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dedicates my life to perfectly recreating the series of events that developed rebecca sugars art style in my own life in order to draw steven universe breast expansion porn as accurately as possible, leading to the shows termination due to no one being able to prove that it wasnt her

Think of all the Blasto fanfiction in 2186!!! The most popular ships is Blasto and their elcor partner even though they never have a romantic relationship in any of the movies. Do you think they write fanfiction about real people in the Mass effect universe? You think there’s Commander Shepard fanfiction in the Mass effect universe?????? You think there’s…. Aria T'Loak fanfiction… In the…. Mass effect…. Universe…


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Tfp Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, Knockout, Breakdown, Dreadwing , Shockwave & Predaking realize that they are in love with their shy and sweet human friend? Would they deny it? Would they accept it? P.S. crush loves them too. Just to scared to admit

I feel like I just did this ask??? Maybe I started it at some point and forgot to finish it– Shit. I have the mind of a toddler. 
Yo, I would be scared to admit to a 40-foot murder machine too.
Short scenario thing followed by some headcanons, ‘cause I do what I want and fuck the rules.


You were meant to be nothing more than a bargaining chip and he treated you as such for the first month of your capture. He would hardly even look at you and when he did it was with such hate and disdain you felt like you should melt under the burning gaze. You’re not entirely sure when that had started to change, or even why, but it had. What had drawn him to wondering about you is that you only asked for one thing, a tv. It was a strange request when you could have demanded to be let go, not that he expected you to, you rarely talked and if you did it was near impossible to understand. He decided to provide. It started with curiosity as to what these strange tv shows were, anything from Steven Universe to Myth Busters was played. Curiosity soon turned into a willingness to just simply watch tv with you which devolved into ignoring the tv and discussing things with each other. He couldn’t define the exact moment he started having feeling for you, but he could define the exact moment he shoved them so far to the back of his processor it would take a miracle to bring them up. 
~He pretends he doesn’t care. He can’t show such a weakness to the rest of his crew.
~He does allow you more freedoms, however. 
~If anyone dares to assume they could bring harm to you they are terminated.
~While he won’t show direct weakness such as allowing you on his shoulder or in the bridge, he does show less direct ways.
~Those less direct ways are making sure a trusted eradicon watches over you at all times and that you have things you need such as a comfortable place to sleep and good food. It’s best not to wonder how he got it.
~He’s aware of your feelings, but, similar to his own he brushes them aside and tells you to do the same.
~He may be the leader of the decepticons, but Starscream is prove enough some will look for any excuse to overthrow him and you are a good one.
~He will resign himself to handing you over to Optimus if he has to, makes it look like a trade.

He was rarely in charge of keeping up with you, so rare in fact you didn’t even know his name for the longest time. The fact that neither of you talked much didn’t help your relationship blossom very quickly. You were almost certain you were going to leave that ship, dead or alive, having no idea who the big, lanky, noodle bot was. Somehow you managed to finally find out when he looked over his shoulder to the name ‘Soundwave’. You decided to try to talk to him, it was something to do and what did you really have to lose? You’re life… But you weren’t thinking about that. You talked and you were sure he was even listening until you mentioned a tv show and he flashed that across his visor, he was asking you if that was what you meant and so you nodded. A curt nod and you smiled, so he was listening. From there you talked to him and found it easier and easier to notice his posture and body language, finding you knew what he was saying without a flash of something across his visor. It meant a lot to him to have someone, even if they were human, able to read him so well, better than even Megatron. As your relationship grew so had his feelings and he was realizing, much too late, he would have to do something.
~Admits it to you, though entirely on accident. When a person can read another as well as you can read him it’s hard to hide anything.
~Makes sure you understand neither of you can do anything about it.
~You understand this, Megatron would kill you and might hurt him. It’s not the thought of death that has you scared, but Soundwave hurt.
~Similar to himself you can’t keep anything from either so you both figured out the other’s feelings very quickly.
~Will pretend to lose you to an Autobot if he thinks you’re in danger.
~Will secretly email either Ratchet or you directly to keep in touch with you.
~The bots don’t like it, but Optimus will not allow anyone to get involved in your relationship, they are simply to keep you safe.

He had just been keeping you around for company at first, it did get dreadfully lonely without the ability to fly. You were something he would get rid of eventually. No reason to keep you around once he’d grown bored. Thing was, he never grew bored of you. Though you were shy and sometimes mumbled to the point of being incomprehensible, you were sweet and you treated him with dignity and respect. You were also incredibly smart, able to hold conversations with him about science studies and war plans. He was impressed and amazed by your level of intelligence. He’d even begun to teach and talk to you about cybertronian technology and history. He was sure why that had started either, it just flowed from him naturally. As he was staring down at you, working out what he’d given you to study, he realized he… May have a problem.
~Denies the shit out of it.
~It’s bad enough to have you as a /friend/. A love interest? Nope.
~He’s also scared you’ll end up dead if anyone ever found out he was fond of you and it would only get worse if they knew he loved you.
~He’s vaguely aware you feel the same, but he’ll lie to himself and tell you don’t.
~It’s easier for him to pretend you hate him, that way he doesn’t feel compelled to confess to you.
~That doesn’t mean you don’t notice the way he looks at you or the way he seems extra gentle with you.
~He’ll leave you in civilization when he thinks he’s going to come into contact with any other bot or con.
~No one has seen you yet and he intends to keep that way for as long as possible.
~Will give you to Optimus if he thinks for a moment Megatron knows about you.
~He’d rather take a beating and having you living than both of you be dead.

You were never something he really cared about, just a creature he had to watch over. A nuisance really, like a pet he didn’t ask for. He mostly ignored you, that is until you started asking questions about his work and complimenting how good he was. How could he ignore such a sweet and gracious accolade? You’d be lying if you said you weren’t amazed how he managed to stay full concentrated while at the same boasting about himself. It was… Oddly endearing. After that he found that he could stand your company a little more, especially when you said you would willingly help him get clean, but only with his thorough instruction. You’d rather not ruin something as pretty as his finish. Honestly that’s probably when he started to fall for you. Your sweet gestures of helping him, thanking him, telling him how good he looked and meaning it. It was all too much for him. He couldn’t have stopped himself. He definitely had a huge problem and he wasn’t sure how to handle it.
~Doesn’t hide it from you, he loves you and he wants you to know.
~Tells you, you both need to keep it hidden from everyone else, except Breakdown. Who, if we’re being honest, knew KO loved you before KO did.
~Breakdown /constantly/ teases KO and KO is high-key annoyed with his shit.
~KO keeps you on his shoulder at all time unless he’s busy with a con, then it’s Breakdown’s job to watch you.
~He won’t let you out of his sight, or the medbay, much. He realizes he’s being overprotective, but he must be.
~He is very affectionate in private, but almost never affectionate in public. He finds that it’s far too dangerous.
~When Breakdown is killed his sends you straight to Optimus, he can’t watch you constantly and there’s no one around to help him.
~The decision to switch to the Autobots hinged almost entirely on you.

As with Knockout you started out as nothing more than an annoying pet he never asked for. Most often he was left being the one to watch after you and make sure you didn’t escape. Or try to escape. You never talked and that was just fine by him, he didn’t care what you had to say. In fact, anytime he could he’d hand you off to Knockout so he didn’t have to deal with you at all. However, that quickly changed the first time he heard you speak, looking up at him from a table he had just haphazardly set you on. He was just about to sneer and ask you what you were looking at when you complemented him, telling him, very quietly, how cute his face was. His insult died in his vocal processor and his sputtered indignantly as Knockout laughed in the background. If he wasn’t so flustered he would have turned around and decked Knockout in the face. He didn’t believe in love at first anything, but maybe he could change that sentiment.
~He doesn’t deny it? Okay he denies it, but to himself. It’s hard to deny it to others faces when he’s sputtering and yelling at people just for mentioning him being a little nicer to you.
~Fucking calls you pet. No, he /will not/ stop.
~He does it in private because of how pouty and red you get, he thinks it’s adorable. In public, it’s because that’s what he has to pretend you are to him.
~He trusts KO to watch you when he can’t, KO likes you enough because you compliment him and help him with your tiny human hands.
~After he comes back from getting kidnapped and you cry and tell him how scared you were, he actually admits to himself that he really does care about you.
~He makes KO agree to take you to Bulkhead if anything happens to him. KO begrudgingly agrees, he’s sure nothing could ever happen to Breakdown.
~KO comforts you when Breakdown is killed, holding you in his servo and gently stroking your head.
~You take comfort in each other until he decides it is time to keep his promise. 
~It doesn’t matter how much you hate him or what you scream at him, he’s keeping you safe for Breakdown, even if that means both of you losing your only connections to him. He will not disrespect Breakdown’s death.

You were an assignment, that’s all you were ever supposed to be. An assignment. It didn’t matter to him that you never spoke and hardly looked up. He didn’t care. You wouldn’t be his problem soon enough anyway. That didn’t stop him from being gentle with you, probably the gentlest of all the bots to hold you. You’re fragile and more useful to them alive than dead. He doesn’t bother trying to talk to you, he sees no reason. That doesn’t stop you, however. After all, eventually you get bored of the silence, it’s disconcerting at best. He almost drops you when you speak for the first time, he hasn’t ever heard you speak. He looks down at you, he didn’t hear you, you’ll have to repeat yourself. When you tell him again that he’s an amazing fighter, from what little you’ve heard, he flusters a bit. He’s not as bad as Breakdown, but he does trip over his words just a bit as he thanks you. From then on you find it’s a bit easier to talk to him, both of you talking quietly. He finds your quiet and respectful nature charming and he finds it… cute when you get embarrassed around him. When he finds himself growing more and more attached to you, he kind of panics. If someone were to find out… You’d be killed.
~He doesn’t deny it, he’s not stupid he can’t deny that he loves you. However, he never speaks of it.
~He’ll also ignore anyone that asks him about it.
~He’ll speak of it only to you and is quite surprised to hear you feel the same.
~He’s pretty much the only one allowed to watch you now. Will come up with respectful excuses to make sure of this.
~He barely pay attention to you when you’re in front of others. He doesn’t need anyone to see how he treats you.
~In private he’ll gently stroke your head/hair and allow you to sit upon his shoulder.
~He adores when you kiss his cheekplates and then get flustered about it.
~Will probably find it best to send you to Optimus, he does not trust that he can protect you.
~You find out about his death through Optimus himself.

He was sure he wasn’t meant to be capable of love. He was sure he had set that to be non-existent. However, he couldn’t ignore the tight feeling in his stomach or the way his processor tried to distract him from his work to think about you. An organic. You had been brought on board for no other reason than to provide him a guinea pig. That’s all you had intended to be. However, you talked science and you were quiet, regardless of it being because you were shy or scared. You were not overwhelmingly stupid nor loud and he enjoyed that. He began to find he liked your company far more than just as an experiment. It was illogical and what was more illogical is that he hadn’t killed you for it. The defining moment in his processor that bloomed like a punch to the light was when he needed to use the word spaghettification and where you were usually quiet and reserved suddenly you were giggle snorting and couldn’t seem to gain control of yourself. One word in his processor had him very concerned; cute.
~What is love? Baby don’t hurt him.
~He won’t deny it, per se, but he won’t admit either.
~He is aware of your feelings almost immediately after, if not before, you are. He tells you they are illogical.
~He sees no reason to be affectionate with you, but will allow you sit on his shoulder or robotitty while he works if his work is not particularly dangerous.
~He won’t give you to Megatron or Optimus, gives a compelling argument as to why it is imperative you stay with him.
~That argument is complete bullshit and the urge to tell someone how illogical he, himself, is being is very strong in him. He will tell you once you are alone. Don’t laugh, he’s being entirely serious.
~You probably laugh at him anyway and he actually says the word “Cute” this time.

Honestly, he probably picked you up purely out of curiosity, some jewelry you were wearing or a watch was bright and it caught his attention. He had been curious about the small creatures around this planet and you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Of course, you realize this until much later. Now you were just screaming as you flew God knows how high up in the air. You were being kidnapped by a /fucking/ dragon. Be careful what you wish for you, you suppose. He dropped you rather roughly before transforming to stare down at you. You’ll never forget the marvelous look of ‘what the actual fuck are you’ on his face. From then on, he kept you with him, growling and threatening anyone that dared to come near you. You were his and therefore not to be trifled with. You enjoyed the attention, though he was concerned with your quiet nature and shyness. It took a while for you to finally speak more than a yes or no or a few words. However, when you spoke to tell him how grateful you were for him protecting you and how much his attention meant to you his was amazed. It was just a few nice words, but to him it felt like a speech and it hit him like punch to the chest. Oh.
~Deny it? He doesn’t even keep it a secret. You are his queen/king.
~He treats you with such respect and dignity. You will feel like royalty.
~He tells you that he loves you quiet often and, when you say it back, he’ll smile gently and kiss your head.
~He’s very affectionate with you both publicly and privately, though publicly it stays with simple kisses and holding you in his servos.
~While he’s far more open, you’re more reserved and quiet, it’s a good dynamic for the both of you.
~He wouldn’t hand you over to anyone unless he was sure you would get hurt otherwise. And it wouldn’t be any decepticon he’d trust with you.


Comic-Con 2017: Future Man is ‘a comedy with real life-or-death stakes,’ says Seth Rogen

Hulu’s sci-fi action-comedy Future Man made a big splash at Comic-Con 2017. Ahead of the show’s panel on Saturday evening, Hulu dropped a gag-filled behind-the-scenes look at the series, which stars Josh Hutcherson as a videogame devotee who gets called to a grand world-saving destiny by a couple of time-traveling badasses, played by Happy Endings Eliza Coupe and Preacher’s Derek Wilson. Check out the trailer, which features producer Seth Rogen introducing Josh Hutcherson and ‘real, actual working laser guns.’

The cast swung by EW’s video lounge at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday to chat with EW Radio’s Julia Cunningham about the show.

“It was really heavily inspired by science-fiction movies of the 80s and 90s,” says Rogen, who produces the show. ”Terminator, The Last StarfighterQuantum Leap is in there a little bit!”

Rogen also noted that although it’s a comedic riff on the genre fare of an earlier era, Future Man goes deeper than laughs. “It’s a comedy with real life-or-death stakes in it,” Rogen explained. “A lot of the fights are intensely physical, and we do like to shoot them practically if possible.”

Hutcherson described his character as “a dreamer” who “escapes into the world of video games and always has this yearning for something more.” He’s not quite prepared for the call of destiny, though, and his first meeting with the future warriors is definitely….awkward. 

Watch the video of their interview to find out more.  Future Man debuts Nov. 14.

Blame! Vol. 2: Revisiting

The most immediately striking thing about Tsutomu Nihei’s Blame! While reading it is the dungeon crawl dread of it.  The book follows Kyrii(also called Killy in earlier editions) as he crawls up an endless sprawl of technological ruin.  Nihei more than any other comic artist plays with scale. Closed claustrophobic spaces opening into giant caverns.  Small guns, large mile long blasts.  Dramatic pull aways where Kyrii becomes just an ant moving up the spin of a dead cyborg god.  Even though a lot of the mythos of Blame! Forms the foundation for all of Nihei’s work afterwards.  Blame! Is the basic formulas of Nihei’s storytelling at their most primordial and most direct.

Kyrii searches for thousands of years for the net terminal gene which will connect humanity from the base reality that is corrupted by insane machines and cyborgs eliminating humans on sight.  Much of Blame! Works along these basic cycles: Nihei climbing silently around, through, and up mechanical ruins.  Encounters corrupted mutated human populations.  He searches for the net terminal gene.  The safeguards show up.  Kill all of the humans.  Kyrii kills some of them.  Then he keeps up his journey.  The unrelenting repetition of Blame! Is key in building the dread of the book.  As a reader you figure out pretty early that this is a dungeon you can’t escape from.  So it makes the few moments where the book opens up into grand vistas, or dramatic fights between Kyrii and the safeguards all of the more dramatic.  It makes the existence of Kyrii, Cibo, and the fallen humans all the more tragic.  The architecture and the design of the world is along the lines of Giger’s Biomechanics, so some of the appeal as well is just the spectacle of what Nihei draws on one page or the next.  His capacity for continually upping the ante in design and scale is really incredible in Blame!  

What’s interesting to me on this reread though, is the way that the microstructures of the world in Blame! Are suffused with the flaws of the greater cosmos.  To understand Blame! You have to understand that there are kind of three tiers to it.  There is the base reality which is the zone where humanity lived and built these machines, programmed all of these various rules, and where the second tier, the netsphere was created.  The netsphere is where all of the programming for the machines in the base reality reside.  The third tier is the space between the netsphere and the base reality that the safeguards move between.  The safeguards are these terrifying cyberpunk hellraiser looking demons that exist to enforce the rules of the netsphere within the base reality. 

Something you find out in the prequel series Noise is that the netsphere, the reason only those with the net terminal gene can interact with the netsphere was that it was a way for humans to segregate those who had power to connect versus those that did not.  This human class warfare presented an exploit for the safeguards to pervert.  So once the netsphere rules were altered to send the safeguards after the humans, it just became a matter of exterminating all of those with the net terminal gene, so that the humans could never access the netsphere for long enough to save themselves from the safeguards and builders.  The insane builders are why there is this endless technological sprawl.  They can’t be stopped from building, so they just mindlessly continue to maintain this huge superstructure which imprisons humans.  And humans thousands of years removed from this catastrophe exist under the suppression of the safeguards, removed from the netsphere admins who are functionally God of the base reality.  So you can see the genetic structure of humans breaking down because of inbreeding and flawed cloning technology that they’ve lost the knowledge of how to repair or rebuild.  As humans break down they either move toward the safeguards in evolution or seem to devolve into sewage.

This aspect of being both withdrawn from god in the netsphere, god’s absence, human’s fall–while every aspect of their reality is simultaneously controlled and is an avatar of that withdrawn god.   The architecture is literally the design of this netsphere programming.  It’s randomness.  It’s chaos.  Is design.  The safeguards themselves as fallen demons, seem corrupted by their continual interaction with these humans.  They become more human.  Jealous.  They take on personalities. Filling the void of vacated humans.  It is apocalyptic hell on earth.  Techno-apocalypse. 

So in volume 2 of the Master Editions that Vertical have been putting out, there’s this great moment toward the end of the book, where Kyrii and Cibo are trying to defend the last of this group of humans against an unholy assault of safeguards both in number and scale.  We get these micro battles between the humans, kyrii, cibo and smaller safeguards, and this huge kaiju like battle evoking the old ones between a giant safe guard monster and a builder that Cibo has hijacked.  So on one level you have this tribe of humans fighting off these basic safeguards.  On another level Kyrii is fighting this super demon angel safeguard Sanakan–occupying this space of demigods.  And then beyond that is the space in between the netsphere and the base reality that Cibo has hacked into which is like a lesser ring of heaven, where an admin has descended to guide her.  And she’s fighting the safeguards in this almost immaterial space.  That also manifests itself in the base reality battle.  So these three tiers are all moving around at the same time as Nihei zooms in and out at extreme distances while everything around is bathed in fire and metal and leather.  At one point Sanakan actually takes on the aspect of a dragon almost in her fight against Kyrii invoking the earlier heroic cycles of knights and dragons, as well as Ragnarok.  Nihei is interweaving multiple cosmos while showing simultaneously the unimaginable scale of the battle happening across three realities AND how small it still is within the greater whole of Blame!.  This is only the second volume of the omnibus editions!!!  There’s a few battles later in the series that are even larger in scale than this one.  And even this battle everything feels lost, nothing is saved, and there is only more ruin and despair.  Kyrii is knocked back.  And then just starts the climb back up.  There are no comics that are like Blame!.  Even Nihei’s later work which is also excellent.  Particularly Abara and Biomega.  I mean it makes sense that there’s no reason for Nihei to just keep making Blame! And the themes and basic structures of Blame! Are present in all of his work–but this cyclical saga of technopunk despair is a one off.  And there’s nowhere else in comics to go for this fix.  This is comics at its most spectacle.  It’s fun to read Blame! In this kind of Instagram world we live in now.  Because since it is so many moments of “oh shit, look at that” there’s a way that reading it now is like touring it with friends.  These are snapshots from my Giger vacation.  Reading Blame! Is like going to Rome.  We should all aspire to make something so jawdropping and singular.


Project ASTRON X-Weapon

Initiated in the 1950s, Project ASTRON was a series of unconventional tank proposals. Most of the tanks shown at the ASTRON meeting (1950’s) were nuclear powered, had remote controlled secondary guns, heavily armored, and strange to the untrained tankers eye. The Chrysler TV-8 nuclear-powered tank fell amongst these X-tanks.

The X-Weapon was fast and for the time, well gunned. It was projected to achieve speeds of 80 km/h and mounted a 90mm gun. However, its armor would be nothing to speak of. The visual similarities to the M41 Walker Bulldog are due to the X-Weapon’s foreseen capability to replace the M41.

In the end, ASTRON’s X-tanks were terminated because they showed no significant advantage to standard tank designs and were prohibitively expensive.

I’ve been seeing some people on twitter defending Ha Minho but it’s mostly because people think it was the screenshots that led to his termination/expulsion from the show. It’s far, far, far more likely that the bullying accusations were what led to this. 

Basically, A twitter user wrote (and uploaded proof of being in the same school as Minho) that she was sexually harassed and then bullied and ostracized throughout middle school by Minho to the point that she considered suicide. This is waaaayyy more serious than some kid trying to be slick through private messages so please read about the situation before you defend him.

A small mockup I made of a prototype I worked on a couple of years back. I called it Terminal Velocity. The idea was that humans were torturing robots for entertainment in cruel game shows.

Terminal Velocity was kind of separated into two phases, one was climbing the tower as high as you could, before falling down the tower. You’d get a score based on the height you fell as well as hitting certain obstacles on the way down for multipliers of the score. I kinda wanted an announcer to add another level of absurdity and dark humour to the whole thing.

Might revisit this one day. The concept was simple enough, I just didn’t feel too strongly about the social commentary to pursue it further at the time.


Sorry for the long post, sometimes it just has to happen…

Here we are again with “Trump is literally Hitler”… We’ve now heard the Left and their propaganda outlets claim everything from “Nixonian” to “Destroying the very fabric of Democracy” to “Here’s the Tyranny we warned you about”….
This of course, like all of the fake news perpetrated by the Leftist hate machine, is garbage…
Let’s look at two points.

#1) Either Comey could do his job, did it in a non-bias, non-political way, was fair and made the FBI better, or he didn’t. We’re talking about a job here. The director of the FBI is a job and like any job, if you don’t do it well, your head is on the block.
Now we all know what the Right side had to say about Comey when he laid out 15 minutes worth of Clinton braking multiple laws, destroying evidence and lying, just before dropping the case, but let’s look at what the Left side had to say about him…

Chuck Schumer~
“I do not have confidence in him any longer”
Nancy Pelosi~
“Maybe he’s not in the right job”
Tim Walz~
“I no longer have faith in him”
Bernie Sanders~
“I think we should take a hard look at what he had done, and it would not be a bad thing for the American people if he did step down”
Harry Reid~
“This is not fake news. Intelligence officials are hiding connections to the Russian Government. There is no question. Comey knew and deliberately kept this info a secret” - When asked if Comey should step down- “of course, yes”
Hillary Clinton~
“There are lots of reasons why an election like this is not successful.. our analysis is that Comey’s letter raising doubts that were groundless, baseless, proven to be, stopped our momentum”

Now take all of this into account. The Right can’t stand him because he lets Clinton walk, when obviously she should not have and the Left can’t stand him because he’s a puppet of the “Trump Russian connection”
Now focus on this first point. Either Comey is a great worker, does fair and impartial work, holds no political bias and does what’s right,,, OR ,,, He doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to the corruption of politicians, he’s in bed with the Russians, he’s a Trump puppet, he’s completely unfair and bias AND he cost Clinton the election…. Pick one…

The Left agreed that Comey was not the man for the job, no matter how much they backpedal or posture for the “Fascist Trump” narrative. Period.

Point #1 should conclude with both sides agreeing that Comey was rightfully terminated…

Point #2) The timing of Comey’s termination has nothing to do with the Leftists narrative.
The Left is now trying to make you believe that Comey’s termination shows us that Trump is the dictator/fascist/tyrant they all knew he was. As soon as Comey asked for more money for the Russian case, Trump cut his head off. “It’s an assault on the very fabric of our Democracy” is the official title to their madness.

Sorry folks.. not true.. The fact is, the Dems are the ones who set the table for this timing. They themselves dictated the exact moment Comey was terminated. Here’s how.

How does one fire the Director of the FBI, without going through Congress?? Well, it’s exactly the same way a major corporation does it. The manager of the person in question builds the case against the person in question. He/She then takes their recommendation to their superior to discuss the case of termination. After the manager and the head of that specific department agree, the head of that specific department takes the mutually agreed upon termination recommendation to the GM/COO/President for His/Her approval and final signature.
This is the protocol to terminate someone in a leading role at a corporation and this is exactly how Comey was terminated as well, since the Government follows those same protocols. Sorry to tell you the truth guys, but evil Trump didn’t just tweet Comey out of existence….

Now this is all well and good, but how the hell does this show that the Left is responsible for the timing of the termination?!?!?… Well let’s get into that.

In the above “how to terminate the Director of the FBI, without Congress” break down, I outlined the steps needed and the people involved. In the case of the government, those three people are, the DAG. (Deputy Attorney general: Rod Rosenstein), the AG (Attorney general: Jeff Sessions) and The President (Donald J Trump).
Now the DAG needs to write up his termination case letter, confirm it with the AG and get it signed by Trump.

Here’s where the Left comes in and determined the Comey termination date for President Trump.
Due to the Lefts utter inability to get past their identity politics and work with this administration to help do what’s best for Americans, they have done nothing short of turning their backs, dragging their feet and perpetuating hate. One way they have done this is with Trumps Cabinet picks. The people Trump needs to run OUR Government, have been protested, grilled and slandered at ever turn for every pick. AG Jeff Sessions was painted as a racist and wasn’t confirmed by Congress until February 9th. DAG Rod Rosenstein, had the waiting game worst of all and was confirmed on April 25th…
APRIL 25th!!! The 25th day of the 4th month of Trump’s presidency…

You see, the timing had nothing to do with what Comey wanted, didn’t want, or was looking at.. It simply took 12 days from the time Rosenstein was confirmed to get his case together. It simply landed when it did because of the Leftists inability to move forward. It really is that simple.. Sorry to disappoint. Had he been confirmed March 1st, Comey would have been gone March 13th. That simple.

Both sides agreed that Comey was not the man for the job, so firing him was the right thing to do.

Leftists inability to work with the current administration, created the exact moment Comey was fired. End of story.

Here’s the deal. Comey didn’t collect evidence, he didn’t sift through data and chase leads, he wasn’t out there “making the case”, he simple meets with the people that do and recommends what should be done. All of those FBI agents working on the “Russian connection” still are, this changes nothing….What Comey already showed us, through the Hillary investigation, is that he can have overwhelming evidence and still do nothing.. so was he really the guy to come after people involved with Russia????

I’m an Independent Constitutionalist. If Russia fucked with us in anyway, I want the truth, period. Unfortunately, there’s a big difference between Independent Constitutionalists and Leftists..
I only want the Truth… and you only want the truth when it agrees with your narrative, if it doesn’t? you create an alternative truth.

“He will not divide us!!” No shit… you’ve already done that.