Finally the NFL season begins tomorrow! One thing I would be watching
closely is the Black quarterbacks in NFL because a Black QB hasn’t
won a Super Bowl since 1988. When Doug Williams led the Washington
Redskins to a victory over the Denver Broncos. Doug left with Super
Bowl MVP Honors in a game which he OUTPLAYED Hall of Fame QB John
Elway. This season there is potentially eight Black Quarterbacks named
as starters, which is probably the most in NFL History. Its been a
long time coming so this could be our the year we see a Black QB hold that
trophy again. Black athletes dominant the other skills position in the NFL
its only a matter of time before we dominant the QB position.

Post Written by: @Oba_Tayo

RAIDERS NAME QB TERRELLE PRYOR STARTER FOR SEASON OPENER - Matt Flynn must feel like he’s stuck in a bad scene from Groundhog Day after he found out on Monday that the Oakland Raiders have decided to go with Terrelle Pryor as the teams’ starting quarterback for the season opener on Sunday when the Raiders face the Colts in Indianapolis, NFL.com reports.

During the preseason, Pryor was 17-of-32 for 221 yards with 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions.

Flynn was the starter throughout training camp and preseason but struggled. During the third game he threw two interceptions and lost a fumble. Then Pryor entered the game and led the team to four scoring drives.

Pryor was given the opportunity of starting the preseason finale, while Flynn rested a sore arm, but didn’t play well at all. On Friday head coach Dennis Allen said that he’d chosen a starter but didn’t want to announce it at that time. (Photo:

Daily SMH Moment (From 8/22/11)

The Oakland Raiders never fail to make headlines during draft day. Of course we all remember them drafting LSU QB JaMarcus Russell #1 overall, paying him a ton of money, only to see him turn into one of the biggest busts in the history of the game. We also remember them drafting Darrius Heyward-Bey #7 overall one year, ahead of Michael Crabtree, who many rated as the top WR in the draft. Heyward-Bey has yet to do anything. The same year that they drafted Heyward-Bey, they would also draft safety Mike Mitchell in the 2nd round, a guy that was projected to go undrafted. Like I said, the Raiders never fail to make headlines during a draft. Well, they made more news yesterday, drafting disgraced Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor in the 3rd round of the supplemental draft, a guy who I envisioned being taken no earlier than in the 5th round. It sounds like Oakland is counting on him to be their new savior, and that’s a bad idea.

I’m not sure why anyone would be desperate enough to draft Pryor in the 3rd round. But it doesn’t surprise me one bit that the Raiders pulled the trigger. Al Davis has made a name for himself by wasting draft picks. Maybe he saw Pryor’s speed and thought he was striking gold. If it weren’t for the fact that Pryor ran a blazing 40 for a QB, he wouldn’t have been picked anywhere near the 3rd round. I guess he could have some potential as a WR down the road but for some reason, especially considering what Oakland has at QB, I think the Raiders drafted him to be a QB. But there’s no way, absolutely no way that Pryor makes a name for himself as an NFL quarterback. He’s just not quick enough with decisions and he’ll struggle mightily to break down NFL defenses. Oakland may be banking on him to be their savior a few years down the road, but I’m guessing that he’ll just end up another JaMarcus Russell: a major BUST. The Raiders will get burned again.

-Danny Rinehart