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18, 17 and 4 for the fanfic ask meme?

Do you typically post multi-chapters as you write, or finish it all and then start posting? Would you like to change your posting method?

My rule for a while now has been that I only let myself post two multi-chapter fics as I write them (right now that’s Life in Reverse and Halfway House) and everything else I make myself finish before I start posting. It’s always tempting to do it differently (because instant gratification) but I feel like it’s better this way - that way I can be sure that everything will go up in a timely manner rather than people having to wait six months in between chapters. 

[waves sheepishly at Life in Reverse readers, I’m so sorry]

Do you typically answer all comments/reviews individually? Do you plan to change the way you interact with your readers this year?

Historically I have not, but my goal for this year is to start. I feel like I’m doing okay so far? Though I’ve kind of got a backlog sitting in my inbox right now that I need to respond to. 

(Historically, the only comments I’ve really responded to have been the ones that piss me off, so…whoops.)

I feel like it’s an etiquette thing that I’ve historically failed at. And it is fun to get review replies, and I’ve already had some fun semi-conversations in the comments out of it.

Do you think you’ll stop writing for a fandom in 2018? Which one?

I…doubt it? 90% of my fandom writing remains for the MCU and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. I’m in this pit pretty damn deep, and with Infinity War happening I…expect that I’m going to have a lot of fix-it fic I want to write. 

Also, I mean, hopefully I finish some of this endless stack of WIPs, orz.

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Random crack idea but: supposing the New republic has something like Strictly come dancing (where celebrities are asked to do a dance competition) how do you think the Double O-Nakin!Skywalkers would react to being invited? (Personally I like to imagine Han beside himself with laughter when he learns they've been asked for participation, just because he can't picture anything like that happening. Luke is most likely to go. No one knows if they want Anakin to say yes or no.)

Oh my God.

Truly you are blessed with a gift for crack because this is amazing.

Okay but the really funny thing is that I can see both Leia and Luke potentially accepting the invite, given the right incentive. Like, say, a charity for Alderaanian refugees.

And Leia, at least, can dance quite well. (Part of a princess’s required education.) Luke can’t, yet, but I think he’d pick it up pretty fast with a good teacher. And then there’s Anakin, who never learned how to do any Core world dances, and who plays his skills with traditional Tatooine dances pretty close to the chest. (And who is, after twenty years with sub-standard healthcare and outdated cybernetics, not nearly as limber as he used to be.)

So here’s how it goes:

Han’s the one who breaks the news to them, in between bouts of near-uncontrollable laughter. He just keeps snickering to himself every time he looks at their faces, because Luke looks really nonplussed and Anakin looks first flabbergasted and then caught halfway between deeply annoyed and morbidly curious, and Leia…

Leia says, “I think we should do it.”

Han starts cracking up all over again, and completely fails to notice the mischievous smile on her face, until she says, “That means you too, Han.”

Then Han sobers up pretty fast. “Oh no,” he says. “Not me, Princess. I’m not going on any dancing show. I’m not - ”

“Whyever not, Captain Solo?” Anakin asks casually. “Can’t you dance?”

“Now you listen here, Rustbucket!” Han bristles. “There’s no better dancer in the galaxy! I could dance rings around those clowns! I could - ”

“Good, that’s settled,” says Leia brusquely. “We’ll do it.”

And that’s the story of how three Skywalkers and Han Solo ended up on a dancing show.

(IDK what Strictly Come Dancing is actually like, but I’m gonna say this GFFA dancing show is one of those where they pair celebrities with professional dancers and then teach them a dance routine for the competition.)

Luke gets paired with a dancer from Naboo and, to everyone’s amusement, they decide to do a formal Naboo waltz. (Padme, as Anakin has told his kids, always hated the waltz.) Luke just grins and shrugs it off with a, “Sorry Mom.” And his instructor turns out to be a pretty cool lady who’s more than happy to share all sorts of things about Naboo culture with him, so Luke gets the chance to learn about his mom’s people and counts the whole thing a win.

Han, who is in fact a terrible dancer, gets paired with a Coruscanti dance instructor who decides that they’re going to do a really sultry take on a Corellian tango. His face on learning this is one of absolute terror. Leia catches his eye across the room and just smirks.

Leia’s already an expert at several different Alderaanian dances, and she gets paired with a fellow Alderaanian, so they do a lot of bonding and catharsis through dance and it’s actually…it really helps. She decided to do this for the charity, and she never really expected that it would affect her too, but now she’s really glad she’s doing this.

Anakin goes through like five different instructors. The first three quit in terror when he turns out to be absolutely terrible at all the dances they attempt and apparently incapable of or just unwilling to learn. And they’re far too terrified to challenge him in any way or even criticize him. He won’t admit to enjoying this, but Luke and Leia know better.

Anakin’s fourth instructor is considerably less awed by the ex-Darth Vader, but pronounces him impossible to teach and storms off in a huff.

His fifth instructor is Kitster Banai.

Kitster knew what he was getting into, but Anakin is completely blindsided at seeing his old friend and brother. An epic reunion is had. Luke and Leia get to meet their uncle. Anakin and Kitster’s relationship may or may not descend almost immediately into a prank war. (Hint: It does.)

Finally the actual competition happens.

Luke dances beautifully. (Later, Anakin tells him, “Your mother may have hated that dance, but I think she would have been impressed with your performance.”)

Han does surprisingly well, though his routine is almost ruined by the look of sheer terror he wears through the whole thing.

Leia’s dance is slow and almost mournful, full of emotion and loss and pain, but hope too. Quite a few people in the audience have tears in their eyes, as do Luke, Han, and Anakin.

And Anakin and Kitster decided to toss the approved dance list out the window and bust out one of the old Tatooine dances. It’s…very energetic. There are a lot of jumps and flips and kicks. They duck under and leap over each other. Luke and Leia look at each other and they’re both thinking the same thing. “We learned that move in lightsaber training last week.”

In the end, Leia wins the competition, but Han is totally stuck on Anakin’s dance. “Wow, Rustbucket,” he says. “Who knew you had moves?”

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1, 2, 19 and 20 for the end of the year meme?

1.Song of the year? 

Oh dear, I think I never listened to so little music as this year. Therefore I’ll go with the mood-appropriate “Hurra die Welt geht unter” which celebrates the apocalypes bc fuck it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTPGpBBwt1w

2.Album of the year?

The Moana soundtrack!

19.What’re you excited about for next year?

Definitely our wedding. Organizing events is really not what I’m made for (nor is asking for help) so I’m nervous. But also really excited and impatient for the day to arrive. Remember when I was contemplating proposing to Mi and asked for your input bc what if I approach marriage the wrong way, what am I even thinking about the concept, will people get it and does it matter and whatnot? By now I have not an ouce of doubt in me that this is right.

20. What’s something you learned this year? 

Even 20 minutes of rest without actually falling asleep are significantly beneficial in feeling, well, rested - knowledge that has taken all the pressure off me to fall asleep asap when napping, which ofc is ironically super helpful for falling asleep. Amazing.

How to lead a successful long distance friendship. By now and through open and frequent (casual and deep) communication it turned into one of the strongest relationships I have.

How to pour resin jewelry!

Thank you, Matt!

Frostiron fanfic recommendation list! [Part 2]

I’ll definitely go down with this ship.

Anyways, this is pt. 2! Yey! Before getting into the actual list, I would like to share two tumblr urls here. The first is Jabberwockies, the author of the Brothers series. If you’ve never read it, stop everything you’re doing and do it now, because it’s flawless and gave me a lots of feelings. The second one is Terresdebrume, and she writes for so many different ships and all of her stories are so amazing. She also wrote three stories that I’ll recommend here. So go follow these two and read their stories and drown on your feels.

Sorry for any eventual grammar mistakes, * is for highly recommended fic. You can find the first recommendation list here.

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Since you did Sansa, could I trouble you for your opinion on Arya's Hogwarts House? I tend to see her as either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor myself but I'm curious about your opinion now :)

“Trouble me”, you never trouble me! I love seeing your url on my activity page and my blog :)

Sure, I’ll do Arya. I did explain briefly a bunch of characters- Arya and Sansa included- but that was forever ago and not fleshed out.

Arya is 100% a Gryffindor. One of the ways that people are sorted is based on how much they value certain traits. What I mean by that is it’s not just the traits they themselves have, but also what they consider valuable traits period.

Arya is all about bravery, nerve, daring, and courageous- sometimes even past the point of sense. “A boy has more courage than sense,” Jaqen about Arya. 

One especially obvious example of how much she values bravery is this:

They had two now, Stranger and a sorrel palfrey mare Arya had named Craven, because Sandorsaid she’d likely run off from the Twins the same as them. They’d found her wandering riderlessthrough a field the morning after the slaughter. She was a good enough horse, but Arya could notlove a coward. Stranger would have fought. 

…It was quiet in the village. They had beds stuffed with straw and not too many lice, the food was plain but filling, and the air smelled of pines. All the same, Arya soon decided that she hated it. The villagers were cowards. None of them would even look at the Hound’s face, at least not for long. Arya, ASoS

To Arya, that’s the ultimate failure. It’s not being weak, it’s not being stupid, it’s being a coward. It’s part of the reason why she starts hating herself in Harrenhal. She feels cowardly like a mouse/sheep.

The direwolf was the sigil of the Starks, but Arya felt more a lamb,surrounded by a herd of other sheep. She hated the villagers for their sheepishness, almost asmuch as she hated herself. The Lannisters had taken everything: father, friends, home, hope, courage. Arya, ACoK

Sheepishness, as in meek and submissive, and embodying that makes Arya actually hate herself. Moreover, when describing what wonderful things the Lannisters took from her, she ends with courage. The others are obvious and almost cliche (her family and friends and home and hope) but courage is a standout. Because that’s what Arya fears, losing her courage, becoming complacent and standing by when bad things happen to other people. 

It’s also why Jaqen and his deaths mean so much to her:

But thinking of the village made her remember the march, and the storeroom, and the Tickler. She thought of the little boy who’d been hit in the face with the mace, of stupid old All-for- Joffrey, of Lommy Greenhands. I was a sheep, and then I was a mouse, I couldn’t do anything but hide. Arya chewed her lip and tried to think when her courage had come back. Jaqen made me brave again. He made me a ghost instead of a mouse. Arya, ACoK 

Her bravery and courage in general matters so much to Arya. People doubting it or thinking she’s cowardly is a huge pet peeve of hers as well:

It was Harwin who rode up beside her, in the end. “Where do you think you’re going, milady? You shouldn’t run off. There are wolves in these woods, and worse things.”
“I’m not afraid,” she said.
Arya, ASoS

A thousand seabirds took to the air at once, and Arya flinched until she saw that Denyo was laughing. “He warns the Arsenal of our coming, that is all,” he shouted. “You must not be afraid.”
“I never was,” Arya shouted back. “It was loud, is all.”
…She could almost hear the beating of her heart. Suddenly she was somewhere else… back in Harrenhal with Gendry, maybe, or with the Hound in the woods along the Trident. Salty is a stupid child, she told herself. I am a wolf, and will not be afraid. She patted Needle’s hilt for luck and plunged into the shadows, taking the steps two at a time so no one could ever say she’d been afraid. 
Arya, AFFC

Arya’s mantra of fear cuts deeper than swords also serves this purpose. 

Anyway, Arya values and embodies courage and bravery so much that I can’t consider her anything but a Gryfffindor. She’s also very chivalrous, standing up for the weak and helpless, and has a strong sense of will. She pushes past many things that frighten her. 

Hufflepuff would be a runner up as she has a strong sense of justice and loyalty above all. She does have some Syltherin traits like cunning, shrewdness and cleverness (but she lacks almost all others, she’s one of the only characters who doesn’t seek glory, power, or really have any ambition, not to mention that she’s anti-traditionalist.) The non-conformity of Ravenclaw as well as it’s wittiness also fit her, but in my opinion, there’s no contest that she’s a Gryffindor.

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Romeo/Mercution: 6, 8, 25 and 27?

Thanks! Wasn’t expecting Shakespeare cuteness, but I’m here for it 1000% of the time

6. Any tasks that are always left to one person?
Romeo ends up cleaning up everything, honestly. Mercutio was something of a spoiled brat, and hasn’t quite got the hang of things like not leaving  his wet towels on the floor, to his boyfriend’s annoyance. 

However, Mercutio is solely responsible for the preparation and acquisition of food. Romeo can’t cook. At all. Mercutio was surprised he hadn’t starved prior to their knowing each other, following a not-terribly-pleasant attempt on Romeo’s part at cooking himself breakfast one morning. After that, Mercutio took over.

8. What do the like best about their partner?

Mercutio likes Romeo’s passion. He never goes at something without throwing all of himself into it. He’s never just floating by, or bored, or settling for less. He’s the kind of person who always wants something more than he’s ever wanted anything before, who always tries harder than his own efforts have ever allowed. Mercutio admires it, and to be loved by someone like that feels, admittedly, amazing. He’s the subject of a very passionate adoration from someone who never goes halfway. There’s no “sorta” with him.

Romeo loves that Mercutio can find mirth in any situation, can look in the face of terrible things, and laugh. Romeo is prone to fits of melodrama, black-and-white thinking, and pits of despair. It’s nice to have someone around that picks him back up, dusts him off, and reminds him there are still good things. It’s hard to be sad around him for terribly long, especially given that Mercutio is such an encouraging person, at that, which is something Romeo needs. He needs a push to remind him he’s doing the right thing, or maybe to keep him from doing the wrong thing. But really, he loves most that he has someone he can always feel happy and light with.

25. How much time do they spend together? Do they share their feelings, or hold things in?

They spend loads of time together. They share friends in common, to begin with, and they’re certainly a friends-to-lovers kind of couple, the cheesy “I’m dating my best friend” kind of swooning which is always sincere on Romeo’s part and more sincere than Mercutio would like you to know on his. Between common social groups and strictly romantic business, they’re together a lot. Not without alone time, though. I think Romeo and Mercutio would both be able to appreciate moments of running off and doing other things, and coming back with epic tales of their own adventures of the day.

Romeo doesn’t really hold much back. He’s a heart on his sleeve kind of guy, and said heart is always covered in someone’s blood, be it his or someone else’s. His hot temper, his sappy loveyness, his excitement, his gloomy sorrow, it all kind of leaks out.

Mercutio shares much less. When he does, he’s cryptic, vague, and usually tries to change the subject soon after. It’s kind of hard to tell when he’s upset. He’s someone who feels much better being leaned on than he does leaning on someone else. 

27.  Do they have kids? Grow old together? Split up?

I don’t really see them with kids. I mean, obviously no one lived to dad-age in canon, but in an au, I can see Mercutio very much liking the role of “cool uncle” in some kid’s life, but not father. 

I think, if these boys ever can grow old, they would still be tied together, still bonded for it. They’re a to-the-death kind of bond, and if that leads to grey hair and shaky hands one day, then it does. 

Splitting up? Not really, no. But I do see them, to start with, as not monogamous, perhaps. And maybe they won’t always be each other’s top priority. Romeo’s gotten caught in some other passion, and Mercutio’s okay with that, or Mercutio is off amusing himself somewhere else with other company, and Romeo has enough other relations to keep himself happy for a time. But they do stay in contact, and are still very much together. 


The first Italian opening for Saint Seya, or “I Cavalieri dello Zodiaco”

Since terredesbrume posted the French one, I got nostalgic!  

We actually got 4 different openings for the series.
This was the first one, and for years the episodes would stop at the house of Leo and then start from the beginning again. It was so annoying!
Then, finally, we got to move forward and the opening changed into this one.

After many years of oblivion, the anime was brought back to tv and they briefly made an Italian version of the original Japanese opening, then settled for a new opening, one that I honestly don’t like that much.
The original Japanese remains my favourite, followed by the second Italian one.

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Hi! First off, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer so many questions about ASOIAF -I *love* your meta and I really appreciate the time you put in it! Secondly: before I discovered the R+L=J theory (though your blog, as a matter of fact) I used to think Ned+Ellia = J could be a possibility. Now I haven't reread the first books in a while so I don't remember if there were clues or if it was just me, but did you ever consider the pairing plausible? Why or why not? Thank you for your time! :)

Ellia? I’m assuming you mean Ashara Dayne? (Since I can’t imagine you mean Elia Martell.) And nope, never thought it was plausible. It felt like a red herring from day one because so much attention was drawn to it. (Hell, I suspected Ned wasn’t Jon’s father from like Cat’s second chapter, all the other evidence in Ned’s POV just built on that suspicion.) If you want to see evidence about Jon’s parentage, the best roundup is here and here, but honestly you’ll never see me promoting Ned+Ashara in any way.

Anyway, you’re welcome, hope that helps!

Anon asked for a Scott and Isaac update along with a few others, posting this one separately for tagging purposes. (and we’d always prefer five different asks over one with a bunch of asks. Just cause it’s easier to post. Thanks!)

Originally posted by jonaskkahnwald

Mama Stiles by StarCrossedHearts

(1/1 I 455 I Teen I Sterek)

Isaac has a nightmare and the Pack Mom Stiles and the rest of the pack comfort him. 

Mission accomplished. by moroo1234

(1/1 I 550 I General I Sterek)

“Derek Jonathan Hale!” Stiles yelled “you put me down right now!!”

“What should we do with him, Isaac?” Derek asked his son,

“We should take him captive!” The little boy yelled excitedly.

Plot Twist: Jackson and Isaac Choose Stiles by Sempiternal

(1/1 I 585 I Not Rated I No Pairing)

Scott kicks Stiles out of the pack, and surprisingly, Jackson and Isaac have something to say about it.

The Rejects by howlingstiles

(1/1 I 605 I General I Not Rated)

Stiles is the piece that holds the crew together. He is the one that made the group in the first place, back in middle school and Scott wasn’t in Beacon Hills yet.

Bedtime by moroo1234

(1/1 I 991 I General I Scisaac)

Scott and Isaac have been dating for some time now, it’s the first time Isaac meet’s Scott’s kid, Stiles.

October 7th (whoops) : Isaac’s scarf is Orange by alternateevak

(1/1 I 1,074 I Teen I Sterek)

The pack are shopping for Halloween decorations because thats who they are. Scott and Stiles diagree on halloween colours, Isaac and Derek are defensive boyfriends, Theo and Liam decide glue is a great way to bond and Lydia is badass.


Pack Dynamics in a Department Store.

Falling Pains by TerresDeBrume

(1/1 I 1,244 I General I No Pairing)

Angels don’t get burns, but Derek does.


(1/1 I 1,338 I Teen I No Pairing)

As Stiles and his weapon came into his eye-shot, his eyes widened in fear and his flailing continued and the volume of his whimpers increased. It was disturbingly the cutest yet most heartbreaking thing Stiles had ever seen. He was just a puppy.

Good Decision Lahey by AudreyInTheUniverse

(3/3 I 1,418 I General I Scisaac)

Isaac does his best to protect his little brother from their dad, but he was never enough.

One day Scott McCall, the guy who babysits little kids after school, approaches him about it.

He never thought help was so close.

Hate Me Tomorrow by Delightful_I_Am

(1/1 I 1,571 I Teen I No Pairing)

Some things can never heal.

Poison by sterekruinedme

(1/? I 1,648 I Teen I Sterek)

No one is sure what it is exactly. Whether it’s the fates, the gods, or there’s some other powerful magic at work, there is no definitive answer as to how Derek Hale can be so utterly perfect.

Soraya “Stiles” Stilisnki - Season 3 by giuly666

(1/? I 1,997 I Not Rated I Steter)

After defeating a Kanima, a geriatric psycopath, a crazy alpha and a pyromaniac huntress, Stiles thinks they will finally have a peacefull life here in Beacon Hills, but she is wrong. The Alpha Pack has come to Beacon Hills and plans to take Derek. Stiles is bitten by two of the alphas as a warning to Derek and his pack, but it looks like she is immune to it, for she doesn’t turn into a werecreature nor a banshee. She only gets horrendous nightmares. Thankfuly, it doesn’t kill her either. What will happen to the pack? Will they be able to defeat this new threat? What about Stiles’ nightmares? Are they consequences of the Bite or are they something else?

Hold My Hand by Therapeutic_Steter

(1/1 I 3,156 I Mature I Steter)

iidiiotiiciintelliigence asked: Sort of a spin off of the blind Stiles fic: “uh stiles, I’m over here. What’s up with you lately? It’s like you can’t see or something.” “… You do relive that I’m blind, don’t you Scott?” In which the pack don’t notice when stiles loses his sight for some reason (genetic or curse so it isn’t obvious) and Peter was the only one to help him through it

Mother Alpha by giuly666

(1/? I 5,367 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Stiles has become a werewolf, but not a normal one; she is a True Mother Alpha, meaning she is the mother of those she considers pack. She is an alpha on her own, which gives her the power to turn others. She soon starts to see Allison, Lydia and Scott and, to her own surprise, Jackson as her pups. She is connected to Derek Hale, the other Alpha of Beacon Hills and she feels drown to the beta he creates. Between taking care of the pups, keeping in line a sourwolf Alpha, dealing with a zombie creeper and fighting a geriatric psycho, will she ever have a moment of peace?

Losing You No More by wolfzaa

(1/1 I 5,732 I Teen I Scisaac)

“That’s it. What’s wrong with you?”

Stiles confronted him as soon as they reached Isaac’s room. The blond glared at him before he growled out an annoyed, “What?”

“You and Scott. What happened between you two?”


“Yeah, as if I’m gonna believe that. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you hate Scott by now.”

Isaac’s body immediately went rigid. His blank expression fell as his wide blue eyes met Stiles’s.

Isaac’s New Family by TweakerWolf (Frostbyte)

(2/? I 6,086 I Teen I No Pairing)

Stiles catches sight of Isaac’s bruises one day after lacrosse practice and eventually figures out the truth- Mr. Lahey is horribly abusive to his son. Stiles and his father step in and save Isaac, bringing him into their home so he can start to heal. It takes some time but Stiles and Isaac work through all the nightmares and pain, the distrust and the fear… Isaac finds a loving home, something he never thought he’d get after his mom died.

Teen Wolf - Season 1 by giuly666

(2/? I 7,495 I Not Rated I Lydia/Jackson I Girl!Stiles)

Teen Wolf season 1 with Female Stiles Stilinski

Sorrow by Are_you_ever_not_going_to_fall_for_that

(10/10 I 12,114 I Mature I No Pairing I MCD)

Stiles spent most days curled on his mattress refusing to leave his room.

Inevitable by FeelingsDusk

(1/1 I 12,461 I Teen I No Pairing)

Things go south in Beacon Hills and Scott and Stiles decide to make a last grand stand and take the bastards with them. Except instead of dying, they wake up on the night Stiles convinced Scott to go searching for a body and they decide to try again.

And again.

And again.

And again…

No Such Thing as a Happy Ending by CelestialVoid

(17/17 I 21,406 I General I Sterek)

Stiles is a boy who is dissatisfied with provincial life in the small French town of Beacon Hills, constantly trying to fend off the misplaced courtship of the detestable Peter Hale and escape to a fictional world of wonder where his mind can roam free.
The Beast is a prince who lives in isolation after he was placed under a curse until such a time as he could learn to love.
A wrong turn taken by John, Stiles’ father, causes the two to meet.

terresdebrume  asked:

Headcanon that the first time the Sandwich decides to have threeway sex, Robert is to shy to start anything and Maryse is too proud to admit she's maybe a little nervous, so Michael ends up doing fart noises for five minutes until they're both laughing and he can tackled them to the bed while yelling "banzai!" (And then he gets treated to the best orgasm of his young life up until then.)

Oh my god, this is my new favorite nsfw headcanon for them. 

Michael is the best ice breaker, and he’s never shy bout laughing during sex, which, pre-Michael, Maryse and Robert both 100% were, and he makes it so much more free and lighthearted, and it feels a lot more intimate from there.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any taiyama fic recommendations?

I always have fic recommendations!

Uhhh I’m trying to think of new fanfiction that I haven’t mentioned already. So I’ll just make a list of relatively “new” fanfiction. 

Once more, with kissing by TerresDeBrume. Taichi-centric, but it’s still cute and really well written.

Subconscious Desires Series by Tyoushiro. NSFW. There are no full explicit scenes but the content inside should be taken maturely.

Endless Skies by butterflie. AU. It’s about Yamato and his life as he tries to raise his son as a single teen dad. And of course how Taichi factors in and out. 

Playing for Keeps by neo-chan. AU. College life. NSFW (mostly cause of implied content). Taichi struggles with a crush he has on Yamato. Mostly because Yamato is well, gorgeous as hell and isn’t afraid to have fun. 

Fairy Tale by AnotherStar. AU. Abuse. Taichi reflects on his relationship with Yamato and how happy he is to have have him. 

Fourteen Floors in Heaven by GossipChii. Taichi and Yamato get stuck in a elevator. It’s a cute oneshot. 

Soccer is a contact sport by frozencharisma. Life ain’t easy when your boyfriend naturally has a demeanor that attracts other people toward him. 

Hashtag Taito by TOLAddictsAnonymous. Agumon and Gabumon learn new things and Taichi and Yamato realize things they’ve always kinda knew. 

Again, this is just a list of fics that are off the top of my head. So if anyone wants to add any fics they’d like to recommend feel free to add them in!

(FYI. These are fanfiction links that you can always check when looking for something to read! Especially the fanfiction rec page! I try my best to update that one as much as I can.)

[Taichi/Yamato Fanfiction Rec Page]

[Fanfiction Tag]


Merry Christmas @terresdebrume !! I was your SS ^^

Digimon OTP Week Day #3: Profession AU

Because I’m not entirely sure if I can get something done for tomorrow’s prompt in time (since I’m still lacking ideas and will be gone for most of the time), I decided to do the second prompt of Day 3 instead (for now).

(Or maybe this is just my excuse for writing Taichi and Yamato shamelessly ogling each other in front of a whole audience off NASA employees and reporters.)

I dedicate this to @terresdebrume because we’re both in love with Yamato being fluent in many, many languages :D

Pairing: Taito/Taiyama/Taichi x Yamato

Word Count: 1478

Summary: Taichi thinks that he has a right to see his boyfriend after he has spent four months off on a mission in space. The NASA and a hungry-for-answers crowd of reporters seems to think otherwise by organizing a press conference right after the return of the astronauts. Refusing to give in just like that, Taichi talks Yamato’s dad into giving him access to it - fully intending on distracting his boyfriend a little.

Warnings: Mildly sexual content.

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@varaenthefallen tagged me in this WIP game:

WIP Game Rules: Go to page 7 of your WIP, count down 7 lines, share 7 sentences, and then tag 7 other writers.

So here’s a bit from the current chapter of Anabasis, some of which people have already seen the notes for. By a bizarre coincidence, that scene ended up on page 7, so here it is in it’s final form.

(Also, I’m doing a little more than 7 lines because it doesn’t make sense otherwise. The actual seven lines start about half-way down.)

“What happened?”

Obi-Wan frowned, but it was Anakin who answered. “Someone offered Boba Fett one million credits to kill you,” he said. “Which is ridiculous. He should have charged at least three million.”

Padmé could only shake her head. She knew him well enough to know that was his idea of a compliment. She also knew it was sincerely meant, which really only made it worse. It was probably best to just ignore it.

“Oh?” said Obi-Wan. He sounded caught somewhere between annoyance and a morbid curiosity. “And how much are you worth, then?”

Padmé watched Anakin open his mouth to answer, and then close it again. Something old and sharp-edged appeared in his eyes, glinting like the stroke of a knife.

“Fifteen thousand Republic credits, roughly,” he said. There was no inflection at all in his voice. “I know it seems like a lot, but I’m a good mechanic, so that makes me more valuable.”

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Please, google Cassandra Clare cyberbully, plagiarist, laptopgate and cassiegate. She is a bully, a plagiarist and a thief. Many proved that she still keeps on bullying and then plays the victim. Please, it's important that people know the truth.

CC’s books are actually full of hidden homophobia, racism, misogyny and slutshaming ( check snarktheater and terresdebrume blogs ) or read the article “ Cassandra Clare proves that all inclusion isn’t good ”. Her ’ inclusion ’ is not what she thinks. Luckily, people are starting to see how much problematic she and what she writes is. She is not helping minorities or queer people ( or women! ) at all. She is stereotyping us even more. We don’t need nor deserve it. And she bullies. Cassandra Clare was a 30 something adult woman who bullied, harassed and threatened young girls of like 14. And she STILL does this to anyone who criticize her. She plagiarized and stole a lot of money. Everything proved!

Hey Nonnie,

I admit that I don’t know the details of these scandals in depth. I have read a little about it here and there, and I have a general idea about it, but I haven’t followed these issues closely, because I am always more interested in an author’s books, than their personal issues. What I can say from my point of view is that we need to remember that authors are people too. They make mistakes, they fuck up. And their mistakes and fuck-ups are bigger than the average person’s, because there’s a spotlight on them 90% of the time. Look at how people have twisted things when it comes to John Green. It’s very hard to discern between the whole truth and what has been blown out of proportion.As for her inclusion of minorities, I’m not part of any minority, so I’m not the best person to have an opinion on this, not do I feel like it’s my right to state any opinions on the matter. Diversity in books is a huge issue, one that a lot of authors need to address. From what I have read in her books, I do feel like she writes good female characters, strong and independent and that’s something to be appreciated. No author is perfect. There’s a lot of problematic shit in a lot of books. The only thing we can do is slowly raise awareness about it and hopefully change things.Have a lovely day <3

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so luke-as-ekkreth is also out right?

Yeah. Unless you’re doing an AU where Luke is / was a slave, of course. (I know @terresdebrume has an AU with that concept.)

He’s still a good deal closer to Ekkreth than someone like Obi-Wan or Padme, who have no stake in the culture at all. This is still his culture. But the relationship between freeborn children / descendants of slaves and people who are slaves can be a bit complicated.

Leia couldn’t be Ekkreth either - at least, prior to ROTJ. After ROTJ, though, she could be and in fact is. She did, after all, trick Depur and ultimately killed him. Not just a depur, either, but the Depur.

That said, her relationship with the idea of Ekkreth is far from uncomplicated, because of course she knows nothing about Tatooine culture. So other slaves might speak about her as an Ekkreth, but I don’t think she’d ever identify that way herself, even after Luke tells her the stories. It’s still not her culture.

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Hi! I noticed you discussed ASOIAF theories a lot lately, and while I formulated some of them for myself after reading the books, there are several of them I didn't know about/don't understand fully... Do you know if there is/are (a) blog(s)/website(s) that summarizes them and where they came from, please? I would love to know where they come from & see if they change my perspective. (Also, am I the only one who thinks Jon might be Ned & Ellia's son? The Lyanna/Raeghar seems to win w/ most ppl)


A really good collection of the major theories (Varys/Illyrio, the Great Northern Conspiracy, R+L=J, Who Is Coldhands? etc) can be found here - it’s a westeros.org link, but don’t worry i wouldn’t play you wrong, the links are just to spec/theory forums and a lot of them are really well laid out and detailed.

I think R+L=J is the real deal. People take it for granted and seem to think that it’s obviously spelled out in the text - it’s not, the clues are there but they’re very subtle, and it’s only because mass fan forums have gotten together and snowballed the clues that it’s considered to be ~obvious~ now.

Futhermore, with Jon pretty squarely in the Azor Ahai role, it’s imperative that he have Targaryen blood so that he can be one of the three heads of the dragon. Also, I read something somewhere that talked about Rhaegar’s ambitions for Aegon as The Prince Who Was Promised, and his desire to have two daughters just like the original Aegon/Visenya/Rhaenys trinity, which made a lot of sense to me? (His first two children were called Aegon and Rhaenys - it’s not too far of a jump to think he also wanted a “Visenya”) And if Elia couldn’t have children, he may have taken Lyanna for that reason.