“I’m sorry, everyone… I’ve failed all of you.”

His hand slid down the surface of the glass until his arm dropped back down to his side. It was just so hopeless. There would be no escape from this prison, and he would not be able to return to his friends. Miserable, he let out a sigh and sat down on the floor. All he could do was wait for his captors to return, so he kept an eye on the door as he held his head low.

It was a ten minute wait. During the time, Terokiin thought about what other tests the organization could be planning to conduct on him, but felt that it would be the same thing as before. He eventually was snapped out of his thoughts when the silhouette of a woman entered the room. Her features could not be discerned within the darkness, but the darkrai already knew who she was. He stood up and looked at her uneasily, waiting to see what she would say to him.

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“So… you want to know about the Pokémon we guarded tonight?” Adeline stared up at the ceiling, trying to think. “Well… I guess you could say he’s a friend of mine, but even now I’m still unsure about that. He’s done a lot of questionable things that have hurt others, including myself. Only once did he ever really apologize for his wrongdoings, but that was after a mess of events which I’d rather not explain.” She lowered her head, glancing towards the floette that was sitting on the bed opposite to her. “He’s… different, I can tell you that. The way I’d describe him is prideful, yet a goofball, but he can also be pretty dangerous.” Her expression faltered. “I really don’t feel like I can say much more about this. You could have nightmares…”

Clover hovered up from her spot and puffed out her cheeks in annoyance. “Come on! I’m not a little kid anymore! You can tell me, really!” The fairy crossed her arms and sat in midair, crossing her arms. “I’ve been left out of a lot of things, Addie. I don’t want to be lost anymore. I want to know what’s going on and be useful…” Small tears gathered in her eyes. “You don’t know how frustrating it’s been for me these past two years. Whenever you left me at home so you could go and do something with the others, I felt hurt. You always thought it’d be too dangerous or scary for me. But the truth is… I don’t really care.” She sniffed. “S-So, please… can you involve me in something, for once? You let me go tonight, so I should know everything about what happened. I should be able to help you with this Team Shady thing.”

This sudden change in mood was startling to Adeline. Frowning, she held out her hands and scooped the child up, holding her close. “Clover…” She lowered her head to stare down at her partner. “I’m so sorry. I never knew that you felt that way.” Carefully, she patted Clover on the back with her index finger. “It’s just been so long since I raised a young Pokémon. I wasn’t sure how to handle it.” She shook her head. “I know I can’t erase my past mistakes, but if it helps, I’ll do my best to include you now. So… tell me what you want to know, and I’ll explain as best as I can. Okay?”

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New Developments - Part 3

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Outside, it was utter chaos. Team Shadow members were spread out behind the Lost Hotel with all of their Pokémon out and attacking in one particular spot. Adeline was not certain as to what they were doing, but as she advanced further towards their location the realization began to set in. There was screaming, but they were not only coming from the grunts calling out to their Pokémon. Something was shrieking in fear, trying to bat the dark and ghost-type Pokémon away but was not succeeding. The sounds coming from the unknown being sounded so familiar that Adeline’s heart began to thump in her chest. Who… was this?

Several Pokémon were sent flying back, and a gap in the crowd made her able to see the victim more clearly. “GET AWAY FROM ME!” It cried desperately. Its gray hair was dirty and unkempt, green eye flashing in panic…

“No…” Adeline was finally close enough to do something. “No… stop this! LEAVE HIM ALONE!” She then commanded her Pokémon to rush out onto the field. Bridget put her new attack to use by lashing out at any Pokémon susceptible to her blade while Clover sent out a rain of dazzling light to subdue any dark types. Noah charged in at his enemies with Take Down, bashing down whatever he could with the strength he had. This immediate action caught Team Shadow off-guard, making them wonder where the other attacks were coming from until they noticed the stranger on the scene. Enraged, a portion of the grunts redirected their onslaught towards Adeline’s Pokémon while the others continued to attack their prime target.

The young woman clenched her fists. She was not going to let them win; not after all this time. “Keep attacking the ones targeting the darkrai! Don’t let them hurt him! Bridget, use Shadow Ball! Noah, use Aurora Beam! Clover, alternate between your fairy-type moves!”

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