand: people not liking youtubers
things i do not understand: people finding it necessary to put posts stating they do not like youtubers in these youtubers’ tags

Love is such a terrible beauty…
You fall love with someone your heart lives for, you fall…you fall and you know they could possibly not catch you, you fall but you don’t care, all you care about is giving your life up for someone your heart beats for.
—  poems-she-wrote
Is That a Yes?

Words: 1,607 

Because it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I wrote a thing.

Hanzo tilted his head, staring at the slim box McCree had shoved into his hands before he could even say hello. He found himself confused for a moment as he tried to think of a reason for the cowboy to be bringing him a gift before recalling the date. He bit the inside of his lip before looking up to meet McCree’s eyes. “I did not get you anything.”

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hey so

long time no see

i was just looking through my old messages to find writing insp, and i got reminded of how many lovely comments i used to get, so i just wanted to say thank you to all of you for that

i intend to go back onto password protected again soon, i don’t really feel comfy w this blog anymore and ive moved on to a v different place in my life, and i think it’s best to leave this part of it behind. however, i will leave my blog unprotected for a few days, for anyone to save any fics that they didnt have the opportunity to do so before

please don’t repost them anywhere, but if you’d like to save them for your personal reading thats fine. also, if you want you can reblog this for any of your friends who enjoyed my fics and might want to save them too

thanks for understanding, and thanks for all the loveliness i received from you guys back when i was regularly using this blog <3


When people buy your hatchlings and give them lore and apparel.  

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