The Proposal

Dorian decides to propose to Bull in Bull’s favorite place-a battlefield while covered in the blood of their enemies.

Bandits had completely surrounded them. Although by technicality, they were illegal mercenaries hired by a snubbed noble pretending to be bandits in order to cut trade going to and from Inquisition encampments. The Inquisition had decided to diffuse the situation via the most politically effective way possible; slaughtering them all and charging the noble for each individual funeral.

Dorian was in charge of the flower arrangements.

He was considering Orange Lilies.

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                                              During the 70th Hunger Games,
                                            Annie witnessed her fellow district
                                              partner being beheaded, which
                                                drove her to  
i n s a n i t y.

it sometimes feels as if i am nowhere at all, as if i am watching everything take place and there is a man making my mouth move in time to conversations. i wake up sometimes back in my skin to learn that i have ruined everything (or this body has, at least, and the mistakes that fall so easily from my fingertips, it seems), and i cannot handle it. i sever myself, and at first it’s magnificent because without an attachment to my existence, how can something harm me? but now it happens frequently, when i don’t wish it, in the middle of sunny days full of laughter and sprinklers and during fireworks and at home while i’m trying to write a poem. and did i write this? i feel as if i am constantly blackout drunk, like i’m always catching up, like i’m never really home. did i write this? will i remember it, come morn?

The signs + terrible things they actually like

Aries: drama
Taurus: foggy days
Gemini: Internet Explorer
Cancer: the smell of gasoline
Leo: strapless bras
Virgo: pantyhose
Libra: knee high socks
Scorpio: garters
Sagittarius: dirty old sneakers
Capricorn: Kendrick Lamar
Aquarius: wearing socks to bed
Pisces: daddy kinks