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Teen Titans The Judas Contract was better than I hoped it would be. Great story. Great characters and a surprise at the end! All the Character development on all sides!

I loved all the relationships. This is a family. 

I wonder where they will go with this…I’d like for a movie where Kory goes back to Tamaran and deal with Komand’r. Maybe have a forced political marriage. 

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oni-girlfriend  asked:

Heyooo !! May I request b5 with Terra or d3 for Ventus? (ㅅ´³`)♡ your art gives me 5 years life (esp your terra they a Jawn) Hope you find something that makes you smile really hard today!

IT IS DONE !! omg u are TOO KIND !! IM LOVE U OKAY ??? im so glad that u enjoy my stuff ;; A ;;

i havent drawn my boi terra in so long so i am truly blessed v____v

half a yellow sun

Summary: “Do you come here often?” asks Gamora, tilting her head.

“No,” says the girl. “I’m just here waiting for my dumb friend Peter.”

The birds coo.

“Would you believe me,” says Gamora, “if I told you that I, too, am here waiting for my dumb friend Peter.”

I had this thought last night and after a month of writers block i sat down and wrote the whole thing in two sittings God Bless America. i guess like it’s set right before infinity war??? idk i took a couple details from the teaser trailer and also HOW PURE WAS SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING here have an obscure fic where gamora and michelle jones hang out on a bench. @ygrittebardots and @taxicabsandcupcakes u both shamelessly encouraged me to write this so im tagging you. title is from chimamanda ngozi adichie’s book which is have been meaning to read forever and sounds like something MJ would read. enjoy!

There’s a girl sitting on the bench beside her, her nose buried in a paper-bound book.

Gamora resists the urge to look over curiously and scope out its cover and pages; she hasn’t seen pressed paper since a mission on an old Xandarian moon outpost nearly ten years ago, and it’s not like she thinks back on that experience with fondness. It’s just – information is more easily stored in mechanized databanks. Everyone knows this.

Gamora cannot help but think that Terrans have a stubborn tendency to do things for the sake of sentiment instead of practicality. For the first time since they touched down on Terra, Gamora thinks that in this, Peter reflects his home planet absurdly well.

In other things – he’s been gone for a long time, is what Gamora has let her thoughts settle on. He hasn’t said anything, but – it’s Peter. He’s not an awkward person by nature, but she’s known him a long time by now, and she’s trained to be observant, and it becomes more evident by the second that he’s out of his depth. It’s in the erratic flick of his eyes, widening from point to point and landmark to landmark, skating up buildings and narrowing at transport vehicles. Cars, he’d called them, she remembers, and files away the knowledge that Terran technology advances swiftly. It’s in the way he holds his arms, close to his sides when he thinks no one is looking at him, and the exaggerated swagger to his walk that she stops herself from calling out because she’s had it mentally categorized as a defensive mechanism from roughly the third minute after she met him.

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Some funny and interesting things I’ve learned about Teen Titans...

Something you might know is that plans for a Teen Titans cartoon featuring the line-up we all know and love first came about in the 1980s, after the success of “Super Friends”. 

The show was going to feature Cyborg, Raven, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Changeling (now known as Beast Boy), Starfire and a character created for the series called The Protector, who was going to be Robin’s replacement, due to him being one of the line-up on Super Friends. Unlike with the noughties cartoon, which was heavily influenced by anime, this cartoon was going to be done in a style very similar to that of the comic books, with few alterations to the characters’ appearances and costumes (one notable exception being Starfire - her outfit in the comic books was definitely not suitable for children!)

Though this cartoon series was never made, the Teen Titans did make an appearance in an anti-drugs PSA for kids. The footage has resurfaced on the internet so if you’re interested, you can find the PSA on YouTube.

Also, there was a Teen Titans segment on the Superman/Aquaman Hour Of Adventure, but that was in 1967/68 and featured Robin, Speedy, Aqualad and Wonder Girl.

You probably noticed that the line-up of the proposed 80s Teen Titans series and the 60s Teen Titans segments both contained a character who was never featured in the noughties series - Wonder Girl. I read online that when the writers were planning the show, they wanted Wonder Girl to be one of the main line-up, but just couldn’t get the licensing and never even managed to get her an appearance on the programme. However, she did appear in the spin-off comic book series, “Teen Titans Go” (which isn’t related to the infamous Cartoon Network show of the same name, I hasten to add!) You can see the design for her here:

The noughties Teen Titans cartoon contained a mixture of villains who were from the comics and those who were created for the show. Some of the villains taken from the comics include Slade (originally called Deathstroke - apparently the creators of the cartoon thought that was inappropriate and used his civilian name instead), Brother Blood, Blackfire, Trigon, Doctor Light and the HIVE team of Gizmo, Mammoth and Jinx. I found some pictures of the HIVE team back in the 80s and…wow…you wouldn’t believe what they looked like!

In the above picture is Psimon, Gizmo (who, instead of a bald little boy, used to be a dwarfed man with a beard!), Jinx (yes, that is really Jinx - she wasn’t always a cute goth girl with crazy pink hair), Mammoth, Neutron and Shimmer (Mammoth’s sister, whom I’m surprised wasn’t in the cartoon - maybe they couldn’t get the licensing for her either).

You probably know that Terra was also originally from the 80s comics, but she looked - and ACTED - very different back then!

No way would she have got away with smoking or saying “damn” on a TV series aimed at kids! Also, they completely redesigned her outfit and hairstyle. Pageboy haircuts haven’t been in fashion since the 1980s!

Another villain they adapted for the TV series was one of my favourite characters, Mad Mod, who was originally created IN the 1960s, back when Mod style was still in vogue! That’s like basing a supervillain on the hipster style in this day and age!

Of course, when they adapted him for a modern audience, they really made a joke out of the fact he was so quintessentially British, playing much less on the fashion designer persona he had in the 60s comics and emphasising his quirky personality and obsession with retro style.

Some villains created especially for the series include Control Freak, Kyd Wykkyd, See-More, Billy Numerous and - my personal favourite - the Amazing Mumbo Jumbo! Something I found out on his page on the Teen Titans wiki was that it was possible he was based on the Great HooDoo from a show called Lidsville, created by the Krofft Brothers, who are known for making children’s programmes in the 60s and 70s with lots of psychedelic imagery and bizarre-looking puppets. I looked up a picture of the Great HooDoo and let’s just say I didn’t know whether to be fascinated or horrified.

He looks just like a low-budget, live-action version of Mumbo! Not only that, he’s actually pretty terrifying.

As consolation for exposing you to that nightmarish screencap, I will now show you a more pleasant image to finish off this post. Here are the designs for the Teen Titans’ civilian outfits in the 80s cartoon:

(Though don’t ask me how Cyborg and Changeling/Beast Boy managed to turn back into their original forms!)

The signs as characters from Teen Titans

Aries: Terra

Taurus: Wonder Girl

Gemini: Starfire

Cancer: Kid Flash

Leo: Beast Boy

Virgo: Robin

Libra: Hot Spot

Scorpio: Jericho

Sagittarius: Cyborg

Capricorn: Raven

Aquarius: Aqualad

Pisces: Pantha


This is the best fan casting ever!


1. Jennifer Lawrence as Cassie Sandsmark

2. Brittany Snow as Rose Wilson

3. Judith Bedard as M'gann M'orzz

4. Teresa Palmer as Tara Markov

5. Sam Whitman as Bart Allen

6. Tyler Posey as Jaime Reyes

7. Liam Hemsworth as Garfield Logan 

8. Francisco Lanchowski as Timothy Jackson Drake