🌱How I made my magic terrarium 🔮🎀

Hello beautiful witches 💞! Now I want to share with you how I made magic terrarium 🌱.

First at all, I used:

🌹Glass form (I picked simple glass form, later it will be easier to plant your plants)

🌸Drainage ( For my drainage I used a small simple crystals, like quartz, agate, carnelian ans others)


💮Plants substrate ( I used the cheapest one)

🌼 Succulents, Cactus



Step 1

After that, when I choosed a glass form, I started with drainage. For my drainage I used a big stones small crystals. First I put down a big stones (you can find them in the forest or park), then a small crystals (2 centimetres over the surface). They will make my terrarium magic.🔮

Step 2

I have a couple of cockatiels, so I used their coal for my terrarium. Add a coal cover the surface.

Step 3

I added a plants substrate and my succulents.

Step 4

Add moss. Moss you can find everywhere: in park, in forest. Bring a bit moss to your home, and left it for a day. After that day if your moss still looks hod you cam use it for you terrarium.

Step 5

Add crystals or other decor into your terrarium.

Some tipps:

💜Don’t mix succulents and leafy plants. Leafy plants needs more water than succulents.

💛Use a long time growing up plants.

That’s all. Thank you for your attention.

Sorry if my english was bad.

Blessed be!

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