Consider: Critical Role Firefly AU.

  • Vex and Vax as a pair of smugglers, barely eking out a living, but enjoying their freedom.  Born to an Alliance politician and a rim-planet farmer, they never really felt welcome in either world, they took to the Black in a crappy little ship and made it their home.
  • Pike as a doctor the twins picked up when she was looking for a ship that’d help her find her missing foster brother, Grog.  She comes to like them and elects to stay.
  • Grog as the hired muscle of the twins’ crew, who was offered the job after they rescued him with Pike.
  • Scanlan as a companion hitching a ride with the twins to get to his various clients on the cheap.  His mother died in a Reaver attack when he was young.
  • Keyleth as a university student who is “studying abroad” for her dissertation on terraforming and the rim worlds and ends up as a long term passenger on the twins’ boat.  She’s terrified that her research won’t be good enough.
  • Percy as an engineer the twins hired after they sprung him from a jail on some backwater moon and found out he’s quite nifty.  He has episodes where he isn’t responsive to others and/or goes into a state of ruthless hyperfocus where he achieves alarming feats of dexterity and marksmanship.  There others know little about his past beyond the fact that the Alliance thinks he’s dead.
  • The ship is called the Greyskull.

Working on some Facades* to showcase the Vaulted Ranch Build set. Can I just say I miss terraforming? I managed to make a decent slop with rocks though. It really adds something special to some homes. 

*No, this is not a functional home. It is purely designed to showcase my cc and is in no way functional as a home even though it looks pretty. 

Terraforming other planets is a common theme of sci-fi books and movies; humans need to leave Earth and inhabit new worlds, but first they have to make them livable. These maps are a play on that idea. I used digital elevation models of Mars (where a large northern ocean may actually have existed if/when the planet had a thicker atmosphere) and the Moon, and simply filled them with water to three elevations. I will note that many people have made far prettier versions of terraformed maps (e.g., Mars, Moon). The goal here was to show how changes in sea level relative to datum affect the land-sea balance.

Part of the reason I elected to show multiple sea levels was that the notion of datum on other planetary bodies is somewhat arbitrary. Without an actual ocean, we have to choose what will be considered zero elevation. For rocky planets and moons where we have a global DEM, we tend to use the average equatorial radius of the equipotential surface. So I flooded Mars and the Moon to their respective datums, then added and subtracted a kilometer to the sea level on each.

Without tectonics neither really has distinct continents; the topography and dichotomies result primarily from volcanism and cratering. I image that having only one large continent with a lot of crater lakes/oceans would be pretty bad. Fortunately, it’s not something we need to consider seriously…for now…

Data source: ftp://pdsimage2.wr.usgs.gov/pub/pigpen/

How do we terraform Venus?

It might be possible to terraform Venus some day, when our technology gets good enough. The challenges for Venus are totally different than for Mars. How will we need to fix Venus?

This planet has been the center of corny nerd fantasies and awful behavioral gender oversimplifications from days of yore.

There are many real reasons to admire Venus from afar, but my favorite, much like Mars, is the potential to turn it into a vacation spot and haven for mad science planetary engineering. Venus is a virtual twin of Earth. It has a solid surface and very similar gravity to Earth.

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T'Gai Terraforming Ship

Profile: Ancient automated terraformer from a race known as the T'Gai. Some 15,000 years ago they launched these ships with the mission of finding habitable worlds for them and terraforming them for their needs, bombarding the planets they found with radiation to kill off the local fauna and flora and replace it with their own, usually fully formed samples stored aboard. A colony ship would then arrive with colonists and begin settlement.

Pictured: A malfunction ship attempts to destroy all life on the Harahni colony on Beta Mariotia 5 in the 2360s.

Appeared in Star Trek #58-60, DC-V2

Several days have passed and the exploration of the colony is well underway.  Tracks from the rover are scattered among the rocky and flat landscape.  The region seems to have a vast amounts of water to south and west as well as a river that originates from an unknown location to the east.  Several life forms have presented themselves.  They seem peaceful and willing to assist us to develop the area.