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He could have done it a thousand times and wouldn’t have known any better. All the time he spent sitting here, it seemed to just roll into one continuous moment.

His presence in the room was regular, frequently discussing mechanical defaults with Raven and algae statistics with Monty. But it had been at least a month since he had sat at the desk alone, bottle in hand.

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Calvin’s Custom X GATE TOYS MOTOTERMIN8TOR 1/6 One Sixth Scale Combat Motorcycle @ CICF2017 (China International Comics Festival)
Original Design by Calvin’s Custom
A GATE TOYS Production
Coming soon in 1:6 & 1:18 scale on KICKSTARTER

Learn the Bash Command Line (1/5)

Since I installed Linux Lite on my ancient dusty old laptop, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a bit about the Bash command line (also known as the terminal). I figured I might as well go into detail about some of the more common commands here in case anyone else wanted to learn Bash and also to cement what I’ve already learned. Welcome to part one of the 5-part series. :)

In simple terms, the command line is a text interface for your computer that receives commands and then passes them on to your computer’s operating system to run. With the command line, you can navigate and modify files, perform advanced administrative functions, and even automate tasks so you don’t have to do them yourself through the GUI (graphical user interface). 

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Stater from Pandosia, Bruttium, C. 375–350 BC

Obverse: Head of Hera Lakinia wearing earrings, necklace, and a lofty stephanos adorned with fore-parts of griffins and palmettes. Reverse: Pan the hunter, with a hound at his feet, seated to the left on a rock. At the left is a bearded terminal figure of Hermes to which is affixed a caduceus. A fillet hangs from the caduceus. In field at left: signature of the artist, the Greek letter phi. Inscription around.

This facing portrait of Hera can be considered to be directly inspired by Kimon’s famous facing Arethusa tetradrachm (example)  that was widely admired and imitated throughout the ancient world; the difficulty of creating an attractive facing portrait apparently led to engravers considering the undertaking of such a die as a challenge and proof of their skill

About Pandosia…

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