Funny things from my first time DMing

Just some funny things that happened in my game on Saturday: 

  • The half-elf ranger freaking out when they found out they were somehow transported to the other side of the continent in what seemed like half a day
  • Children asking how big a dragon’s poop was
  • The wizard getting wasted
  • The child elf sorcerer accusing everyone of being a bad guy
  • The Magical Institute of Terrarial Studies (MITS)
  • The gnome ranger trying every wrong option for a puzzle and getting smashed with a rock, a bone and a broken bottle
  • The wizard thinking he could tank against the big bad and immediately being KOed.
  • The Half-elf ranger shooting the big bad in the ass with an arrow
  • The druid leaving a druidic message on the big bad’s ass

Good times