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Tre Metri Sotto Terra
  • Tre Metri Sotto Terra
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  • The Illest Vol. 1

A un certo punto ho detto adesso tocca a me,
era il mio momento, me lo sentivo dentro.

Your secret KH shipping

Pick the first letter of your first and last name.Match them together and that is your secret Kingdom Hearts shipping  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A.     Axel                       

B.     Sora

C.     Riku                       

D.     Kairi

E.      Jimminy                 

F.      Darkside

G.     Ventus                    

H.     Ursula

I.       Terra                      

J.       Master Xehanort

K.      Roxas                     

L.      Chip & Dale

M.    Mickey                    

N.     Master Eraqus

O.     Marluxia                  

P.      Zexion

Q.     Ansem                    

R.     Goofy

S.      Donald                    

T.      Xemnas

U.     Aqua                        

V.     Phil

W.   Hercules                    

X.     Dusk

Y.      Saix                         

Z.      Vanitas


Remember Childe Hassam
Today is a day to remember Childe Hassam who passed away 80 years ago on 27 August, 1935.
Hassam was an American painter who adopted the impressionist style during his years in Paris (1886 to 1889), where he met all the important French impressionists. Monet and Pissarro became his examples.
These paintings are from that French period.

Childe Hassam, Grand Prix Day, 1887. Oil on canvas, 61 x 86,3 cm. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MA), USA
Childe Hassam, Cab Station or A Shower, Rue Bonaparte, Paris (Une averse, Rue Bonaparte, Paris), 1887. Oil on canvas, 102 x 196 cm. Terra Foundation for the Arts, Daniel J. Terra Collection, Chicago (IL), USA