terminal space

the way i play me:a
  • someone on the nexus, probably: Did Ryder just...land, look around, get back on the ship, and fly back out to space?
  • docking bay manager: oh, yes, probably forgot to check her email before landing. don't worry, she'll be back in like five minutes.

So I stripped these guys down after getting them 2nd hand. I saved what I could and converted a bit, and I hope they came out well. I did a bit of a rush job and still need to base them, but I feel like I should give you guys some content to look at.

Nemeroth because the other image is old (Started in October last year.) I’m unlikely to finish him because I’ve already spent so much time on him, and I’m not so skilled that I can touch him up quickly.  There are a few of you out there who also like this giant psychic nerd and I just want you to know that you are not alone.  

(feel free to snip all this out if you want to just reblog the art by the way)
ALSO I’m going to head out to the cabin for the day with my dad to help turn on the utilities for a little break. I’ve been drawing non stop since this blog comparatively blew up eheh.  Thank you all so much. I’ve never felt so motivated. 

This is not just an incredible view of Earth, it’s also a fantastic illustration of the terminator. (No not that one!) The terminator is the moving line that separates the day side from the dark night side of a planetary body. From this vantage point you can make out the gradual transition to darkness that is experienced as twilight on the surface.

This image was captured on Aug. 31 by astronaut Jeff Williams (@Astro_Jeff) while on board the ISS.