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Now Taking Parasol YCH Commissions: $20 USD

In the spirit of Stormblood releasing soon I have decided to do a YCH with Parasols! I have four different options available, for $20 USD each.

The finished result will be something similar to these:

If you would like to order one of these commissions please fill out the form provided below. Please do not contact me directly for a commission, I will be taking them via the form only. Please be sure to read my Terms of Service before applying. If you have any questions, you may contact me via tumblr or my email address. Thank you all so much!!! ♥ ♥


My Terms of Service

Sorry but...

Hello, legal aid here. (Lawyer, before specifics get called to play)

I work ToS violation cases, things like the “torq-Insanity” incident, where game players have been wronged and ultimately “harmed in some way,” due to wrongful terminations of services.

Jax doesn’t have a case, and her involvement in this blog is why (as well as her repetitive, well documented abuse of staff and the system.)

let me begin by saying this: Torq and Insanity had a case BECAUSE the ToS was changed specifically to give LD staff a reason to ban them. AFTER the fact of accusation, that is.

Jaxter does not have a case because they (LD Staff) did not violate, alter to incriminate, or in anyway change their own terms of service. (specifically to harm Jaxter or terminate their membership.)

Jaxter also has no foundation to bring about legal action. She’s a regular disruptor, rulebreaker, and bully.

I’ve personally witnessed their behavior and I would have dropped the ban hammer ages ago, and I’m sure that’s all documented. Opinion statement.

and in regards to threatening to dox: If she does, I’m more than happy to introduce the doxxed individual to an non - affiliated lawyer who can, and will, serve her for doxxing.

Reminder that users getting banned from websites for shit they did against the TOS is not the problem anti’s have most of the time, but the selective usage of TOS against the users by the website to them down for having opposing or conservative views. Selective use to the TOS is unacceptable, and if you’re going to shut someone down for breaking them, shut everyone down for breaking them. 


Regular Style Full Body Prices: Lines - $25, Flats - $30, Full - $40

All Prices in USD

Commissions are finally OPEN!

Comic and icon commissions will not be a thing as of now but I am working to see if I can do them in the future. You can use the art I make you as an Icon though if you want to.  

Click Here for Terms of Service and how to Contact Me for a Commission!


I wanted to make a new commission list, and trying to figure out the prices…


1. I’m willing to draw and paint most things. As long as it ain’t “absurdly morally deviant.“
2. You can ask for a commission, but wait with the payment until I’m finished with the others. So you do have time to come to your senses. =D
3. I need confirmation that you’ve read the Terms Of Service and agree to those terms. 

Asking for a Commission
Describe what you want, links to images and such if you have any, describe the character how they are like etc.
Don’t expect more than what I’ve shown I can do.
Send it to:

Outrage: According to their Terms of Service, Furaffinity has the Right to Print out any Artwork Uploaded to their Site and Eat French Fries off of it

This is just disgusting. In an updated TOS agreement rolled out this month, and which Furaffinity users must agree to in order to keep using the site and hosting their artwork there, Furaffinity have the right to, “host, display, reproduce, print out, and eat french fries off of with condiments including but not limited to, ketchup, mayonnaise, or honey mustard,” any artwork uploaded to their site.

Wow. Way to take advantage of artists, FA. Not all artists who choose to upload their work are tying to develop professional careers, but lots of them are, and when big companies do things like this, they rob young professionals of opportunities to build their resume, and maybe even profit from their hard work.

And the worst part is, taking down your art doesn’t stop them from printing it, piling a mound of fries on top of it, and hedonistically snacking on them throughout the day for a full year from the day you remove it.

If you’re a young professional who doesn’t like the idea of your art being used as a French fry plate, take your art down as soon as possible.

just because you’re confused doesn’t mean it’s out to steal your fucking drawings oh my god

“granting them use” literally means that they can use it for log in screens, resize it for mobile blogging, and have the ability to store it at all. granting “derivative works” as they defined, means that other people can reblog it, otherwise there’s just a bunch of copies of your art out there on people’s blogs and you could sue with that loophole

christ people quit crying wolf, it’s fucking annoying and you’re scaring the kids who have a hard time understanding legal talk. quit making petitions to change something that DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN oh my god


Schools out for the summer so that means I can open commissions publicly again! I will opening 6 new slots for commissions and I’m going to be opening them in the same manner I did last time.

Instead of accepting on a “first come, first serve” basis, I will be opening submissions for commissions for the next day or so. From the time of this post to Saturday May 13th at 10 pm central I will be taking in emails and after things close back up I’m going to dig through what I have and pick 6 to accept from the pile!

Now on to the details :

- All commission info MUST be submitted through email to shadowrabbits.art@gmail.com. Simple inquiries can be sent through Tumblr asks or messaging system for quicker replies, however.

- I don’t have a strict form to fill out! Format things however you’d like but just please, please be thorough. References are majorly important, even if they’re pieces from here and there. You don’t need to have personal art already done for your character, you can simply Google image search references and send them my way. Send me tons of info! Seriously. Some people don’t like getting too much but I’m not that way at ALL. 

- I can and will happily do many different things that aren’t strictly listed on my commission info sheet including :

  • NSFW
  • Landscape/environment/scenery work
  • Design (armor, clothing, weaponry, etc)
  • Non-World of Warcraft characters
  • Basically if it isn’t a hard NO, I’ll likely do it.

However, I will NOT do:

  • Furry or animal centric
  • Mecha or machine heavy work or designs

If you have a question concerning what I will and won’t draw, just ask!

- More of my art can be found HERE.

- My TERMS OF SERVICE must be read and understood before commissioning me.

Signal boosts are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much everyone!

Commissions Open

Hey all! I’m gonna lose my job soon, due to the company I’m working for shutting down, and I’m building up a reserve while I look for another job!! Thank you for looking, any reblogs are appreciated <3

If you are interested in a commission, please contact me either through my website or through my Etsy, links can be found here!!

Details and examples the cut!

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This blog is primarily about my art, with a little of my politics.

Recently A GW staff member who disliked my politics and who had trolled my personal art posts with his disdain and was then blocked, decided the mature response was to collate my GW fan art into a single post to mock and deride it
as ‘The worst series of images on the entirety of this site’ (note the blog he posted this on, had images of him in his GW uniform)
I alerted his employers that he was being an asshat to company customer base. And its my understanding that they cautioned him.

After that he decided to go public and ‘DARVO’ about the issue painting himself as the poor victim who did nothing worse then dislike my art.
I decided that I needed to protect my rep, so I wrote a lengthy post (now below the cut)  

If you are reading this, you have no reason to believe ‘my side, theirs or the middle’ The only thing I can do is ask you to consider which is more likely, that a complaint was made and the company took action, or that I have insider contacts and after 14 years as a professional artist, cant handle criticism.

I have no interest in pursing this further, and my blog remains as always about my art with a little of my politics.

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If you’re a Larrie that writes Harry & Louis fic...

You will have probably come across people that leave comments on AO3 like:

‘I can’t read this, the fact your think they’re together automatically makes your story (insert something crappy)’


‘There’s no way Louis could be a doctor (for example) he’s far too (insert something crappy) ‘

And like me you probably just delete and move on. But there are a few accounts on ao3 that target Larrie writers and it’s tiring, especially as they target new/less well known writers who are more likely to be put off by them. 

You don’t have to put up with it. 

Those sorts of comments, that stray into ‘shipping politics’ are in breach of their terms of service and you can report them. If you go to the bottom of your story, you will see a link that says ‘report abuse’. It’s really easy to complete - just be sure not to delete the offending comment as they need to see it to do anything about it. 

I reported a comment recently and they took it seriously. The users in question will get a warning, if they carry on their account will be suspended, if they still persist their account can be deleted. 

I just thought this might help some of you out xx


I’m Opening Sketch and Colour Commissions!!!!
I have about five spots open for commissions as of right now! Info listed above is really the basics you’ll need to know, but feel free to message me or send an ask with further questions. Payments will be made by PAY PAL and E-TRANSFER :)

Terms of Service:
-I draw only slight NSFW (nudity but not sexual content)
-Timelines will be made with commissioner
-I have the right to refuse to draw or commission certain pieces.
-I will draw certain animals + certain animal/human hybrids
-Payment will be half up front, then half after the sketch/ colour map is confirmed.
-$10 commissions include up to 2 characters, $15 start at 1 character 
-If interested in a fully rendered piece we can discuss pricing :)
-Can message me through tumblr, instagram, or my email (jessabellatwill@live.com)

I’m really hoping this goes well, I was kinda nervous to start but I know y’all are great and supportive! Thanks for being amazing!

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm thinking of starting a webcomic and I was wondering if there were pros and cons to uploading to tapastic? How do you like it? I've never made a webcomic before and I'm nervous about getting my stuff out there.. Am I free to upload to additional places if I upload to tapastic? Is there weird copyright stuff involved?

Hello! Well, I’m guessing you missed the horror and drama of yesterday? Haha, I will link you to a couple posts talking about the general issue of Tapastic and it’s recent TOS debacle. Nota Bene: Tapas has since changed the TOS but I’m not seeing a change in the mass Exodus…I have since removed Fantomestein from tapas entirely–and it will update on tumble ( @fantome-stein) for the time being. 

In general, I did like it enough to stick with it for a long time. I liked the general layout + audience building. I liked the easy access to notifications, libraries, and the recent tipping service. I also liked that it was easy to access and a decent platform for first time comic-ers! 

I was not a fan of the frequently blurry uploading/format issues, always glitching share options, and generally buggy system. You had very strict posting guidelines and sometimes the pages looked very compressed and poor quality. The ad revenue was very, very small–and honestly it was only the tipping service that made it remotely sustainable (and the tipping service required readers to watch ads for tips…so even those were inconsistent, understandably!). 

I was also just not a big fan that they tried to sneak in some not-so-great for creators Terms of Services. There has been a lot of debate of how bad it actually was, what the company was actually doing, etc…BUT regardless, there has also been so much dirt pulled up on them as a company that it is enough to give me pause. (Thanks @paintbrushtheelf for the link ! I did follow that on twitter <3). 

I saw a quote once that said “if the service is free, you’re the commodity” and I feel like that is the potential danger to Tapas right now. You are free to upload to additional places and free of copyright agreements, however, I did hear tell that people who got picked up for payed hosting sights or publication ran into issues of Tapastic flagging/removing links to alternate sites. 

Even though they changed the TOS that upset everyone, they’ve done some reprehensible things and that makes me question whether or not they would be reliable in the future. I personally am not choosing to return to them, even though I am very sad and worried about losing that readership. 

Tumblr does have a comic format option–so I would recommend checking that out while you research your options! It is pretty customizable, and even moreso if you are able to do some coding of your own. There are also a ton of insightful threads going around in response to the whole tapas issue–I highly recommend this wisdom from @reimenaashelyeehttps://twitter.com/reimenayee/status/865240306421121024 

Patreon could also work as a hosting program–and then your finances + comic are linked–but I haven’t looked into that option too deeply. 

Anyhoo, that’s a Long Post! But I hope that helps you out a little! Best of luck on your comic!