Lookgami these plant bros. Man i cant feel my h a ha hands. This is my first serious mp100 fanart i  uh sat and for like 30 mins thinking if i should post it or nah. Im sorry i don`t draw humans that much i draw cats fighting lmao this sucks ass and i am disappointed have mercy i am a 13 yo kid with a family . I might make their bfs next time ehhee

not-josephine  asked:

Hi! I'm interested in starting a terrarium for my college dorm, but I've read online that glass terrariums retain water which can cause harmful diseases for succulents. Are there any succulent-friendly terrariums you'd recommend? Also, any tips for first-time succulent moms living in dorms? Thank you so much in advance!

A succulent terrarium?

A succulent terrarium??


NO. There are NO friendly succulent terrariums. Ferns, moss, and other plants that like moist, humid conditions and can handle less than ideal drainage go in terrariums. Succulents MIGHT live, but they will not thrive. Most likely, they will rot. PLEASE NO DON’T DO IT I WILL BE SO SAD

as for your dorm question: most dorms have only one or two windows, and unless you have a place for your succulents right in front of them, most won’t do very well. some that will survive with limited light are haworthia, gasteria, aloe vera, hatiora, and schlumbergera. water very sparingly and keep them in clay/terra cotta pots to help keep moisture at a minimum. they should do just fine. :D