terrible base art

To See With Eyes Unclouded by mad-madam-m

“Stiles waved his hand. "You need to learn how to track by scent. This is how you start.”
Still skeptical, Derek bent forward, nose close to Stiles’s hand, and breathed in deep. He didn’t have words to describe the scent he inhaled. It was as warm and rich as the forest on a summer day, tinged with salt and rain. It was bright and familiar, like bread baking in the hearth. It was fresh and green, like new grass in the springtime. It was a hundred different things all together, and Derek wanted more. He wanted nothing more than to breathe in this scent for the rest of his life, and—"

Masterart for TwReverseBang 2015

hey guys do you like time travel, Cold War America and lady scientists because if so, @arsparadoxica has the good good content for you

Day 2- Your Au

Tried to make this look like a mural, failed miserably. 

So a while ago, I thought up an AU called Netherbound. I forgot about it for a while, but I recently started thinking about it again in the spirit of JohnDave week. Basically, the AU is about Angel Trainee John and Dethroned Overlord Demon Dave working together to reach their respective goals, with John trying to find his missing angel friends and Dave trying to get his throne and netherworld back. There’s only one Celestia (prospit), but since demons have a tendency to no get along, they split up into different netherworlds(their respective lands), and the original netherworld(derse) is regarded as sacred to demons.

They meet in a (mostly) insignificant netherworld, Wind and Shade, and trave together in a not-at-all-romantic-journey-i-swear.

((I can’t draw lava for shit, so I used canon LOHAC as a direct reference, sorry LMAO))