terran ghost

How Ace Attorney vs. Ghost Trick would work

It NEEDS to be some sort of Interquel game between AA3 and Apollo Justice, retconning the PW Trial in AJ as Apollo’s first case and having Clay Terran as a main character.

It should outline/flesh out Clay’s personality and friendship with Apollo much more and bet interspersed with:

Clay Terran saving all the WAA character’s lives with his power to slow down things. Either literally or just reducing momentum in things. Sissle, Missle, and Lyn make appearances, and even help out in a few puzzles. 

The game is interspersed with a few flashbacks from Clay where he reminisces about 2 or 3 court cases where he was Apollo’s co-council and they work together to solve a couple murders, Kristoph is there being creepy.


finally he’s free to roam space

Inspired by this.