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its true you need patient consent before risky surgery but the fact of the matter is hiiro had no idea their patient had terminal cancer nor gave a shit about it at all. emu had to tell him about the cancer and then literally goad him into the operation by calling him a chicken like a fucking child for hiiro to consider having a conversation with the patient about surgery as an option.

What can I do? Dongho says he’s exhausted so there’s nothing I can do…What good is it if I try to hold onto Dongho, when he says that he has a different path other than the path of a celebrity?

Kim NamHee, CEO-NH Media (U-KISS, LABOUM, Lim ChangJung’s agency)

When AJ said he wants to continue his studies in Columbia, the ceo agreed. When Dongho said he wants to leave the celebrity’s limelight, the ceo agreed. I present to you, NH Media’s CEO, everyone. 


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Thanks for hanging around for this little delve into SIN. :D and what do you know, something important came out of it. Bet you all weren’t expecting that, eh?!?!? :3c

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Why I Cannot Watch US Soccer Right Now

okay look,

I love hope. I have looked up to her for as long as I can remember. And I admit she’s done stupid shit and her life has been a little fucked up. I won’t defend her wrongs.

But her comments about Sweden, they weren’t worth a termination. US Soccer waited for her to fuck up, and knew she’d open her mouth. She knew what was coming. She’s not being terminated for the comment, she’s being terminated and treated like shit because US soccer doesn’t want her around anymore. They’re purposely fucking her over. After all this woman has done, after saving our asses so many fucking times, US Soccer is fucking her over because they don’t need her and they want someone ‘younger.’

That idea makes my head spin. Younger won’t be better. Harris is 30. Naeher is 28. Solo is 35. You don’t have many other prospects. Banning Hope and basically exiling her from US soccer will fuck over our chances. They wanna tell me Hope was giving the team bad image? Their exiling one of their biggest heroes of all time because they don’t have to balls to give her a send off or say look we think it’s time to move on.

And something that has me so angry, no one on this team defended her. No one fought. Rapinoe blatantly bashed her in a live interview. All support I have had for Megan in the past dropped when she said that, and I don’t think I will bring myself to wear her jersey again. Morgan made comments too, not to the extent of Megan but still. No one spoke against this. Not even Carli or Becky. Not even Jill. And that is why this whole thing angers me. They wanted Hope to be gone, that’s why she is terminated. Not because of this comment. If they were taking ‘disciplinary action’ it would have been for her DUI. Or multiple abuse reports. Or her comments in 2007. This wasn’t for Hope to learn her lesson. This was for her to be discharged from the team.

I can’t support this team right now, not until one of them steps up and defends their own fucking teammate. Until then, thank you for the years Hope, you deserve better.