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Okay, here we go,” he said. “Terence Paul Winter. A real Boy Scout, this guy. And I mean that literally. He was an Eagle Scout with Troop Eighty-Seven out of Davenport, Iowa. Member of the Future Farmers of America. Never in trouble with the law. Went to Iowa State. Double-majored in business and Asian studies with an emphasis on Chinese. Got his MBA in international business at Stanford then started consulting in the logistics industry.”
“How would a guy like that wind up associating with a scumbag tweaker like Alexi Hawley?”
“I’m getting to that. After he did his time as a consultant, he caught on with OOCL, Oriental Overseas Container Line. They’re one of the real big boys in global shipping, as I’m sure you know. And then…” Bryan started chuckling.
“Oh. Oh, Storm. You have really outdone yourself this time.
—  Heat Storm, Richard Castle

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It's funny -- this time last year, the entire fandom was in agreement that the hold-out for S8 would be Fillion, and it seemed to be pretty much universally accepted that Katic would sign. It's strange, how much has changed in the fandom (and the show) in the past eight or so months.

I think a lot of fans look at Stana Katic’s love of her character, the love she has for her fans, and her overall excitement for the show and they’ve taken that to mean that she’d never, ever entertain the idea of leaving before the show ended. To a lot of them, these episode where she’s been absent have been her being forced out or bullied by Nathan or Alexi Hawley/Terrence Paul Winter because the idea of Stana wanting time to do other things is unfathomable. She’s a shipper like us, she’s a fan like us, and that means she loves the show just like we do and would want to do nothing else. 

You can love the show, your character and your job with every cell in your body but there comes a time when you want something different. Change isn’t the monster that people want it to be, and neither is feeling that you’ve done all you can do in a role and that its best you find other pastures to ply your trade. 

You also have to consider the fact that Stana got married last year, and I presume she wants to go spend time with her husband that doesn’t involve sitting in her trailer waiting for the next scene to roll. And there is nothing wrong with that. She’s given seven and a half years of Kate Beckett to us, and while I’m sure we all would love a few more, she’s actually under no obligation to give it to us. She’s the one working 60 hour weeks where she wakes up at 6 a.m. and goes to work, and then collapses into bed at 11 p.m. (if she’s lucky) completely exhausted while still trying to cram lines into her head for the next day. She’s the one who has lived with Kate Beckett day in and day out, the one who has put blood, sweat and tears into a character. Sure, we all feel ownership of Beckett because we love her but, at the end of it, Stana Katic is the one who brought her to life and should get to decide when she can no long continue to be fulfilled by doing so. 

But I also think there is a current culture that Stana maybe cares less because she’s been more open about her life and her travels outside of Castle this season. She’s had more time off than I think she’s ever had during the season but, alternately, Nathan FIllion has also done a lot of short weekend trips and jaunts that he’s been open about. While Stana is gone for longer stretches, she’s not the only one out there finding a life that doesn’t revolve around a television show. 

The fact is that things change. Actors are nomads. They start craving something new and different and, if they are lucky, they get the opportunity to say enough is enough and leave a show and a role on their own terms. That’s a gift that most actors don’t get. Hell, Nathan Fillion’s ass is still chapped that Malcolm Reynolds was taken away from him. Rightfully so. He loved Mal, he didn’t get nearly enough time with him. But I think you wouldn’t hear him say as much about Richard Castle. He knows Castle and while it might be bittersweet to let go, I think he would be pleased at the run the character had and the time he had to bring him to life. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, not that much has changed in the fandom. The same group of people who were adamant that Stana had to wait to sign her deal because Nathan was priority still hold to that argument. The people who think that Nathan is a bully and kicks her out of scenes and episodes at will still believe that without hesitation. I think what has changed is that the blinders have come off and more people realize that Stana Katic has a life that she genuinely enjoys outside of Castle and, until recently, she only got to really live it a few months a year. Likewise, I think the changes in Nathan’s personal life have sort of shifted opinion of him and why he’s wanted the work hours that he’s wanted for so long, despite his personal life having nothing to do with it back in the day. 

But the important thing to remember is that these actors are people first. They have family and friends who they want to see. They want to go to a concert or stay up late talking to a friend who is visiting in town, not running off to learn lines or having to postpone dinner because they didn’t get done on time. I do understand that they’ve signed up for this life and agree they need to fulfill their contract, but there is nothing wrong with deciding that they no longer want to live that life or work those hours. Above all, we have to respect the right they have to their choices and appreciate the time they gave to us. 

But I also think you have to accept that if one (or both) of them leave, then it’s not ABC or Hawley/Winter that should be blamed for the necessary changes the show would have to make. I expect it only matters if one of them doesn’t come back, but if Stana Katic were to decide she doesn’t want to return for season nine and ABC elects to continue with the show, the show will have to change. It’s not the fault of anyone at the network, or the show runners, or even Stana. It’s just life. Things change, people move on, and things adapt to that change. Respect the process. Appreciate what you were given. Stop stressing about things you cannot change and demeaning the people in whose shoes you have never walked. 

Here’s the thing: The end of [Episode 2] is a whopper. I mean, the way Stana and Nathan played it was amazing. And we both understand that people are a little leery now of what the show is going to be, and they should be. But if they [stay tuned] and see what we’re doing and see how that energy comes back, I hope they’ll be pleasantly surprised about what opportunities are in store for us now that we’ve made this choice. This thing is going to constantly evolve, which is something we promised when we took over the show. It’s not just going to be this dynamic from here to the end of the season. By the time we get to the end of our fall finale, there’s another shift and change that’s going to happen that’s incredibly dynamic. And that will lead us into even more interesting storytelling that will bring them together in a fun way.
—  Terrence Paul Winter (x)

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Other than 'Cops & Robbers' and 'Live & Die in LA" what other great shipper moments have the new showrunners given us in the past? (I dont consider 'The Blue Butterfly' fantasy a shipper moment. Thanks

None. I mean, really, Hawley and Winter are the worst at shipper moments. It’s like they have no idea what they are doing. 

Except I’m totally lying. 

Season Two: 

‘Fool Me Once’ (2x04): Page 105

‘Kill The Messenger’ (2x08); “Are you two together?” 

‘A Rose For Everafter’ (2x12): “He’s all yours.”

‘The Third Man’ (2x14): That time when they went on dates and ditched them for case work and, then, went on an actual ‘date’. 

Season Three: 

‘Under The Gun’ (3x03): Beckett’s motorcycle.

‘Anatomy of A Murder’ (3x05): “I don’t believe in much, but I believe in us…and no matter the obstacles, no matter how hard you try you’ll never get rid of me. I love you.” 

‘Lucky Stiff’ (3x14): The time Castle overheard Kate giving Martha advice and they flirted at a club and when Castle opened a scholarship fund in Johanna Beckett’s memory. 

‘Law and Murder’ (3x19): “You’ve never seen Forbidden Planet?” 

Season Four: 

‘Kill Shot’ (4x09): “Just waitin’ for my partner; maybe you’ve seen her? Pretty girl, thinks she can leap tall buildings in a single bound, carries the weight of the world on her shoulders yet still manages to laugh at some of my jokes.” 

‘The Blue Butterfly’ (4x14): “I can’t give you anything but love.”  and “Kate’s heart quickened.” 

‘Headhunters’ (4x21): “You did this for me? All this time you’ve had my back.” 

Season Five: 

‘Secret’s Safe with Me’ (5x03): Best handshake ever and possibilities for joy

‘Significant Others’ (5x10): “I’m not gonna leave you just because your daughter is sick.” 

‘The Wild Rover’ (5x18): “You’re right, Castle, it does change how I see you; it makes me like you just a little bit more.” 

Season Six: 

‘Number One Fan’ (6x04): “Listen, I’m kind of looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you, so don’t do anything stupid in there, okay?” 

‘Deep Cover’ (6x12): “I keep making the mistake of thinking that he’s family, but he’s not. You are.” 

‘Veritas’ (6x22): “She’s proud of you. Wherever she is, she’s proud.” and “I can’t wait.” 

Season Seven: 

‘Once Upon A Time in The West’ (7x07): Beckett agrees to stay for Castle’s dream honeymoon. 

‘I, Witness’ (7x13): “Naps are good” 

‘Dead From New York’ (7x22): Dancing during a case. 

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Abt AH & TPW playing with fire, do you think they are taking such a huge gamble because they know this might be the last season? I know they would want to continue longer but if they know the actors aren't willing then they know it's the last season so they aren't afraid to take big risks. Kinda like how often writers completely mess up the series or do sth highly polarizing in the series finale because they know it's the end.

No. Hawley and Winter took a gamble because they think it’s what the show needs. I’ve said it before, but I’m totally of the opinion that Castle had gotten stale. Sure, it was still entertaining, yeah, I still enjoyed it, but the days where the show made me feel something other than ‘wow, that we cute’ or made me really think was back when I watched my season four DVDs to try and catch up to watch season six live. 

Furthermore, everyone is so stuck on how they are ruining the show, but what they’re trying to do is go back and address some of the issues that were introduced in previous seasons and dropped. In fact, they’re working on the very things that this fandom used to complain about because they were introduced and promptly forgotten about. Would it have been better to just leave it all alone? That’s up for debate, but I find it kind of funny (and sad, and a little pathetic) that the very thing people used to complain about is now something they are ready to rake Hawley and Winter over the coals for. 

From Erik Alstadt’s twitter account (x). 

So, here’s the thing, if you think that this cast and this crew haven’t seen your tweets? You’re full of shit. They see them, and they see how you are degrading their work, insulting their friends and their livelihood all because you didn’t get the storyline that you wanted in a television show that is meant to entertain you. 

Television, and art in general, isn’t supposed to just make you happy. It’s supposed to make you emotional. You are supposed to feel something, be it good or be it bad. In that aspect, they have succeeded. But in this age of social media, people find it totally acceptable to bash people for simply doing their jobs. Erik loves his job. Nathan loves his job. Stana loves her job. Alexi Hawley and Terrence Paul Winter are (or were) genuinely excited to bring their story and their choices to life on screen and to share it with the fans. 

If you don’t like it? Fine. Share your opinion on Twitter with your fandom friends, post about it here on Tumblr. Rage on a message board about how your favorite show has been destroyed. Don’t you fucking dare tag the cast and the crew in your hate and attack them for doing their job, and doing it with pride. How would you feel if someone walked in, took a look at something you had worked so hard on and tore it to shreds? Magnify that by a couple thousand people, all of whom constantly hit you with negativity and complaints. 

You wouldn’t want to be associated with that. It’d bring you down, it’d hurt you immensely. And if you don’t want it to happen to you, it’s beyond me why it’s acceptable to do it to people that you admire or idolize, as well as people who are friends of those people that you pretend to show respect for. And you are pretending, make no mistake about that, if you actually respected the actors, the writers, or the show itself? You’d do something better than blast hate at them. You’d turn it off, you’d go outside and take a walk, get coffee and read a book. If you love something, you don’t make it your mission to spread negativity and tear it down. You don’t love the show. You love the righteous feeling that comes with hating it, you love the attention that you get from joining the fray and adding your voice to it. 

Being a troll isn’t something to be proud of. Being part of the reason that cast and crew are now avoiding twitter and feeling down about their work and the fandom isn’t something to be proud of. You should be ashamed, and you should be sorry. 

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Do you think that the winter hiatus gives AH and TPW a chance to rethink how they move their story forward, or at least the timeframe. I understand what they wanted to do but I don't agree with or like how they decided to do it and from what I hear and read from sites and fans maybe they underestimated/miscalculated what the fans were willing to accept.

Nope. The winter hiatus is a hiatus from new episodes being aired, not from production. The Castle cast and crew will work right up until Thanksgiving, take a few days off, come back and work right up till Christmas and then be off probably until the second week of January. 

Hawley and Winter have planned the season out, they know where they want the story to go, and for all the insistence that it’s been a bad idea or it’s ruining the show, they’ve gotten a good (if not equal) amount of feedback from people who like it or, at the least, are willing to see where it’s going. You also generally don’t want to cater to one particular group of fans who want to see ‘XYZ’ because for every one of those, there will be another person that’s unhappy about the path they convinced you to take or you’re gonna get a bunch of people who just don’t like the fact you abandoned a storyline halfway through. 

If you’re gonna be a show runner, you’ve gotta have the balls to stick to your guns and play it through unless the studio or the network come pay you a visit and tell you to fix it. Sometimes you are forced to drop something because of unforeseen circumstances, but by and large having someone just drop a storyline because fans don’t like it is a terrible decision and will only make things worse. 

And no, I don’t think they misunderstood or miscalculated at all. They’ve been very open with accepting that people were probably not going to like this storyline, but that they hope they’d at least be curious enough (or even angry enough, let’s be real) to stick around and see where it goes. They were well aware that they were and are playing with fire, but Hawley and Winter aren’t scared of the chance of getting burned. 

So, no, I don’t expect you’re gonna see them reevaluating the storyline or making any abrupt changes based on fan response. You also have to realize that by the time they break for Christmas they’re going to be on episode 8x13 or so, so even what you’d consider their lengthy break doesn’t coincide with the episode airdates. You wouldn’t see any change during the production’s winter hiatus until March. 

A reality check.

The crew and the writers have nothing to do with the decision for a season nine without Kate Beckett. So all of you who are yelling about bringing Marlowe and Terri back to fix the problem, or think its perfectly acceptable to tweet hate to various people involved with Castle need to take a step back. 

This decision was the result of many things. Some of them have been reported in the media, some most certainly have not, and others have been twisted to the betterment of various parties so that they look better and/or worse given your personal fan bias and approach to this entire situation. 

But, at the end of it all, there is a group of people who want one thing: to stay employed. They depend on Castle to pay mortgages and car notes, to put gas in a car to get a kid to school every morning, to put food on the table. Yes, they can certainly get other jobs, but anyone who has ever embarked on a job search will tell you that it’s rarely as simple as snapping your fingers and making it happen. These people are currently facing the unknown, and while working in the entertainment industry does mean that you sign up for a certain level of that, it doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole to them. 

Be angry, be upset, mourn for the show and do what it takes to maybe reverse the decision and see a season nine that features everyone, but don’t think for a second that telling Nathan to fuck off, or telling Molly she’s a selfish bitch, or tweeting to Hawley and Winter that they ruined the show is going to do any good. Don’t think that tweeting the prop guy or the sound guy, or the transportation guy is going to do a thing but make them feel even worse about this whole situation. 

You don’t know the actors. You don’t know what went on and who said what. Most of the cast and the crew also don’t know what went on because the vast majority of these developments happened behind closed doors, off the set entirely, or after the show wrapped for the year. However, much time and effort you think you’ve invested into Castle, the cast and the crew have done at least double that. However much you love Stana or Tamala or whoever else, these are people that have personal connections to them, they are friends, they are co-workers and they are just as gutted as everyone else. 

In fact, given the relationships they all share, they’re probably more upset than the fans as they live with these people and this show for 60 hours a week (at least) about nine months a year. So this idea that we, as fans, should demean and debase them for wanting a job and a steady paycheck is frankly ridiculous and insulting. 

Our opinions and are feelings are not more important than the cast and the crew. They’ve done nothing to us but make the show that we’ve loved for eight years, and rather than ripping them apart for things beyond their control, now, more than ever, is the time to thank them for their work. 

Likewise, the cast and the crew have no power in what happens going forward. That power lies with ABC. Nathan Fillion, despite reports, does not have enough power to get Stana Katic back on the show. Alexi Hawley and Terrence Paul Winter cannot get Stana Katic back on the show. This is above them, all they can do is wait and hope for the best because, ultimately, the choice lies with ABC and with Stana. Let them know you want her back and, while you are at it, let Stana know you’d like her to consider coming back. 

The Comprehensive Guide to Castle renewal drama.

[It’s that time of year where my inbox is filled with the questions from people who want to know what the deal is about Castle’s future. I am compiling a list of all the relevant (and regularly repeated) questions and posting them here. You will be linked to this frequently between now and May as questions arrive in my inbox.]

Q: When are we going to know if Castle is renewed or not? ABC is just jerking us around. 

A: They aren’t. No announcement has been made about Castle’s future because no decision has been made. Castle is a bubble show (scroll down for more about that), but it is a bubble show in part because the contracts of the entire cast have to be renewed for the show to continue. Negotiations are ongoing, but these things take time. ABC isn’t going to announce the show is coming back until they’ve gotten Nathan and Stana on board for another year, lest things go sideways at the last minute and the show has to end. 

Q: But if the show is cancelled, when are we going to hear about it? We deserve to know if the season finale is going to be the series finale. 

A: You could hear about it tomorrow, or you could find out the day after the season finale that it was indeed the series finale. There is no set time limit for this sort of thing. 

The most likely scenario is that ABC will announce the fate of Castle at their Upfront panel on May 17. But it’s also routine for a network to issue a press release about what has been renewed anywhere from 24 to 72 hours before that panel so that the media have some questions to ask when ABC gets up on stage and presents their line up for the 2016-2017 television season to advertisers. 

It’s also possible that the answer at Upfronts is that negotiations are still ongoing between ABC and the cast because, while I’m sure the Upfront panel is the goal in which to have things wrapped up, it doesn’t always happen that way. Grey’s Anatomy had a situation a few years ago where the show itself was renewed but not all the cast had reached an agreement on contracts when the panel arrived, so the status of some of the actors returning were left up in the air (one they came to terms, an announcement was made in each situation). Given that Castle is not an ensemble show, I’d think the fate of the show itself would be left in question if Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic hadn’t come to an agreement with their contracts. 

Q: But other networks (i.e. CBS and The Good Wife) have made announcements that [insert show of choice here] was ending! Why can’t Castle get that? 
A: It’s truly apples and oranges. Just because one network chooses to let a show end and announces it early doesn’t mean that another will do the same. In the case of The Good Wife, the creators always had only planned seven seasons and were planning to exit the series at the end of the year. CBS felt rather than continuing with someone else, they would rather just let the show come to a conclusion and, once that decision was made, they announced it. 

And, at least in part, that decision was made because the show star, Julianna Margulies, also wanted to move on to other projects. 

Q: But the show is going to start filming the finale in a few days! How can they write it and film it without knowing if they are going to be back for another year? 

A: Most shows write and film their finale without not knowing for certain that they’ll be back for another season. It’s a risk that virtually every show on television takes each March and April when it comes time to start breaking the story and committing those ideas to paper. 

Castle faced the same situation last year, where they filmed their final episode without knowing what was going to happen with regards to the show’s future. Nathan Fillion worked out his contract in the last week of filming, while Stana Katic’s took a bit longer to be hammered down and finalized. In that situation, Andrew Marlowe chose to end things on a high note and send the characters out without a cliffhanger. Current showrunner’s Alexi Hawley and Terrence Paul Winter have said they don’t intend to leave the show on a cliffhanger, and I wouldn’t expect them to do so unless they know for certain they’ll be back for another season and can resolve it properly. [Edited April 16: Castle has filmed two endings for season eight. One of them, intended for if the show is renewed, is a cliffhanger. The other is meant to serve as a series finale. The current thinking is that ABC will make a decision on which to air no later than May 13.]

Q: But how would they know what ending to write if they don’t know what is next for the show? 

A: Two endings (or even three, or four) aren’t unheard of. It’s cumbersome and a hassle, but it usually best to be prepared for all the possibilities. Of course, there is no guarantee that is what Castle will do, but it’s a standard practice for bubble shows or shows that hinge on an actor returning to work.

Q: Is it normal for contract negotiations to still be going on after the show has wrapped for the season? 

A: Completely normal. Sometimes negotiations can even bleed over into the next season. Last year, the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory were a week late in starting back to work because the cast hadn’t finished negotiating contracts. 

So, yes, that means in a worst case scenario, we could stretch into July and not know if the show is coming back or if all the cast will return with it.  Being in limbo is normal, especially this time of year. The general rule is that no news is good news because everyone is still talking and still wanting to go back to work. And once everything has been decided, be it good or bad, some sort of announcement will be made. 

Q: So what if we get to Upfronts and nothing has been decided with cast contracts? What will ABC decide to do?

A: I can’t tell you. ABC has a magic number and a list of things they need to happen in order renew the show. If ABC thinks that they can come to a deal with Nathan and Stana then I would think they choose to air the cliffhanger ending, but if the deals aren’t a sure thing or some other parameters aren’t met, then the series finale ending will be what we get.

Likewise, understand that negotiations going into June or July is a rare thing, I’m bringing it up because it can happen, but it’s far from being the regular situation. The most likely scenario is that ABC comes to a decision before the showrunners have to turn in the final episode and we all find out Castle’s fate either the weekend before the finale or once we’ve seen how season eight ends.

Q: What if the show is renewed but the contracts don’t work out and they’ve aired the wrong ending?

A: You’ll likely have to buy the DVD set. There are several shows out there who have alternate endings that didn’t initially air in a series or season finale that have popped up on a DVD. It’s not ideal, we all want the show to end with the proper ending, but it’s just part of show business. Things don’t always go according to the best case scenario.


For questions on cancellation likelihood, and ratings, click the cut.

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I think castle fans are usually not used to angst & given how Marlowe worked, they never expected it to happen. I admired Marlowe for that. But it's not his show anymore. Also would like to say just because they are separated ( with no real maliciousness involved), they aren't any less special now. Tv is full of great couples who went through separations, biggest examples like Merder and BB and came out of them wonderfully and more strong. Also it happens in real life & ppl go back to love.

Marlowe once went on record saying that he would never break them up once they got together (friendly reminder that they still haven’t broken up. They’re separated. There’s a difference.), and much like Beckett’s one and done comment from season one, people latched onto it like a lifeline. 

But you said it, Anon. It’s not Marlowe’s show anymore. Marlowe’s version of Castle became formulaic. Insert case of the week, preferably with a theme or a gimmick, add some wacky/lighthearted b plot. Solve case. Tag b plot with sticky sweet fluff. Roll credits. During sweeps you could vary it up, add some emotional issue and light angst, all of which would be resolved 95% of the time by a sticky sweet final scene and the problem never mentioned again. That’s fine for a while, but after seven seasons? Two of which the show phoned it in for at least half its run? It had gotten boring. Entertaining, yes, but making me feel things beyond fangirl squeeing at how cute Castle and Beckett are? Not so much. 

While I’m sure this is an vastly unpopular opinion, I’m glad that someone else has taken the reins. Don’t get me wrong, I have the upmost respect for Marlowe because he created these characters and a show that I love but from the back half of season five to the end of season seven, by and large, the show went stale around the edges. There are a host of comments from Marlowe throughout season seven in print and on the DVD commentary that tell me he had no plans of changing the formula. 

Yes, Castle is a procedural that is driven by a case of the week. That isn’t ever going to change but, where Castle initially differed from most other police dramas, was that they did it with a tongue in cheek attitude, lightning in a bottle chemistry, and b plots that connected into one another week after week and provided character growth and further serviced the story of how these two people fell in love and got together. 

Once Castle and Beckett got together, things got a little lazy. From one week to the next, they may or may not remember basic plot points or what they experienced the week previous. With the exception of the back end of season five and the first episode of season seven, if it couldn’t be solved with some fluffy cuteness and a joke, it wasn’t worth exploring. And even in both of those instances, one was solved with apparently nothing more than a proposal and a time jump, while the other was skimmed over until, suddenly, Castle had been having trouble sleeping from guilt, felt he wasn’t good enough for Beckett, and then learned that he was wrong/convinced her to get married. That season seven arc isn’t terrible, but it’s skipping a few key points that would have made it really hit home and sing, versus reluctantly whistling a tune. Additionally, we wasted a season on a b plot of nothing more than a wedding checklist that ended in a dramatic cliffhanger for a story that’s ‘resolution’ ended, as it began, with enough plot holes to sink the sky blue dinghy that Castle returned on. 

The concept of over arching plot and character development got shoved aside because, from Marlowe’s own mouth, the show has to be episodic and it’s better for viewers if there is no emotional hangover. I don’t know if it was job burn out (because show running is a bitch) or that he truly lost a grasp on how to write complex emotions, but there was very little of season six or season seven that made me feel anything beyond ‘oh, that was cute’. 

Cuteness and theme episodes became the crutch for the show. Has anyone noticed that in the past two years that this show has put in more thematic episodes than in the other five combined? Western, Ninjas, Time Travelers, 70s disco, Da Vinci Code spoof, The Devil Wears Prada spoof, Carrie spoof, Kindergarten Cop spoof, 80s Action movie spoof, telenovella, alternate reality, SNL, Space. Yes, Castle has always played on other popular television shows and genres, but when you spend the bulk of your season with that kind of stuff it reads to me like you are out of original ideas and have to cop someone else’s. 

Terrence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley are recycling a plot. They absolutely are. But they’re doing it in a way that revisits some of the things that got dropped or glossed over in previous years because it went against the mold of the episodic nature Marlowe seemed to want. 

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My boyfriend was tellin me that apparently ABC is allowed to do sex scenes and that it's because of "Nathan and stana" that we don't get them. Is it true though? Does abc do that, or allowed to?

Your boyfriend has been misinformed. ABC, and any other network, can air sex scenes so long as it’s included in the rating guide that pops up in the left hand corner at the start of the show. However, ABC, CBS, NBC, The CW and Fox are all held the stricter standards about what can and cannot be showed than cable channels. And, likewise, ‘standard’ cable channels (TNT, FX, A&E, etc) cannot show the amount that HBO, Starz or Cinemax can and do. On network television, you cannot show a woman’s bare breasts on network television, or any part of the male anatomy. Occasionally you might be allowed a sneak at a bare butt, but more often that not even that is discouraged. 

Likewise, any type of oral sex or penetration (be it with a hand, penis, etc etc) isn’t going to be shown. Back in the 90s there was a huge uproar over an afternoon soap that aired a sex scene that hinted too heavily about penetration from the editing of the scene and the reaction on the face of the woman in question. 

If you watch Scandal, you will notice that while Olivia and Fitz (or whoever else rolls around in bed, I don’t watch it) frequently have sex that makes it onto television, you rarely see more than a bare back, an abdomen, his chest, legs, and anything that happens is usually filmed rather tight so that you see faces and heavy breathing versus something like Outlander or Game of Thrones where its a wide shot and you see two people going at it full on for what is essentially soft-core porn. 

It has nothing to do with ABC, not does it have anything to do with Nathan and Stana. If you’ve ever seen For Lovers Only, it’s obvious Stana has no qualms with nudity or sex scenes, and as Nathan has a rather famous sequence in Firefly where he’s butt naked and that he made his start in the industry on a soap, the same came be said for him. I am aware, because someone will bring this up, that Stana has said she doesn’t want to do sex scenes that exploit her character, but that isn’t the same thing as refusing to do them at all. That quote basically means she doesn’t want Beckett to become solely about her looks and only be used as a sex object. 

What it actually is, is that Castle has built is audience as a family show. That is kind of strange given that they solve murders every week, but it’s never been a show where you had to be concerned that your kids were going to learn a new swear word or start asking about the two naked people wrestling around on the screen and what that means. Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller were very adamant after Castle and Beckett got together that their bedroom activities would stay private and you’d never see them in those moments. In fact, when they said that the majority of the fandom got into an uproar that lasted long enough that they put the extended cut of the Always scene on the season six DVD. And, even then, there is a little more than Beckett’s naked shoulder and Castle lowering her to the bed for a kiss. It’s tame, and that’s by design because they didn’t want these two characters and their relationship to become solely about sex. 

You’ll likely never get anything that goes beyond the make out scenes in Always or Clear and Present Danger. I have a had time believing that Alexi Hawley and Terrence Paul Winter are suddenly going to start showing them writhing under blankets with a camera overhead. They’ll toe the line, give you some suggestive dialogue, maybe a few insert shots like you saw in The Last Seduction, and some pillow talk, but Castle really isn’t the sort of show that’s going to sell itself with it’s two lead characters bumping and grinding with some heavy breathing thrown in for good measure. I suppose they could turn it into that, but we’re eight seasons in to this thing, so that sort of decision largely feels unnecessary. Besides, if we saw them going at it on the regular, you’d lose a lot of that banter about their bedroom activities that we get. There’s no point in telling you about it, if they’d just shown you, you know? 

anonymous asked:

What matters to ABC & advertisers: Castle was #1 most watched scripted show 2013-14, it's #4 2014-15. I don’t consider winning gold previous years but not even medaling this year “minuscule” drop (Bear will eat it S8 he said). TPTB care very little for Beckett & what the viewers want. They have their "brand” & bc Hollywood thinks women are replaceable I don’t see it as a stretch thinking Hayley WILL replace Beckett. AWM leaving/being kicked out IS HUGE, all bets are off now, anything goes.

Nope. If we’re gonna have that argument, what matters to ABC and advertisers are the demographic numbers. Castle was not the most watched show on television in 2013-2014, that was NCIS to the tune of 18.50 million viewers. Castle averaged 9.99 million, which was good for sixth overall and led the dramas on the network. And yes, that’s a great thing, but of that 9.99 million less than half were in the target demographic. You could have 20 million viewers, but if only 2% of them are in the target demo you’re useless to the network and the advertisers because you aren’t making them money

So, Castle went from the top watched show to the sixth most watched show. I guarantee you that ABC isn’t surprised or upset. In fact? ABC is thrilled as hell. Know why? Because that means that they have had success with newer programming. As a show ages, it becomes more expensive to produce, and networks are always looking for the new big thing that they can produce at a cheaper rate and score bigger ratings with. How To Get Away With Murder not only solved that issue with dramas, but having a trio of Shonda Rhimes shows that hit the same target audience allowed them to build a night of destination televisions. And they kicked ass at it. Shonda Rhimes and her soapy, ridiculous television is part of the reason we still have a favorite show to watch. 

People want to claim that Castle had some destitute season, but no one has considered its age. For a show in its seventh season? It did fine. It didn’t lose the millions of viewers that naysayers like to believe, and it isn’t limping into its eight season, either. You can believe that if you want, but to do so you are ignoring the numbers. 

Now, as I said before, several people keep coming in my inbox and, invariably, they’ve got some line about how “no one cares about Beckett/the show is boring with Castle”. That’s you opinion, and you are entitled to it, but the concept that the show doesn’t care about Beckett is frankly bullshit. There were six season constructed slowly about her character and her story, and its not the end of the world that they took roughly 20 episodes to focus on someone else. As I said the other day, you can either get over it, or you can stop watching because the show isn’t just about Beckett. Her story has been told, they chose to focus on another one for a season, and eventually she’ll get another story to tell. For every whiny fangirl who is lamenting the lack of Beckett and Stana, there is another fan out there who has been so excited about getting a peak of Castle and how he works.

Hollywood does think women are replaceable, but I think making the blind assumptions (and its blind. It’s so blind that I’m surprised all of you haven’t bashed your heads into the brick wall you are so insistently shouting at.) about what Alexi Hawley and Terrence Paul Winter plan to replace Beckett is not only ridiculous, its insulting to two people who had written some fantastic episodes over the years and deserve an element of trust that part of this fandom just will NOT give them. 

Yeah, they had a plan in case Stana Katic didn’t return. So did Chris Carter when David Duchovny decided to exit The X-Files. For better or worse, that show kept on trucking. Because ABC believed in the brand of Castle and the talents of Nathan Fillion to lead a show on his own merit, they made the same decision; to keep going if their leading lady chose other ventures. Now, you can get over it and be thankful that Stana decided to return, or you can complain about something for which you have no real evidence to support in that a character that we will see occasionally is somehow going to steal the show and run a high powered, fantastic, hell on heels character out of town. 

You don’t know why Andrew Marlowe decided to leave, so I also think you need to take a step back and reevaluate that statement. It could be huge, but it could also be the best decision the show could have made. You haven’t seen season eight yet, the actors haven’t even read the scripts yet, but I so love that everyone has already formed their opinion about something that you can’t possibly know. 

I also hate to break it to you, but a creative team doesn’t owe the viewers anything, namely because different viewers want different things. All they owe you is to make a television show that is meant to provoke some sort of emotion, be that bad or good. They aren’t here to cater to your every whim and desire, they aren’t here to bow down to demands or to please a group of people who are generally going to tear apart whatever they attempt to do. They are there to tell a story about two characters who fell in love and are still building their life together, and if you don’t want to watch it? Turn the television off. 

All bets aren’t off, that’s absurd and an over dramatic generalization. Maybe if they had brought in someone with no connection, respect of, or history with the show I’d be willing to say that we might have cause to be worried. But these show runners are two people who have invested a lot of time and emotion into this show, these characters, and this story. So instead of nitpicking at a storyline that you know the barest of facts about, instead of screaming and complaining about how Beckett is going to replaced, or the show is going to be ruined, why don’t you just calm down, sit tight, and wait and see? Trust the two guys who have written some of the best episodes the show has produced, trust that they know the characters. 

Or, at the very least, stay out of my inbox about it. I’m so done trying to explain what truthfully should be common sense to a bunch of people who are just going to choose to be hysterical. Go do that on a message board so I don’t have to see it.