terrence higgs

flint, pucey, and higgs headcanons

these boys are prob one of my favorite trios and need to b loved more!!!!!!!

  • marcus, adrian, and terrence have been friends since they were 3rd (marcus)/2nd years (small slytherins aaaaa!!)
  • marcus and terrence were friends first because their moms knew each other but they were never that close. they became better friends because of quidditch and really bonded when they both came out around 6th/5th year.
  • (the worst part about marcus and terrence being out tho is half their conversations are about dick and neither of them care about who overhears. adrian would b embarrassed but he gets a small amount of satisfaction from seeing some douchebags squirm.)
  • adrian met marcus through terrence and joined the quidditch team through their insistence
  • the three of them get into fights all the time because terrence has a big mouth, marcus has always been a fighter, and adrian refuses to just sit on the sidelines for anything involving terrence and marcus
  • adrian is definitely the mom friend and the one who has to patch up his dumbass best friends who can’t stay out of trouble
  • marcus was totally supportive of adrian and terrence’s mutual crushes on each other
  • marcus tried to get them to confess to each other, failed terribly, and let them figure it out for themselves
  • it took marcus and oliver less time to get together than it did adrian and terrence
  • adrian and terrence teased marcus when he was mooning over oliver tho and never let him forget the stupid lovesick things he said about oliver. ever.
  • (“I couldn’t have been that bad, ok? you guys r definitely exaggerating.” “We literally talked about wood’s ass at least twice a day, flint. And, you made snape write that letter about training malfoy just to see wood’s reaction. You were obsessed.” “adrian, you’re forgetting that one time we had joint practice with the gryffindors and oliver wore shorts. I think our captain almost fell off his broom.”)

god this was a blast to write but it’s 3am and I need to freaking sleep!!!! I think I’ll save my war headcanons for part 2 ;)

Terrence Higgs | 5th year Slytherin | Halfblood | Zach Roerig | OPEN


Being a halfblood in a house that prides itself on being the ‘pureblood’ house is not easy but Terrence doesn’t let that faze him. He has proved himself in his mind, but not as a typical Slytherin. He refuses to be a typical anything. Despite being the Seeker on the team full of bullys, he has never once committed a foul, believing that you don’t truly win if you cheat. He may be one of the nicer Slytherins, but that doesn’t mean you can cross him. If you piss him off, you are going down, and he doesn’t care how badly you get hurt.