terrible acronyms


To the beautiful people who sent me blurbs about them for ACOYOUS (I’m gonna call it that from now on because it’s for “all of yous” (I’m sorry that was terrible) and also because it can stand for ‘your own unique story’, at least until I find a better name) I’m working through them, and my goal is to do every single one I get, so if you’ve sent me an ask with all the information I promise your mini profile/story of your life in the ACOTAR universe is coming!

P.s thank you for being so excited about this because I am too and it’s so nice getting to know a bit about the sweethearts in our fandom

worthless-pride  asked:

Hello! I love your art so much! It's truly amazing! I'm not into Voltron, but seeing you draw that and your incredible Haikyuu drawings during your livestreams make me want to get into it~! Just a question about your FAP Challenge, if I were to partake in it, would I have to post what I draw as proof that I'm doing it, or is it optional?


Oh god, why did I do this to myself? Ahaha it cracks me up every time. 

ANYWAY, thank you so much! I’m really glad you like my art and are considering joining me for the challenge! <3 

Posting your sketch pages is entirely optional, so if you don’t want to share for whatever reason that is entirely up to you! If you do post, however - like I will be! - you can tag your posts with ‘Fill-a-Page February’ or just ‘FAP February’ so other people who are also doing the challenge can see what you’ve done!

Good luck if you do take part!

tGaWLoCG is a Terrible Acronym :|


I’m watching episode 2 of The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo, the Young Bear Date scene specifically, and this is So Good!

Also: Freckle: FFFFFFUCK!!!!
Also Also: Billy’s Bi Vibe is Strong :| :|
Also Also Also: Karen-Billy-Caleb’s Poly Vibe is Even Stronger(That Apartment Scene!!!) :| :| :|
Alsox4: Those advisors. “Thruple”..

A Wagging Tail Is A Happy Sign

This was just like every other year, if she kept reminding herself of that, then nothing bad could happen… right? Right, she had done this three years in a row and not once had anyone even sniffed at her! What could change in one more year? Not much! They were a small town, it wasn’t like the big cities that these laws were designed for where everyone was up eachother’s pits all the time, where people moved in and out like the evening tide, everything and everyone just …. stayed the same, ten years ago when the laws first went into creation, the SPA Laws as they were nicknamed (terrible as that acronym was, Supernatural Protection Agency wasn’t the worst title she had heard of) were designed to both protect and help people of non-human DNA to keep up their own laws and traditions within human society and to obey their natural orders and biological needs to a civil, lawfull manner, one of those laws was possibly the most highly debated, argued, and heated of all the laws, was the one she was forced to enact right now, in wich everyone between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five were asked to be part of a non-random “lottery” of sorts, gathering in the town meeting hall once a year so the supernatural residences could see if anyone had any non-human in their bloodline, or if they were a werewolf’s mate or perhaps had a hidden spark of magic, the last three years she had been fine, and it isn’t like anything had changed this year to make that different… right?