The Races of Starbound: A Brief Summary
  • Apex: Evolve or Die (or Else)
  • Floran: We are tree-huggerssss. Pleasssse come closssse enough to hug and not sssstab.
  • Glitch: Boastful. Ren fairs are for casuals.
  • Hylotl: Space-fish Weebs
  • Terran: Mostly Harmless. (Oh, sorry; "Homeless")
  • Novakid: ...Y'all say somethin'? Sorry, I was thinkin' about trains.

OMG that’s the biggest pack of sketches I’ve ever done!

Starting from the top:

Hawken - belongs to me

Darla  - @mandiblearts

Nick Walley - me

Kivari - @mandiblearts

Virai - @insomenigma

Zha’Vel - @renaxes

Adan - @protosshiropon

Aeollea - @protosshiropon

Irider - @ziferonan-blog

Guys hope you’ll like them drawn in my style, I was so happy to draw them all!

Humans Wanted: A SF Anthology

In recent years, there has been a trend toward dystopian science fiction, a trend that has made it appear that many authors think that humans are the worst thing that could ever happen to a planet or a civilization. Although this may turn out to be the case, isn’t it a little depressing?

In many science fiction scenarios, humans are depicted as weak meat bags that can barely carry their own weight, much less help with the mission. We are looked upon as parasitic, pitiful, and generally only useful in our numbers.

But does that always have to be the case?