Last name ideas for characters

Abernathy, Abbott, Abner, Acker, Adair, Agnew, Alstott, Alderidge, Algernon, Amherst, Antrican, Archer, Arrhenius, Astor, Ashby, Anson, Ayesa, Ballard, Balker, Banu, Barrick, Bartley, Bauer, Bennett, Benwikere, Betchell, Berkshire, Bixby, Bonavich, Bohr, Blaustein, Boyle, Bradford, Byrne, Cabot, Carmicheal, Chadwick, Clemonte, Choi, Crimson, Capra, Calaway, Carver, Chambers, Chatwin, Curio, Cutler, Dalton, Darbyshire, Davenport, Decarlo, Dawkins, Deloy, Devlin, Dixon, Donahue, Donovan, Dobra, Dubois, Darwin, Dayholt, De Loughrey, Ebony, Elder, Earp, Eberstark, Eldridge, Egan, Epps, Fangio, Fawcett, Fawzi, Fenner, Ferber, Finchum, Fisk, Flacco, Fleiss, Findlay, Fitrei, Fluor, Freud, Grimaldi, Grigg, Gaither, Gallagher, Gardel, Gore, Gundlach, Hadwin, Halleck, Hammer, Hammond, Hardin, Harker, Hart, Harvick, Hobbs, Hostetler, Hutton, Huxx, Hyde, Hirsch, Horne, Harrington, Hawthorne, Hearst, Irvine, Ingram, Irwin, Ives, Jinx, Jonz, Jishu, Katts, Kaufman, Keats, Keller, Kaiser, Keogh, Kubiak, Koshy, Krii, Kline, Lauder, Lacroix, Lexington, Lowell, Leeyung, Lister, Lynch, Mackey, Malenko, Malik, Matisse, Moreau, Murdock, Merka, McCoy, Morgan, Naillon, Napier, Nejem, Newton, Novak, Nunn, Oakley, O'Bannon, Odenkirk, Oduya, Ogden, Opilio, Orr, Orman, Pruitt, Phoenix, Price, Pavlovsky, Pawar, Pell, Pinzen, Plunkett, Powell, Putnam, Quaice, Quaid, Quall, Quimby, Quantum, Reyes, Rhodes, Rothchild, Ripley, Royu, Rush, Rutherford, Rafus, Rendhaw, Rhodes, Rifkin, Rosenberg, Rudd, Sabanthia, Sarkis, Sasai, Savoy, Schulz, Seibert, Shute, Simerly, Sloane, Soria, Stryker, Suggs, Sullivan, Swiatek, Sweeney, Tait, Tanaka, Tapp, Tepper, Terrella, Toller, Trench, Tuco, Tussac, Thindrel, Tram, Thyco, Vaccaro, Vasher, Van Doren, Vesper, Vestine, Volek, Vos, Vroman, Udder, Unger, Wadd, Walcott, Wallace, Warrick, Webb, Whalen, Whitner, Witt, Wolownick, Wolf, Wooten, Windsor, Wright, Xavier, Xu, Yadao, Yaeger, Yale, Yates, Yellen, Zabik, Zade, Zahn, Zipser, Zaballa, Zraa

・・・・☆ We’re getting married!! 

it’s an ooc marriage but that ain’t stoppin me from drawing cutes. if you wanna attend Perish Song and Vio Terrella’s Eternal Bonding ceremony on 2/23 (Tuesday) at 8PM EST then just hit either of us up in game or on tumblr (Perish’s is @garuda-eggy) & we’ll send an invite your way

bless these new gpose options

anywho I’d like to announce that I’m officially back in beesness. while I’ll miss my old account, it was kind of nice to start fresh (you can find what’s left of my soul in potd somewhere). Vio is now Velous Terrell, if you have any of my old toons on your friend list then go ahead & boot them, make room for the ones that are alive 👍

a heartfelt thank you to everyone who sent me their love and support, it really motivated me to not just drop the game after losing everything. I’m looking forward to playing Stormblood with you all!!

– A magnetized sphere meant to represent Earth and to study magnetism and aurora.

Carve a magnetic object into a sphere, put it into a chamber with some gasses, send some electricity towards it and watch the gas become excited and emit light around the poles.

Aurora is usually seen at the poles due to the field lines of the magnet being more perpendicular to the Earth. This allows the particles to travel down into the atmosphere with little resistance and eventually create aurora.

External image

Higher energy particles are able to make their way down into the atmosphere at lower latitudes because they can overcome the magnetic resistance. The Carrington Event is a good example of this. This was a result of a very large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) which created aurora visible as far from the poles as Cuba and Hawaii. People report being able to read the newspaper at night!