An interesting thing about Garak’s speech that I’ve observed-

Andrew Robinson has said that he played Garak’s speech pattern as though he had very recently learned to speak Federation Standard (maybe about a month before the show starts, while the Federation was on Terok Nor making the withdrawal negotiations).

Now, for the most part, Andrew uses close to his own natural American accent. But sometimes, Garak pronounces words like Julian does, as in with an English accent. 

Since Julian is the person Garak talks with the most, and he very recently started learning Fed Standard when they meet, Garak is picking up some of Julian’s speech patterns.

I find this a subtle and interesting connection between them.

(While on the topic, Julian and Garak pronounce each other’s names differently from how everyone else seems to).

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: according to memory alpha there is exactly one (1) instance of quark ever breaking the law prior to opening his bar on terok nor (that time when he and his cousin barbo sold defective warp drives to the tarahongians). quark managed to avoid all charges for that incident by betraying barbo - so, technically, he had a clean criminal record, meaning that he started Doing Crimes in earnest only AFTER he met odo, which can only mean that petty crime was his way of getting odo to pay attention to him...right?

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- (signals his ship) Dukat, one to transport. Energize… (nothing happens) Energize!
- Dukat, if you are seeing this recording, it means you tried to abandon your post while the station’s self-destruct sequence was engaged. That will not be permitted.
- This is outrageous!
- You have lost control of Terok Nor, disgracing yourself and Cardassia. Your attempt to escape is no doubt a final act of cowardice. All fail-safes have been eliminated, your personal access codes have been rescinded. The destruct sequence can no longer be halted. All you can do now is contemplate the depth of your disgrace… and try to die like a Cardassian.
—  The single biggest trolling in Star Trek history. From the DS9 episode, Civil Defense.
Deep Space Nine RECAP: 3x07

It’s ONLY LOGICAL that I don’t leave Season 3 out in the cold (vacuum of space) as the only Star Trek: DS9 season for which I haven’t written one full episode recap. I gotta. And it’s gotta be ‘Civil Defense’, because like, have you seen ‘Civil Defense’? Here let me tell you every fantastic thing that happens in

Season 3, Episode 7: ‘Civil Defense’

‘Civil Defense’ — a Season 3 episode! — begins with Chief O’Brien hard at work converting an old ore processing unit into a deuterium refinery with the help of his engineering intern, young Jake Sisko.

…It is actually only just now in this moment that I’m realizing this ore processor from the Terok Nor days was probably that same godawful Metropolis factory they sent Bashir to, that first time he and Kira ended up in the Mirror ‘Verse of Manic Evil Pansexual Doppelgängers. Hah, neat.

And yes I realize I got all of 30 words into this recap before sidebar-ing about continuity like a fucking nerd, but hey you choose to sit around this internet campfire.

WHERE WAS I. Oh ok, so Commander Sisko has shown up because O’Brien has kept his kid past dinnertime. I would now like everyone to keep in their mind for the remainder of this episode the fact that it was the end of the workday and everyone was ready to kick off and head home.

But before they can do that, Jake is having trouble deleting one of the old operating files from the computer, some mysterious unnamed thing that O’Brien can’t make heads nor tails of either. O’Brien tries to transfer it to a central system and deal with it later, but the computer is like ho ho ho, not today buddy, not on your life, threat intended. With headspinning quickness, the computer is already announcing they have just five seconds to enter the correct access code.

Jake: “Or what?!”
O’Brien: “Well I dunno, but I better stop it—”
Alarms: “BLARE. BLARE.”


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Kira meets Mirror!Kira

From Deep Space Nine magazine Vol. 9, 1994, where the caption says:

“Hello me, it’s me again. Major Kira Nerys runs into Intendant Kira Nerys on the Bajoran-run Terok Nor, the Mirror Universe’s version of Deep Space Nine.”

That outfit is amazing. Though I have always thought (sorry) that headband / crown looks like tinfoil. 

On family in DS9

every star trek show is about a family to an extent, but family is a downright motif in ds9. this show takes the concept of family and dissects it, viscerally and meticulously, scattering the pieces through pretty much every story arc

right off the bat, we see ben sisko at wolf 359, losing his family the way it was. when he takes control of terok nor he’s still grieving jennifer, still learning how to juggle single parenthood with his career, and now he’s inherited this new home that’s all unfamiliar angles and rough edges and doesn’t look much like a home, and a new family that’s all unfamiliar angles and rough edges and doesn’t look much like a family

but they become a family. and this is what ds9 does so brilliantly, because it’s not full house in space. the transition from “crew” to “family” is grueling, and it takes a lot of time and work to maintain throughout the series, but that’s what makes the bonds between these very different people so strong. they all disagree, all the time, about everything, but as the show goes on you see that they’re willing to sacrifice their lives for each other, at times to disobey starfleet and the bajoran government for each other, even to make fools of themselves in the holosuite for each other. it becomes clear how strong this family is when worf arrives and has to figure out how to find a place in it, and later when ezri has to fill the empty seat at its fractured table

but it’s not even just the found-and-carefully-tended variety of family that permeates ds9. so much of the impact of this show comes from relationships between relatives, and it’s complicated and messy and not always happy and not always done right (ahem “doctor bashir i presume” ahem) but it’s so important and so unlike any of the other treks. sisko taking advice from his own father as he watches jake come of age. quark and rom and nog and how sometimes they just can’t stand each other but also how their love for each other defies even the rules of acquisition. kira mourning her father all over again when she loses tekeny, and dealing with her own world being shaken when she learns what her mother did during the occupation. miles and keiko making the station their home despite everything. garak’s misguided willingness to do literally anything for his father’s approval. julian dealing with the fact that his parents constructed him to their specifications. ziyal’s loyalty to dukat despite *gestures broadly at dukat*. ds9 goes out of its way to remind us that the concept of family, like every concept that vast, is morally neutral. it wears good and bad equally well

and it’s this sometimes-good, sometimes-bad mess of family connections, intricate and strong as a spiderweb, that positions our heroes opposite their adversaries. ds9 begins with ben sisko watching the borg (a hivemind devoid of personal connection) rip apart his family. it ends with this new complicated, beautiful family unit facing off against the dominion, led by a goo collective to whom family is a necessarily foreign concept and their army of slave species who are genetically engineered to lose that kind of connection. and ultimately that’s what one of the morals of ds9 is: that having people to share your life with is difficult as hell, but it’s the connections we have with the people we find and keep that make the difficulty worth it, and it’s that pattern repeated on a grand scale that gives us a chance at some kind of unity.    

Okay but there would have been so much potential for great storytelling in a Jake/Ziyal friendship. Like they have similar interests and pretty similar personalities so it wouldn’t need to be forced. But the conflict too? He’s the son of the Bajoran Emissary and she’s the daughter of a Gul and Dominion ally? They could have leaned on each other during the retaking of Terok Nor meanwhile their dads are trying to kill each other and they’re also constantly butting heads politically but she does him favours like helping him get his news to the Federation eventuating in her breaking them out of the holding cells and when she dies one of the little lights in Jake’s heart is snuffed out forever.

But no. The most Ziyal got was looking up to her shitlord dad and what was meant to be a “meaningful” infatuation with Garak. Don’t let grown straight dudes write teenage girls ever again.

anonymous asked:

tell us about your quodo kardassi headcanon my dude

Gladly! *cracks knuckles*

Let’s start with Odo’s side of things. Since he was raised by a Bajoran scientist in a lab under Cardassian supervision, it stands to reason that he would have picked up bits of both languages (no access to a universal translator while he’s still a blobling). He received a commission from Dukat while Deep Space Nine was still Terok Nor, implying that he mostly spoke Kardasi with perhaps a smattering of Bajoran while on duty. He may have invested in a universal translator once the station transferred to Federation control - either that, or he’s naturally gifted with many (but not all) languages spoken on the station.

Quark’s been running his bar since 2363 at the latest. However, his clientele would have been pretty homogeneous until Terok Nor became Deep Space Nine - again, mostly Cardassians with the odd Bajoran. Here’s the other thing. Ferengi universal translator implants go into the ears (ouch) and Quark has an absurdly low pain tolerance (as we observe in Little Green Men). I submit that he would have waited until the very last second to get the implant. His Kardasi would’ve been pretty fluent as a result, the better to interact with his most profitable customers (and flirt with Natima of course).

tl;dr Quark & Odo speak Kardasi with each other and can communicate even if all the universal translators on the station malfunction. It’s cute.

(they have also internalized & adopted Cardassian flirting norms WHICH IS A TALE FOR ANOTHER TIME)

zapiarty  asked:

Flashfic: Continue of soul mates, Garak's discovery of Julian

If the Cardassian species had been designed to Tain’s specifications, no Cardassian born would ever have had a mate. This most basic of primitive sentient urges had no part in the work they did, could be nothing but a liability and a distraction. Or, if natural selection must be so indelicate as to insist on pair-bonds, they ought to be something discreet, easily suppressed, easily removed. Instead, the only way to free a Cardassian from the traitorous urges of their own biology is to blind them, and that will not do at all. It is rumoured, in the Obsidian Order, that Tain had his own mate murdered, years or decades ago, as a threat to his work. It is the sort of thing Garak can imagine him doing.

For himself, Garak does not believe he is missing much. Cardassia Prime is beautiful in a thousand shades of subtle grey, and the most brilliant colour could not make Terok Nor less of a prison. His colour-blindness is, perhaps, a drawback in his new profession, especially serving the Bajorans, who see colour all their lives and who claim to be called to their mates by the Prophets. Still, it can be worked around. He might have been left behind out here, bereft of his own people, quite, quite alone, but he could be useful yet. The Federation is not so very difficult to gain information from - the whole Promenade is buzzing with word of their arrival, and even he, the lone, despised Cardassian left cannot escape the rumour mill. Humans - a people so ill-concerned with their own protection that they wear this most secret thing on their skin, open to the world. The first time he sees words running up a customer’s wrist as he takes their measurements feels as much an invasion as it would to see any stripped and beaten prisoner in the cells.

He has never seen Julian’s Mark, just as he has never told Julian that the first colour Garak ever saw was warm brown, threaded with green, spreading out into golden-brown skin and dark hair and the absurd, over-saturated blue of a Federation uniform. They have never spoken of this, nor will they - Garak has tried delicately to weave words around to the topic a hundred times, and never quite managed it. Either Julian will raise his eyebrows and go haring off on another tangent too intriguing not to follow, or Garak’s own nerve fails him and he does the same. Because Julian must know. How could he not? Even humans, surely, are not so ill-designed that one might never find one’s mate in the mass of ‘hello’s and ‘excuse me’s that one exchanges every day, unknowing. There must be some other, internal sign that Garak does not know, that is not spoken of.

It doesn’t matter. Julian knows, and he has done nothing. That, on Cardassia, would be answer enough. Still, Garak keeps going. He weaves half-true stories, innuendoes, hints at all he has seen and done to keep the doctor coming to him, week by week. He makes perhaps a few too many allusions to colour when they talk - if only in the context of Julian’s utter lack of judgement in this regard - and at once despises and glories in the ignorance that means Julian can never know what it is he means. He is being obvious, and that is worst of all, but he is alone here - who is there left to know?

Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S6, Vol. 2

What’s that? It’s the Wartime Miniseries PART 2!

We’re at the Deep Space 9
We’re at the Terok Nor
We’re at the coommmbination Deep Space 9 and Terok Nor

[dance breakdown]

6x04 ‘Behind the Lines’
- Nog has managed to produce BRANDY from somewhere, because “I may be a cadet, but I’m still a Ferengi.” Nog is that dude in The Great Escape who can always get you stuff, isn’t he.
- THE DEFIANT CREW HAS A CEREMONY FOR WHEN THEY USE UP A POWER CELL. Chief O’Brien PRESENTS IT to Captain Sisko, who then GIVES A ROUSING SPEECH with CALL-AND-RESPONSE ELEMENTS. do you know how much I love call-and-response??? it’s a whole personal story, having to do with Moby-Dick and my high school English teacher, and, in retrospect, the fact that he was the one who used to be a Captain in the Marine Corps…. anyway, can attest that call-and-response is a guaranteed way to create strong group bonding AND startle awful vice principals your enemies. y’know looking back, that my English teacher was seen by the administration as a defiant Romantic revolutionary with a worrisome student army is also making a lot of sense….
- me last time: “what strange new rhythms will you all have fallen into out here”
  Ben to his Admiral right now: “It’s just a little ritual we fell into”

mmmm Kira providing this diegetic VO of what’s going through this Cardassian’s head at the bar while she and Rom look down on him from the second level, GOOD STUFF

- Kira: “How did you get ahold of Damar’s pad anyway?”
  Rom: “I’m good with my hands.”
  high oh.
- I think that Jem’Hadar just broke a Cardassian’s back over his knee? what kinda fight choreography can you guys afford these days!
- Weyoun, through a grin: “Our men need to see that we’re still allies. Smile.”

Is This Helping

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Fuck it, I can’t get this out of my mind...

Ok, so, a while back I had an ask about my Exiles Together AU and about what Julian’s future would look like if he didn’t escape the Federation and Section 31 got their hands on him. My answer was that it would look something like this.

Originally posted by loki-thou-art-drunk

Then I talked it over with @zapiarty about a) how Julian might get out of this and b) how to work in some Garashir (we are obsessed, we know and we do not care). 

So: Julian, after he’s been suitably conditioned, gets sent out to the Cardassian border. This isn’t his first mission, or his second. He doesn’t remember how many he’s been sent out on, but he’s been doing this for a few years. He’s probably twenty-five or twenty-six at this point, and he was twenty-three when he fled the Federation. Either way, he gets brought in alive, which was not in the plan, and Enabran Tain takes an interest. Because this unstoppable, apparently mindless killing machine was created by the Federation. He wants to know how. And as standard interrogation isn’t working on someone who at this point lacks enough free will to choose whether or not to answer questions and doesn’t remember most of how he was created, he calls in his very best man for the job. Elim Garak.

Garak is not best pleased to be told he has to spend the next…however many months…babysitting a Federation agent who seems less like a sentient being than a living weapon. Living with it day in and day out, fighting off all instances where its programming is triggered, trying to get something that might as well be stone to respond to him. But yet…it’s slow, yes, but without the constant mind-wipes Julian’s mind is beginning to reassert itself. He’s traumatised as hell, damn near killing himself with guilt over what he was forced to do under Section 31′s control and has just had his idealism broken in the most horrifying way imaginable, yes…but he knows who he is, and over the course of…maybe a year…he begins to come back to himself. Garak gets attached. So does Julian - the first friendly face he’s seen in so long, the first person who‘s been kind to him in…he doesn’t know how long it’s been. For Garak - the creature he dismissed as a mindless brute is intelligent, sensitive, can hold a good conversation about literature and, despite being so badly hurt, still wants to help people and do the right thing even if it’s partly out of sheer defiance. Julian has lost everything else - the ability to be kind is all he has left, and he will use that like a weapon to assert his own personhood. The weapon Section 31 saw him as could never have chosen to be kind. It doesn’t take long after he begins to recover himself, though, to start figuring out that the Cardassians aren’t doing this just to be kind. Even so, learning Garak’s real mission hurts him, and the fight they have after that leads to Garak being taken off this assignment.

This is when Garak learns what’s going to come next. They are going to try to put Julian back the way he was when they found him. To see if they can create a similar sort of mindless super-soldier for their own use, starting with the one they’ve got now. Garak is loyal to the State, yes, but he sees no benefit to Cardassia in the atrocity they mean to commit, against Julian or against their own citizens in some nebulous future. And this is Julian, whom Garak has argued with over a hundred games of kotra, held through his nightmares, laughed at and with a hundred times. He’s become dangerously attached, he knows, but this is a service to Cardassia too. He has seen what Julian’s state has made of him, and the thought of Cardassians being forced into the same shape would, to his mind, be a betrayal of both state and species. And so he commits treason, breaks into the facility where Julian is being held, and lets him go. He gets Julian onto a smuggling shuttle bound for Bajor, with a small stockpile of latinum and instructions on how to find his way to the nearest neutral world and lay low there. Garak is banished for this as soon as Tain finds out what happened, and sent to Terok Nor as the new station tailor.

Julian does not go to a neutral world. He can’t. He stays on Bajor, and ends up falling in with the Shakaar Resistance. He doesn’t approve of the Occupation in any case, and Dakhur Province is where his shuttle happened to land, so why not help while he’s there? There is no safe place in the universe for someone like him whatever he does, so he might as well get involved. He joins up under the alias of Tareq Khalifa, and is generally presumed to be a Cardassian military experiment, possibly carried out on a captured Starfleet officer, since he can’t quite hide a few traces of his Starfleet education. In any case, he’s reliable and useful and a very good medic, even if he still suffers from a lot of PTSD over killing after the amount of it he’s been forced to do. He ends up good friends with Kira Nerys after they’ve saved each other’s lives a few times, and when the Occupation ends, they’re posted to Deep Space Nine together.

All record of Julian Bashir has been erased from Federation databases, Julian knows. Section 31 has given him up for dead. It ought, theoretically, to be safe enough for Doctor Tareq Khalifa to work on a Federation space station without attracting the attention of Section 31 so long as he keeps his abilities as quiet as possible. Unfortunately, he was reckoning without Miles O’Brien, the man who caught him, having been assigned to the same station.