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Sailor said Brandy (Yondu x reader)

Working in a bar meant meeting different kinds of people at different times of day. Your favorite time was night. Everyone exciting came out at night. That was where you met him. Yondu Udonta. A Ravager captain with snark and charm. You’d immediately felt drawn to him and though he wouldn’t admit it he felt it too. That night you’d served him and his crew drinks all night. He stayed long after his crew had all found someone to go home with for the night.

You were Terran and though you hadn’t been home in a very long time you still had a lot of Terra with you. Including songs. You’d invited him to go home with you and he’d jumped at the idea. Whatever it was you had it started that night. As he left the next morning you hoped this wouldn’t be the last time you saw him.

You didn’t have to hope that hard however. Yondu had felt something the first moment he laid eyes on you that he’d never felt before. Soon he was coming back every chance he could. The two of you became something more and the night visits became more than just hookups. There were long talks and star gazing and even a few fights. But he always left sooner than he arrived it seemed to you.

The two of you were in your room laying there as you let Terran music play through the room. You were just laying together his arm around you and your head on his chest. As the words flowed through the room you seemed to finally understand them.

“This song is me and you isn’t it? You’re the sailor and I’m Brandy.” You finally said listening to both his heartbeat and the song.

“Whatcha mean by that?” He asked glancing at you in confusion.

“Listen. He came from far away bearing gifts. You bring me things from planets I’ve never even heard of. But he made it clear he couldn’t stay. You always leave eventually whether it’s a night or a few days.” You explained as the song ended and another began.

“Guess yer right. I always come back now don’t I?” He mused his eyebrows furrowing as he thought.

“Yeah you do.” You agreed letting it drop.

He left the next morning giving you a quick kiss. You watched him leave and watched his ship take off a frown etched into your features. This trip lasted longer than anyone he’d ever been on. He was gone a few months and you couldn’t fight off the sadness that crept in. He’d always pick space over you that was just who he was. Yondu Udonta wasn’t a man who could live a normal day to day life.

When he finally came back you were both overjoyed and slightly angry. He hadn’t told you he’d be gone that long and it had torn you apart. You didn’t deny him a long hug and a passionate kiss as he swaggered into your house. When you finally pulled back the two of you seemed to kick into gear making up for lost time. As you laid in bed though you couldn’t make your mind stop running.

“When are you leaving this time?” You asked him quietly.

“Two days. Got another job ta do near Xandar. Gotta pick up some nice jewels.” He answered turning his chest still rising and falling quickly.

“You’re always gonna just leave again aren’t you?” You asked a little more rigid.

“Ya already know how it is girly. That’s how things work. I’m a Ravager. I cain’t be tied down ta no port planet.” He argued pushing up on his elbows to sit.

“So you’re just gonna pick space then. Do I mean that little to you?” You questioned getting frustrated.

He stared at you for a moment in shock that you would even ask that question. He sat up against the headboard of your bed as you sat up. He thought for a moment thinking back to that Terran song you loved so much.

“I don’t want ya to be my Brandy no more.” His voice determined.

Your eyes widened a little and you looked down. If he really felt that way then who were you to stop him. You looked over at him frowning a little.

“Fine then. If that’s what you really want. I’ll just leave you alone from now on.” You finally spoke sadness leaking through your voice.

“Not like that. I want ya ta come wit me. Cain’t be Brandy if yer on the ship wit me now can ya?” He asked watching as you immediately perked up.

You looked at him wide eyed a smile on your face. You wrapped your arms around his neck kissing him deeply. He grinned into it pulling you onto his lap. When you finally broke for air he had his usual sharp grin.

“You really mean it? You want me to go with you?” You were hopeful as you stared into his red eyes.

“Course. I love ya… Besides having ya around means I won’t have ta wait months ta get ta touch ya.” He gave a dirty grin as he ran a hand up your bare back.

“I love you too you pervert.” You joked kissing him again.

Experimenting on my new coloring style again, victim number 2 here is the lovely Terra from the Teen Titans animated series. This time is mostly trying to draw better eyes and perform better lighting.

Also I was looping the song “Last Stardust” by Aimer while drawing Terra, it really saddens me when I looked up the lyric and think of what happened to Terra, the song is good and recommended by me!

Lou Buggins Fanfiction Masterlist

So I finally got around to making a masterlist of all my fanfics and drabbles that I posted on Tumblr. This is not all I have written. See my FF.net profile to read through ALL my work. Happy reading!

Teen Titans



A Spanish colleague of mine told me that a popular 1980s band did a song about Scott, so everyone who was a teenager in Spain at the time knows the story.  Later she sent me a video of a performance, and … wow.  Just wow.

I’ve put the lyrics, and my tidying up of the Google translation, below, but if any actual Spanish speakers would like to improve upon it, please do!

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Get it? Because Deb was Australian … and … Silas, Canadian … basically I’ve been listening to a lot of shanties and feeling colonial lately.

The story goes* that no one on the expedition could carry a tune, but that didn’t stop them singing with gusto at any opportunity.  No wonder the penguins were curious; it must have sounded amazing.

Terra Nova pumping time reference photo!

*Capt. Scott, writing about Christmas 1910 (around the time this photo was taken) –

For five hours the company has been sitting round the table singing lustily; we haven’t much talent, but everyone has contributed more or less, and the choruses are deafening.  It is rather a surprising circumstance that such an unmusical party should be so keen on singing.

Song of Terra
Mark Heiman
Song of Terra

“Sing me a song,” said the child in the garden.
“Grandmother, sing! I’ll sit here by your side.
Sing me a song of the world they call Terra,
The world that you came from when you were a bride.”

“Child I have journeyed all over the starfields
Out to the rim of the worlds that we know–
Child, I can’t sing you a song about Terra!
For Terra was too many planets ago!

“Sing me a song,” said the child in the garden
“Grandmother, sing to me!  Tell me no lies.
Sing me a song of the world they call Terra;
I know you remember, by the tears in your eyes.”

“Child I have journied all over the starfields;
Child, I have left all my memories behind.
Child, I can’t sing you a song about Terra,
For I have put Terra clear out of my mind.”

“Grandmother, sing!” said the child in the garden.
“I have learned all about stubborn from you.
Sing me a song of the world they call Terra,
Where the grasses grow green and the oceans are blue.”

“Child how you weary me, asking of Terra!
You are no babe!  You should understand why…
We who left Terra for ever and ever
Were those who could tell her forever goodbye.”

A haunting space song by Suzette Haden Elgin, who passed away this year.

Sung by Mark Heiman at Carleton College’s (well, Carleton’s nerd club’s) annual Filk Night in 2014.  It’s a hard song to find recordings of, so I’m grateful he’s letting me post this.

Siamo la sorpresa dietro i vetri scuri; 
Siamo la risata dentro il tunnel degli orrori; 
Siamo la promessa che non costa niente; 
Siamo la chiarezza che voleva molta gente. 
Siamo il capitano che vi fa l'inchino; 
Siamo la ragazza nel bel mezzo dell'inchino; 
Siamo i trucchi nuovi per i maghi vecchi; 
Siamo le ragazze nella sala degli specchi. 
Siamo il culo sulla sedia, il dramma, la commedia, 
il facile rimedio; 
Siamo l'arroganza che non ha paura; 
Siamo quelli a cui non devi chiedere fattura. 
Siamo yeee yeee…il sale della terra! 
Siamo l'opinione sotto libro paga; 
Siamo le riunioni qui nel retro di bottega; 
Siamo le figure dietro le figure; 
Siamo la vergogna che fingiamo di provare. 
Siamo il culo sulla sedia, la farsa, la tragedia, 
il forte sotto assedio; 
Siamo la vittoria della tradizione; 
Siamo furbi che più furbi di così si muore. 
Siamo yeee yeee…il sale della terra! 
Siamo la freddezza che non ha paura; 
Siamo quel tappeto steso sulla spazzatura; 
Siamo la Montblanc con cui ti faccio fuori; 
Siamo la risata dentro il tunnel degli orrori.