i’m not against vaping, but man, vaping two inches from my face on the subway is a ridiculous asshole kind of move. this dude was billowing like he was auditioning for the role of haunted house fog machine. the humidity in the whole car changed, he was ruining haircuts. just jump starting the water cycle. condensation was dripping down my glasses. people were slipping off poles, it was chaos. it was like watching one man try to terraform the moon. a planet with one dense, root beer scented atmosphere blocking out the sun and choking all life. 

“An Agate terrifies, a Lapis terraforms”

This line stuck out a little bit to me. Since Same Old World, we haven’t really known why Lapis was even on earth in the first place, and according to this line a Lapis’ purpose is to terraform. Now, if you’re like me and have no clue what this means, look no further:

“transform a planet so as to resemble the earth, especially so that it can support human life.”

There have been some theories that Lapis were meant to be messengers, which would explain the wings, but it seems to be more than that. I think that Lapis was sent to earth in order to study it. 

Now why would homeworld need her to study the earth?

But let’s not forget about the theory of Lapis being a messenger, it still has some validity to it. Lapis was on earth to gather information for the human zoo, but she still needed to relay the information back to homeworld and that’s where a different power comes into play.

The mirror thing she did with her eyes, wasn’t an accident. I think that it’s a power that all Lapis Lazuli gems have. The gem who put our Lapis in a mirror, clearly knew what she was doing, considering that’s likely how they transfer their information. 

Lapis was on earth to gather information for the human zoo.

Your oldest brother is a military genius. Your little sister has cured three types of cancer. The twins are working on a new method of locating planets fit for terraforming. And you… You are mom’s favourite.

a lapis terraforms

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this is the dance from “what’s the use of feeling blue” during the lines “an agate terrifies / a lapis terraforms”.

notice blue pearl’s movement during the latter line. look familiar?

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of course it does. it’s the same dance that lapis does while fusing with jasper.

it’s a bit odd that blue pearl would do this - either she knows our lapis, and she’s fused before, which is odd on its own - or all lapises are known to do this. on homeworld, dancing is almost exclusively reserved for fusion. see where i’m going with this?

this could be a stretch, but since lapises are terraformers - it would make sense for them to fuse together in order to incraese their power, like we saw the rubies do in hit the diamond. we already know that out lapis on her own is pretty powerful, so consider: a giant multi-lapis fusion with a huge amount of power to destroy and change an entire planet in the blink of an eye. it would, indeed, make lapis gems a powerful asset on homeworld.

of course, it could just be a subtle throwback to jail break, but I prefer to think it’s hinting to something deeper. a simple dance representing an entire caste of gems can mean a lot.

Lapis Lazuli Theory

So, I usually don’t make theory posts, but this most recent round of leaks got me thinking and I haven’t seen any posts addressing this yet, or at least not the way I see it. 

In the song sung by Yellow Diamond, we find out the uses for a few gems, including Lapis. A few theories out there hung up on the idea of terraforming literally meaning “make like earth”, especially in the context of Si-Fi, but I don’t agree with this statement. While yes, the dictionary definition of terraforming is used in this method, a LOT of landscaping companies use when they mean making radical changes to an area, like creating or removing hills. But it does bring up a “why?”. Why would Gems, who do not need to eat, sleep or even breathe, need to Terraform? 

Well, let’s look at OUR Lapis to start. In the episode Same Old World, we hear Lapis’s origins for how she ended up in the mirror. In this, she expresses she wasn’t supposed to stay on Earth for long but got caught up in the war. The important part of this was that she was there in the early stages of the war, before things got too serious and possibly before it even started at all.

Now, some have argued that Lapis is some kind of messenger as well, based on her ability to create wings of water and relay information through water like a mirror (Same Old World). However, I argue that some gems demonstrate powers that do not align specifically with their given class system or role. A prime example?


Sapphire’s ability to create ice has nothing to do with her “intended purpose”. Indeed, in the same song Yellow Diamond says Lapis are used to terraform, she tells us Sapphires are used for their future vision. We also see it in The Answer where Blue Diamond asks Sapphire for guidance on what will happen in regards to what happens with the Crystal Gems. 

But, Lapis’s ability to manipulate water IS in line with her terraforming ability. 

These are the two Kindergartens. As we know, Beta Kindergarten was a rushed job as a result of the war, but the Prime Kindergarten existed before the war, producing primarily Quartz gems like Rose and Amethysts. This is done by injectors placed within the walls, causing gems to emerge out of the holes seen above. But look at the shape of the Kindergartens, and what they look like. Gems are not just produced by sticking an injector in the dirt somewhere, they’re made in canyons. Deep canyons. Look at the lines present within both of the Kindergartens. If they look familiar, they should. After all, the same lines in rock are observed in a famous United State Landmark: The Grand Canyon. 

These lines are basically layers of rock built up over millions of years naturally. However, the Colorado River has been eroding the Earth over millions of years. In fact, it’s thought that the Beta Kindergarten may be located in the Grand Canyon. But there’s a reason it’s viewed as being inferior to the Prime Kindergarten that Peridot elaborates on in Beta: The surfaces must be flat. The Grand Canyon was created naturally by a river and is twisted and curved around, and converted into a Kindergarten to quickly produce more troops during the war. But the walls of the Prime Kindergarten are straight, unnatural even when compared to the Grand Canyon. That’s because Prime Kindergarten was created artificially through careful, planned water erosion instead of a natural river. What gems can manipulate water with ease? Lapis Lazulis. Lapis herself has demonstrated she can move an entire ocean, even when cracked.  Based on the time frame, the answers are clear:

Lapis Lazulis terraform Kindergartens for Homeworld.

Our Lapis helped created the Kindergarten on Earth.


So here’s my redone lapis design! it bothered me that a character who has the ability to terraform and create such mass destruction (she can hold down the entire ocean) had such a petite and admittedly boring design.

i kept the no eyebrow and melting when stressed out attribute from the beta lapis design because i liked it a lot

i didn’t make a size difference thing but for me this lapis is about the size of garnet.

“The Zootopia Mountains have isolated most bad weather in the harbor side of the city since the city terraforming project began, making most large **** a distant memory to local residents. There are records of the flood ********”

**** : Too blurry to read




.  .  .

Okay, now someone write a fic about Zootopia Terraforming, please!

Consider this a Writing Prompt.

hi guys! i’m back with a new masterpost, this time focused on music! music is something we all love and some like to listen to while studying, me included. if you don’t then you have some new good playlists to vibe to at any other occasion! i’ve listened to many playlists and now i’ve picked out my faves from the community! let’s go:

mildliner inspired study playlists
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kpop instrumentals for studying
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i hope you guys found this helpful! now go and kick ass, good luck!
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