So I’m a liberal in a sea of family members that are Republican and only watch Fox News (literally. It’s on the tv 24/7 here. It’s nauseating.) The topic of people kneeling during the national anthem came up again (it comes up every damn day in this house) and my dad sits there and says, “I don’t know why these black people find it necessary to kneel. They have the same rights we do in this country and they should knock it off.”

:) The same rights? I had to get up and just leave the room;; because yeah sure everyone may have the “same rights” but I’m sorry but people in this country do it treat everyone the same. People that are “treated the same” aren’t called the n word constantly during a football game like Terrell Pryor. People who are “treated the same” aren’t discriminated against in the hiring process for jobs in this country. I could write the book on this subject… but it wouldn’t matter if I brought it up in this house because my family feels more then comfortable to turn a blind eye to it;; about racial discrimination… about LGBT discrimination… even about feminism.

As a country we need to look at the above mentioned and discuss and fix it before we ever tell the players of the NFL that they shouldn’t be kneeling. To not show respect for a country that doesn’t care about its people.

I’m sorry if this upsets people, but I wouldn’t kneel either.

Brian Dales of the Summer Set and Alex DeLeon of The Cab doing the ALS ice bucket challenge! Alex nominated Calum Hood, Josephine Skriver, Terrelle Pryor, and Rod Streader. Brian nominated Alex Gaskarth, Blair Fowler, Megan Nicole, Jess Bowen, and Taco Bell (lol)