Kingdom Hearts Anime Expo 2016 group!

So far we have
Keyblade Armor Aqua- myself
KH II Sora-A good friend of mine is taking her Sora out of retirement

We are planning for either Day 1 or Day 4
We accept doubles so no one is left out :D
Only requirement is to have an AX badge!
Skill doesn’t matter one bit!
Age also doesn’t matter but warning about my not so great language
Come and join the fun!!

For more information message

Okay so in the beginning of the first Kingdom Hearts game when you dive into the heart and choose your path and what not, a voice guides you. At first I thought it was just a tutorial thing but then I began to wonder if the voice could actually be Ventus. Given the timeline, it would make sense that Ven was the one speaking to Sora, no?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Discussion: Star Wars and Marvel Thoughts and Opinions
Shnobbs talks about his thoughts and opinions about possible inclusion of Star Wars and Marvel in KH3 and later installments.

Should they add these large franchises in Kingdom Hearts 3, later installments, or never? I disscuss my thoughts on this.

tag dump — character photosets

Tag dump- pt. 1: People!