Crystal Terminology

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Below is a list of helpful terms to know when working with gems and minerals. It includes terminology on various crystal shapes and forms. Terms specific to mineral shapes have “(form)” next to them for ease of reference.

Abundance (form): An abundance crystal consists of one long quartz crystal with many small crystals clustered around its base. Its function is to attract wealth and abundance.  

Adamantine Luster: A particularly brilliant shine as shown by a specimen such as a diamond.

Amorphous (form): Amorphous crystals, such as obsidian, have no particular shape. Energy flows rapidly through and amorphous crystal as it has no rigid internal organization.

Aura: The subtle bio-magnetic sheath that surrounds the physical body, providing a protective zone that extends for about 18 inches to 3 feet from the body and contains information about a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of being. 

Aura Crystal: A crystal specimen, usually of the quartz variety, that has been coated with metal (i.e. gold, titanium) in a vacuum chamber resulting in an iridescent sheen.

Ball (form): Balls are usually shaped from a larger piece of crystal and may have planes or flaws within them. They emit energy in all directions equally. 

Barnacle (form): A barnacle crystal has many small crystals covering a larger crystal. 

Bridge (form): A bridge crystal grows out of another larger crystal. It assists in bridging gaps and bringing things together.

Carat: The standard measure of weight for precious stones and metals. A carat is equal to 0.007 oz (0.2g).

Cathedral Quartz (form): Cathedral quartz may appear to be composed of several convoluted pieces, but these are in fact all part of the main crystal which has multiple terminations with at least one point at the apex.

Channeler (form): A channeling crystal has a 7 sided facet at the front of the termination and a triangular face on the opposite side. It channels healing energy or information from higher sources. 

Cleavage: The way a mineral or rock breaks along a certain plane, or in a certain direction.

Cluster (form): A cluster has many points bedded, but not necessarily fixed, into a base. The crystals may be small or large. 

Companion (form): A companion crystal has two crystals entwined and partly growing in each other, or a small crystal that grows out of the main crystal. 

Cross (form): A cross formation has one crystal at right angles to another, usually larger crystal. 

Crystal: A naturally occurring substance whose atoms are arranged in a regular manner. 

Crystal System: The systems in which crystals are grouped based on their symmetry. There are 6 crystal systems: cubic, monoclinic, triclinic, trigonal/hexagonal, orthorhombic, and tetragonal. 

Diamond Window (form): Flat faces at the top of crystals are called windows. A diamond window is large and connected to the apex and the base.

Double Terminated (form): A crystal with two naturally faceted ends. 

Dull Luster: A shine that reflects very little.

Earthy Luster: A non-reflective mineral luster.

Egg (form): A crystal cut in the shape of an egg. 

Elestial (form): An elestial has many natural terminations and folds over a multilayered crystal. 

Etched (form): An etched crystal that looks as though hieroglyphs or cuneiform writing has been inscribed on its faces. 

Faces: The External flat surface that make up a crystal’s shape.

Fault Line: An inner flaw or break in a crystal that refracts light and appears to divide the crystal into sections. 

Fluorescence: The optical effect whereby a mineral appears a different color in ultraviolet light than in ordinary daylight. 

Fracture: The distinctive way a mineral breaks.

Friable: Minerals that easily crumble are referred to as friable.

Gemstone: A mineral, usually crystal-like, which is valued for its color, rarity, and hardness.

Generator (form): A generator crystal has six facets meeting equally in a sharp point. 

Geode (form): A geode is contained within an outer form. When opened, it is hollow with many crystals pointing inward. 

Geologist: A scientist who studies the Earth and its structure and composition.

Gridding: The placing of crystals around a building, person, or room for protection or enhancement energies.

Habit: The general shape of a mineral.

Inclusion: Any material that is trapped inside a mineral during its formation, often producing a rainbow.

Iridescence: A play of colors that looks like oil on water that occurs when light reflects off internal elements of a rock or mineral. 

Layered (form): Plate-like crystals such as lepidolite are referred to as layered. 

Luster: The way in which light reflects of the surface of a mineral.

Manifestation (form): One or more small crystals are totally enclosed by a larger crystal. 

Matrix: The bedrock on which crystals are formed.

Metallic Luster: A shine like that of polished metal.

Mineral: A naturally occurring solid with specific characteristics, such as a particular chemical composition and crystal shape.

Mineralogist: A scientist who studies minerals.

Mohs Scale: A scale of hardness used in classifying minerals. It runs from 1 to 10 using a series of reference minerals, and a position on the scale depends on the ability to scratch minerals rated lower.

Occlusion: A mineral deposit within a crystal, which usually shows up as cloudy patches, spots, or a ghostlike image depending on the color of the material.

Opaque: A substance or material that does not let light pass through it.

Ore: A rock or mineral from which metal can be extracted

Phantom (form): A phantom crystal appears ghostlike within the body of a larger crystal. 

Pleochroic: In a crystal, appearing to have two or more different colors or shades of color, depending on the angle from which it is viewed. 

Point (form): Points may be natural or artificially shaped. A single crystal point has a faceted pointed end and the other end tends to look ragged where it has been separated from a cluster base. 

Prism: A solid geometric figure with a set of faces parallel to one another.

Pyramid (form): A crystal with four sides on a base, but the base itself may be squared off if the crystal is natural (i.e. apophyllite) rather than artificially shaped.

Record Keeper (form): A record keeper crystal has clearly etched pyramid shapes on its side or sides. 

Resinous Luster: A shine like that of resin.

Scepter Quartz (form): A scepter quartz is a large central rod around one end of which another crystal is formed. 

Seer Stone (form): A seer stone is a natural, water polished stone that is cut to reveal an inner world. 

Specific Gravity: The ratio of a mineral’s weight compared to the weight of an equal volume of water.

Square (form): A square crystal consolidates energy within its form. It’s useful for anchoring intention and grounding. 

Streak: The color of a mineral’s powder. It is less variable than the color of the mineral, so is a more reliable identification tool.

Striation: One of multiple, usually parallel grooves or scratches on a rock surface, produced by abrasion associated with glacial movement, stream flow, a geologic fault, or meteoric impact.

Tabular (form): A tabular crystal has two wide sides resulting in a flat crystal which may be double terminated. 

Transmitter (form): A transmitter crystal has two seven-sided facets with two perfect triangles between them. 

Tumbled (form): Refers to stones that have been polished in a large drum with grit, resulting in a smooth and often shiny stone.

Vitreous Luster: A shine like that of glass.

Vogal Wand (form): A crystal with specially created, indented facets with specific angles down the sides of a quartz wand. 

Wand (form): A crystal in the shape of a wand, either naturally occurring or artificially cut. 

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Alright guys, listen up. I am here to tell you a thing and probably further ruin your lives over Mass Effect.

I want you all to look at this gif. Do you see it? You see it. Of course you see it. We’ve all played this scene. Signed up with the mercs to “help them take down Archangel.” Ha! This is the bit where we all kind of derisive snort, smirk and walk away.

[I know you guys don’t need a rundown of this mission, but bear with me, I like talking]

So basically, what’s going on here is that Shepard is talking to all merc leaders to get some intel on their mission. This guy here is Jaroth, Leader of Eclipse. Kind of an ass, really. He's very pissed off with Archangel because he got his brother killed. A touching sob story, if you ask me. Not like Salarians don’t have like a zillion brothers and sisters or anything. Anyway! In case you guys can’t read the text on the gif, here you have it:

Shepard: Where did he come from? Who is he?
Jaroth: Even his team didn’t know that.

Yeah, we’ve all been here and we’ve all heard this one before. Now, this exchange is telling us two things: 1) Not even Archangel’s team knew who Archangel was; and 2) The mercs tried to get that information from the team.

It’s safe to assume, therefore, that the mercs tried to be… persuasive… to get that information out of them, right? And by persuasive, I mean they tortured and threatened those ten men before killing them.

I want you all to remember that. Seriously, you’ll want to remember it.

Now, then. After the mission’s done and you have Garrus back with you (to the relief and absolute joy of most -if not all- of our Shepards), the Commander receives a message in their terminal from one Nalah Butler.

Butler. Ring a bell? No? Maybe? Let me just point your attention in the direction of the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. More specifically, Garrus’ dossier. In his dossier, you’ll find a very heartbreaking conversation between him and his sister Solana, a private message following up on that same matter, a kill list, and his visor specs. I want you to focus on the visor specs. Why would anyone want to know his visor specs, huh? Here, let me point you to the bottom of the specs, right after the list of songs Garrus likes listening to while he shoots down his enemies:

Ten names carved into frame: Erash, Monteague, Mierin, Grundan Krul, Melanis, Ripper, Sensat, Vortash, Butler, Weaver (Additional name carved and subsequently burned out: Sidonis)

Do you see it? Look again. Butler. That’s right, Butler was a member of Garrus’ team. Nalah was his wife, and hers is the message you receive at your terminal, which reads as follows:

From: Nalah Butler

Commander Shepard,

My husband was one of the men serving on Garrus’ team. I don’t know how much Garrus talked to you about what happened. I don’t know the specifics myself, only that my husband died in a trap set by those bastard gangs. I know Garrus blames himself; he took every shot fired at his squad as a failure on his part, and it was clear when he sent me the message about my husband that he thinks it was his fault.

My husband would never have wanted that. He was proud of the work he did on Garrus’ squad. He was taking back Omega from the gangs. He died fighting with honor. I miss him. God, I’d give anything to get him back. But whatever happened there wasn’t Garrus’ fault.

You’re his commander now. Please, if you can, help him stop blaming himself. And please don’t tell him that I sent you this. Thank you.

- Nalah Butler

Read this carefully. Cross-examine the evidence. Taste the contradiction. Embrace your inner Phoenix Wright, point towards the culprit, and shout “Objection!” at the top of your lungs. Then feel good about yourself, because you did a damn fine job. You did good, child. I’m proud of you.

In case you haven’t noticed, throughout the entire message, Nalah refers to Garrus by name. 

Now let’s go back to what Jaroth said: Even his team didn’t know that. And by “that,” he means who Archangel was or where he’d come from.

I’m going to let that sink in for a minute.

Do you know what this means, guys? Do you?

Those ten men, those very brave ten men, knew exactly who Archangel was. They knew him, they knew that the boss was Garrus Vakarian, and after the events of Mass Effect 1, you can be sure as hell that the name can’t exactly go unnoticed. Garrus isn’t just some turian, he’s the turian who helped Commander Shepard stop the attack on the Citadel. Everyone knows of this, however twisted the truth may have been after Shepard’s death.

Those ten men knew exactly who he was and where he’d come from. And you know what? They faced the mercenaries, confronted them, endured whatever it is those bastards did to get information out of them, and lost their lives protecting Garrus. They never gave in. They never breathed a word of who Archangel was to the mercenaries. They fought bravely, valiantly, and gave their lives for a cause they thought was worth defending.

Those ten men died doing what they truly believed was right and never for a second even considered betraying Garrus like Sidonis had. It’s not that they didn’t know who Archangel was. No. The truth is they chose death over betrayal, and they took that information, so precious to the mercs, to the grave.

I think about Garrus Vakarian and his days as Archangel a lot. Don’t forget his team on Omega. They were brave men and they died doing what they thought was right. Just because we never get to see them doesn’t mean they weren’t a very real part of Garrus’ life. Let’s not make a footnote of them, shall we?

That is all.

Yes, as a Garrus roleplayer I spend a lot of time thinking of the details and giving myself feels over them /sob.

Note: huge shoutout to wrexticles / wrexofurdnot who went to the trouble of replaying this mission just to make the gif for me. You’re the best, man, seriously. Rock on, nerd <3

“I Really Love Her.”

“I Really Love Her.”


Harry’s heart sank as he noticed couples kissing and holding each other, blocking his exit out of his terminal and making a spot where he could possibly find you. He didn’t think he would have such trouble finding you – if he could spot you in an audience of eighty thousand people, he should be able to find you in one terminal in LAX.

His heart swelled in his chest, his lips curving into a grin as he felt your palms cover his eyes, your chin sitting on his shoulder as you kiss his stubble coated cheek delicately, giggling quietly, “Guess who?”

“’m so happy, I love you so much,” he whispers, his lips kissing yours sweetly, his mint and cologne drawing your knees weak as your arms wrap around his shoulders, his hands wrapped around your waist, holding you tightly, tiny kisses peppered across your face as he draws away.

“I love you, too, Bub.”

“Couldn’t find you, and I was starting to get worried that you didn’t remember I was comin’ in, today,” he breathes nervously, rocking on his heels as he awaits your remark, your blue eyes rolling playfully as your fingertips tap your phone screen, your palm lifting your phone, teasingly showing your calendar event marked ‘BUBBY COMES TODAY’. “Bubby?”

“Stop, don’t even say a word about it.”

“It’s cute, my sweet. Jus’ like you.”

“C’mon, I haven’t kissed you in almost three weeks. We have to make up our time,” you giggle, lacing your fingertips with his, waiting as he adjusts his suitcase, leading him outside, your figure tucked near his as paparazzi swarm, his cheek tucked on your forehead as he leads your path to your car, his arm adjusting around your body as he opens your passenger door, shuffling his bag in your boot, padding and stepping into his driver’s seat hurriedly as security passes through and ushers each reporter away. “Hold my hand.”

“Okay,” he chuckles interlocking his fingers with yours, smiling widely as you kiss his skin softly, your fingertip tracing his tattoos scattered alongst his arm. “’m starving. Do you want anything? Should I stop and pick up dinner on our way? Who’s house are we going to – mine or yours?”

“Bub, you know how you thought I forgot about you, today?”

“Mhm. But, in all honesty, I knew you hadn’t – it was a mindless worry.”

“Bubby, my story,” you giggle, kissing his cheek lightly, adjusting your torso, your orbs tracing his features as you admire him, his smile and dimple drawing your heart to swell. “Since I realised you would be here on Friday instead of Saturday, I sort of started staying in your house and have been cleaning and straightening up a bit, before you’d get here.”

“Wait, really?”

“Mhm,” you grin, your cheeks aching, your lips perched in a smile, his lips touching yours softly as his foot leans on his brake, a red light pausing his driving and giving him a moment away. “I started preparing dinner a few hours ago. Only step left is to put it on the stove and make our meal.”

“I love you so much,” he smiles, his lips touching your hand as he carefully turns down his road, his fingertips rolling down his window and punching in his house security code, carefully steering and driving into his path, before turning off your engine and bounding out of his seat, his suitcase lodged in your backseat, being ignored until you would be cleaning his laundry, complaining about how he hadn’t dragged his luggage in, although he knew you were happiest when you didn’t have a reminder of a goodbye which would eventually come. His smile softened as your lips touched his, your hands holding his tee shirt, his palms cupping your cheeks gently, his eyelashes fluttering closed as he cherished your touch and your kiss. “Mm.”

Supposed photo of at least one “Armagh Sniper”, nicknamed either “Goldfinger” or “Terminator”, armed with one of the dreaded Barrett M82 .50 caliber rifles that were smuggled into Ireland in 1986.

“What’s special about the Barrett is the huge kinetic energy… The bullet can just walk through a flak jacket. South Armagh was the prime place to use such weapon because of the availability of Brits. They came to dread it and that was part of its effectiveness.”  —Unidentified member of the South Armagh Brigade sniper teams

Millions of people in Puerto Rico need fuel, water, food and medicine. More than a week after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, major infrastructure is still down. Stores have trouble filling their shelves. Families are running low on the supplies they stockpiled before the storm, and across the island, many residents say they haven’t seen any aid deliveries.

Meanwhile, at the port in San Juan, row after row of refrigerated shipping containers sit humming. They’ve been there for days, goods locked away inside.

It’s one thing to get supplies to Puerto Rico. But officials at the Department of Homeland Security, which administers FEMA, say moving goods around the island is the bigger challenge.

Diesel is short. Drivers are scarce. And authorities say some roads are still impassable, although local officials dispute that explanation.

These containers were brought to the island by Crowley, a maritime shipping company. The company started unloading shipments on Saturday. By Friday, it will have received more than 4,000 loaded crates.

Most of the containers coming in have never left. Crowley says it has more than 3,400 commercial containers at its terminal now. That’s just one shipping company, at one port. Several other ports are accepting shipments, and stranded crates total an estimated 10,000.

In Puerto Rico, Containers Full Of Goods Sit Undistributed At Ports

Photo: Angel Valentin for NPR


Preacher S02E02 - Mumbai Sky Tower

Alright, three possible explanations here for all of this. Number one: Terminator. Machine sent from the future to kill one of us. Number two: Terminator 2. Machine sent from the future to kill all three of us. Or number three: he’s Nazgûl, Fell Rider. Lord of the Rings. Brilliant film.

anonymous asked:

What do you think are the most important women architect in the history of architecture, and your fav?

OK, here is MY list. Everyone is free to agree or disagree or to comment on who was left out but I limited the list to 10 spots and focused on the last century.

You are invited to post about any of those that were not included and tag me, if I agree with your suggestion I will add a list of runner ups and link it to your post.

Lina Bo Bardi

Lina Bo Bardi, was an Italian-born Brazilian modernist architect. A prolific architect and designer, Lina Bo Bardi devoted her working life, most of it spent in Brazil, to promoting the social and cultural potential of architecture and design. Source Image

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Georgia Gothic

- It is fall. The time has come to choose: Red and Black or Yellow and Black? There are no other colors. Whichever one you choose, you will be followed by the sounds of invisible hordes, buzzing or barking. You cannot abstain. There is a wrong choice. No one will tell you what the wrong choice is. You used to know some people who made the wrong choice, once. Their families miss them very much.

- It is winter. It was 70 degrees yesterday. Today, ice covers the world. It will be 70 degrees again tomorrow, but the ice will not melt. It does not snow. Snow is a myth made up to make you think that winter is kind. Roving packs of marauders pillage towns for the two holy treasures: bread and milk.

- It is spring. The pollen drifts only to hip-height. It is not bad this year. As many as 3% of those with allergies may yet survive the culling. The dogwoods bloom, and blood drips from the stigmata of their petals. You try not to be reminded of the blood dripping from the cross, the shuddering impact of the hammer, the sounds of it all. Winter had to end, you tell yourself. You did what was best. Easter is coming.

- It is summer. The air conditioner is broken. The blades of the fan snap on contact with the humidity. Your body works to regain its seasonal gills before the air can drown you. You watch the devil return home to cooler climes. He will be back with more fiddles in 6 months. He always is.

- It is rush hour on 85. You have just passed an exit. The next one is in a mile. You are in the wrong lane. No matter which lane you are in, it will be the wrong one. You are used to failure. It has been rush hour for as long as you can remember. The next exit is in a mile. You remember your grandparents saying the same, when it was their turn in the front seat.

- “Hotlanta.” You hear it behind you in the street. The skin on your neck crawls. “Hotlanta.” You hurry away from the group of tourists, cold sweat prickling down your back. “Hotlanta.” You cringe as the screaming starts. Why do they never listen to the warnings read by Mayor Kasim Reed over the airport PA?

- There is a new terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson. There are multiple interpretations of the word “terminal.” One ends in a field of hearts.

- A kindly old woman makes you a pitcher of sweet tea. It tastes like syrup and makes your teeth ache. You drink it all. You saw what happened to those who didn’t.

- The river in Savannah is green. It is St. Patrick’s Day, but that doesn’t matter. The serpent under the water is always green. St. Patrick failed us.

- You are in a bar in Athens. REM plays over the sound system. You walk out the door, directly into another bar. REM is still playing. Every door you open leads to a new bar. They all play REM. You have heard stories that, somewhere, there is a door that leads to a college. You do not see how this could be true.

- “Georgia on My Mind” comes on the radio. You try to think of Oregon instead. It is impossible. Georgia is on your mind. Georgia is everything.

- Y'all come back now, you hear? Y'all. Come back, now. You hear? Y'all. Come back now! You hear. It is not yet time to summon the elder gods, Y'all.

ToG characters as Scottish tweets
  • Aelin: issue wi males that think it's acceptable to comment on how a girl looks when she's buzzin am not oot tae be stunnin am oot tae cut mad shapes
  • Rowan: my wife wanted two kittens but I am the man in this house so we got two kittens
  • Aedion: losing a snap streak's up there wae losing a kidney
  • Lysandra: thy type of people who say shit like "girls over ___ weight shouldnt post selfies" are an actual human bollock
  • Manon: "u canny hate someone forever" aye a can watch me
  • Dorian: Dinny trust anyone that can bite ice cream pure terminator teeth
  • Chaol: "huvin one of they days" aye right man am huvin one of they lives
  • Gavriel: im at the age where people r askin "so what u doin with ur life" n im like mate am genuinely jus here for a laff x

Since I am at my last level with the frak Goy are giving Gal Gadot with her being in the IDF especially today let me the Jewish Person Educate you before you drag her in the mud.

1) Israel has been always been an important part of our culture and our religion. It is the foreground of our founding. It is considered the promised land the holy center of Jewish Culture…basically, just like Mecca is the center of Muslim Faith, Israel is the center of Jewish faith. So Naturally, because Israel is our Holy Land, almost every Jew including Gal Gadot and myself is going to probably support the safety and well being of Israel.

2) Israel was created because a jackass named Adolf Hitler decided to systematically terminate us one by one  We were killed by the Millions and those still alive were fucked up by it for the rest of their lives. Many of us tried to run and were turned away leaving of this and left to die. [EDIT: we also faced discrimination in other countries which even drove us out] Because of this The UN created this nation so let’s say Trump gets impeached and God-Fearing-Mike Pence becomes our president and Pence’s wrath turns out to extend to Jews. Israel will be there for people to run to god forbid we have another Shoah.So again, knowing the world is a scary place, having somewhere to run to makes us Jewish people feel better

3) Israel is a small country. Like even New York has more people than Israel and from the beginning of the Country’s inception, anti semetic hatred had fueled wars. It is because of this Israel cannot afford the luxury of having a volunteer Army. It is because of this EVERY SINGLE ISRAELI CITIZEN MUST SERVE AT LEAST 3 YEARS IN THE ARMY FROM THE TIME THEY ARE 18. Some Israelis who immigrate to other countries choose not to, but it means if they travel to Israel they have a limit before they are automaticly enlisted. Therefore Gal Gadot did not go to the army by choice. Even if she did, some of your favorite Actors: Adam Driver, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones and LEONARD NIMOY were part of the US Army, who had been bombing the shit out of Middle Eastern and Asian Countries for years, BY CHOICE! Why do these male US Soldiers get a free pass and Gal Gadot who was required by Law doesn’t? Oh let me think -cough Antisemtism-cough–cough-

Also not all Israelis once they do their required training are shipped off to war during their service. On my birthright trip we had some soldiers join us as part of the program, one was a doctor, another trained other soldiers, hell ONE OF THE WOMEN WAS A SOCIAL WORKER IN A PRISON HELPING OTHERS GET BACK ON THEIR FEET. So Millitary doesn’t necessarily mean killing people! It means helping other citizens. Gal Gadot could have never seen the battlefield for all we know!

and fourth and Finally

4) I am not sure Gal Gadot straight up said this, but while I admit I have a family memember who is racist as hell, but we don’t want people dying in the crossfire between this endless and bloody war. Just like we know the size of ISIS is compared to the size of a tiny pebble to the worldwide Muslim population and therefore doesn’t reflect Muslims as a whole, alot of us don’t believe Palestine should be condemned for the actions of Hamas. Hell it breaks my heart there are innocent victims dying on both sides and everyone has to grow up in such war. At this point I dont care if Israel and Palestine combines into a super country as long as my people still can visit our holy sites and we have a safe place to go if the goy attack. Basically the point of this is final point is not all of us want to kill everyone when we say good things about Israel, we want peace and safety for the people in the Gaza as much as you do. And Gal Gadot i think said she wanted peace and the killing to stop as well.

Anyway I hope this post coming from an actual Jewish person will help educate you and understand before you drag Gal in the mud. And honestly, I don’t care if I lose followers over this, I tried and I educated and thats all that matters to me.

If you have any questions feel free to come to my inbox, I am always welcomed to statements and questions as long as long as I dont get “YOU MURDEROUS SWINE“ comment [that’s totally unkosher -drumsnare-]

Shalom and have a blessed day.

Rika’s back and MC gets left P. 3

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x)Part 5 (x)

  • Initially you don’t trust Unknown he did lure you to an apartment that put you in harms way
  • But because of Unknown you met some of the best people before they felt like you werent good enough for them
  • At first you didn’t think his idea would work
  • But the first “trial” made you feel like dying would not only be heaven, it would feel like you were on cloud 9 even if you ended up in hell
  • Plus, Unknown really took to Paco and both got along
  • After a few visits  turned into a few weeks, you no longer had hope that you would ever attend another rfa event with everyone
  • You didn’t pay attention to how close you were to tasting the last lingering lifeline you had
  • All you cared about was that Paco was taken good care of
  • And that you were not feeling anything anymore
  • Whatever Unknown has been giving you, you wanted more…

– Jumin –

  • Jumin was not stupid
  • Emotions were all that clouded what was happening
  • He knew that everyone tended to be more sentimental than rational and that he may be seen as heartless and cold
  • But he was not stupid
  • At first Jumin didn’t find it off that Rika wasn’t the slightest concerned with MC bc maybe they have been talking in private
  • But after Jahee brought it up to him that she was concerned, he had to verify
  • He checked on the CCTV that showed MC’S apartment hallway when he showed her the building he didn’t tell her it was owned by him and that’s why it was cheaper for her and convenient for him to look after her which he hasn’t since Rika came back
  • He didn’t notice anything odd
  • It just looked like MC was a creature of habit; every day taking her dog out walking early and in the afternoon, leaving daily for work, and most of all
  • MC looked healthy
  • But something didn’t feel right

Jumin has entered the chatroom.
Jumin: MC When you see this, please call me.
Rika has entered the chatroom.
Rika: Is something the matter?
Jumin: No, I just needed to ask MC for her opinion on something.
Rika: Well, since I now handle emails and the party, why don’t you ask me? ^^
Jumin: It’s for something else, I’m sorry Rika.
Rika: Oh. I see. Well, hopefully MC logs in soon! I haven’t heard from them in a while.
Jumin: I thought you said you talked to her recently when Assistant Kang interrupted us during lunch?
Rika: Oh yes! I did, I forgot. Sorry~!;;
Jumin: I see. I must go now. Enjoy the rest of your day Rika.
Rika: Thank you, you too! ^^
Jumin has left the chatroom.

  • Jumin wasn’t convinced anymore
  • He would have to ask Seven to look into this when he came back from wherever he went
  • For now he’d have to do this alone
  • Jumin left the office, telling Assistant Kang to reschedule the days meetings for another day
  • He had Driver Kim take him to the apartment building MC was living in
  • He walked past the bellhop boy and made his way to MC’s door: 606
  • He knocked repeatedly with no response
  • Was she at work? No, too early… Did she take that animal for a walk?
  • He got tired of waiting and went to see the building manager and requested for the room access code to 606

But sir; no one lives there anymore. I thought you knew?
-What do you mean no one lives there? Where is MC?
Please, calm down sir. We only did what was said
-What was said? By whom?
By you. You were the one who requested that it be vacated as soon as possible. The previous owner left about a month ago…

  • Had it really been that long since MC last spoke to any of us? Why didn’t I notice?
  • Jumin panicked; if MC wasnt there, where was she?

– Unknown –

  • Unknown was only doing what he was told to do
  • He didn’t harbor any resentment towards MC, well not anymore
  • Maybe it was watching someone so sick slowly deteriorate that Unknown became more sympathetic towards her
  • Or maybe it was the dog
  • His Savior told him that by getting rid of MC, everything else would fall into place
  • Since he was sure the Savior would let MC go to Paradise first, he didn’t feel all too guilty
  • So of course, Unknown did it all for Paradise

– 707 –

707 has entered the chatroom.
Rika: Hello Seven, how was your trip? ^^
707: I didn’t even get to go and play in the ocean. Vanderwood had me on a tight leash ;;
Rika: At least she’s looking out for you! You should really listen to her~
707: …but I wanted to swim until I couldn’t! There’s no water in space. Well, not a lot like the ocean. Ah, Vanderwood caught me slacking off.
Rika: Focus on your work Seven, but also relax every once in awhile ^^
707: 707 will take your words into consideration..  MAYBE I SHOULD TAKE ANOTHER VACATION LOLOL! byyyyeee
707 has left the chatroom.

  • It felt strange and lonely without MC
  • Seven didn’t know if he should consult V and Rika with what Jumin told him
  • He should though because V was supposed to be the one person he could count on
  • But when Jumin asked for no one to know about this, not even V or Rika, he became concerned
  • What if MC really is in danger? But Rika said she was fine… unless she lied…
  • Seven got the videos from the apartment building and found that the videos had been tampered
  • He went back to when the tampering began taking him back to 2 months ago
  • Had I been gone that long trying to get into Russia?
  • The last two videos that didn’t look tampered with happened to be the video of MC going for a run
  • After that all later videos were edited
  • Looking at the time stamp Seven tried to find the GPS history of her phone
  • But she left it in the apartment
  • Seven looked through the GPS history and only one time did something not follow her normal schedule
  • She went to the hospital a day after the video of MC going for a run
  • Did she get hurt?
  • Seven tried to see if there was any way to see where MC was
  • But she was gone
  • her phone was gone, the GPS wasn’t there; MC was no longer in the technological world where Seven could find her
  • Dammit!
  • Seven looked at the robot cat he worked on for MC
  • “Master doesn’t seem happy meow~ why aren’t you happy? Master is scared~”

– Unknown –

  • It was almost too easy for MC to disappear
  • The doctor she saw was a member of Mystic Eye
  • on orders by the Savior, he gave his files and anything with MC to Unknown who would be sure to destroy all traces of her
  • Unknown cleared his computer files that belonged to MC and all records of her visiting this hospital
  • Unknown cleared all videos of the doctor going into stores to buy things for MC and Paco
  • But looking at how MC still smiled at Unknown despite his intentions, his heart swelled
  • Don’t look at me like that!
  • “Is something the matter Unknown?”
  • No; he couldn’t get mad at her
  • towards the RFA he could
  • They were to blame for her getting so sick
  • they left her alone, tossing her to the side as if she were a used toy that everyone got bored of
  • they didnt even seem to care that she had been missing for over a month now 
  • they dont deserve her 
  • they never did
  • Call me Saeran, we should be on first name bases now
  • “If you say so Saeran” MC smiled, then coughed, leaning over the side of the bed to dry heave into the bucket Saeran left for her
  • Paco whimpered, expressing what Saeran felt

– 707 –

  • When he looked into the computer files of the hospital MC was at, he didn’t find anything
  • He even looked for people that would fit MC’S description and still, nada
  • Seven second guessed himself, maybe MC didn’t go to the hospital but probably took someone?
  • He almost gave up until he found a backdoor that had one message:

She’s terminally ill. You all should have looked after her better. -Unknown

– Jumin –

  • Jumin felt guilty, shame, and resentment
  • Guilty that they pushed MC away when she probably needed them the most
  • Shame that he promised he’d look after her breaking the promise when Rika came back
  • Resentment that MC didn’t try harder to get help
  • Jumin knew he had to tell the other RFA members
  • But because how much it revolves around Rika’s return, he didn’t want her to feel at fault …

Maybe she had something to do with this?
Don’t be impossible, it’s Rika were talking about
She did fake her death though and had us mourning
It was all for RFA’s safety!
From what?

  • Jumin needed wine no something stronger than wine
  • He was doing what he hated and that was letting his feelings cloud his judgment

– 707 –

  • Seven knew
  • He knew MC was still alive with Unknown, he didn’t however know was that she was seriously sick like almost seconds away from forever ceasing to exist 
  • Not until he traced the IP address from that message
  • He hacked into the security cameras in the building where MC was and his heart broke
  • There
  • lying in a bed with a dog, was a thin and sick MC
  • her face hollow and her body weak and feeble
  • But she still smiled
  • She was petting her dog and smiling towards the person who had their back to the camera
  • If that’s Unknown, why is she smiling at him?
  • Oh no
  • Seven looked in horror as MC doubled over, coughing what looked like blood into a bucket while Unknown rubbed her back as if he was supporting her 
  • What did we do to you MC? What did I do to you?  
  • Seven closed his eyes, conjuring the last time he spoke with MC and hearing her smile through the phone as they talked about the moon and space
  • What did we do to you?

Just a follow-up to this post, as many people responding seem to think I was bullying a former coworker.  Give the small amount of information I put in that post, I can see why some would draw that conclusion.  That post was written hastily in a lot of anger, let me elaborate.

Having social anxiety myself, I would never look down on a coworker that was struggling it.  Hell, I took me years to know how to deal with customers over the phone, so if anything I’m more than willing to be understanding with someone that actually struggles with it.

The former coworker in question didn’t have it, and we had a long history of him refusing to deal with difficult customers out laziness, which he had openly admitted.  So let me paint a broader picture of my previous work environment.

There were two coworkers mentioned in my previous post.  One of them was good at her job, struggled with her own social anxiety, and would push in every interaction to make certain customers were satisfied. She was and presumably still is a rock star at her job, so I’m going to refer to her as Stevie Nicks from this point forward.

The other coworker in my original post was lazy, spiteful, and had repeatedly proven himself to have the problem solving skills of a vegetable and/or tuber. For this reason, I will refer to him from this point forward as the Potato.

When the Potato was hired, he was surprised by the details of the job that he was given.  Despite being given a clear job description and overview of his day to day duties, he repeatedly insisted that the hiring manager tricked him into taking a job unrelated to what he interviewed for.  It was because of this that he had elected to do as little work as possible and collect a pay check for as long as he could.  Having been begrudgingly pushed into a pseudo-supervisory role, I was charged with training him and I was more than patient with him.  Over the few months I spent training him…

  • He made no effort to learn our inventory, the steps behind processing an order, or the even the most simple details about the company to be able to answer customer questions.

  • He refused to learn or follow any phone etiquette; was repeatedly rude to customers, kept them on hold every time they asked a question that he’d been told the answer to repeated. He refused to deal with difficult customers by keeping them on excessively long holds, and rather than asking for help dealing with them, stated that he expected me or another coworker to take over when he refused to do anything.  Spineless wasn’t the correct term: he was sloth incarnate.

  • Refused to adhere to job duties unless someone was standing over his shoulder forcing him to work, meaning that Stevie Nicks and others would end up having to do his work for him.  This was especially not appreciated by anyone, because we were all swamped with our own tasks.  Potato repeatedly complained that he wasn’t properly trained, despite me having to retrain him at least 3 to 5 times with any task he was given.

  • When other coworkers or myself pointed out his unwillingness to do his job properly, the Potato would deflect by pointing out something the other party had done wrong.  In all cases, what he pointed out in deflection was completely made up.

These behaviors persisted, and the Potato was written up twice.  My supervisor, who was also his hiring manager, delayed terminating him because he needed to hire a replacement.  However, my supervisor was very, VERY screwed up by dealing with the Potato.  Since the Potato interviewed well and had “a great resume”, my supervisor was astonished they were such a bad hire and now doubted themselves in being able to weed out bad candidates.  Meaning they dragged their feet for months in hiring a replacement.  Meanwhile, myself and my other co-workers dealt with him doing as little work as possible and pissing off any customers he ended up on the phone with.

Skip forward to the story from my last post: the situation escalated because he kept putting the customer on hold.  The customer was in the wrong, because they had delayed their order due to their inability to communicate with us when we needed more information.  The Potato, however, kept putting them on hold, hoping that myself or another coworker would take over the call because he wanted to go back to not working.

Stevie Nicks, our other coworkers, and myself were already dealing with our own tasks and did not have time to do his work for him.  Nevertheless, the Potato persisted in keeping her on hold, until she hung up to get off hold and called back screaming into the receiver.  My manager walked in while it was happening and realized that the only way we would get her off the phone at that point was to give her what she wanted: which was free overnight shipping.  Said manager later disclosed to me that they didn’t want to give this to the customer but felt they had no choice because the Potato had escalated things with his behavior.

I referred to the Potato as a coward due to his inability to face the consequences of his actions.  When I trained him, as I’ve done with anyone I was tasked with training, I made it clear that it was okay to ask questions and it was okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and show an actual effort to improve as a worker.  However, if basic effort isn’t present, then I can’t help you and my ability to feel any sort of compassion for you goes out the window.  A switch flipped in my head a few months ago, and my ability to feel compassion/sympathy/empathy for him in any way disappeared.

Needless to say, months of dealing with him and the hostility he caused coupled with my supervisor’s unwillingness to terminate him, was one of the reasons why I left. Another job offer presented itself to me, and I jumped ship.

I’m still in contact with Stevie after leaving, and she’s told me my boss still hasn’t fired him and his behavior has gotten worse.

To be clear: this coworker, the Potato, more or less made my life a living hell through his behavior and drove me from a job and a boss I loved.  If you still think I should lay off of him, then I wholeheartedly invite you to piss off.


Pre-Raster Graphics

David Gesswein is considered to be one of the reigning experts in DEC’s PDP-8.  Almost every time I’ve been to a VCF East, David is there with a PDP-8 of some kind, usually an 8/e, and this time was no exception.  He took portraits with a modern camera, then converted them to ASCII and printed them out on a large, beautiful, dot-matrix printer – I plan on framing mine! 

There was also a Tektronix 4014 showing just how much resolution the 1970s had to offer (if only in monochrome).  Brian Stuart, who had the exhibit on Forth, borrowed this terminal to test one of his programs on the authentic piece of kit and it was beautiful.  If I understand correctly, unlike other terminals of the era, Tektronix graphical terminals had on-board storage to keep images locally.  You’ll note the bank of circuit boards that sat in the cabinet under the CRT to facilitate storage and precision graphical rendering.

Lastly, David had a really cool Calcomp 563 plotter drawing really cool artwork, one line at a time.  Makes me want a plotter…

“Multiple graphics technologies will be exhibited that were common before raster graphics won. See 4K graphics on a 1970s Tektronix 4014 vector storage terminal. Have your picture taken by a PDP-8 computer and printed on a 200 line-per-minute chain printer in glorious ASCII art. See a pen plotter operate.”