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Tbh you seem like a kind and very No Nonsense person to me,which I find an excellent combination, personally :)

This pleases me greatly, because “do no harm, but take no shit” is essentially my life’s mantra.

Kindness and compassion are core values to me, but the no-nonsense part is also very important because without it, kind people can get taken advantage of – and worse, that can be looked upon as a laudable “sacrifice” and turned into their most positive trait (see: American society and motherhood). Kindness is hard work. Kindness is not easy. I often say “It costs nothing to be kind” when I’m frustrated that someone was a dick unnecessarily, but I realize that it’s more complicated than that. Kindness can also be exhausting, and the thing is, when someone tells you that it’s good you’re so kind, it’s good you’re so selfless, it’s easy not to set up boundaries. Being kind while also knowing when to draw the line is a hard skill to learn, and the kinder you are, the more people will try to push it.

Also – and this bears saying, I think, in the current climate: I do not fault ignorance. I do not fault not knowing. I give everyone the opportunity to learn, to grow, to understand. But when people prove that they have no interest in learning, or growing, that their ignorance is not the result of a lack of available information but rather a choice – when their enforced ignorance becomes an active force that harms people – then, well. That’s something else entirely.

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Z, F and B for the fanfic ask thing?

Major character death–do you ever write/read it? Is there a character whose death you can’t tolerate?

Hahahaha, oh lord, do I ever write/read it. I made a count once of the number of times I killed Sam Winchester alone. Between that and Silmarillion fic…and I’ve written a good few in MCU…and there are 21 fics marked “character death” in my bookmarks. I guess I just really, really like killing my darlings.

Characters whose death I couldn’t tolerate, though…probably Natasha. I don’t think I could tolerate killing off Natasha. Or most female characters, really. Enough women have been fridged, I don’t need to contribute.

(I mean, probably I could in original fiction, but in fandom that’s one thing I haven’t actually done. Well, that’s not quite true - I killed Jo and Ellen in fic once, but they were already canon dead and it was a canon compliant fic, so.)

Care to share a favorite hurt/comfort fic?

Oh man, how can I choose just one? Let’s go for an older(ish) one: Four Days With Lazarus by Lady Charity.

Any of your stories inspired by personal experience?

A lot of my stories draw on my experience with depression. There’s a reason I write depressed characters so much, and a lot of that comes from…well, me. A lot of writing Loki’s relationship with Thor also comes from some personal experience, though turned up to eleven. 

Some of the insomnia and sleep deprivation stuff comes, to a certain extent, from personal experience. But mostly where I draw on my own life is in emotional ways.

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To me you seem like a really practical person who is invested in doing the right thing. I know you struggle with anxiety and yet you manage to be active in your local politics *and* write good fic, which I admire a lot too :)

Ha this is great. I think I’m pretty practical, although hopefully not to the exclusion of creativity and innovation. Depends on the topic on that front I guess. And how many crazy ideas I’ve heard on the same topic, hence my automatic aggrieved sigh reaction to ~innovative solutions to international aid~

And yeah I care a lot about doing the right thing. I wish I could do more–the 19-year-old me who got arrested protesting the Iraq war rolls her eyes a lot at my feeble attempts, but alas, life, and yes brains, conspire to limit what I can do. 

Thanks! :D

(what vibes do you get from me?)

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5, 10, 14 and 26 for the gay ask meme?

5. describe the cutest date you’ve ever been on 

oh dear, my ladyknight is reading this, what if i pick the wrong one? D: Pretty much the first date we had (and officially it was just two galpals on a night out, though we were hardly fooling ourselves, let alone anyone else): we went to a christmas performance of a friend’s choire in a church and spontaneously had some cocktails at a bar nearby. My now-fiancée tried to encourage my newfound queerness by asking me to rate passing women’s attractiveness on a scale from one to ten. Being the shy and prude country girl that i was (completely unskilled in thinking of anyone as attractive bc until recently men mostly just weren’t and women couldn’t be, right?) I refused and turned red. Besides that the only person of real interest was sitting right in front of me, oh lords!, and the romantic tension at our table was ridiculous. 6 ½ years ago *~*

10. dog gay or cat gay? 

ha. if i could blacklist all dog posts i would. All happiness and joy to dogs and their owners, I just want no part in it whatsoever. Give me ALL THE CATS though

14. what is a piece of advice you would give to your younger self 

don’t try to date people. especially guys. it’s as much a waste of time as you suspect it to be, you are just victimized by heteronormativity. and no, not all girls think about women the way you do. nor do they replay the makeout scene in But I’m a Cheerleader over and over again (yes the song is great but stop kidding yourself)

26. favourite lgb musician/band 

K’s choice I think. Though I might not be aware of who’s a queer musician/group and who isn’t

Thank you, Fanfan! What a soothing meme to answer^~^


Funny how the heart can be deceiving.

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Random crack idea but: supposing the New republic has something like Strictly come dancing (where celebrities are asked to do a dance competition) how do you think the Double O-Nakin!Skywalkers would react to being invited? (Personally I like to imagine Han beside himself with laughter when he learns they've been asked for participation, just because he can't picture anything like that happening. Luke is most likely to go. No one knows if they want Anakin to say yes or no.)

Oh my God.

Truly you are blessed with a gift for crack because this is amazing.

Okay but the really funny thing is that I can see both Leia and Luke potentially accepting the invite, given the right incentive. Like, say, a charity for Alderaanian refugees.

And Leia, at least, can dance quite well. (Part of a princess’s required education.) Luke can’t, yet, but I think he’d pick it up pretty fast with a good teacher. And then there’s Anakin, who never learned how to do any Core world dances, and who plays his skills with traditional Tatooine dances pretty close to the chest. (And who is, after twenty years with sub-standard healthcare and outdated cybernetics, not nearly as limber as he used to be.)

So here’s how it goes:

Han’s the one who breaks the news to them, in between bouts of near-uncontrollable laughter. He just keeps snickering to himself every time he looks at their faces, because Luke looks really nonplussed and Anakin looks first flabbergasted and then caught halfway between deeply annoyed and morbidly curious, and Leia…

Leia says, “I think we should do it.”

Han starts cracking up all over again, and completely fails to notice the mischievous smile on her face, until she says, “That means you too, Han.”

Then Han sobers up pretty fast. “Oh no,” he says. “Not me, Princess. I’m not going on any dancing show. I’m not - ”

“Whyever not, Captain Solo?” Anakin asks casually. “Can’t you dance?”

“Now you listen here, Rustbucket!” Han bristles. “There’s no better dancer in the galaxy! I could dance rings around those clowns! I could - ”

“Good, that’s settled,” says Leia brusquely. “We’ll do it.”

And that’s the story of how three Skywalkers and Han Solo ended up on a dancing show.

(IDK what Strictly Come Dancing is actually like, but I’m gonna say this GFFA dancing show is one of those where they pair celebrities with professional dancers and then teach them a dance routine for the competition.)

Luke gets paired with a dancer from Naboo and, to everyone’s amusement, they decide to do a formal Naboo waltz. (Padme, as Anakin has told his kids, always hated the waltz.) Luke just grins and shrugs it off with a, “Sorry Mom.” And his instructor turns out to be a pretty cool lady who’s more than happy to share all sorts of things about Naboo culture with him, so Luke gets the chance to learn about his mom’s people and counts the whole thing a win.

Han, who is in fact a terrible dancer, gets paired with a Coruscanti dance instructor who decides that they’re going to do a really sultry take on a Corellian tango. His face on learning this is one of absolute terror. Leia catches his eye across the room and just smirks.

Leia’s already an expert at several different Alderaanian dances, and she gets paired with a fellow Alderaanian, so they do a lot of bonding and catharsis through dance and it’s actually…it really helps. She decided to do this for the charity, and she never really expected that it would affect her too, but now she’s really glad she’s doing this.

Anakin goes through like five different instructors. The first three quit in terror when he turns out to be absolutely terrible at all the dances they attempt and apparently incapable of or just unwilling to learn. And they’re far too terrified to challenge him in any way or even criticize him. He won’t admit to enjoying this, but Luke and Leia know better.

Anakin’s fourth instructor is considerably less awed by the ex-Darth Vader, but pronounces him impossible to teach and storms off in a huff.

His fifth instructor is Kitster Banai.

Kitster knew what he was getting into, but Anakin is completely blindsided at seeing his old friend and brother. An epic reunion is had. Luke and Leia get to meet their uncle. Anakin and Kitster’s relationship may or may not descend almost immediately into a prank war. (Hint: It does.)

Finally the actual competition happens.

Luke dances beautifully. (Later, Anakin tells him, “Your mother may have hated that dance, but I think she would have been impressed with your performance.”)

Han does surprisingly well, though his routine is almost ruined by the look of sheer terror he wears through the whole thing.

Leia’s dance is slow and almost mournful, full of emotion and loss and pain, but hope too. Quite a few people in the audience have tears in their eyes, as do Luke, Han, and Anakin.

And Anakin and Kitster decided to toss the approved dance list out the window and bust out one of the old Tatooine dances. It’s…very energetic. There are a lot of jumps and flips and kicks. They duck under and leap over each other. Luke and Leia look at each other and they’re both thinking the same thing. “We learned that move in lightsaber training last week.”

In the end, Leia wins the competition, but Han is totally stuck on Anakin’s dance. “Wow, Rustbucket,” he says. “Who knew you had moves?”

Frostiron fanfic recommendation list! [Part 2]

I’ll definitely go down with this ship.

Anyways, this is pt. 2! Yey! Before getting into the actual list, I would like to share two tumblr urls here. The first is Jabberwockies, the author of the Brothers series. If you’ve never read it, stop everything you’re doing and do it now, because it’s flawless and gave me a lots of feelings. The second one is Terresdebrume, and she writes for so many different ships and all of her stories are so amazing. She also wrote three stories that I’ll recommend here. So go follow these two and read their stories and drown on your feels.

Sorry for any eventual grammar mistakes, * is for highly recommended fic. You can find the first recommendation list here.

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Do you have any taiyama fic recommendations?

I always have fic recommendations!

Uhhh I’m trying to think of new fanfiction that I haven’t mentioned already. So I’ll just make a list of relatively “new” fanfiction. 

Once more, with kissing by TerresDeBrume. Taichi-centric, but it’s still cute and really well written.

Subconscious Desires Series by Tyoushiro. NSFW. There are no full explicit scenes but the content inside should be taken maturely.

Endless Skies by butterflie. AU. It’s about Yamato and his life as he tries to raise his son as a single teen dad. And of course how Taichi factors in and out. 

Playing for Keeps by neo-chan. AU. College life. NSFW (mostly cause of implied content). Taichi struggles with a crush he has on Yamato. Mostly because Yamato is well, gorgeous as hell and isn’t afraid to have fun. 

Fairy Tale by AnotherStar. AU. Abuse. Taichi reflects on his relationship with Yamato and how happy he is to have have him. 

Fourteen Floors in Heaven by GossipChii. Taichi and Yamato get stuck in a elevator. It’s a cute oneshot. 

Soccer is a contact sport by frozencharisma. Life ain’t easy when your boyfriend naturally has a demeanor that attracts other people toward him. 

Hashtag Taito by TOLAddictsAnonymous. Agumon and Gabumon learn new things and Taichi and Yamato realize things they’ve always kinda knew. 

Again, this is just a list of fics that are off the top of my head. So if anyone wants to add any fics they’d like to recommend feel free to add them in!

(FYI. These are fanfiction links that you can always check when looking for something to read! Especially the fanfiction rec page! I try my best to update that one as much as I can.)

[Taichi/Yamato Fanfiction Rec Page]

[Fanfiction Tag]

I was tagged by @theskamgirlsdeservebetter 💕 Thank you!

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Relationship status: Single. 

Favourite colour: Pink because I’m so gone for raspberries man. 

Last song I listened to: Popular from Wicked. 

Top three shows: Outnumbered, The Great British Bake Off (RIP), and Skam.  

Top three characters: Eva Kviig Mohn, Moana, and Mulan. 

Top three ships: Shiiiit. Definitely evilde, nooreva, and Moana x Ariel (moariel?) Although gelphie is a close fourth.  

I tag @evenbakkas @freakypumpkin @skammedeg @fairykinds @terresdebrume @theamazingphansexual @closetlesbianvilde @skamfrvr and @love-war-and-figs

@varaenthefallen tagged me in this WIP game:

WIP Game Rules: Go to page 7 of your WIP, count down 7 lines, share 7 sentences, and then tag 7 other writers.

So here’s a bit from the current chapter of Anabasis, some of which people have already seen the notes for. By a bizarre coincidence, that scene ended up on page 7, so here it is in it’s final form.

(Also, I’m doing a little more than 7 lines because it doesn’t make sense otherwise. The actual seven lines start about half-way down.)

“What happened?”

Obi-Wan frowned, but it was Anakin who answered. “Someone offered Boba Fett one million credits to kill you,” he said. “Which is ridiculous. He should have charged at least three million.”

Padmé could only shake her head. She knew him well enough to know that was his idea of a compliment. She also knew it was sincerely meant, which really only made it worse. It was probably best to just ignore it.

“Oh?” said Obi-Wan. He sounded caught somewhere between annoyance and a morbid curiosity. “And how much are you worth, then?”

Padmé watched Anakin open his mouth to answer, and then close it again. Something old and sharp-edged appeared in his eyes, glinting like the stroke of a knife.

“Fifteen thousand Republic credits, roughly,” he said. There was no inflection at all in his voice. “I know it seems like a lot, but I’m a good mechanic, so that makes me more valuable.”

Okay I’ll actually tag some other people this time, but only do it if you want to: @scowlofjustice, @nimblermortal, @grand-duc, @terresdebrume and uh….anybody else on my dash who writes and isn’t writing TFA-related stuff.



u guuuuys there are so little fics for this ship i wanna die. all of these are LOVELY so go read!!! leave kudos!!!! make nice comments!!!! 

Me Too by thecoquimonster (1/1 | 1,613 | General)

Clary and Isabelle have never had friends-that-were-girls before they met each other. They like it. 

(Note: !!! i think this ones my favourite omfg its so lovelyyy)

Hatiora gaertneri by JemDoe (2/2 | 1,696 | General)

Okay, so maybe Clary was drawing her neighbor.

Dancing by reyna_is_gay (1/1 | 670 | General)

Isabelle likes to dance while intoxicated and Clary finds her dancing intoxicating.

It’s like kissing a trash can by TerresDeBrume (1/1 | 283 | Teen)

In which Clary and Isabelle kiss after a hunt.

(Note: i think this is part of a series?? but i read it as a stand alone cause idk if its all clizzy)

Routine by hhwgv (1/1 | 487 | General)

Clary and Isabelle spend a cold winter’s evening snuggled up by the fireplace. 

So… Are We Going To The Dance? by reyna_is_gay (1/1 | 1,472 | Not Rated)

Isabelle has a huge crush of Clary of all people. They might go to a dance or they might not.

love, like art, must always be free by peaceforthenight (1/1 | 250 | General)

“Can I draw you?”

Field Trip by paperclipbitch (1/1 | 250 | General)

A gentle mixing of the world as Clary sees it, and the world as Isabelle does.

Strawberries and Stilettos by gilbertcest (1/1 | 790 | General)

Isabelle had been watching them for almost twenty minutes, before she pushed herself off the wall and cleared her throat. “I think you need a partner change, Clary.”

Ultimate warrior by TerresDeBrume (1/1 | 198 | Teen) 

Isabelle’s been trained from childhood,but there are still ways in which she’s no match for Clary. 

+some tumblr drabbles

“hi i need to draw someone for an assignment” au

you’ll be alright, biscuit

road trip au

youtuber au

+ theres this one but its unfinished

Wildest Dreams by hhwgv (2/? | 4,788 | Teen)

For the past few months, Clary has been dreaming about the same thing - a girl with raven hair and equally dark eyes who seems more alive than anyone Clary has ever met. When she sees the girl at Pandemonium, she doesn’t expect to witness a murder. Before Clary can even process what she saw, she receives a panicked phone call from her mother telling her not to come home. Clary can tell that her life is about to change. What she isn’t aware of is just how much.  

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Please, google Cassandra Clare cyberbully, plagiarist, laptopgate and cassiegate. She is a bully, a plagiarist and a thief. Many proved that she still keeps on bullying and then plays the victim. Please, it's important that people know the truth.

CC’s books are actually full of hidden homophobia, racism, misogyny and slutshaming ( check snarktheater and terresdebrume blogs ) or read the article “ Cassandra Clare proves that all inclusion isn’t good ”. Her ’ inclusion ’ is not what she thinks. Luckily, people are starting to see how much problematic she and what she writes is. She is not helping minorities or queer people ( or women! ) at all. She is stereotyping us even more. We don’t need nor deserve it. And she bullies. Cassandra Clare was a 30 something adult woman who bullied, harassed and threatened young girls of like 14. And she STILL does this to anyone who criticize her. She plagiarized and stole a lot of money. Everything proved!

Hey Nonnie,

I admit that I don’t know the details of these scandals in depth. I have read a little about it here and there, and I have a general idea about it, but I haven’t followed these issues closely, because I am always more interested in an author’s books, than their personal issues. What I can say from my point of view is that we need to remember that authors are people too. They make mistakes, they fuck up. And their mistakes and fuck-ups are bigger than the average person’s, because there’s a spotlight on them 90% of the time. Look at how people have twisted things when it comes to John Green. It’s very hard to discern between the whole truth and what has been blown out of proportion.As for her inclusion of minorities, I’m not part of any minority, so I’m not the best person to have an opinion on this, not do I feel like it’s my right to state any opinions on the matter. Diversity in books is a huge issue, one that a lot of authors need to address. From what I have read in her books, I do feel like she writes good female characters, strong and independent and that’s something to be appreciated. No author is perfect. There’s a lot of problematic shit in a lot of books. The only thing we can do is slowly raise awareness about it and hopefully change things.Have a lovely day <3

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so luke-as-ekkreth is also out right?

Yeah. Unless you’re doing an AU where Luke is / was a slave, of course. (I know @terresdebrume has an AU with that concept.)

He’s still a good deal closer to Ekkreth than someone like Obi-Wan or Padme, who have no stake in the culture at all. This is still his culture. But the relationship between freeborn children / descendants of slaves and people who are slaves can be a bit complicated.

Leia couldn’t be Ekkreth either - at least, prior to ROTJ. After ROTJ, though, she could be and in fact is. She did, after all, trick Depur and ultimately killed him. Not just a depur, either, but the Depur.

That said, her relationship with the idea of Ekkreth is far from uncomplicated, because of course she knows nothing about Tatooine culture. So other slaves might speak about her as an Ekkreth, but I don’t think she’d ever identify that way herself, even after Luke tells her the stories. It’s still not her culture.

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Hi! I noticed you discussed ASOIAF theories a lot lately, and while I formulated some of them for myself after reading the books, there are several of them I didn't know about/don't understand fully... Do you know if there is/are (a) blog(s)/website(s) that summarizes them and where they came from, please? I would love to know where they come from & see if they change my perspective. (Also, am I the only one who thinks Jon might be Ned & Ellia's son? The Lyanna/Raeghar seems to win w/ most ppl)


A really good collection of the major theories (Varys/Illyrio, the Great Northern Conspiracy, R+L=J, Who Is Coldhands? etc) can be found here - it’s a westeros.org link, but don’t worry i wouldn’t play you wrong, the links are just to spec/theory forums and a lot of them are really well laid out and detailed.

I think R+L=J is the real deal. People take it for granted and seem to think that it’s obviously spelled out in the text - it’s not, the clues are there but they’re very subtle, and it’s only because mass fan forums have gotten together and snowballed the clues that it’s considered to be ~obvious~ now.

Futhermore, with Jon pretty squarely in the Azor Ahai role, it’s imperative that he have Targaryen blood so that he can be one of the three heads of the dragon. Also, I read something somewhere that talked about Rhaegar’s ambitions for Aegon as The Prince Who Was Promised, and his desire to have two daughters just like the original Aegon/Visenya/Rhaenys trinity, which made a lot of sense to me? (His first two children were called Aegon and Rhaenys - it’s not too far of a jump to think he also wanted a “Visenya”) And if Elia couldn’t have children, he may have taken Lyanna for that reason.

terresdebrume replied to your post: terresdebrume replied to your post: I just had…

Yes and No mostly work if you understand what’s asked of you though x) Personally I have French, English, German, Mandarin (except please) and Hungarian (and half of them in Spanish) and I want more… I’ll give u French if u gimme Finnish? :D

Well yeah. You got a point. Hello = Moi/Hei (Moi is usually used when you speak, but if you write or you need to be really formal you use Hei) Goodbye = Näkemiin/Moikka (Näkemiin is used when you write and Moikka/heippa/moido are used when you speak.We kinda have two different languages. Written Finnish is really different from spoken one) Thank You = Kiitos Please = Kiitos

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Hi! I don't know if you've seen but I spent the better part of tonight writing ficlets related to your hipster!Thor drawings, and I'd like to upload them to AO3 and/or LJ... however since they're really short and directly linked to your art, I'd like to know if I'm allowed to include the pictures in the stories themselves (with, obviously, proper credit + link back to your tumblr or whatever page you're more comfortable with). Anyways, just wanted to know cause your art is really great&inspiring

OMG whaaaaaat? !!! Holy moses, someone is writing more hipstahs I cannot. *o* Yeah, yes, please, do whatever you like with my fraff! what is happening. Send me a link or something when you get them up. omgosh. omegosh. I’m so chuffed I don’t even know what.