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bones or scotty

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Jesus, Nonie, you stumped me right out of the gate.

This is difficult. This is incredibly difficult. 

Oh the one hand, Bones and I have a lot in common. 

Potentially a good thing, and potentially a disaster.

A list of our less wholesome traits, including, but certainly not limited to - 

  • Arrogant. (whooo, lord, the ego in this relationship, though).
  • Stubborn.
  • Snarky.
  • Emotionally repressed (say what you will about Bones, this man bottles things up, and you won’t convince me otherwise).
  • Terrible communicators.
  • Unlikely to apologize.

I love the idea of dating Bones, truly I do. It was my knee-jerk response, and I would jump at the chance. 

But Scotty would be a better boyfriend, I think. 

Both in general, and for me, specifically.

I think Scotty could reign me in. Scotty is patient. Scotty has a good sense of humor. Scotty is incredibly smart. Scotty is a total teddy bear, but he wouldn’t be afraid to call me on my bullshit. 

Well, they could both call me on my bullshit, but Bones would do it sassily, and which would set me off, and then we would sass and sass and sass until we both just… asphyxiate on our own sass. 

Scotty would be gentler about it. I think he would disarm me, where Bones would put me on the defensive.

Bones and I would be explosive. Fiery and passionate, or going down in epic flames. It would be, to borrow his own words, glorious failure, or glorious victory.

Scotty is the safer option. We would balance a little better, probably.



Did You Mean It. - melody1987 - Batman - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Batman - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
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Relationships: Joker (DCU)/Bruce Wayne
Characters: Joker (DCU), Batman, Bruce Wayne
Additional Tags: absolutely fluffy bullshit, Alternate Ending, gay lego, this fucking movie will be the death of me i swear

Batman wasn’t good with words. As his Greatest Enemy, Joker should have known that by now.

A short silly little piece of self-indulgent crap that I apologise for profusely! Kind of based on this drawing

The Price 3/?

Summary: As Killian settles into the Swan’s castle, he finds no comfort in it’s extravagance, and yearns for more creature comforts. The Swan provides Killian with a few unwanted revelations.

tagging @kmomof4 @the-captains-ayebrows and also @jadeddiva and @artielu even though they didn’t ask because I super enjoy it when they scream at me and also I haven’t watched the episode but from what I understand about the last five minutes, I’m guessing all y’all need something to yell about.

Chapter List: One/Two

Chapter Three

Killian has never had a room for himself. In the cottage near the edge of the forest, there’d been no separate spaces, only a cot by the window where he’d curled up to sleep, and on Silver’s ship he’d closed his eyes and rested to the sounds of a few dozen snoring men, often in the same cot as Liam - even aboard The Jewel he’d refused to let the men think there was any sort of favoritism being played (First Mate status notwithstanding) and he’d kept to the berth there, as well.

The room he finds himself in is sprawling, extravagant, and so large he’s quite certain the Jewel would fit right inside of it.

It’s far too much space.

The door he’d closed behind him is sturdy and thick, with a heavy bolt to bar it shut, and a key besides to lock it up. It’s a small comfort to him, when he’s seen the Swan materialize out of nothing - surely there’s no lock that could keep her out, should she feel the need to be anywhere she pleases - and yet, it feels a bit like a promise. Of some small bit of privacy, at least, or an attempt to set boundaries.

Perhaps it was a peace offering, though Killian couldn’t imagine many of the other Chosen had felt as he did in this moment.

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we don’t fight anymore [Stanchez, 800 words]

I asked myself: if they were dating, why did Rick never help Stanley fix the portal? And then I wrote this drabble :V

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My Talented Nerd

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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: none, more fluff (whaaat?)

Request for @t-adash-i : hi can I request a fluffy sam pls? It can be about anything just sam fluff aaaa

K: this is super late and I’m sooooo sorry Em! I hope you like it!

You absolutely loved to read. Reading was a favorite hobby of yours. It was something about getting lost into the fictional or non fictional worlds that were contained in books.

Dean would always call you a bookworm. It was no wonder you were dating his brother. You two were almost the same. Two nerds. Two nerds who were best friends and turned out to me more.

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Wife!Carl aesthetic for anon

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