Worship - Terranean Wake IV: End Of An Aeviturne

The Great Gatsby movie is actually good.

“The way he looked at her was the way all women want to be looked at.” That phrase struck me. It rang in my mind. All of the sudden, memories rushed in. I was reading again. I was reading her story. You see, I am capable of that look. Now, I’m not saying that I know how to do it, or am even willing too. I am saying I am capable of it. I have the eyeballs and the brain for it. I know this because I’ve been admired for it before. Now “I” wasn’t really admired, not even my character. I am not silly enough to think I am a look or that a look is mine. I am nothing without the environmental pressures that prompted the look, but I would say that I have a tendency or two that … Well, That’s another story. In the story, the narrator looked at the boyfriend of her friend. That boyfriend was me and that narrator was her, as much as any two people can be any two characters. Characters are more real than people, more constant. As Pirandello illustrates in his timeless play. Anyway, she was looking at me, looking at her. The characters were going on a camping trip. The me-character forgot all of the camping gear, but that is also another story. The point is that she was jealous of the look I was giving to her friend. She didn’t want me, as she made clear in the story, she wanted that look. She wanted someone to look at her that way, a way that says “I believe in you, I desire your best.” and to desire something like that is to truly see it, and sometimes we just need someone to see it, to see the best that we know we are.

Drabble - Build a Snowman!


Magnus had sent them on a surface mission to New Zealand, to capture a small creature that was a distant relative to the mollux.

The thing about New Zealand was that it was winter in July.  Henry had to admit it felt a little strange to be planning for winter weather in the middle of July.  The fact was, the seasonal changes they had been used to … always … were not even really a factor to consider in New Praxis, where the climate, “sunlight”, and so on were all controlled by technology- it didn’t rain, it didn’t snow; the temperatures were controlled to reasonably comfortable levels year round, and only fluctuated enough to optimize the harvest of rachi and other sub-terranean crops that the outlands nomads could grow. 

But here on this part of the surface, it was winter at a very unfamiliar time.  And what better way to pass the time than to make it fun?

They found the creature and captured it, sending it back with Will and Declan.  Henry told them to go on without them, they’d be back to the Sanctuary the day after.

Early in the morning, he got up and was outside before she ever noticed he was gone.  When she got up and went looking for him, he was outside the little cottage-style house owned by the Sanctuary.  There was snow on the ground.

Looking over at her as she came over to look for him, he smiled.

“So… wanna build a snowman?" 

Terranean Recordings is part of the first Netlabel Day with 5 new releases.

Release 4/5: Luke Lund - Kalk
“Kalk” is an ambient album sparked by personal childhood memories evoked by revisiting places last glanced at in the 1990’s. Designed to be played without interference, keeping volume where the field recordings are at a realistic level. Includes a photo album PDF to enhance the mood.


Luke Lund - Amygdalae

“Amygdalae”, Terranean Recordings, 2015


Luke Lund - High-Redshift

“Optical Range”, Terranean Recordings, 2015


Luke Lund - Finnäng

“Kalk”, Terranean Recordings, 2015

Terranean Recordings is part of the first Netlabel Day with 5 new releases.

Release 3/5: Luke Lund - Optical Range
“Optical Range” is a collection of 2 hours worth of various techno experiments produced alongside studying astronomy and following recent celestial events. This first techno release in five years can be heartily recommended to all those who enjoy N.Landstrumm, C.Vogel, Basic Channel, their Burial Mix label and “outsider” house.

All tracks are produced live with headphones and a mishmash of digital and analogue, essentially presented in their raw form. All versions of the 10 original tracks are results of pure improvised jamming and cannot be revisited.

Terranean Recordings is part of the first Netlabel Day with 5 new releases.

Release 1/5: Light Overhead - Nekton
Two scavenged demo mixes from the “Nekton” EP, some of the very earliest prepared guitar improvisations by Luke Lund inspired by the 50th anniversary year of the first descent to the deepest point on Earth, the Challenger Deep. Track 3 is a previously unreleased drone on bass guitar.