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Has anyone else noticed that there are now ads appearing on people’s blogs when you scroll through them? Is there a way to get rid of them (I’m using the app)?

I’m just not ok with having them on my blog, it’s invading my personal space and ruining my aesthetic 😡

OC-Tober 2016: #8 - Molly AKA “Lure”

Molly is a mutant superhuman based on a venus flytrap. She’s meant to appear super adorable with giant bambi eyes and cute pouty lips. She is the lure. Then she splits open at the seam that starts at her lower lip and ends where her navel would be and opens into this hella creepy venus flytrap monster thing with an endless void inside her. 8D

Molly is great. <3

I FINALLY COLORED HERRR. ♥♥♥!!! I’ve only had her created for like… years. XD;;; I for some reason never colored her until now. 8D;;; Better late than never?? 8’>


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just because you’re confused doesn’t mean it’s out to steal your fucking drawings oh my god

“granting them use” literally means that they can use it for log in screens, resize it for mobile blogging, and have the ability to store it at all. granting “derivative works” as they defined, means that other people can reblog it, otherwise there’s just a bunch of copies of your art out there on people’s blogs and you could sue with that loophole

christ people quit crying wolf, it’s fucking annoying and you’re scaring the kids who have a hard time understanding legal talk. quit making petitions to change something that DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN oh my god

Some gems from the latest Terms of Service Agreement
  • “We’re not in the business of hosting adult-oriented videos (and it’s fucking expensive).”

  • “Be proud of who you are. You’re beautiful. We’re looking you in the eyes and telling you how beautiful you are.”

  • “…the alien beauty of Benedict Cumberbatch…”

  • “…private photos of your ex’s junk (no matter how remarkable)…" 

  • "Tumblr may determine your location by using drone technology and live video feeds. Ha ha, no…”
  • “Don’t make us narc on you.”

  • “Don’t showcase the mutilation or torture of human beings, animals, or their remains. Dick.”

  • “If you want people to like you, just play it cool and be yourself.”
  • *entire paragraph about if your cat’s name is Doctor Who*
  • “Don’t squat, hoard, amass, accumulate, accrue, stockpile, rack up, buy, trade, sell, launder, invest in, ingest, get drunk on, cyber with, grope, or jealously guard Tumblr usernames/URLs.”

Seriously, if you didn’t read the Terms of Service before you clicked “I accept”… you’re missing out.


Well well well. A couple of days ago someone was suspended from Facebook for saying the following:

“Good reasons to hate feminism: transphobia, racism, homophobia, queerphobia, cissexism, transmisogyny, heterosexism, ableism

Bad reasons to hate feminism: misandry, "but what about the men?”, “they’re just lesbian bra burners”, any mention of Hitler in relation to feminism, “we’re already equal”, “why can’t we just fight for everyone’s rights, etc.”“

Facebook deleted their post and suspended them yet allows all the other bullshit I post here to remain. You can go fuck yourself Facebook.

Please spread this around.

New tech site “Terms of Service; Didn’t Read” wants to expose what they call “the biggest lie on the Web.” To put it simply, nobody actually reads the Terms of Service. They just say they do. And in the case of some services, such as TwitPic (above), this is pretty evil. Did you know they can sell your photos to a news wire without paying you? Scary, right?