Important and helpful words for people that might find them useful!!

Feminamoric: nonbinary person attracted to women (be it romantic\sexual\alterous\whatever other way(s) are significant to them). To be used only by nonbinary people and is, by definition, a monosexual orientation (aka: only attracted to women)

Viramoric: nonbinary person attracted to men (be it romantic\sexual\alterous\whatever other way(s) are significant to them)To be used only by nonbinary people and is, by definition, a monosexual orientation (aka: only attracted to men)

Venusic: nonbinary people (of any nonbinary identity) exclusively attracted to women and lunarians. To be used only by nonbinary people, a multi-spec orientation by definition.

Marsic: nonbinary people (of any nonbinary identity) exclusively attracted to men and solarians. To be used only by nonbinary people, a multi-spec orientation by definition.

Terraric: nonbinary people (of any nonbinary identity) exclusively attracted to other nonbinary people. To be used only by nonbinary people, a multi-spec orientation by definition.

Femaric: Umbrella term for everyone attracted to women/girls. Can be used as an identifier by anyone who experiences nonstraight attraction to women/girls. Can be used by binary and nonbinary people(?)

Mascic: Umbrella term for everyone attracted to men/boys. Can be used as an identifier by anyone who experiences nonstraight attraction to men/boys. Can be used by binary and nonbinary people(?)

Enboric: Umbrella term for everyone attracted to nonbinary people. Can be used as an identifier by anyone who experiences nonstraight attraction to nonbinary people. Can be used by binary and nonbinary people(?)

First two coined by @demisexual-yuri second two coined at @temp-nb-blog Terraric coined by @ask-pride-color-schemes and last three coined by @goodpositivitylgbt








Imagine your OTP trying to have sex while super drunk and failing messily.

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Aqua/Terra
Rating: NSFW (But not too intense.)
Author’s Thoughts: I wasn’t planning to write anything tonight, but this prompt really formed a scene in my mind so I’m excited about this!

“Terra, where did you even get this stuff?” Aqua asked as she stumbled over to her bed, giggling like a schoolgirl. “I snuck it from the Master’s room while he was out.” He took a large gulp from the bottle and tossed another to Aqua which she eyed suspiciously. He let out a groan, clearly indicative of disgust “I don’t get how the Master drinks this stuff.” but had a second drink anyways. Terra motioned to her, “Well, drink up, Eraqus is probably gonna kill me when he finds out, so we should at least enjoy ourselves a little.” He smiled in a somewhat dazed manner.

Aqua looked at him, and back at the bottle. She popped off the cap and sniffed at its’ contents, recoiling at the smell. In that bitter scent however there was a sweet quality she could make out, and she felt a sort of lightheadedness that was pleasant. Maybe it won’t be so bad after all. She took a sip and immediately felt a flood of warmth into her cheeks. She thought she must be blushing and giggled which caught Terra’s attention. “Ehhhhhh? You like it, huh?” He said to her while laughing. He was clearly a few drinks ahead of her already.

She drank deeper this time, and felt the warmth spread across her body. Again and it seeped into each of her nooks and crevices. Turning her attention back to Terra she noted that he’d become quite unstable. She intended to get out of her bed and help him, but the sudden shift in position made her queasy, and she thought better of it. Instead she reached her arm out to him, “Terra, I’d hate for you to fall on the floor and hurt yourself. Perhaps you should come sit over here.” She patted the open area next to her with her free arm, and took another drink, eyeing him from over the mouth of the bottle. Her eyes had taken on a sly quality that elicited a blush from Terra. Slowly she realized her error and burst into laughter, she planned to correct it but in her haste and general sloppiness she dropped the bottle she had been drinking from and got most of its’ contents on her shirt.

The liquid was warm on her skin, it dripped down her breasts, she made to wipe herself, albeit messily, and caught a nipple between her fingers. It was poking through her shirt and tender to the touch. She toyed with it a little and moaned audibly. Terra watched this scene play out with all the subtlety of Master Eraqus during an exam. Aqua remembered his presence and blushed profusely. She grabbed the nearest pillow and threw it in his general direction, it fell to the floor wide of its’ mark which only heightened her embarrassment. “Ugh, give me your shirt you pervert!” She managed to say in droopy tones. Terra approached the bed and obliged, he set his drink down and peeled his shirt off slowly, having found that basic motor controls were a bit more difficult than they once had been.

As Terra revealed his chest to her she felt a new warmth between her legs. She had never felt a heat like this before, but it was overwhelming. She wanted to learn more about it. He was topless now, and he held the shirt out to her which she playfully batted away. She scooted to the edge of the bed as gracefully as she was able and was now directly in front of Terra’s chest. Her legs spread to accommodate his presence. Their bodies were touching, she began kissing his abdomen lightly. He inhaled sharply, his member twinged, fit to burst from his loose fitting pants. He could feel it pressing against Aqua’s chest and blushed. She felt it too, and placed her hand on it pushing him away. “I think I need another drink.” she said to him teasingly.

Terra bit his lip to suppress a gasp. He bent down for the bottle he’d left on the floor but stumbled. He gripped her to try and catch his balance, his hand finding her inner thigh. She squealed and snapped her legs shut, partly as a reaction but also in an attempt to hold him there. He wriggled his hand free gently, she panted at the motion. Remembering the task at hand he grabbed the bottle, and regained his footing, holding it out to Aqua. Aqua’s eyes lit up at the sight and she snatched it from him, pulling him on to the bed in tow. His arrival came with a bounce, and Aqua tumbled backwards. She took great care however not to spill this second draught, precious as it was, and so only a little splashed from its container on to the two of them.

The two lay now side by side and face to face, Terra on his stomach and Aqua on her back. Aqua tried to take a drink that way and ended up pouring more on her face than she drank. Terra could help himself no longer and laughed. “Let me help you with that”, he said, propping himself up with one arm so that he was facing her. With his other arm he brushed her lips in a feigned attempt to wipe them clean. He leaned in closer now and began to lick at her lips. Aqua placed an arm around his neck and pulled him in, their lips met, tongues close behind. Aqua’s face was burning, and she wanted more.

She broke away only to come up for air, and found that in their exchange their drink had fallen out of her hand and onto the bed. She picked it up to find it was empty and gave the bottle a menacing glare. She began to pat Terra to get his attention. He responded with a drowsy, “Huh?” “We should… do this again sometime.” She said with a giggle. She believed she heard a muffled “Yeah.” and then Terra began to snore. She pressed a hand between her thighs, shivering. She couldn’t decide if she was relieved or disappointed that their night was over but she thought it best for now to let things lie. With for now in her mind and a smile on her face she too drifted off to sleep.

Não desligue, por favor. Me dê alguns minutos, me dê uma última chance. Eu apenas queria te pedir para não me esquecer, eu sei que signifiquei algo para você. Por maiores que sejam meus erros, você conseguia ameniza-los com seu jeito simples e sincero, confesso que sinto saudade de sua mão sobre meus ombros na hora de dormir. Pode parecer um paradoxo, mas ouso dizer que nunca fiquei tão triste. Logo você que sempre me trouxe felicidade, ao partir, me partiu. E não estou falando isso da boca pra fora. Veja só, Pitter, todos estão notando que eu não estou bem, e eu nunca gostei de mostrar fraqueza. Você é meu ponto de ferida. Aquele que não cicatriza, que não fecha, que não para de jorrar sangue. Nunca fui a melhor mulher do mundo, nós dois sabemos que você merece coisa bem melhor, mas, por favor, eu vou fazer de tudo para mudar. Farei de tudo para que as brigas se sessem, para que o ciúmes não fale mais auto. Se preciso for eu viro de ponta cabeça. Sim, no sentido mais literal que pode existir. Eu deixarei você respirar, eu deixarei você viver sua vida. Eu farei de tudo para ver você sorrindo, prometo mudar, prometo fazer tudo o que eu não fiz nesses longos anos que ficamos juntos e que agora parecem mínimos. Eu estou me afogando, e você é o único que pode me salvar. Não consigo voltar a nadar, estou muito longe da terrar, estou engolindo muito sal. Venha me socorrer, eu preciso da sua ajuda, eu preciso de você para voltar a margem. Eu só sei nadar acompanhada em sua companhia.
—  Pitter and Holly.