Funny how the heart can be deceiving.

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Psst, I don’t know if it’s misspelling or just due to the fact that you don’t seem to know French names, but Jean-Marc Auel is actually a man ;) (Jean is the French equivalent to John. The feminine name ‘Jean’ would prob become 'Jeanne’ in french)

Uh. No.  I’m talking about the American author Jean Marie Auel.

I have never heard of Jean-Marc Auel.

Frostiron fanfic recommendation list! [Part 2]

I’ll definitely go down with this ship.

Anyways, this is pt. 2! Yey! Before getting into the actual list, I would like to share two tumblr urls here. The first is Jabberwockies, the author of the Brothers series. If you’ve never read it, stop everything you’re doing and do it now, because it’s flawless and gave me a lots of feelings. The second one is Terresdebrume, and she writes for so many different ships and all of her stories are so amazing. She also wrote three stories that I’ll recommend here. So go follow these two and read their stories and drown on your feels.

Sorry for any eventual grammar mistakes, * is for highly recommended fic. You can find the first recommendation list here.

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Hi! I noticed you discussed ASOIAF theories a lot lately, and while I formulated some of them for myself after reading the books, there are several of them I didn't know about/don't understand fully... Do you know if there is/are (a) blog(s)/website(s) that summarizes them and where they came from, please? I would love to know where they come from & see if they change my perspective. (Also, am I the only one who thinks Jon might be Ned & Ellia's son? The Lyanna/Raeghar seems to win w/ most ppl)


A really good collection of the major theories (Varys/Illyrio, the Great Northern Conspiracy, R+L=J, Who Is Coldhands? etc) can be found here - it’s a westeros.org link, but don’t worry i wouldn’t play you wrong, the links are just to spec/theory forums and a lot of them are really well laid out and detailed.

I think R+L=J is the real deal. People take it for granted and seem to think that it’s obviously spelled out in the text - it’s not, the clues are there but they’re very subtle, and it’s only because mass fan forums have gotten together and snowballed the clues that it’s considered to be ~obvious~ now.

Futhermore, with Jon pretty squarely in the Azor Ahai role, it’s imperative that he have Targaryen blood so that he can be one of the three heads of the dragon. Also, I read something somewhere that talked about Rhaegar’s ambitions for Aegon as The Prince Who Was Promised, and his desire to have two daughters just like the original Aegon/Visenya/Rhaenys trinity, which made a lot of sense to me? (His first two children were called Aegon and Rhaenys - it’s not too far of a jump to think he also wanted a “Visenya”) And if Elia couldn’t have children, he may have taken Lyanna for that reason.

(Brazilian) Portuguese Insults Translation
  • Fanfan made one with french so I thought it'd be okay to make one in portuguese. In case anyone wants to know how it works. Note that this is BRAZILIAN portuguese, so I don't know how portuguese from Portugal works :\
  • You're a little shit/fuck:Você é um merdinha
  • You're a bitch:Você é uma vadia
  • You're a whore:Você é uma puta.
  • Shit:Merda/Bosta (although "merda" is used more)
  • Fucking Shit:Puta merda (though "puta" means "whore". Our "fuck" is "foda" but it doesn't really make sense to say "foda merda". Also, "puta merda" is somewhat similar to "holy shit" lol)
  • Get the fuck out/off:we don't really have a similar insult so you either say "sai daqui, [curse]" which means, "get out of here, [curse]" or just the good ol' "vá
  • se fuder" which means "go fuck yourself"
  • Fuck you:same as "go fuck yourself" or "vai tomar no cu" which means something like "go fuck yourself on the ass"
  • What is this shit?:Que merda é essa? / Que porra é essa? ("porra" means "cum", which we actually use more than "shit" to be honest)
  • Shut up:Cale a boca ("shut your mouth")
  • Shut the fuck up:Cale a boca + [curse] (it could be any curse you want)
  • Son of a bitch/whore:Filho da puta
  • Who the fuck are you?:again, "fuck" can't be fully translated in this case. So either say "quem é você?" aggressively or say something like "quem diabos é você?" even if it's not as aggressive. (It's similar to "who the hell are you?", but "diabos" actually mean "devils" lol)
  • What the fuck is this?:Que porra é essa? (pretty much the same as "what is this shit")
  • And here's a list of some curses that were not in the "original" list:
  • caralho:cock
  • puta que pariu:it doesn't have a similar insult in english but it kind of means that "your mother is a whore". Though we don't use it like that, we use it more as an exclamation/surprise or because we're really fucking pissed.
  • cacete:cock
  • buceta:cunt
  • cu:ass
  • aaaand i can't think of any more... if anyone has a question, let me know :)

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FrostIron (surprise!) actually, Loki isn't a natural talent at ice-skating.


“Oh come on, it’ll be fun!” Tony finishes his drink in one mouthful and sets it down on the table. Loki scowls at him, laying down his utensils like he doesn’t want to accidentally hurl them at Tony - and he should probably be afraid, but Loki has never been that frightening to Tony Stark.

When Loki only crosses his arms with a huff, Tony turns to Thor. Thor have been watching the conversation with a sort of fond smile (mostly in Loki’s direction) and he seems to quickly catch up with Tony’s intention.

“It is a tradition,” he says to Loki, who scoffs, “and traditions are meant to be followed.” Tony resists the urge to tell him that it’s not really a tradition as much as it’s Tony wanting to take Loki ice-skating, but it would probably spoil every chance he’s got to make Loki agree to this.

Loki grits his teeth and narrows his eyes at Tony, who does his best to look innocent, and finally he sighs.

“All right.”

Tony is laughing so much his stomach is hurting. Because even if the God of Mischief wants to look a natural at this, it is painfully obvious that he can’t hold his balance if he’s going faster than about one miles per hour. Tony takes great advantage of this, skating around him effortlessly and tugging at Loki’s clothes, and if gazes could kill he would be burning in hell right now.

However, Loki doesn’t trip, and after about twenty minutes of Tony bullying him mercilessly and with a huge smirk on his face, Loki manages to at least go forward without looking like he’s about to fall on his face every other second.

“Stark,” he says calmly, green eyes gleaming fiercely. “I am going to kill you.” Tony retaliates with another tug.

And manages to get his skate hooked around Loki’s, which sends him toppling down onto the hard ice. Half a second later Loki lands on him, and for a moment Tony’s mind is too occupied with remembering how to breathe for him to notice that Loki isn’t getting off.

When he comes back to his senses, Loki is hovering over him, all intense eyes and flushed face and a smirk, which makes it extremely difficult for Tony not to kiss him on the spot.

In the end they manage to untangle and stand up again, Tony’s face flushed with both cold and something else.

Loki smirks at him.

“At least I was not the one who tripped.”

Finnick/Annie for terresdebrume

Finnick/Annie: the moment he realized he was hooked (or, nothing’s ever easy in the life of Finnick Odair):

Wind was blowing harshly on the Victor’s Rock, howling through the night, and Finnick swore to himself when he bumped into something, a trash bin someone had left on the sidewalk. He told himself there hadn’t been storms in his arena, adrenaline shouldn’t be pumping through his veins the way it did. He just wanted to be home.

They’d kissed - she had kissed him and he had let her like he was used to, except that was a lie, because he had kissed her, it had been his idea. Stupid, he thought, angry at himself, and he didn’t know what he’d been thinking. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t been thinking. He couldn’t believe he’d spent the last weeks thinking about Annie without noticing what it all meant.

“I’ve got to go,” he’d said, trying to not look her in the eye and to not see the expression on her face, and he’d been gone.

“What happened, is something the…” his mom started saying when she opened the door to his banging, and he said, “It’s nothing, mom, please, go back to bed,” brushing past her up to his room. She hadn’t expected him back so soon, not when he’d been spending most evenings at Annie’s until way past midnight, and yes, he’d been an idiot, all the way through.

That hadn’t been anger on Annie’s face when he’d left her there, although she would have had a right to be angry after how he’d led her on. It had been confusion – concern. Breathing hard, Finnick reached his room, throwing his jacket on the bed, trying to think. Trying to figure out how he would make it up to Annie once he went back.

Because of course he would go back.

That was the scariest part of all.


10. Pirates or Ninjas? :DDD 

This is a difficult question, actually. I love both figures, although for different reasons but. hum. I think I’ll go with Pirates, purely because Jack Sparrow.

(And now I want a FrostIron pirates AU. Gn ><) 

Well, comet snot.

Captain Fury was giving him that cross look again from where he stood next to the wheel, First Mate Coulson by his side; Tony Stark had long since labeled this ominous one-eyed glare as the ‘if you weren’t the most prized Chief Engineer in Her Majesty’s fleet, you’d be taking a look at the bottom of the S.S. Avenger instead, Motherfucker’. It usually didn’t bode too well, but he found little energy or concentration in him to care at the moment, seeing that he was dangling from a mast and trying to fix the blasted -

“Tony! Tony no! What are you doing?”, Second Mate Steve Rogers’ voice carries magnificently on the open starseas, and it’s almost enough to make him lose his balance in surprise. He curses like a sailor, ignoring Clint Barton’s laugh who is still cooped up in the crow’s nest, like always.

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  • Blåa Svalan
  • Sam
  • Sara V

Since I sort of promised that I would sing more, and yesterday was a real boost for my ego, I now present you with Blåa Svalan, which I learnt on the folk music thing I go to every summer. This is supposed to be sung in canon so it sounds kind of plain alone, but I have no sound editing program available.

Blue Swallow, flying over distant land
Come back to me soon, Blue Swallow

is basically the translation.

So, my wonderful RP group, this is for you~

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Hi! First off, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer so many questions about ASOIAF -I *love* your meta and I really appreciate the time you put in it! Secondly: before I discovered the R+L=J theory (though your blog, as a matter of fact) I used to think Ned+Ellia = J could be a possibility. Now I haven't reread the first books in a while so I don't remember if there were clues or if it was just me, but did you ever consider the pairing plausible? Why or why not? Thank you for your time! :)

Ellia? I’m assuming you mean Ashara Dayne? (Since I can’t imagine you mean Elia Martell.) And nope, never thought it was plausible. It felt like a red herring from day one because so much attention was drawn to it. (Hell, I suspected Ned wasn’t Jon’s father from like Cat’s second chapter, all the other evidence in Ned’s POV just built on that suspicion.) If you want to see evidence about Jon’s parentage, the best roundup is here and here, but honestly you’ll never see me promoting Ned+Ashara in any way.

Anyway, you’re welcome, hope that helps!

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Yes and No mostly work if you understand what’s asked of you though x) Personally I have French, English, German, Mandarin (except please) and Hungarian (and half of them in Spanish) and I want more… I’ll give u French if u gimme Finnish? :D

Well yeah. You got a point. Hello = Moi/Hei (Moi is usually used when you speak, but if you write or you need to be really formal you use Hei) Goodbye = Näkemiin/Moikka (Näkemiin is used when you write and Moikka/heippa/moido are used when you speak.We kinda have two different languages. Written Finnish is really different from spoken one) Thank You = Kiitos Please = Kiitos
this is most of what we do with our time instead of rp'ing :D
  • Fanfan:^^'
  • Lit::V
  • Tidde::U
  • Bird:o3o
  • Lit:O_Ô
  • Tidde:Ö_Ö
  • Bird:xD
  • Fanfan:x)
  • Bird::>
  • Tidde::B
  • Lit:ç_ç
  • Bird:._.
  • Lit:.-.
  • Bird:o.o
  • Lit:ò_ò
  • Beth:o.0
  • Bird:>.>
  • Beth:X_X
  • Bird:<.<
  • Beth:^.^
  • Bird:>3<
  • Lit:è_é
  • Beth:*.*
  • Tidde:|D
  • Bird:u_u
  • Lit:@_o
  • Tidde:¤w¤
  • Beth:OwO
  • Bird:=_=
  • Lit:ù_ù
  • Bird:=3=
  • Beth:?_?
  • Lit:Q__X
  • Tidde:!_!
  • Fanfan:Is that a smiley contest?
  • Fanfan:x)
  • Bird:;_;
  • Beth:Idek XD
  • Tidde:XD
  • Lit:XD
  • Bird:lulz
  • Beth:-cackling- XD
  • Lit:bhaahahahah

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Top 3 favorite fanfics?


How the hell am I going to answer this one, there are so many good fics out there.

One of my absolute favourites has to be Off the Record, which is a WIP, but still amazing. The last cliffhanger is horrible though (askdjajd what’s gonna happennnnn??), so you might want to wait till it’s updated with another chapter. Tony Stark/Loki

Then there’s one that I will always love to death, even though I’m not really into the fandom anymore: Fingertips. An amazing Super Junior mutant!au, that is definitely worth the read, and I might even say that to people who don’t know Super Junior. (while I’m at it I just want to recommend all of Laura’s fics because they are amazing) Hankyung/Heechul as main pairing.

Then there’s the lovely Fanfan’s Dots, because it’s heartbreaking and amazing and makes me cry in the end because PERFECTION. Tony Stark/Loki AU.

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Hi! I don't know if you've seen but I spent the better part of tonight writing ficlets related to your hipster!Thor drawings, and I'd like to upload them to AO3 and/or LJ... however since they're really short and directly linked to your art, I'd like to know if I'm allowed to include the pictures in the stories themselves (with, obviously, proper credit + link back to your tumblr or whatever page you're more comfortable with). Anyways, just wanted to know cause your art is really great&inspiring

OMG whaaaaaat? !!! Holy moses, someone is writing more hipstahs I cannot. *o* Yeah, yes, please, do whatever you like with my fraff! what is happening. Send me a link or something when you get them up. omgosh. omegosh. I’m so chuffed I don’t even know what.


The first Italian opening for Saint Seya, or “I Cavalieri dello Zodiaco”

Since terredesbrume posted the French one, I got nostalgic!  

We actually got 4 different openings for the series.
This was the first one, and for years the episodes would stop at the house of Leo and then start from the beginning again. It was so annoying!
Then, finally, we got to move forward and the opening changed into this one.

After many years of oblivion, the anime was brought back to tv and they briefly made an Italian version of the original Japanese opening, then settled for a new opening, one that I honestly don’t like that much.
The original Japanese remains my favourite, followed by the second Italian one.