Edit: These are now available as prints. I also edited the light and added a glow in the pictures. I hope you will like it :)

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Here is the story I made during the inktober challenge of this year. I inked with a Gpen and I colored it on photoshop.
It was really fun even though this style of inking made me crazy XD
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask (Please read the captions first). Or if you want, you can check all the inktobers individually here or on my other webstites.

First part

Second part

Third part



If you’re a nature lover, then you know just how calming the outdoors can be. That’s why it can be beneficial to carry a piece of Mother Nature with us, especially when we’re surrounded by four walls. Luckily, Etsy shop Teeny Tiny Planet preserves real, dried flowers in elegant, mini glass bottles. These pieces are then attached to antique charms and luminous crystals to make a truly enchanting, one-of-a-kind terrarium necklace that’s reminiscent of the comforting woodland world.

“My true love has always been the little things in Nature,” explains teenytinyplanet’s owner. To see the designer’s delicate creations for yourself, you can visit her Etsy store. (Source)

Here is where you can find more amazing products from etsy.


Summer day in the Mystery Jar

Photography credit: my friend Tomas

Finally got to finish planting my long-planned terrarium. This was a pleasantly low budget affair. I snatched the jar and the little tree for a couple quid at a market, and the different mosses from a trip to the forest. I had my eyes on some ferns too but quickly ran out of space. That jar is tiny, about 10cm in diameter. That little golf cart? 5 millimetres.

The Shack’s made from some leftover polymer clay. Sculpting and painting it took about two days. (A fair amount of which was spent worrying that I’d melt everything when baking them in the oven.)

Now I wanna make more terrariums…