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Picture this: A Blue planet protected by a thin layer of atmosphere that keeps temperature, air and water in perfect balance to maintain life.

In the cold depths of space, this planet is a true paradise. The only one known of its kind..

It is our planet,

But something is wrong..
The life sustaining systems on this planet are breaking down..

What happened?


Terrafractyl - Altered Planet


Terrafractyl - Milkweed

Love. Hard to keep your shoulders still in the beginning.

Tuning In To The Earth Frequency - Part III - Stepping into the Light!

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Emerging from the tent to a laughing A & G bought my spirits soaring back. What had I been doing in there? Just how had I let this music get such a hold on me!? After all i was some kind of “veteran tripper”, wasn’t I?

I realised the joke was on me, as once again the cosmos had humbled me when I least expected it. All I could do was laugh at myself and imagine how hilarious it must have been for my friends, finding me huddled in my tent in the middle of one of the biggest parties of our lives. How ironic, heh.

Back outside we smoked a few joints and laughed at ourselves. Sleep deprivation was seriously setting in at this point as we hadn’t slept more than 2 hours over a few days. Everyone was beginning to get a little bit delirious and combined with tripping it made for hilarious conversations. Most of them wound up with no one knowing what we were talking about for the 5 seconds prior and just giving up altogether.

As the dark prog changed to a bit more danceable dark psytrance we decided it was time to begin our journey towards the dancefloor. It was as though we were a group of brave, intrepid explorers, venturing into the wilderness for the first time.. Who knew what we would find once we got there!?
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Along the way we took in the incredible psychedelic artworks and got stuck in the sacred art tent for a short while before arriving at the main stage… What we found was nothing short of a trancefloor battleground. Everyone was in the midst of some kind of mental battle, each staking out their space on the dancefloor, carving their area. There was devilish old geezers with walking sticks marking their turf, rainbow coated women with gleams in their eyes and feathers in their hair and muscle bound trance maniacs, all together all making their own mark in the dirt.

It was one of the strangest moments of my life leading up to Terrafractyl. I vowed to stay on the dancefloor until he came on, and push through the darker trance until then. I danced and bobbed and swayed as the sun was coming up. It had to be soon I thought.

Alas it wasn’t as soon as I thought, and two more sets were played in blistering sunrise heat before the main event. The set before Terrafractyl i was swaying side to side, lost in trance when I spotted him off to the side of the dancefloor and almost threw myself in his direction. My anticipation had reached an overwhelming peak.

Soon enough I saw him take the stage right in front of me. I moved to the front of the trancefloor to assume my spot for what was about to be one of the best Sunday mornings of my entire existence.

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“Consciousness is all there is, im creating you, the world around me, and all there is, is me” came the first sample…

It was a beautiful sight. Sun shining through the trees as everyone rejoiced and stepped into the light simultaneously. Like an overwhelming release of energy, a victorious salute to the beauty of Earth and humanity, Terrafractyl led us directly into the light with subsonic precision.

Among the dancefloor I exchanged knowing smiles and glances with those I’d seen before, and my newfound friend Marco the Italian came running up to me beaming with joy. “You told me it would be good but I can’t believe this!” he exclaimed. Ahhh another soul converted I thought!

Among that dancefloor I danced harder and with more energy than ever before, paying my respects to a musical genius. It was simply incredible and I was offered joints, acid, cigarettes and whatever else was going around. Not bad for a Sunday morning..

At one point all I could do was look around me, at everyone smiling, the trees swaying in time and the clouds floating overhead. I almost, almost shed a tear at how beautiful it all was, and how lucky we are to be here at all..

It was a moment I will never forget, and the moment that summed up the whole festival for me. Full of life, beauty, humility and wonder, it showed the potential of the human spirit in full flight.

I can’t wait to get back there again..and if you ever get a chance, even just once to see a Terrafractyl dancefloor…you should too..





Terrafractyl - Finely Space

This is Terrafractyl. If you like psytrance, you’ll really enjoy this. Headphones or subwoofer HIGHLY recommended.


Terrafractyl - The Big Illusion