Victory Never Tasted So Sweet (Tony Stark x Reader)

I love the idea of all the Avengers hanging out and also the idea of them being competitive over small things like game night sooo here you go!


“(Y/N) stop! Think about what you’re doing! We can still make this work!” Your boyfriend Tony Stark begged you.

“Tony stop. I am sick of you making all the decisions and trying to control everything we do! I’m smart too! You’re not the only genius here!” You tried to reason with the over sized man child.

“But (Y/N),” Tony grabbed your face and stared deep into your (Y/E/C) eyes. “Mediterranean Avenue is Monopoly suicide.”

Ah yes, Avengers game night. Every Tuesday all the Avengers got together for a night of highly competitive board games. This week had been Steve’s turn to decide what you guys played and he had chosen Monopoly, a game him and Bucky had apparently played a lot of back in their day.

“Will you two just make a decision already?!” Clint huffed from the other side of the board.

“Oh like you and Sam are any faster!” You stuck your tongue out at one of your best friends who returned the gesture.  Since there weren’t enough game pieces for everyone to play individually you guys were playing in pairs. An idea that sounded good, but was actually horribly, horribly flawed. The teams were you and Tony, Clint and Sam, Steve and Bucky, Nat and Bruce, and Wanda and Pietro.  

“Oh so that’s how it’s gunna be?!” Sam asked as he reentered the room with a couple of beers in one hand and a bowl of popcorn in the other.

“I must agree with (Y/N). The old man and his other bird companion are particularly slow,” Pietro chimed in from his spot on the couch.

“Guys! None of that’s important right now!” Tony hushed everyone. “Me and (Y/N) are trying to work through some life changing choices!”

Everyone gave a chuckle except you. “Tony Stark if you actually love me you’ll let me buy Mediterranean Avenue.” A chorus of ‘Oohs’ went around the circle of friends.

“Fine!” Tony huffed as you gave a bright smile and clapped your hands. “We’ll buy Medi-fucking-terranean Avenue.” You passed the money over to Bruce who was currently acting as banker. The task had originally been Tony’s, but everyone (including you) had accused him of cheating and he was forced to give the job to someone else.

“I don’t know why you’re all getting hung up on this anyways,” Bucky spoke up, catching everyone’s attention. “You’re all going down anyways.”

“Oh it’s on,” Natasha playfully narrowed her eyes at the other assassin. “Now pass me those dice so I can kick some old man ass!”


As the night went on you slowly realized that Bucky wasn’t kidding. Slowly but surely him and Steve took down team after team.

First to go had been Clint and Sam. Their inability to make a united decision on where to buy property made it easy for Steve and Bucky to swoop in and buy out their random pieces of land scattered around the board.

Next was Wanda and Pietro. And while it was more of a forfeit than a take down Steve and Bucky definitely added to the situation. The situation being that Pietro Maximoff just could not stand being still for four straight hours. So after the third straight round of Steve and Bucky taking almost half an hour to complete their turn PIetro cracked. The poor speedster started yelling at such a fast rate that no one could understand what he was saying and then he speed off. But not before slowing down enough to threaten that if anyone ever tried to make him play this god forsaken game ever again he would kill you all as slowly as you played the game. Wanda gave a sigh before simply getting off the couch and walking off to find her brother.

“I feel like that’s cheating?” Tony sassed as he stared down the two super soldiers. It was nearing eleven o’clock and tensions were beginning to run high. Especially with how over competitive everyone on the team was. Who ever won would brag about it for weeks, possibly months, and no one wanted that looming over their heads.

“Nah. Just strategy,” Steve quipped back before rolling the dice and setting his eyes on his next target- Nat and Bruce. Admittedly they were a little harder to take down than their last few opponents, especially after Nat and Bruce agreed to team up with you and Tony. Sadly though it wasn’t enough considering Steve and Bucky owned the whole last stretch of the board. It eventually became too much for Nat and Bruce who had spent all of their money putting up houses and hotels on their significantly less expensive part of the board.

“And then there were two,” you stated as Natasha and Bruce left the common area and headed to bed.

‘Don’t you think it’s past your bed times?” Tony asked the other remaining team.

The two super soldiers just scoffed before Bucky slammed the dice into your boyfriends hand. “Not at all. Besides we’re just getting started.”


It was nearing three in the morning and things were starting to look desperate. Basically every piece of property on the board had been mortgaged and both sides were having to scrape up enough money to pay the rent wherever they landed. You were basically neck in neck and it didn’t look like the game was going to last much longer. You and Tony had just landed on a railroad (which you thankfully owned) and it was Steve and Bucky’s turn. They were on North Carolina Avenue which meant they had about eight spots they could safely land on without having to pay.

You held you breath as Steve picked up the dice and rolled them out onto the board. “HE ROLLED A NINE!” You jumped up from the couch and started screaming with joy.

“We won!” Tony laughed and picked you up before spinning you around in victory. “That’s right! We won!”

Steve sighed before turning to his best friend with a sad look on his face, “I’m sorry Buck.”

“It’s alright Steve we’ll get them next time.”

“Psh, you wish gramps! Me and my girl kicked your asses and we could do it any day of the week! Isn’t that right babe?” Tony had a smug smirk on his face.

“Mhmm. But babe I think you owe me,” you now had your own smirk as you grabbed your boyfriend by the hand and started leading him to your bedroom.

“Owe you?” Tony quirked one eyebrow as he looked at the mischievous glint in your eyes. “Why and what would I owe you?”

“Because the only reason we just won was because they landed on Mediterranean Avenue,” you laughed at your boyfriends astonished face as you made it to the door of your shared bedroom. “And I’m sure you can think of plenty of ways to repay me.”

Tony gave his own laugh at the cute and seductive wink you gave him before going into your room and gave an excited whisper of “Oh we should definitely play Monopoly more often” before rushing in after you.


Hope you liked it! Requests are open!

The Gravity Field And Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) is proof that form is function and both are beautiful. Especially when they’re made of pure genius. A low orbit meant the satellite had to care a bit about aerodynamics, solar power made it shiny, and the incredible sensitivity of its instrumentation required a design without any moving parts. It was sleek, shiny, and solid. The realities of rocket science and the laws of physics teamed up to build an icon of fantastic ‘50s futurism for real.

The satellite mapped variations in the Earth’s gravitational field, allowing it to measure ocean currents, investigate the mantle, even probe inside hazardous volcanic regions. There was a real risk it would find a secret Bond villain. Which is the most reasonable explanation for how it got hit by an earthquake in space. The 2011 Tohoku earthquake turned tectonic plates into the world’s biggest sub(terranean)woofer. This vibrated the entire atmosphere so hard it even affected GPS signals by shaking the ionosphere. But the GOCE was flying low enough to feel the acoustic wave. This wasn’t a detection of the ground shaking: Its accelerometers and orbital correction thrusters felt the shaking from 260 kilometers straight up.

5 of the Coolest Scientific Findings (Are Shockingly Recent)

A "Merry-terranean" Christmas

Yeah I know it’s a bit early till New Years but i wanted to do another silly comic the both included puns and my own culture…also Turkey choking on a coin cause i thought it was funny….i thought wrong.

Oh yeah an explanation. *ahem* In Greece and Cyprus we have this cake/bread thing on New Years called a Vasilopita, where you hide a coin in it, and whoever get the coin in their slice is blessed with good luck for the rest of the year. (lesson over)


also BONUS:

Dib sat in the Spittle Runner’s jumpseat, boots tucked sharply into the weird curve of the footwell, typing at speed into his smaller laptop. Outside thehalf-dome windshield, grey clouds scudded past, rain hurling at speed against the dim projected lights of the ship’s HUD. It was getting dark, and they’d switched most of the non-essential illumination off, just in case. The ship hummed around them, strange atonal vibrations that shifted slightly in pitch and volume as parts of the Runner’s systems fired into higher gear.

The ride had been smooth and fairly quick despite the long distance they’d covered. Bonnie’s new control of the ship’s systems meant that it flew reliably near its top terranean speed. In space, out of the confines of the Earth’s atmosphere, Dib was pretty sure, it could probably go a lot faster. He glanced over at Simon in the pilot’s seat. The older boy was little more than a shadow against the dome, a bright glint every so often when his glasses caught the cockpit lights.

Dib kept typing as he talked, an agitated little scrunch fixed permanently between his eyes. “Kass keeps bugging me about the keycard. He wants to leave it taped at the rendezvous point, so he doesn’t have to meet up with us in person. I don’t like this, Simon- it still sounds like he’s trying to set us up. What’s our ETA? We’re nearly there, right? We should be nearly there.”