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Voluta Fugetrum, or for those who are not conchologists, a sea shell!

See more in this 1825 book, A catalogue of the shells contained in the collection of the late Earl of Tankerville : arranged according to the Lamarckian conchological system ; together with an appendix containing descriptions of many new species, by G. B. Sowerby. From the Ernst Mayr Library at Harvard University via the Biodiversity Heritage Library. 


“Just like this tree, the art in Bavaria will continue to flourish and grow. It’s seeds will then spread into the neighbouring lands, sending a message of peace into the whole world!”

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D. Marcus Elieser Bloch’s, ausübenden Arztes zu Berlin … Oeconomische Naturgeschichte der Fische Deutschlands …. Berlin :Auf Kosten des Verfassers und in Commission bei dem Buchhändler Hr. Hesse,1782-1795.. biodiversitylibrary.org/page/48159563