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美人 // Oda Nobunaga [ 1 ]

Bijin, a beautiful person, commonly used to refer to women.

The sound of the horse’s hooves against the road was not much of a distraction from the distant cries of warriors and the clashing of blades across the battlefield. I could hear one distinct voice among all others, roaring the sound of my name, as if to plead me, and as I turned around - an honest mistake - to offer my affirmation, the swift slice of an arrow through the air almost left me deaf.

I felt the tip plunge into my right shoulder, the impact ripping through my flesh, burying itself in my muscles. It was a familiar discomfort I was not foreign to, and yet, it seared me with a most excruciating pain. But if those fools were truly aiming to send me to my grave, they should have done a more decent job. I held onto the reins tighter, commanding my steed to gallop further away. With this narrow escape, I knew, if I were a second too late, I might have welcomed more arrows than I could take.

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Saw your response about the nights king and dragons cancelling each other out by the end. I really liked your statement about seeing the devastation of the dragons more so in s08. Do you think we are going to see the impact of the dothraki also (known for they war crimes) and more importantly what happened to slavers bay? We got a glimpse of it in s06. D 'ended' the institution of slavery but didn't replace it with any form of structure to sustain the people, ultimately delivering into poverty.

Aww thank you <3 

I bloody well hope so because the Dothraki’s culture of war is to pillage and rape. Dani may have made Yara and the Greyjoy army promise not to do that, but she never asked the Dothrakis. 

This is her speech to them: 

“Every khal who ever lived chose three bloodriders to fight beside him and guard his way. But I am not a khal. I will not choose three bloodriders. I choose you all. I ask your oath, that you will live and die as blood of my blood, riding at my side to keep me safe from harm. I will ask more of you than any Khal has ever asked of his khalasar! Will you ride the wooden horses across the black salt sea? Will you kill my enemies in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses? Will you give me the Seven Kingdoms, the gift Khal Drogo promised me before the Mother of Mountains as the stars looked down in witness? Are you with me, now and always?!”

She asked them to kill all of her enemies in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses. She asked for complete and utter destruction of anyone that would dare oppose her. It’s “bend the knee or die” as she comes with her foreign armies to conquer a land that doesn’t belong to her. This is obviously problematic for a supposed ‘hero’ to say and I really hope we see the consequences of her words when the Dothrakis cause more destruction and chaos than she ever intended. 

And yeah, Dani is a conqueror, not a ruler. She has no political acumen to sit on the Iron Throne or any throne. She could learn. After all, every ‘job’ requires a learning curve, right? Meereen should’ve been her learning curve. She ripped out the backbone of their economic structure. It’s like taking down one wall of a house because it has termites without building a replacement wall to keep it standing. Of course the entire bloody house will fall down as a result. But Dani doesn’t care. Because one part of Meereen’s society was faulty, she deemed the rest of Meereen’s society inconsequential. She refused to understand their culture and sought to control them with an iron fist. That’s not a benevolent ruler; that’s a dictator. 

Will she learn in Westeros? Considering how she spites Tyrion for trying to reign in her violent impulses and refuses to understand the necessity of Tyrion’s warning about not using the force of her dragons or Dothraki army, she is still refusing to learn about the country she wants to rule.  

I desperately hope all of this becomes more obvious to the audience in S8. It’s about damn time people’s glass ceiling shattered. 

On Spider Houses and Greed within The Legend of Zelda

​“If you lift the curse … I’ll teach you … something good … Hurry … Please … This is awful … In here … The gold ones … The cursed spiders … Defeat them all … Make me normal … again … .”

- The Cursed Man, Majora’s Mask

“Human desire is an insatiable,
fearsome thing … even to a demon!
But then again, I suppose it’s also
what makes your kind so intriguing … .”

​- Batreaux, Skyward Sword

Above: The Cursed Man of the Fearful Spider House


For me, and perhaps many readers, one of the most powerful images from The Legend of Zelda retained by memory is that of the House of Skulltula in Ocarina of Time’s Kakariko Village. Nestled in the midst of the most ostensibly peaceful location in Hyrule is an unassuming grey house, which, as we learn from the townsfolk, has a dark history and a necessary moral lesson. An elderly villager in Kakariko gives us this history: “Folks around here tell of a fabulously rich family that once lived in one of the houses in this village … But they say that the entire family was cursed due to their greed! Who knows what might happen to those who are consumed by greed.” [1] This tale is corroborated by the cursed father within the House of Skulltula, who tells Link of the curse on his family. Avarice fed his unquenchable desires, and before long, such vice led to the Curse of the Spider, here represented by Gold Skulltulas – themselves a perceptible symbol of greed. In order to dispel the spider’s curse, Link must destroy Gold Skulltulas the world over, collecting them as he goes; and in doing this, he also destroys a visible manifestation of greed and selfishness in Hyrule. [2]

Oft talked about, but little understood, the Spider Houses inhabiting both Hyrule and Termina hold a subtle fascination commonly overshadowed by rising plot, climax, and resolution. Spider Houses do not play pivotal roles in furthering the story, but they often augment small side-chapters parallel to the larger story with parables, morals, and mysteries. They also sound a clarion call against avarice, warning of greed’s corrupting influence on the face of the human soul.

As true in all societies and all places, the Curse of the Spider can take root in any human being, so it should be unsurprising that we also find people consumed with, and transformed by, greed within the parallel realm of Termina.

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♛:Sharing a dessert - Fael and Etienne? :D

♛: Sharing a dessert

Fael, for all of his exhaustion at the Orlesian gala, had handled it with grace. He’d danced as he was bid, negotiated with Josephine’s careful guidance, and had ultimately convinced the Duke to lend his aid and funds to the Inquisition. The mission, while boring as all get out, had been the most monumental of financial games they’d played since the Inquisition had been reborn. Even Cullen looked light-hearted and thrilled by their victory. It was rare to see the entire Inquisition party looking so relieved over something much less fatal than their usual challenges.

Rarer even so that Étienne was still nowhere to be found, even when the casks of Tevinter wine had been brought out in celebration. Odd. Fael had thought the presence of free vintage would have a pack of Étienne’s rushing in from the gardens like termites from a rotting building. Alas, Fael had not set eyes on him since he’d first had frozen up and had been taken aside by Leliana. Truth be told, Fael was beginning to worry. It wasn’t like Étienne to stay away for so long.

Sighing, Fael weaved his way towards the desserts table and collected this and that, building up a decently sized plate. His worries still trailed after him like wisps in the dark, even as Fael tried his best to brush them away. Étienne was a man grown. He could take care of himself if he was in trouble. Still, Fael could not prevent his mind from wandering away from him as he wandered out to the estate gardens with his food.

Sure enough, his wandered worrying would eventually lead him to exactly where he needed to be. It had been so at the Conclave, and had been so in Haven, and would be so once more when he just so happened to glance up to the stars and found something much more intriguing. Étienne was perched atop the highest peak of the manor like some great bird, waiting to swoop down. Clear as day and silent as night he crouched. If Fael was a betting elf, he would’ve gambled that Étienne had his hood drawn up over his eyes.

Before Fael could even think to shout at Étienne to come down, Étienne jumped. He spread his arms out and leaped forward, falling with grace as he soared down into a pile of freshly raked leaves. He rolled out of it as soon as he had landed, coming forward and immediately taking off as he sprang out. He had reached Fael in seconds, falling in step beside him and catching his breath.

“Mon chaton, what brings you out?” Étienne inquired, a smile quirking at his lips.

Fael cocked an eyebrow. “What brought you to the roof? The more I know you, the less I’m sure that you’re not some bird who was turned human through blood magic.”

Étienne shrugged. “Saw an old flame, and I figured if I made my presence known to him I’d find myself burnt. Leliana advised me to take to the shadows and gather information for her instead of risking that happening.”

“Ah.” Fael replied, shifting from foot to foot. “That’s…”

“Over and done with. He hasn’t noticed me. So long as I remain outside, I doubt I’ll be found.” Étienne said with a casual grin. “It won’t be the first night I’ve spent under the stars.”

“You missed the feast, then?” Fael asked.

Étienne offered a long suffering sigh and a weary nod. “Before you try to cram a full turkey in my throat, I’ll have you know that-”

Abruptly he was cut off by the sudden presence of Fael’s index finger pressed against his lips. It was sticky and warm, and when Étienne flicked his tongue against it he tasted a chocolate and hazelnut spread. “Mhm. I could do with some food, come to think.”

Chuckling, Fael lifted the chocolate square the sauce was from and pressed it up to Étienne’s mouth. Étienne took it eagerly, snacking down for the first time as he realized how hungry he actually was.

“Come.” Fael insisted, tugging on Étienne’s sleeve. “We can sit by the fountain, and you can tell me what you’ve found before you report to Leliana.”

“Sounds fair, so long as you don’t mind me stealing your dessert.”

“I’m sure you’ve stolen worse things in your life, Lord Protector. Sit and relax with me.”

As the night winded down, Étienne sat beside his Inquisitor on the fountain’s edge. He ate every bite pressed to his lips by Fael, much more hungry than he had realized. The guilt he felt at stealing Fael’s dessert was easily countered by choosing a tart from the small pile and holding it out for Fael. He tested it with a small bite, and gave a soft nod of approval. It was then that he and Étienne started to alternate, each picking out a treat for the other to test.

“I saw a bride do this once, when I was at her wedding on a contract. She fed her husband bits of their cake. I think it was some sort of tradition?” Étienne mused.

“Perhaps.” Fael replied. “It must’ve been odd, to kill a bride on her wedding night. I can’t imagine it.”

Étienne shrugged. “I killed her brother, not her. She’s a duchess of some sort now, but at the time her brother was playing in the wrong puddles. I’ve not lost sleep over his death.”

“Is there any death an assassin would lose sleep over?” Fael joked.

“Yours.” Étienne replied plainly. “I suppose I’d lose sleep over yours, as it is.”

“… Oh.” Fael said softly.

“Do you want the last croissant bite?” Étienne asked.

“… No, you can have it.”


((Nonsexual Acts of Intimacy Meme ))

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Hi there, ok so I am working on a project for school where we will be designing a small "Modern" single person structure near to the coastline. Do you have any suggestions on materials that could be used that resist salt air corrosion?

Sunflower House Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Corrosion and Decay Resistance

Buildings in coastal environments are prone to damage from corrosion, moisture-related decay, and termite damage  to building materials. Metal corrosion is most pronounced on coastal homes (within 3,000 feet of the ocean), but moisture-related decay and termite damage are prevalent throughout coastal areas.

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The building inspector’s accent was thick and a bit gruff. “Yah, mister Rudegrass—“


“Well what ya gothere is a whole nest of problems, yah.”

Atticus turned a bit green as he stared up at the blank, featureless, perfectly normal ceiling. “There was a portal up there, it lead to—“

(interrupting) “Yeah, ah gotta feelin’ ya had all kinda floaty and glow-y stuff going on here. But ya got termites.”



“And they…” Atticus trailed off.

“…ate th’weird or whatevah ya got right out of this place.”

“Mystical termites? From the unholy forests of—“

“Just termites,” the inspector said firmly. She didn’t have time for wizardly rambles.

“Occult insects that require potions, terrible and—“

“Ordinary termites. Killable by poison.”

“No magic?”

The building inspector shook her head. “Yeah, ya wish. Lot cheaper to kill, but nope these are just termites.”

Atticus gazed sadly around him. “Where is the adventure in that?”

Harvard researchers look to termites as inspiration for autonomous building robots
Termites may be among the most repellent and invasive insects on the planet, but they’ve also provided the inspiration for a set of swarm-based construction robots designed by a group of Harvard researchers. The TERMES robot project is based on the behavior of actual termites: while the insects may be known for infesting homes, they also are skilled builders, making impressive, elaborate, and huge structures many times their size with little to no centralized guidance.

September 18, 2016 - Forest Kingfisher (Todiramphus macleayii)

These kingfishers are found in northern and eastern Australia. They eat a variety of invertebrates, as well as small lizards, frogs, and worms. Hunting mostly from low perches, they drop onto prey on the ground, catch it in the air, or pluck it from shallow water, returning to a perch to eat. Monogamous pairs build nests together in tree cavities, banks, the roots of fallen trees, or arboreal termite mounds. When building in termite nests, each bird flies directly at the mound with their beak pointed forward, slowly excavating a nest chamber with a short, sloped tunnel at the entrance. Both parents and several helpers from the last breeding season incubate the eggs and feed the chicks.