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let it ring - unsungillumination - 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney [Archive of Our Own]
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summary: if there was one thing that klavier had learned, it was that apollo justice - no matter how upset - was simply not the kind of man to just sit back and watch the phone ring.

as a result, his missed call log on the day of the space station bombing was reason enough to panic.

pairing: klapollo, narumitsu

characters: apollo justice, klavier gavin, phoenix wright, trucy wright, miles edgeworth,clay terran

tags: canonical character death; hurt/comfort; angst; first kiss; implied/referenced character death; love confessions

  There had been one instance, some months ago, when Apollo had gotten absolutely furious.

  He’d spat into the phone, and slammed down the receiver, and an anxious Klavier had been certain that he would have to call back six, maybe seven times – perhaps even show up at the Agency door with some apology cake and a serenade, just to get a response.

  He dialled back apprehensively, and Apollo picked up at once.


  “Uh, Herr Justice,” Klavier said meekly, “it’s me. Klavier.”

  “YEAH. I KNOW.” Apollo still sounded mad, and Klavier unwittingly shrank away from the phone in his hand.

  “W-well, then, if you knew it was me, why did you pick up?”

  A short pause. “You want me to hang up again?” snapped Apollo.

  Klavier backtracked immediately. “No! No, please, Herr Justice, I’m sorry…”

  Apollo, quick to ignite and quicker to melt, forgave him without much hesitation and promptly forgot about it. But what the whole incident had taught Klavier was that Apollo Justice, no matter how upset, was simply not the kind of man to sit back and watch the phone ring.

  And that was precisely the cause of his concern now.

  Edgeworth paused on his way past Klavier’s office and, noting that the door had been left hanging ajar, stuck his head through the doorway. He frowned. “Were you planning on getting any work done today, Mr. Gavin?” he asked pointedly, but his sharp glare was wasted when the man in question barely looked up from his phone.

  “What was that?” asked Klavier absently, still not glancing up even as his superior’s glare intensified. He frowned and tapped the screen again.

  Edgeworth gave up and stepped into the office. “I’m sure whatever game you’re playing is fascinating, but I would remind you that this is not what you are being paid for.”

  Klavier finally straightened to shoot Edgeworth a bemused glance. “What? Oh. My apologies, Herr Edgeworth. I’m not playing a game.”

  “Then what exactly is so important that you cannot file the papers that I needed yesterday?”

  Klavier frowned down at his phone again. “Herr Justice has not been returning my calls.”

  The stare he received in return was no longer edged with anger – just bemused disapproval. “Mr. Gavin, I understand that you are disappointed, but I would remind you that your dating life should not interfere with your –”

  “Oh, nein!” Klavier spluttered. “That’s not what this is, I swear! He’s not my date, he’s my friend –”

  Edgeworth smirked. “Relax. Your personal affairs are of no relevance to me, and besides,” he adjusted his glasses, allowing the sun to glint off his engagement ring, “you will certainly receive no judgement from me.”

  Klavier bit his lip. “Danke, Herr Edgeworth – and congratulations, by the way – but that’s really not what this is about.”

  “Then what is it about Mr. Justice’s absence that is stopping you from doing your job?”

  “Eighteen missed calls,” said Klavier. “Just in this past afternoon. I’ve called his apartment, I’ve called his cell…”

  Edgeworth pursed his lips. “Mr. Gavin, I’m loath to interfere in your private life, but I believe that if one is to ignore so many calls, then they simply may not wish to speak to you. It may be in your best interest to let Mr. Justice alone – at least, for now.”

  “Yes, Herr Edgeworth, I know that,” said Klavier impatiently, “but you don’t understand. Apollo doesn’t ignore phone calls. Ever. There was once when Fräulein Wright and I accidentally set one of his pairs of pants alight during one of her magic tricks, and he was livid, but he still picked up the phone when I called him and –”

  Edgeworth massaged his temples. “Forgive me for saying this, Mr. Gavin, but I sometimes wonder why the man continues to hang around you.”

  “Me too, honestly,” admitted Klavier. “But the point is, Apollo always picks up his phone. No matter what. And, Herr Edgeworth… Honestly, I’m really worried about him.”

  Edgeworth took the phone and squinted at it. “If you don’t mind my asking,” he said slowly, “why were you so anxious to call him today?”


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