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First Moon


A/N: This is inspired by a dream I had a few nights ago :3 Once again it was supposed to be a drabble, but it turned out a bit longer than I planned lol

Plot: Jungkook goes through his first full moon

[Drawing made by the super talented @ax-thelian​ !!! Full credit to them!! Go check his/her blog out]

“-And the way she fought him was so cool! She was really a badass!”, Hoseok boasted trying to goofily replicate a few of the combat moves the female lead acted.

“I know, right? Better not piss her off”, Taehyung chimed with his characteristic smile.

Terra and the boys were talking animatedly after they were done watching a movie at the cinema, the positive commentary praising the action-packed movie. Jin, Jimin, and Yoongi had stayed at home having personal things to attend to and preferring the comfort of the house.

It was quite late at night, Terra’s wrist watch signaling it was almost 11:30pm.
They all kept chatting on their back, the cinema not too far away from the boys’ place, roughly a 15 minute walk. All of them, except for one.

Jungkook was a few steps behind, seemingly lost in his own thoughts as his hands were shoved down his pockets, his head tilted up towards the semi-hidden full moon that was partially covered by a few grey clouds, a slightly puzzled expression on his face.

She slowed down to let herself fall back and walk by his side. He was so deeply immersed in whatever was going on in that mind of his that he hadn’t even noticed her presence. For a moment, she just looked at his profile and noticed that he was not the young boy she remembered, his serious expression contributing to his more mature look. His traits had become more angular and defined, taking the place of the softer features he used to have when he was younger. His jawline was now strong and sharp and she almost felt compelled to let her fingers trace its shape; his brows were slightly scrunched up, his biceps exposed by the short sleeved white t-shirt he was wearing, his muscles flexed and defined from the way he had his hands in the pockets of his washed out denim jeans.

She bumped him gently with her shoulder and that brought his mind back to reality, his attention now to her.

“Hey, nochu”, Terra teased him.

He smiled down at her, and there it was. The bunny smile that gave him that childlike quality was back. He bumped her back and then put an on her shoulder.

“Hey”, he replied simply.

“What’s up? What got you so quiet?”, she inquired after you noticed the change in his demeanor as the night progressed.

“Nothing. I am always pretty quiet”

“True, but tonight more than usual”

He stayed silent at that, but not for long as he resumed smiling. He kissed her cheek and told her everything was fine.

The two of them weren’t officially a couple, but the boys knew that something was going on between the two of them. It was just a continuous flirting that seemed very casual to an outsider, but whoever knew them both personally like the boys was aware that you deeply cared about each other beyond a simple friendship. He was always looking out for her and he could almost read her like no one else could, and vice versa. He may have been the youngest of the group, but he was definitely not naïve. There was a quiet attentiveness to him, his sense of observation very sharp that gave him some sort of insight about people around him. He could be playful, yet serious when times called for an objective mind. The rest of the boys seemed to have somewhat of a similar trait, always attuned with one another as if their minds traveled on the same wavelength.

As you guys were still walking, rain started drizzling down from the sky at first until it became an outright downpour that had them all drenched by the time they got to the house that belonged to the seven men.

“Woah! I guess if I brought some soap I could literally shower outside”, Taehyung said as he stepped in the living room, droplets of water dripping from the ends of his hair.

“Please do. It might be funny to see you get arrested for public indecency”, Yoongi commented from his lounging position on the couch as he watched tv.

Jin walked into the room at that moment and almost gasped in horror at the sight of wet footprints and small pools of water that were now decorating the floor from the entryway to the living room.

“No no no no”, he chanted in a whining tone. He was definitely going into mom mode. “Y’all are NOT going to make a mess in here when I have cleaned this just today. Shoo shoo! Go get dried up before you make even more of a mess”, he scolded as he made shooing gestures for them all to go get changed.

“And you guys are going to clean this first thing in the morning!”, he called out towards them as they were climbing the stairs.

They all chuckled in the hallway, finding the mama Jin antics funny. As they were laughing, Terra made eye contact with Jungkook and she almost found herself choking on her own tongue. The soaked fabric of his shirt was clinging onto his skin deliciously, the defined lines of his muscles becoming one with the t-shirt as they peeked through the material that had become semi transparent because of the rain. His brown locks where sticking to his forehead in messy patterns, water trickling down the end of them onto his chiseled face.

She hadn’t escaped his gaze either, his eyes trailing on her figure and looking at the way her chest strained against the fabric of her tank top, the wetness from the rain making her plump lips even more appetizing to him, the moisture on her melanin blessed skin making it glisten beautifully.

“____, you are more than welcome to stay the night. You know there is always room for you here”, Namjoon offered.

It wasn’t unusual for Terra to stay over at the boys’ place, often crashing there after a night out especially after a long time she went without seeing them. They had a spare room that had pretty much become her own after so many nights of her sleeping in it, a few spare belongings of hers left in the drawers of the dresser.

“Thanks, will do. I’m gonna go get washed and dried up before mama Jin throws another tantrum”, she taunted jokingly before they all laughed and went to their rooms to do the same.

She was in her room ready to take a shower before changing into some comfy clothes for the night and looked out of the window that faced directly the small backyard, the odd downpour had stopped, now being just a gentle drizzle. She noticed Jungkook standing there admiring the moon once again, his back to her and his head tilted towards the glowy sphere high up on the sky looking bigger than usual, an eerie vibe to it as it got a slight red tinge to it… 

Why would he go back outside in the rain..?

She detached her gaze from it, a bad feeling washing over her, so she decided to finally put her braids up in a quick bun to not wet them any further and hop in the shower.

Fifteen minutes later, she was out of the bathroom, small clouds of steam coming out of the ajar door as she put lotion on her deep toned skin. A quick glance to the lockscreen indicated that it was just about to be midnight.
She was throwing on a pair of cotton shorts and a t-shirt when she heard muffled sounds coming from outside…

Terra walked up to the window and looked down to see what the commotion was all about and what she saw had her worry like she hadn’t been in a while.

Jungkook was on his hands and knees, convulsion-like tremors going through his body as he grunted and panted as if he was making some great physical effort to control himself. He then started scratching the soil with his bare hands, clawing at it like a dog would when in it was in distress.

Suddenly, Namjoon appeared from the sliding doors “Shit, it has started.. guys!”, he cussed and called the rest of the boys out.

What had started… ?

She opened the window wide open for her to lean over “Namjoon what is going on?”, confusion and worry painted all over her face and lacing her words like vines.

“____, stay inside no matter what! You hear me?!”, Hoseok yelled in her direction as he and the others rushed outside to go over to the youngest one.

“We need to help him calm down. He is gonna lose control”, Jimin instructed as they carefully approached Jungkook whom was now standing.
However, his stance was… weird. He was a bit hunched over, his fingers bent as if they were ready to claw at the nearest threat, dirt staining his finger tips and nails. Jin attempted a step forward and Jungkook reacted right away, an animalistic snarl ripping through his throat as he faced the eldest man. In a blink of an eye, Jungkook dashed forward and shoved Seokjin whom went flying for several feet before he managed to sloppily land on his feet.

“We can’t let him flee. Lord knows what he will do if he goes on a rampage in the streets”, Namjoon stated not taking his eyes off of the maknae and so did the others.

Jungkook was heaving and whining, low growls vibrating in his throat as he occasionally gripped his head as if keeping it from splitting in half, his eyes screwing shut due to the great pain.

“Jungkook-ah”, Jimin started tentatively hoping that his close friend would somewhat be listening to him. “I know it hurts, but you need to try to control it and not let it control you. Hyungs and I will help you through it”, he continued in a soothing voice.

For a few moments, it looked like it had worked, that Jimin had managed to calm him down at least. But then, something similar to a howl resonated in the air and Jungkook leaped forward charging towards his friends. He clawed at Taehyung, the closest one, and managed to get him on the arm where a fresh wound had formed, blood dripping down onto his forearm as he grunted in pain and stepped out of the way.

Hoseok was next in his trajectory, the elder barely dodging the attack with no intention of responding to the assault.

“I’m not gonna fight you, Jungkook-ah!”, he called out as he blocked a few attacks, purplish bruises blooming on the tan skin of his shoulders and arms.
However, the young one seemed def to any reason, all trace of rationality forgotten as he kept on snarling and attacking his hyungs.

Terra had watched the scene unfold in front of her, everything seemingly playing in slow motion and too fast at once. She couldn’t make sense out of what she was witnessing.
Despite her instincts and Hoseok’s warning telling her to stay safe, something deep inside her compelled her to rush down the stairs and go to the backyard to help.
She couldn’t - she wouldn’t - let her friends get hurt and Jungkook lose all control for something he would definitely regret later.

She got to the sliding doors and stepped outside locating Jungkook, his back turned to her as he was currently having a hand wrapped around Yoongi’s throat.

“STOP!”, she yelled in his direction. “Let him go!”
At the sound of her voice, his head slowly turned towards her and what she saw had the blood in her veins run cold, shock paralyzing her limbs, and eyes wide filled with disbelief.

The person - if you could even call it that - was almost animal looking. His once beautiful features were now deformed into a snarl, lips curled up baring his fangs with a growl; his pupils were dilated, traces of gold in his eyes that contributed to the overall eerie look. Everything about him screamed ‘danger’.
Terra willed herself to fight through her catatonic state, it was not the time to let her fear take over. She needed to do something. 

“Jungkook”, she called him softly. “You don’t want to do this… you don’t want to hurt your friends. Your brothers”

He kept looking at her, a flicker of consciousness coming back to his eyes. He turned back to Yoongi that was barely conscious at this point, and his grip on his throat loosened until his elder fell to the ground, oxygen painfully rushing back to his lungs as he coughed.
The young one brought his arm back to his side, but didn’t attempt to make another move as he just looked at her, a wild and feral expression still on his face.

She took a few steps closer to him, slowly testing the waters and her arms up telling him that she meant no harm nor threat.

“Terra, don’t! Stay back!”, Jimin warned her, but she didn’t listen. Her attention was solely focused on Jungkook and on the task at hand.

She felt like she could help. She had to find a way. But what to do? All she could do was just follow her own instinct. And that’s what she did.
She took slow and careful steps further towards him, her eyes never leaving his, hoping her body language would translate into harmless and that he would not do anything reckless.

When she was close enough, she slowly extended her arm, but not enough to touch him. She wanted him to trust her, to let him come to her out of his own will. 

“You’re not evil”, she whispered.

She tried to slow her breathing, to calm the adrenaline cursing in her body like fire until she felt like she almost holding her breath.
At first he stood still, not moving a single muscle and eyes studying her as if to gauge her intentions. Then he leaned forward, cautiously sniffing her outstretched hand, her familiar scent reaching the deepest layers of his being and make him relax visibly. He rested his cheek on her palm and closed his eyes.

He trusted her. 

She cupped his cheek, finding his warmth on the skin of her palm.

“You’re fine. Come back to me, Kookie…”, she cooed under hear breath as her thumb stroked his cheek soothingly.

A few moments later, she watched his traits change with her own eyes, witnessing the morphing of his features from animal to human. His canines were reverting from their sharp state to their original dull edge; his lips were no more curled up in a threatening gesture, but their usual plump selves; when he opened his eyes, she found the brown pools she learned to love instead of the feral golden-stained ones. 

A single tear rolled down his cheek as his conscience came back, reminding him of what he done to his friends up until brief moments prior. 
He started crying until he fell to his knees, sobs shaking his shoulders and tears staining her t-shirt as she got on her knees with him holding him close to her chest. She didn’t need to say anything, she just needed to let him vent.
Terra could feel his despair resonating deep into her being. He was scared. Of what he had done. Of himself. Of what he had become. But she wouldn’t let him be alone, she would be there for him so that he could have someone to fight his demons with.

The rest of the boys had watched the whole scene happen with wide eyes, a look of surprise painted all over their faces as they glanced at each other to silently confirm if they had all witnessed the same thing.

They looked at the two that were on their knees as Jungkook cried his eyes out, and Terra…
They looked at her in particular, at the way she didn’t budge as she held him close to her as if to absorb some of his pain to take it away from him.

They had found her.

Ventus is a Dandelion from Daybreak Town

With the third year celebration of Kingdom Hearts X, a new piece of celebratory artwork was released to mark the occasion. Sure, this may have hinted at Riku and Kairi’s new outfits, but the more interesting thing to point out is Ventus (and yes, that’s Ventus and not Roxas judging by his wristband). Most people would dismiss his placement here as the featured character for Kingdom Hearts X’s anniversary, however, I firmly believe that Ventus being featured here has a deeper meaning. And that deeper meaning is the realisation that he’s the Dandelion that completes the trio with Ephemera and Skuld. “But wait!” you object, “Ventus is part of the Wayward Trio with Aqua and Terra right?” Of course, but at the same time, Sora is part of two trio’s with Riku and Kairi and Donald and Goofy. So get yourself comfortable as I break down why Ventus is a Dandelion…

Ventus is designated on the same side as the Kingdom Hearts X characters

This is the most immediate fact that caught my eye. Why is Ventus on the side of the Kingdom Hearts X characters? Better yet, why isn’t he with Aqua and Terra? Plus, he isn’t smiling in this picture, why is that? Sure, Ventus is important because his heart is resting in Sora and he is the physical appearance that Roxas was moulded off, however, this art is the celebration of Kingdom Hearts X and Kingdom Hearts III. Sure, Ventus is going to have a role in Kingdom Hearts III (as a potential Guardian of Light), but I don’t think that Ventus being here is his Kingdom Hearts III representation, rather, I believe it’s his representation for Kingdom Hearts X. Him being conveniently aligned with Ephemera and Skuld on one side just seems too intentional to be coincidence.

Every Station of Awakening depicts a person’s home

It’s a given fact, all of Sora’s Station of Awakenings have been depicting Destiny Islands, Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora’s Station of Awakening have all depicted their homes, so why does Ventus depict the Keyblade Graveyard as opposed to the Land of Departure? We could leave it at that and the picture itself and stop the conclusion there, but what fun is that? From the updates of Kingdom Hearts X as of typing this, Master Ava wants the Dandelions to head to the Unchained Realm in order to survive beyond the Keyblade War. Ephemera is the leader of the Dandelions on Master Ava’s behalf as Master Ava will be participating in the Keyblade War. But where does Ventus fit into this? well, Ephemera could have selected Ventus as a Dandelion only to find out that he’s the bad apple of the bunch. Now I’m not assuming that Ventus’ past life is outright evil, rather, he had Darkness growing inside of him, and once Ephemera found out about this, he could have been casted to the Realm of Darkness, or, escaped outside the Unchained Realm only to be in the apocalyptic Daybreak Town: The Keyblade Graveyard. 

Ventus past before being trained by Eraqus is a complete mystery

This is another thing to consider when it comes to Ventus. We do not know his origins like we know Aqua and Terra. Aqua and Terra have been trained by Master Eraqus (as of writing this) but Ventus wasn’t. All we know of Ventus before he was in Master Eraqus’ care was that he was in Master Xehanort’s care. Master Xehanort found Ventus, tried to teach him the ways of darkness but failed so he split Ventus’ dark half into Vanitas. That’s not really enough to understand Ventus’ past. How long did they both train together? What was Ventus’ personality like before he was split from Vanitas? Well, if we assume that Ventus’ past was indeed that of a Dandelion, and was somehow found by Xehanort, it could expand upon his character, cause truth be told, Ventus’ needs to expand beyond the childlike wonders that Sora has and this sort of past life could really flesh him out, plus, it leads me onto my next point.

Why Master Xehanort linked Ventus with the X-Blade

Remember the retcon in which Xehanort said that the X-Blade would be formed when light and dark clash only for him to talk about the seven lights versus the thirteen darkness? Well, what if that initial knowledge was gained from Ventus? A witness that was around during the era? Through rapport building, Ventus could have told what he knew about the Keyblade War to Xehanort and Xehanort could have taken that witness knowledge to try and summon Kingdom Hearts. It would justify Xehanort wanting to train him under his wing despite being a difficult candidate as a vessel.  Linking Ventus with the X-Blade may be simply because he was a Dandelion that originated during the era of the Keyblade War. It could also provide an understanding of Master Eraqus wanting to put an end to Ventus because he’s existing in an era that he was not supposed to. The Dandelions are supposed to be legend by the time Birth by Sleep happens, and hypothetically speaking, in Master Eraqus’ perspective, he wanted to end Ventus’ life because Master Xehanort has told Master Eraqus of who Ventus truly was. A dandelion that originated from the Fairy Tale era that had a growing darkness. Eraqus feared that Ventus would become his past life? What’s his past life you wonder? Here’s my thoughts…

Nightmare Chirithy

In the Kingdom Hearts X update, shortly after you are introduced to Skuld, you see the internal conflicts of the Forteller’s become external: Master Aced and Master Invi are clashing Keyblades, Dark beings are demanding the Lux… and a Nightmare Chirithy appears contemplating on how good darkness feels. Now, every Chirithy has an owner. It would be easy to assume that Ephemera is the owner of that Dark Chirithy, however, Ephemera has disappeared because he’s tasked with forming the Dandelions on Master Ava’s behalf. It’s highly unlikely that Ephemera would delve into the Darkness whilst forming the Dandelions. Now we move onto Skuld. The Chirithy is unlikely to be Skuld’s, as if it was, Skuld wouldn’t have joined the Dandelions. The Dandelions were formed to avoid the conflicts of gathering Lux unlike the rest of the wielders who want to gather Lux despite the inevitable conflict, and because this post is about Ven, we move onto him. So, why do I think that Nightmare Chirithy is owned by Ventus? If we assume that he is a Dandelion, nightmare Chirithy says “My Master is close by…”. Now, what’s this got to do with Ven? Well, as a chosen Dandelion, he’s close by Skuld as a fellow Dandelion. Plus, we have to remember, if we’re talking about Ventus’ past, we have to consider the Vanitas side of him too. The Ventus of Kingdom Hearts X would have an equal balance of light and darkness, and because the legend of the Keyblade War mentions that the greed to collect the Lux caused darkness, Ventus could have easily been one of those wielders that eventually walked towards the path of darkness. Essentially, his past life is that of darkness.

To conclude, this isn’t canon (at least not yet). This is just me speculating and theorising in regards to the Kingdom Hearts X 3rd Anniversary Celebratory Artwork and Ventus’ intentional placement on it as a significant plot device.

The Lies We Told (Beast Boy/Raven , Chapter 1/??)

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans. This is a work of fiction that I am not making a profit off of.

Author’s Note: If you are seeing this then it means I have successfully queued something and I wasn’t distracted by something shiny! Go me! 

Past Chapters:

Chapter One:  “Keep Breathing”

“You look like shit.”

“Thanks.” She murmured sourly, bringing her mug to her lips.

“I’m serious.” Jinx continued, taking the seat across from her. “I mean it, you really look-“

“Please stop flattering me.” Rachel spoke dryly, taking a sip of tea. “I don’t think my ego can take your compliments.”

“Sorry.” The pink haired woman apologized, shrugging out of her coat. “Just worried about you.”

“Next time try ‘How are you?’ rather than your colorful greeting.”

“Okay.” Jinx nodded. “So,” she started picking up the cafe menu. She casually looked over the selections, lips tight. “How are you?”

“Cute, Jinx. Real fucking cute.”

“Man, you are in full bitch mode today, aren’t you?”

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spirit-gem  asked:

#5 Terra and Namine Friendship please :>


#05. things you didn’t say at all

summaryShe’s so used to adults demanding things of her, with zero regard for her own wishes or comfort, that the drastic change is like a breath of fresh air. He’s giving her time to think, to choose for herself whether she wants to be open with him or not. She decides that she does. [Terra + Naminé, post-KH3.]

Ao3 version here

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After a lull in conversation, Bristol and Lakeisha take it as a cue to start making out, which leads Xander and Laurel to start snickering. 

Laurel: *putting her arm around Xander and whispering* Told you they’ll start making out within an hour. I win the bet.

Xander: Do you want the five bucks straight up or in treat form?

Laurel: Either way’s fine.

Terra smiles to herself. Xander and Laurel are making fun of Bristol but they themselves are practically an item. It really is just a matter of time until it’s official.

This makes Terra craves something sweet. Luckily, vending machines are nearby.

Fun at Comic-Con (Supernatural Cast x Reader)

Summary: What’s happens when Y/N gets an idea to mess with J2 at Comic-Con after Misha comes and gets her and Sebastian from the green room?

A/N: name of character that Y/N plays in Supernatural- Darcy

Enjoy!!! :)

Y/N was waiting backstage in the green room waiting for her panel with Sebastian. She, at that moment, was being annoyed by said Frenchman.

“Sebastian, stoooooopppp.” Y/N whined.

“I don’t think so, darling.” Sebastian replied as he continued to throw paper airplanes at her.

“You know…” Y/N started as another paper airplane hit her in the temple. She sighed. “that’s a waste of paper. And last time I checked, you couldn’t make paper airplanes worth a damn.”

Sebastian shrugged. “Well… I may or may not have gotten pointers from Misha.”

Y/N groaned internally and maybe a little bit out loud. She should’ve expected this kind of thing from Misha.

Not even a second after she thought that, the door to the green room opened, letting said angel in.

Y/N quickly grabbed a paper airplane and threw it at Misha. He was about to say something when the paper airplane hit him right between the eyes.

“That’s for teaching Sebastian how to make these.” Y/N said. “He’s been making them and throwing them at me for the past 15 minutes.”

Misha laughed a little. “Oh, come on. You do have to admit they’re pretty awesome paper airplanes.”

Y/N rolled her eyes. “Anyway, why are you here?”

“They want us to join Jensen and Jared on stage.” Misha replied.

“Do Jensen and Jared know?” Sebastian asked taking a break from making the paper airplanes and taking a sip from his water bottle.

Misha grinned mischievously. “No…”

Y/N grinned and stood up. “I have an idea.”

[Time skip brought to you by how adorably clueless Castiel can be.]

Y/N was group texting with Misha and Sebastian.

Y/N: Are you behind the curtain, Seb?

Roché: Yeah. Now, tell me again what we’re all supposed to be doing.

Misha: *rolls eyes* I thought we went through this.

Y/N: Aw, leave him alone, Mish. Love you, Seb. :) Anyway, Seb’s gonna stay behind the curtain and every once in awhile, stick the tip of the nozzle of the squirt gun through the gap in the curtain and gently squirt the backs of Jensen and Jared’s heads. Not enough to where it’ll be irritating, but just enough to where it might just make them a little bit paranoid. And while that’s going on, I will be towards the very back of the room to where I won’t be noticeable. Misha and I are both gonna have microphones. I’m pretty good at bird noises, so I’ll start interrupting them talking a little bit by making tiny little bird noises. They’ll probably start to think a bird got in the room somehow. Now Misha, Misha won’t start saying anything until the very end. He’ll be off to the side of the room hiding behind a few of those big plants. Once Jensen and Jared start to realize something’s up, which eventually they will, Misha’ll start his Tibetan throat singing. When he does that, they’ll realize what we’re up to and we can join them on stage to finish the rest of the panel. Now, Seb, is that a good enough explanation for you?

Roché: Yes…

Y/N: *smirks* Good. Mish, you in position?

Misha: Yep.

Y/N: Seb?

Roché: How is it that you Americans say it? “Locked and loaded.”

Y/N: Oh, Come on Seb. You know you knew that phrase. Lol. Anyway, let’s do this…

Y/N put her phone in her jeans pocket and held onto the microphone with one hand while she gently pushed the door open to the room where the panel was being held. She discreetly closed the door and stayed way back behind the audience who hadn’t even noticed her. Y/N quietly sneaked behind a giant ficus and peered through the leaves to watch Jared and Jensen as they were on stage.

“Now, um…” Jensen looked around the audience and pointed to a young woman who couldn’t have been more than 20 years old or so. “You. What’s your question?”

She smiled. “Hi. My name’s Terra and my question is for the both of you. What would you say would have to be your most favorite, but unusual, Supernatural episode?”

“Unusual…” Jared started. “Like odd?”


Jensen chuckled. “There have been a few of those…” All of a sudden a tiny squirt of water came from behind Jensen and hit him in the back of the neck. He turned around confused, but there was nothing. He shrugged and turned back around. “Um, anyway, I think my most favorite, but unusual, Supernatural episode would have to be the one that Sam and Dean are barely even in. The whole episode centers around Darcy and Cas trying to find them.”

(A/N: I’m about to make up an episode title. I’m not sure if there’s already an episode that’s called this, but just go with it. Also, when Y/N starts to make little bird noises, I’m actually just gonna type the word ‘tweet’. Just pretend that it’s a bird noise.)

Jensen continued. “I believe the episode was called ’And Then There Were Two’. I thought the episode was pretty unusual, but at the same time very well put together. It was particularly good acting on Y/N and Misha’s part.”

“Tweet-tweet.” Y/N made the noise softly into the microphone.

Jared leaned over towards Jensen. “Did you hear that?”

Jensen looked him. “Hear what?”

Jared glanced around and shrugged before looking back out to the audience. “Anyway, my most favorite, but unusual episode would have to be ’The French Mistake’.”

Suddenly a squirt of water hit Jared in the back of the head making him turn his head to look behind him, only to find nothing there. He raised an eyebrow, but turned back around so he could finish answering.

Suddenly, “Tweet-tweet.”

That caused Jensen and Jared to both look around. They both looked back at each other before looking back at the audience.

Jensen spoke into the microphone. “Did anyone hear that?”

The whole audience answered “No.”

It’s a good thing Misha tweeted for all the fans to keep quiet about the thing they were doing. It was amazing that the fans loved going along with things they did. They were all so loyal.

Jared just shrugged. “Anyway, I really liked that episode since it got to explore how Sam, Dean and Darcy would act in the real world, our world. I mean, that was a pretty weird, but fun episode.”

Terra smiled again. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” J2 replied.

“Now…” Jared said looking out over the audience.

The conversation of J2 and the audience kind of faded out for a second when Y/N felt her phone vibrate. She took it out of her pocket to see who it was.

M. Sheppard: Look to your left.

Y/N quirked an eyebrow, but did look to her left to see the King of Hell himself, Mark Sheppard hiding behind another giant ficus. What did surprise her was that he was holding three squirt guns. He put a finger to his lips and told her to 'Shhh’.

“Catch.” He mouthed.

Y/N put her phone back in her pocket and held out her hands. She caught it and laid it on the ground so she could catch the other one Mark was about to throw at her. She caught that, too, and gave him a questioning look. She felt her phone vibrate again. She took it out and looked at it.

M. Sheppard: Sneak over to Misha and give him one of those.

Y/N nodded in understanding and texted Mark one more time..

Y/N: Hang on a second.

She put the microphone up to her mouth. “Tweet-tweet.”

“Okay!” Jensen stood up and looked around. “I know I’m not going crazy.”

Jared stood up and looked around. “Yeah. I heard it, too.”

“Hmm…” Jensen looked around wearily before he slowly sat back down in his chair, Jared following suit.

“Alright…” Jared said slowly. “Anymore questions?”

The conversation faded out again.

Y/N had to stifle a laugh. She looked down at her phone screen to see a text from Sebastian.

Roché: You’re really good at that.

Y/N: Why thank you, Seb. Anyway, don’t squirt them again just yet. Sheppard’s here. He’s brought two more squirt guns. I have to sneak one over to Misha.

Roché: Gotcha.

Y/N placed her phone back in her pocket and slowly started making her way behind all the plants that lined the edges of the room. She was very careful not to bump into anything. Once she finally got to where Misha was.

“Here.” She whispered and handed him a squirt gun. “Sheppard told me to give this to you. I guess we’re all ambushing Jensen and Jared. Wait till I text you again and your Tibetan throat singing will be our battle cry.”

Misha chuckled softly. “Alright.” He glanced over at J2 and laughed quietly. “They are really starting to get paranoid. It’s actually quite funny.”

Y/N smiled. “I know. This will help get them back for spray painting ’Y/N loves Sebastian! <3’ on the side of my trailer last week.”

“That was pretty bad.” Misha commented.

“Yeah.” Y/N mumbled before sneaking her way back over to where she was hiding.

She sent out a group text to everyone.

Y/N: Okay, I’m gonna make a bird noise one more time. Then, we’re gonna use the squirt guns and take 'em from all sides. Misha, you get 'em from their left. Mark, you got 'em from their right. Seb, you got 'em from the back and I got 'em from the front. And Misha, remember our battle cry. 😏

M. Sheppard: This is a tiny bit evil.

Roché: Says the King of Hell.

Misha: He’s got you there, Mark.

Y/N rolled her eyes and lifted the microphone to her mouth. “Tweet-tweet.”

“Okay, seriously. Does someone have a bird in here?” Jared asked.

Y/N grinned and texted all three guys before placing it back in her pocket.

Y/N: 3….2…1!!!

All of a sudden Misha’s Tibetan throat singing could be heard throughout the room before Y/N started running up the center isle, and Mark and Misha started running from the sides and Sebastian started shooting water at J2 from behind them. Everyone was shooting their squirt guns and the audience was laughing and cheering while taking pictures and video.

Jensen and Jared just about fell out of their seats trying to protect themselves from the onslaught of water.

“Oh, come on, you guys.” Jensen said while trying to protect himself. “I thought we were friends.”

Y/N held the squirt gun in one hand while speaking into the microphone. “Eh, maybe. But, I needed revenge. And it is sweet.”

The audience laughed as Mark,  Y/N and Misha made their ways onto the stage so they could join Sebastian who was already up their. Four more chairs were brought out with two being placed on either side of Jensen and Jared.

Mark and Sebastian were also brought microphones seeing how Y/N and Misha both already had one.

Once everyone was seated again, Jared spoke up.

“You know, Misha, that Tibetan throat singing is pretty impressive. And Y/N, perfect bird impersonation.”

“Why thank you.” Misha and Y/N said as they kind of mockingly bowed their heads in thanks.

Y/N then smiled and spoke into the microphone. “Thank you, everyone for staying quiet about what we were up to.”

Jensen mocked hurt and spoke to the audience. “You guys hurt me that you didn’t say anything.”

Sebastian laughed. “Well, in all fairness, you two did kind of deserve it.”

Jared rolled his before looking back at the audience. “Any more questions?”

A girl with the microphone spoke up. “Yes. Hi, I’m Ella. My question is for Y/N.”

Y/N smiled. “Go ahead.”

“When you guys were attacking J2, you said that it was for revenge. What were you getting revenge for?”

Y/N laughed. “Well, if everyone would turn their attention to the screen above our heads, I have a picture that will explain everything.”

A picture popped up on screen, showing a shot of Y/N’s trailer. It was a pretty good sized trailer, so the spray painted words had to be kind of big.

Y/N loves Sebastian! <3

That was spray painted in red and pink paint across the whole side of the trailer. It even went across the door.

“And…” Y/N started. “If you look closely enough, towards the bottom of the trailer, near the steps, you’ll see the lovely artist tag.”

-Curtesy of J2 ;)

Everyone was laughing.

“I haven’t posted the picture on Instagram or Twitter yet because I was wanting to save it for a time like this.” Y/N stated. “You guys are the first to see it.”

“That still hasn’t been washed off yet, has it?” Mark asked.

Y/N shook her head and smiled. “Nah, I can’t decide if I want to keep it or not. You know? Sentimental reasons.”

The audience kind of 'awed’ at that statement.

Y/N looked back and forth between all the guys before speaking into the microphone. “It really is like one big family, isn’t it?”

All the guys lifted up their microphones. “A good family indeed.”

Everyone in the audience 'awed’. Don’t you just love Comic-Con?!

Terra smiles softly, oddly at peace despite everything that has happened recently. His mind is clearer than it’s been in a long time. It is… refreshing. He sighs softly, resting in a meditative pose even as many tiny paws press into his Form, clambering about his still body like a tree. One has even rested upon his head, curled up inside of the ring of his halo. Strange little creatures.

With his mind clear, he is easily able to access the Astral plane. The dream-like world expands around his mind and he, almost immediately, feels seven very familiar presences. His Familiars. His connections to them bloom like brilliant flowers and he greets them all. The Astral plane is giving his connections strength. It has healed… Perhaps he can actually do what he’s been planning. He conveys his thoughts to his Familiars and they are all intrigued and varying levels of excited. After a few more moments he says his farewells and returns to reality, ready to offer a choice.

He stands, carefully removing the fluffy felids that had settled upon his still Form, and grabs his data-pad to contact Ross. He passes her a quick message and requests her presence, for there is something important he would like to ask/tell her.


If Terra(KH ) Have a Baby Sister Part 4?
  • Terra: Akira, what are you doing?*his five years old sister was on top of him*
  • Akira: Listening.
  • Terra: Listening, what?
  • Akira: I like the sound it make in here*Akira's head was over his chest, and listening his heart beat like music*
  • Terra: *smiled and begin to cuddle her like a brother would do*
The Newcomer (Closed)


“Welcome newcomers to the Star Search Program!” Hank captain of the Terra Venture II smiled at the new candidates the captain was a tall man with a very muscular body the product of years of dedication “Now then do you think you have what it takes to be a Star Search Ranger?” He asked a random candidate.